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SAP Materials Management Document

The main purpose of this document is to give a Business Requirement report of SAP Materials Management. This doc gives a simple introduction about the many top features of SAP Material Management Software. The file will give a conclusion how this software could improve the efficiency of any organization and the way to implement it to gain the maximum increases out of it. SAP is an business information software gives a leading edge to any company which uses it, so it is required to give the information of the same in short. The information has been explained in specific in the next pages.

Purpose of the Document

The file would give short about.

  • The efficiency of SAP Material Management with a short information of the same
  • The various features and characteristics of SAP Materials Management which will make it beneficial to the market.
  • The report will guide through various aspects and benefits and drawbacks of using SAP Materials Management.

SAP is abbreviation for System Program and Product in data processing. SAP is the the third largest software company on the globe. It was founded by 5 IBM employees back in 1972 in Walldorf, Germany.

SAP is actually an enterprise reference planning software (ERP) which is designed to incorporate source of information management, manage data and perform process which are essential for business activities such as gaining and working around requests, billing of activities and HR management. SAP rests upon real time activity, It can be configured accoriding to the demand in the market. That is one of the very most advance feature of SAP that it is very user friendly and quickly adaptive to changes and requirements.

This help in achieving the goal in a very short time period, as the client needs and need keep on changing constantly hence this module is designed so in order to provide the changes at the earliest opportunity.

SAP combines both time and cost and assimilate all the info in one component. Companies use SAP to maintain using their business needs.

SAP MM known as SAP Material Management system. SAP Material Management works in the business activities as follows.

  • A business course in SAP is labelled as "Module".
  • SAP Materials Management (MM) is a fragment of Logistics area and offer to take care of the obtaining course of a business from procurement.
  • It compliments all top features of material management (decision making, regulate etc. ).
  • It is the mainframe of the Logistics area which include features like Marketing and Sales, Design Development, Vegetable Control, Project Feasibility, Warehouse Development and design which are incredibly reliant on Materials Management component.

Features of SAP MM

The basic operation and features of SAP MM system are:

  • SAP MM component of SAP deals with material and inventory management
  • Material Management component takes charge of the fact that there is no space in the materials which can hinder the Supply chain process in any company. SAP MM expedite the obtaining and material handling activities considering both time and cost factors.
  • It works together with detailing the material management (both services and delivery productivity) modules associated with an id with the give attention to keeping up the efficiency, decimating various cost factors and bettering the overall efficiency and also have the ability to handle the true time changes.
  • It works together with the Procurement handling, controlling the mater data for both client and vendor, account reputation and analysis of the many materials, Inventory management and invoice authentication, Material requirement controlling and Planning.

Benefits of SAP MM

Most business associations need to cope with a procedure that starts with sourcing and acquisition of various types of materials and assets. In this way, from enough time that such acquirement starts, to the time that the installment is completed, there is the need for a procedure that is efficient, feasible and bodes well also.

Also, this is accurately where SAP MM becomes possibly the most crucial factor. With such learning levels, a company connection can appreciate:

  • Better seller supervision,
  • Streamlined information stockpiling, recovery and use,
  • Better buying systems,
  • Smoother stock administration,
  • Higher mother nature of materials assessment and
  • Overall change in quality control also.

Considering just how that low quality materials will decrease the general nature of the completed items or items, each business connection will the truth is need to place resources into soft materials administration varieties.

A part of the advantages of SAP MM touch after key viewpoints, for example,

  • A superior understanding of hierarchical framework,
  • Better control over coordinations and receipt check,
  • Clearer comprehension of various buy strategy,
  • Forecasting materials prerequisites,
  • Creating and utilizing MIS or Management Information Systems with particular mention of materials administration.

SAP MM Process Flow

The run of the mill acquirement cycle for an supervision or material comprises of the accompanying levels:

1. Guarantee of Requirements

Materials necessities are distinguished either in the client office buildings or through materials planning and control. (This can cover both MRP appropriate and the demand based way to cope with stock control. The steady checking of stock levels of materials seen as a ace records, utilization of the get point strategy, and anticipating on the idea of past use are imperative elements of the last brought up. ) You could enter buy demands yourself, or they could be produced as a result by the materials planning and control construction.

