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Recruiting and Selecting Salespeople

This report is written to present the value of recruitment and selection of sales people, or rather, to show the function and position that sales people perform in the standard operation of the business, especially in the daily operation of the marketing section. Meanwhile, to confirm the significance of recruitment and collection of sales people, this report will give the bad effects and problems induced by the selection of wrong sales people especially to the standard development of an business.

Introduction worth focusing on of recruitment and collection of sales people

1 Description of recruitment and selection

Recruitment will involve seeking and appealing to a pool of individuals from which qualified prospects for job vacancies can be chosen (Lloyd L. Byars & Leslie W. Rue, 2005).

The aim of the choice process is to find the person that can successfully perform the job from the pool of competent individuals (Lloyd L. Byars & Leslie W. Rue, 2005).

Recruitment and collection of employees is a substantial and fundamental process in the individual reference management. It satisfies the talent needs of your company and can ensure high-quality staff.

The role of human source recruitment is to build a way to obtain potential new hires that the business can draw on if the necessity comes up (Raymond A. Noe & John R. Hollenbeck& Barry Gerhart &Patrick M). "Which company can win? Never to depend on the feature of products, not to depend on the cost. Inside the constantly changing business environment urged by high technology, the key of competition is to find and sustain talented employees. "(Dave Ulrich)

2 the importance of sales people

Sales people tend to create the power that supports the company's normal operating costs and fund for the next phase in the development of company. Any product is to attain the final destination that is sold and becomes a genuine commodity. Sales people are the suited person to realize the product's value. And at the same time they'll bring profit that produced in the sales process. From this point, sales representatives are indispensable and irreplaceable in the normal operation of your enterprise.

3 the value of recruitment and selection of sales people

Sales people are a symbol of the corporate image and determine whether something can be marketed well. In the long run, recruitment and collection of sales people is effective to enterprise tactical management and the increase of come back on net belongings. The importance can be induced in several respects at length from the next aspects.

First, recruitment and collection of sales people relates to the success and development of an venture. It has a bearing on the normal operation of the enterprise. Within the highly competitive modern culture, if he doesn't own an efficient and high certified team of sales representatives, one business would be taken away through fierce competition. This admiration can be induced from the deal of products and the decisive pressure of the deal of product in the introduction of an organization. The profit associated with an enterprise is realized through successful deal of products, and the successful sale of products will achieve by sale people especially by high qualified sales people.

Second, recruitment and collection of sales representatives is the foundation that ensures high quality of sales people. Through recruitment and selection, an enterprise can find licensed and appropriate employees to the sale position who can promote products better. The process of recruitment and selection consists of many steps and every step has clear-cut requirements to put into practice. So by layers of the selection, the enterprise can pick and recruit employees that are suited to the sale position and meet enterprise requirements.

Besides, sales representatives are the motive vitality and vigor of sales and marketing team. The development of an business is the competition of talented people from the other aspect. No matter how well an enterprise's sales plan is, no subject how many the advertising are, no subject how unhindered sales distribution channels are, the key to attain the purpose of sales is determined by the terminal sales representatives. Therefore the sales sector performance depends on the sales representatives mostly.

At the same time, they are carefully related to the promotion of enterprise's culture and stand for an enterprise outside image and culture connotation. So the recruitment and selection of sales people is vital and can't be ignored.

Introduction of the issues associated with selecting the incorrect person for the job

The Sales Skills Test originated by the Walden Employees and Screening Company. It is designed to evaluate the suitability of applicants of all degrees of experience for the positioning of sales representative. The test steps the following conditions:

  • Knowledge of standard sales guidelines.
  • Knowledge of sales conditions.
  • Relevant vocabulary skills.
  • Understanding of issues that can influence the sales process.
  • Ability to cope with different sales situations.
  • Basic numerical and calculation skills, in addition to logic and focus on detail.

Walden Employees and Testing marks the test and provides a personal report on each individual. This test can be used to prescreen job people and in-house personnel for the positions of sales clerk, sales representative, store administrator, and area sales supervisor (The web site of Walden Personnel and Testing Company).

The problems of selecting the wrong person for the job are serious and can't be ignored.

1 It'll cause a bad impression on the clients and marketers. Selecting the incorrect person for the work will mess up one enterprise's image when their qualities don't meet the requirements of the business, and even cannot be up to the standard that a sales person should have got.

2 The incorrect persons for the job will influence the standard operation associated with an business, and even will hinder the development of enterprise. Selecting the wrong person for the work will influence the sale of manufactures and further cut the income of the organization.

3 At a deep level, selecting the incorrect person for the work is detrimental to both business and the sales person. Not only the organization but also the sales person should find match information in order to develop himself well. They can follow some criteria (Jochen Malinowski & Tobias Keim, 2006).

One of the best challenges for any company is to find the right employees to complete its needs, be it someone who can sell the product (Lloyd L. Byars & Leslie W. Rue, 2005).


The recruitment and collection of sales representatives should follow some standards in order to recruit and select appropriate and skilled sales people which are beneficial to the development and normal functioning of an venture.

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