Religious And Pagan Themes or templates In Beowulf British Literature Essay

Although mostly a pagan poem, Beowulf consists of Religious allusions that cannot be ignored. There is absolutely no reference to Jesus in Beowulf, and sources to God seem to be predicated on the Testament rather than the New. But King Hrothgar and Beowulf sometimes refer to a single, all-powerful God, and there are cases of symbolic rebirth in the poem, such as Beowulf's introduction from the mere after his beat of Grendel's mother. The combat with the dragon, later in the poem, especially appears to have Christian overtones. Our company is advised that God's will is done throughout the poem. Still, lots of the Christian

references hold the feel of alter thoughts. It seems much more likely that they were added to

the are it developed-not necessarily by one scop or scribe but by several, all trying

to make the poem more palatable to an extremely Religious audience. The manuscript

that we conclude with is clearly influenced by Religious school of thought but remains intensely heroic.

All of these characteristics connect with Beowulf. The hero, Beowulf, is the subject character. He symbolizes the prices of the heroic get older, specifically the Germanic code of comitatus-the honor system that existed in Scandinavian countries in the fifth and 6th ages between a king, or feudal lord, and his warriors (thanes). Thanes swore devotion with their innovator and vowed to fight boldly, to the loss of life if possible, for him. If the first choice should fall season, his thanes must avenge his life. For his part, the leader rewarded his thanes with treasure, security, and land. His generosity often was considered a virtue and a symbol of identity. Courage, commitment, and reputation were other virtues for these warriors, and we can look to them as themes or templates in the poem. The code of the comitatus reaches the heart and soul of the Beowulf epic.


*Devotion: One of the central themes of Beowulf, embodied by its name character, is devotion. At every step of his job, devotion is Beowulf's guiding virtue. Beowulf involves the help of the Danes (Scyldings) for complicated reasons. Certainly he's considering increasing his reputation and increasing honor and repayment for his own king because his major drive is a family group debts that Beowulf owes to Hrothgar. The young Geat is devoted to the old king because Hrothgar arrived to the help of Beowulf's dad, Ecgtheow, years before.

*Reputation: Another motivating factor for Beowulf-and a central theme in the epic-is reputation. Right from the start, Beowulf is rightly concerned about how all of those other world will see him. He presents himself to the Scyldings by citing achievements that gained honor for him and his king. Reputation is also the sole quality that endures after loss of life, his one key to immortality. He has and continues to amass treasures; his purpose now could be in building his popularity.

*Generosity: The code of the comitatus reaches the heart of the Beowulf epic. In this system, the king or feudal lord provides land, weapons, and a show of treasure to his warriors (called thanes or retainers) in return for their support of the first choice in struggle. The leader's generosity is one of his highest features. When booty is seized from an enemy in battle, everything would go to the king. Then allots treasure to each warrior in line with the man's accomplishments as a soldier. When Beowulf defeats Grendel and Grendel's mom, he needs and receives great riches as his praise.


The setting of the poem advances in the heroica ge 5th c. when the a-s invaders have a life style and a population platform on heroic ideals. Based on the geographical setting up, we can say which it produces in the Britidh isles beacuse geography of england is perpetually reflects in the poem. The se is one of solitary aspect that mentions in the poem which not only gases england shores but also makes them notion of sailors, daring and great holidaymakers as beowulf. However, there are referentes like the surroundings of england. It can vary has varies lakes and woods where monsters live or downs and plantation where in fact the famous Beowulf and his warriors across to came right down to hrothgar's hall.

Meanwhile, physical environment is the mead hall, in the incide world is high noble, majestic, decorative, glamorous and shiny place where danes observe the bateles, feast, mettings, etc.

Moreover, the cave where Grendel and his mother hide from the world is symbolic with their lives as outcasts. Hidden beneath in the center of a dark, forbidding swamp, the cave allows them a degree of safety and privateness in a global that they view as hostile. They undoubtedly are not welcome at Heorot, and they know it. The cave also presents their traditions. As descendants of Cain, they are simply associated with sorcery, dark-colored magic, demons, historical runes, and hell itself. When Grendel's mother is able to combat Beowulf in the cave, she's a distinct gain; his victory is all the more significant. It is not clear whether he wins because of his own capability, the impact of magic (the gigantic sword), or God's treatment. The cave itself signifies a world alien to Heorot.


The main persona, Beowulf, demonstrates that he is a warrior who places heroism and bravery over his own well-being and life. Beowulf is a hero and a good example of a great warrior. His actions give us among the pagan warrior mentality. The pagan world is a warrior contemporary society, where courage and bravery are really prevalent. Beowulf battles against monsters and dragons, and he'd rather pass away in struggle, then somewhere else. Beowulf is named after to help defeat Grendel, who's a monster that has taken over the hall of Heorot. He is greeted with great hospitality. Hrothgar, the King of Denmark, is relived to see Beowulf. There may be some skepticism by Unferth, who recalls a combat where Beowulf lost in Struggle. Unferth is incorrect, and Beowulf says this great collection: "destiny often will save you an undoomed man when his courage is good. " Beowulf defeats Grendel with great efficiency and the people of the hall are gracious to Beowulf. With all his great successes, he becomes king of his homeland (Geatland). Even in his later years, he still comes with an obligation to fight against the evils of mother nature. Beowulf hears about a dragon who has become extremely upset because a thief stole a cup from a treasure which he previously been guarding for several years. When Beowulf asks for volunteers to fight against the dragon, all but one of Beowulf's fans run into the forest in dread. The main one who continues to be with Beowulf, is a young warrior named Wiglaf. In the deal with with the dragon, Beowulf is finally defeated. Even though the dragon slays him, Beowulf still has the strength to get rid of the dragon. The life of any great warrior has ended.

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