2. Source Determination

The Purchasing section helps you recognize potential wellsprings of supply because of past demands and existing longer-term buy assentions. This rates of speed the way toward making requirements for citation (RFQs), which may be sent to retailers electronically through SAP EDI, if wished.

3. Owner Selection and Evaluation of Quotations

The platform is fit for recreating evaluating situations, permitting you to think about various distinctive citations. Dismissal letters can be delivered naturally.

4. Buy Order Processing

The Purchasing platform obtains data from the demand and the citation to help you create a buy arrange. Similarly much like buy requirements, you can create Pos yourself or have the framework produce them consequently. Product owner planning assentions and agreements (in the SAP System, types of longer-term buy understanding) are furthermore upheld.

5. Buy Order Follow-Up

The framework bank checks the update time casings you have decided and - if important - subsequently prints changes or expediters at the predefined interims. It likewise furnishes you with an a la setting status of most buy requirements, citations, and purchase orders.

6. Products Receiving and Inventory Management

Products Receiving work force can affirm the receipt of merchandise essentially by entering the Po quantity. By indicating passable resiliences, customers can confine over-and underdeliveries of wanted products.

7. Receipt Verification

The platform bolsters the checking and coordinating of solicitations. The records payable consultant is told of amount and value fluctuations in light of the fact that the platform has accessibility to PO and products receipt information. This rates of speed the task of inspecting and clearing solicitations for installment.

Regular Tables employed by SAP MM:

The pursuing are couple of essential Common Desks utilized as a part of Materials Management Modules:

EINA Purchasing Info Record-General Data

EINE Purchasing Info Record-Purchasing Group Data

MAKT Materials Descriptions

MARA General Material Data

MARC Herb Data for Material

MARD Storage area Location Data for Material

Pole Materials to BOM Link

MBEW Materials Valuation

MKPF Header-Material Document

MSEG Report Segment-Material

MVER Materials Consumption

MVKE Sales Data for materials

RKPF Document Header-Reservation

T023 Mat. bunches

T024 Purchasing Groups

T156 Movements Type

T157H Help Texts for Motion Types

MOFF Lists what sees have never been made

A501 Place/Material

EBAN Purchase Requisition

EBKN Purchase Requisition Bank account Assignment

EKAB Release Documentation

EKBE Background per Purchasing Document

EKET Scheduling Contract Schedule Lines

EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document

EKKO Purchasing Document Header

EKPO Purchasing Doc Item

IKPF Header-Physical Inventory Document

ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items

LFA1 Vendor Professional (General area)

LFB1 Vendor Grasp (Company Code)

NRIV Amount range interims

RESB Reservation/subordinate prerequisites

T161T Texts for Purchasing Doc Types

Exchange Codes:

RFQ to Vendor - Me personally41

Raising Quotation - ME47

Examination of Price - Me personally49

Production of PO - Me personally21N

Products Receipt - MIGO

Receipt (Bill PAssing) - MIRO

Products Issue - MB1A

Physical Inventory - MI01( Create doc)

MI04 (Enter Count up)

MI07 (Post)

SD Process Movement:

The business archives you make are singular reviews nonetheless they can likewise figure part of an string of between related documents. For instance, you might record a client's cellphone need in the framework. The client next solicitations a citation, which you then make by alluding to the demand. The client later submits a question on the idea of the citation and also you make a small business arrange with reference to the citation. You send the merchandise and bill the client. After conveyance of the item, the client boasts credit for a few harmed products and you make a for nothing at all out of pocket conveyance with regards to the business arrange. The whole chain of information - the need, the citation, the business enterprise arrange, the conveyance, the receipt, and the ensuing conveyance for nothing at all out of pocket - makes a record stream or background. The stream of information from one record into another decreases manual motion and makes issue willpower less demanding. Question and citation administration in the Sales Information System help you to organize and control your discounts.

