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Racism in Sport Essay | An Analysis

Keywords: racism in sports activities, racism athletics essay

The topic that is chosen to discuss is racism because it 's been around for quite some time but still hasn't be eradicated from some activities which still have racism on offer today.

Racism occurs every day and almost everywhere we cannot move away from it. It is one of the major issues which arise at a number of levels in certain fields. In athletics racism is going on more often also becoming a much bigger problem.

Sports plus Leagues including the Barclay's premiership, Major Category Football, cricket and NBA (Country wide Basketball Association) consider they are putting down guidelines which will eliminate frequent occurrences of racism in the league and athletics.

Some Players believe that the leagues, sports activities and associations are only making the situation worse when they want to deal with it, exceeding the very best on certain issues and situations. but when we go through the complete picture we see how the leagues and activities feel as if they need to do something since it is absolutely certain that it is not the image that they want to depict to a vibrant modern culture as role models and powerful visitors to the spectators.

If you look again at days gone by history you'll be able to note that black people also called African-American athletes experienced to undergo some of the toughest of times as activities people/participants and also you could say world weren't supportive with black athletes or sportsman on a activities team or participating in a wearing event, so most of that made the African-American community tougher given that they were battling people in comparison to over races.

For example if you have a look at a number or real dark-colored sporting legends in the first days you will know how hard it was for them.

One of the first evidence of racism was towards Jesse Owens in the Berlin Olympics 1936 who was main black visitors to be seen in the Olympics; also he surprised the earth by winning 4 silver medals in the Olympics.

"Hitler's Nazi party was in power and persecution of the Jews and more had already begun. However, the IOC insisted that the game titles should happen. Hitler used the games for propaganda purposes to show the superiority of the German people. The dark American sportsman Jesse Owens defeated Hitler's target by receiving four gold medals. Hitler congratulated the German winners but not Owens" (AQA, athletics reviewed, Beashel, Sibson, Taylor, pg 332)

This is a major concern because racism continues to be taking place today in certain sports and is not fully erased yet so that it needs to be dealt with.

I'm now going showing you two pieces of evidence to demonstrate that racism continues to be about in activities.

Article 1

http://news. bbc. co. uk/1/hi/world/european countries/7229551. stm

Spain struggles to tackle sport racism

However, conditions of serious discrimination or violence based on race seem no more common in Spain than in other european countries.

Where you'll be able to point the finger at Spain is for its wide tolerance for less extreme forms of racism - like using contest in an effort to hurl insults or make fun of someone.

'Acceptable' abuse

Four years ago, British football players Shaun Wright-Phillips and Ashley Cole were the prospective of monkey chants from Spanish enthusiasts during an international friendly in Madrid.

British admirers were outraged, but for many Spanish followers this sometimes appears as a satisfactory way of abusing the opposition. It regularly occurs in Spanish group games.

That incident followed Spanish national soccer instructor Luis Aragones making abusive racist feedback about French striker Thierry Henry.

You could imagine that sort of event in Britain leading to the resignation of the countrywide football mentor - not in Spain.

The Spanish Football Federation was very sluggish to do this, but performed eventually finish up fining Aragones. The Spanish press reacted, however, not with much of a feeling of outrage.

The decision by a tiny group of followers to color themselves black and taunt Lewis Hamilton with racist misuse at the Formulation One circuit in Barcelona was denounced by Spain's sporting government bodies.

But there is a certain sense among sports fans here that the United kingdom press is exaggerating an occurrence that can have happened anywhere to suit an anti-Alonso bias.

Spain's Fernando Alonso and Hamilton are two ex - team-mates who rowed publicly last season.

And Spanish sports supporters - through their commentary posted on information websites - often appear to condemn and reason the abuse at the same time, seeing it not really much as racism but as bad preference in the context of a brutal sporting rivalry.

'Lamentable insults'

Jaime Martin edits the Method One section of Marca, Spain's biggest advertising sports newspapers.

''It's been exaggerated in the news reports a lttle bit. It had been only four or five people who were carrying this out in the context of your competition between Alonso and Lewis, " he says.

"It's certain that the insults were racist, but if Lewis was bald the insults would have related to his baldness. "

Like Mr Martin, many Spaniards do not see much difference between racist insults based on the color of someone's skin and other kinds of verbal misuse.

''These sorts of racist insults are lamentable and racist insults have to be eradicated, therefore do non-racist forms of misuse" says Mr Martin.

On the web site of national newspaper El Pais the racism fond of Lewis Hamilton is confronted in a sideways manner.

Article 2

http://sport. stv. tv set/boxing/143217-warren-hits-out-at-khan-racism/

Warren visits out at Khan Racism

Amir Khan's promoter Frank Warren has strike out at the young fighters critics after the 23-year-old defended his WBA light welterweight subject against Dmitriy Salita in only 76 moments.