Exchange Rules:

Request - VA11/VA12/VA13

Citation - VA21/VA22/VA23

Deals Order - VA01/VA02/VA03

Conveyance - VL01N/VL02N/VL03N

Charging/Invoicing - VF01/VF02/VF03

Procurement Processing

To do with the business necessity all the organizations need materials. The Procurement process handles the purchase of materials and taking services from various distributors. The complete Procurement activity should be facilitated such that it makes up about all the right measurement of the materials accumulated at right time with right cost. The procurement control is further divided into following:

  • Basic Procurement
  • Special Procurement

Basic Procurement

Basic procurement is the activity of gaining or acquiring the services or material in the required amount with keeping onto bill the price and time. Hence the procedure of getting the assistance and equipment and equipment from the sellers in the right volume and at right time is named procurement. The whole notion of Procurement I to attack the right balance for example:

  • Organizations generally keep the inventory to a minimal as the inventory management costs are very high but at the same time when there is shortage of fresh material during creation activity it can cost to the company a great deal.
  • Everyone always make an effort to obtain the best price for any service but also balance between the product quality, vendor relationship and supply is also very important.

Procurement Lifecycle

Most current associations acquisition take after some consecutive strides that are depicted underneath:

1. Necessity and Information Procurement:

Acquisition handle starts with get-together data about item and its amount. At that point for required items and administrations, it's important to find providers that can fulfill the needs.

2. Dealer Contact

In the wake of sociable occasion requirements one will seek out the providers who is able to meet the prerequisites. In light of that citation demand or data demand can be come to can be produced with them.

3. History Review

Once the provider is well known item/profit quality is checked, and any needs for administrations, for example, establishment, assurance and its own support are analyzed. Some specimens of the things can be had for quality exam.

4. Negotiation

A few plans with providers is manufactured in regards to value, availability and conveyance timetable of the items/administrations. Following this an contract is marked that is a coupling authoritative report amongst provider and requesting get together. An arrangement will combine all fundamental data like cost and amount of material, conveyance date, etc.

5. Order Completion

Requested material will be dispatched, conveyed to the asking for gathering and company is paid as needs be. Preparing and Installation of item or administrations may moreover be designed.

6. Usage, Maintenance and Disposal

As the items/supervision is devoured the execution of the things or administrations is evaluated and any subsequent supervision bolster if required is dissected.

7. Agreement Renewal

Once that or administrations are devoured or contract lapses and should be reestablished, or the item or administration is usually to be re-requested, organization participation with stores and specialist co-op is inspected. In the event that the things or administrations are to be re-requested, the organization chooses whether to arrange from past service provider or consider new providers.

The Basic Procurement is further split into two subparts:

  • Procurement for Stock Vs Consumption
  • External Vs Internal Procurement

Procurement for Stock Vs Consumption

These two tips gives the demarcation between your Companies Vs Consuption:

  • For Stock- A stock materials is a material that is stored in stock. These materials are stored in stock once received from the product owner. The way to obtain this material carries on growing or diminishing in light of way of measuring the amount got or issued. To set up a material for stock, the material must have an ace record inside the construction.
  • For Consumption-At the point when acquirement is good for direct usage i. e. it'll be expended when it is gotten, your client ought to show the utilization reason. To set up a material for utilization, the materials may have an ace record inside the framework.

External Vs Internal Procurement

Below given details provides difference between your External and Internal Procurement

  • External- It's the way toward obtaining products or administrations from external sellers. There are 3 essential types of outside acquisition more often than not bolstered by the Purchasing segment of IT platform.
  • One time requests are generally utilized for material and administrations that are wanted unpredictably.
  • For materials that are being requested regularly and in huge amounts, we can set up manage the vendor (vendor) for evaluating or conditions and record then in an agreement. Within an agreement you in the same way point out the legitimacy time frame.
  • In the function that a material is wanted on a regular premise and is to be conveyed by right time plan, then you create a planning understanding.
  • Huge corporate organizations may claim different individual organizations or organizations. Inside Procurement is technique of getting materials and administrations from among indistinguishable company. In this manner, each of these organizations will keep up a whole accounting construction with particular Balance, Revenue and Loss Statements so when exchange happens between them it'll be recorded.

Unique Procurement

Unique stocks will be shares that are overseen contrastingly as these stocks didn't have a location with corporation and these are being retained at some specific area. Exceptional acquisition and unique stocks and options sorts are isolated into the consequent parts.