Khan, who may have been booed since his defeat as a result of Colombian Bredis Prescott 15 calendar months ago, controversially stated he would be a superstar if he was white.

The Bolton-born Muslim stated: "It's probably jealousy and sometimes pores and skin colour does make a difference. I know if I were a white British fighter, I'd be considered a superstar in Britain and the globe. "

However, Warren taken care of the concentrate on Khan should be about his capability in boxing rather than about his ethnicity: "He's acquired a great deal of pressure above the the other day.

"He's symbolized Britain as effective as any British isles sportsman. He gained a silver medal and was pleased to do it. He previously a Union Jack waistcoat on in the Olympic games and he's removed on since and done great for us so far as boxing's concerned.

"I simply wish the folks would stop trying to place pressure on him. He's a boxer and let's talk about what he does - boxing. Not about colour or ethnicity. "

Article 1

So in this article from the BBC on racism it demonstrates certain countries like Spain have an enormous problem interacting with racial mistreatment towards the individuals which can be usually from the dark-colored ethnicity, or one of the primary races to get evidenced and witnessed it.

It has been seen in several activities in Spain and European Europe that there surely is racial mistreatment towards athletics players, which can be mainly from the dark-colored background however the authority havent done anything about it which is surprising.

Some people in Spain think that it is appropriate to use bad words towards competitors therefore the team or the person there encouraging can gain benefit/ upper hand over their opponent, that will subsequently help them earn their match or competition.

This is not the way sport should be portrayed since it appears to be sport in Spain comes with an concern with racism since it is not only in sports it is formulation one also and there allot of proficient young athletics people out there in Spain so this is an issue.

Even high standing people in the Spanish sports have used bad language for example the ex Spanish director of basketball Luis Aragones said something racial and offensive towards one of the very most popular players in world basketball during his time Thierry Henry and didn't think anything than it because racism is not considered very serious in Spain, however when other governing systems and people acquired included it became a worldwide issue.

Jaime Martin says that ''It's been exaggerated in the news headlines reports a lttle bit. It was only 4 or 5 people who were carrying out this in the context of your competition between Alonso and Lewis, " which means this shows that individuals in Spain think in a different way about racism in comparison to some people from different countries. Because he believes that the situation has been "exaggerated" so will not think it is an issue

So just how many other sports in Spain have the condition with racism which includes not been mentioned as it appears to be an issue which is not viewed comprehensive?

Article 2

From this information from STV SPORT we can see that racism isn't only in football and in Spain, additionally it is in boxing which is filled up with a range of different ethnicities, races, nationality and various important people.

Even a boxer who is doing well in his sport is still being scrutinised by the marketing and his land, with racial maltreatment and placing pressure on him because of the fact of him not being the supposedly the right "ethnicity" to signify his country an country, which is not right in a country such as Britain due to the fact that it is a multi ethnical country with a number of people.

Similarities from both these articles that have been compiled is that it is mostly the Caucasian contest which includes been giving out racial remarks into the athletes as with both of the places where there were evidence that says there may be racism in the sport it is at a mainly Caucasian populated country so they are likely to be supplying racist remarks out.

Also it is big, well known countries that have an issue dealing with racism towards sport performers and players, because Spain, Great britain/Brittan are 2 of the most powerful and known countries when it comes to most activities so that it is wii image for these countries is they are really being depicted as using a concern with racism when it comes to sport.

Differences between both of these articles is they are in various countries and also are completely different sports to each other because you are a team game and some may be a one person sport, so it does not subject how many people there are or who you are you can still get racial words used towards you.

Also being different countries and sports there is also how broad or popular a sport is. And you simply could say soccer is a greater sport due to the commercialisation of the activity, money, sponsorship, regulating physiques and other factors unlike boxing, which does not have as many profits and attractiveness which football receives so even in less or much less participated sports there may be racism around.

To conclude this essay, you can see that there surely is a concern in the world of sport which is racism which must be sorted out as we've so many people participating in it at so many different levels and then for different reasons.

We can easily see that in basketball we have an issue with racism and must be sorted out since there is a vast majority of men and women on the globe which love and support basketball, who will vary nationalities and who love the same game as those who think it is right to use racial gestures/words toward the performers.

Because on the globe cup it proven how powerful soccer is when you get a vast majority of countries participates from across the world with different skill levels and races taking part.

Boxing also has a slight issue because of the fact boxing sometimes appears to be in some people's sight as a certain competition/religion or nationality can signify their country when competing on the earth stage or a stage where it is viewed by a the greater part of individuals from all over, this is incorrect because there are people of every race in certain countries and really should be excepted for who they aren't the colour of the skin.

So as athletics people we need to try and clean up our activities and every sport so that everyone can enjoy or participate in the sport that they feel free to do.

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