Dispatch Stocks

Material that is accessible at our store premises, regardless despite everything it has a place with the vendor (dealer)/Owner of the materials. In the event that you use the materials from dispatch securities, then you will need to pay to the merchant.

Outsider preparing

In outsider organizing, an organization passes over a business request to partner outer merchant (vender) who directs the products specifically to the client. The business get is not made by your company, however by the merchant (vender). Outsider things can be inserted in buy orders, buy demands and deals requests.

Pipeline taking good care of

In pipeline caring for, the business needs never to ask for or store the material included. It's possible as so when required by means of a pipeline (for illustration, oil or water), or another style of link, (for example, electric power). The material that is devoured is resolved with the product owner (vender) on a regular basis.

Returnable Transportation Stock

The organization purchases items from a retailer (vender). The merchandise are conveyed with returnable transport bundling (beds, compartments) that has a place with the merchant (vender) and is put away on the client premises until they returning it to the organization.


The retailer (the subcontractor) gets segments from the requesting party with the help of which it offers an item. That is wanted by your organization by way of a buy arrange. The sections required by the product owner (supplier) to fabricate the wanted item are recorded in the buy demand and provided to the subcontractor.

Stock exchange utilizing stock move order

Products are obtained and provided in a organization. One seed arrange the merchandise inside from another vegetable (accepting vegetable/issuing seed). The merchandise are anchored with a fantastic type of procurement question - the stock carry arrange. You'll have the capability to demand and display screen the exchange of merchandise with a stock move arrange.

SAP MM-Organization Structure

Association composition is the machine of organization as per which business is led in each. Organization structure comprises of many levels that have relationship for some. Association structure is likewise alluded as big business structure. Venture composition is made up of numerous hierarchical items having association with each other.

SAP Implementation Guide

At the point when customer buys SAP it will come in a Compact disc in kind of programming. At the idea when SAP is at first launched, SAP has its standard set up that needs to be established by need of customer i. e. association.

Setup of SAP encoding like include areas, to change handle names, to improve drop down documents etc to modify as mentioned by working of your association is done through use control known as IMG. IMG is the place we characterize venture structure and different configurations that are necessary for working of SAP coding as suggested by need of an association.


To do any sort of arrangement according to our relationship require step one is to achieve the execution (IMG) control screen. We are able to achieve usage control in 2 ways:

Menu way

We can explore through the accompanying way to contact IMG:

SAP Easy Access => Tools => Customizing => IMG => Execute Project


Value-based code

Best and basic method of hook up any SAP screen is TCode i. e. value-based code. Value-based code to connect IMG: SPRO (SAP Job Reference Subject). Enter the Business deal code to be able field and afterward tap on enter.



IMG screen can be connected quite recently by taking following the underneath steps:

After SPRO, on the following screen tap on SAP Reference point IMG.


Next Display screen will show up as calls for after. This is actually the last screen from where we can do setups.

SAP Screen IMG

Each association has some system or some framework is seen as a the entire business runs. Undertaking structure is the composition that speaks to an starting in SAP ERP platform. It really is subdivided into different hierarchical models which for lawful reason or business related reason are constructed together.

Endeavor composition characterizes different levels within an connection. These levels are placed by chain worth focusing on. Every level has some particular usefulness linked with it, which combinedly portrays the working of a link. Likewise endeavor composition characterizes different authoritative devices that exist in an undertaking. The Organizational Composition in MM consists of taking after Organizational Levels:

Taking after graph is one such authoritative framework which depicts the levels consolidated within an association. Customer coming to the best, trailed by numerous company code, trailed by various plants, crops having different capacity area using their own particular or brought together buying associations.


The basic clarification of Consumer is as per the next:

  • Customer is a company authoritative device in R/3 platform.
  • It has its own agreement of ace information with autonomous table sets.
  • As per progression, Client reaches most elevated amount in SAP platform.
  • Information that is retained up at customer level is respectable for every one authoritative level.

Organization Code

The key clarification of Company Code is really as per the next:

  • Inside Client, Company code is the free bookkeeping product.
  • It is a legitimate product that has its profit, misfortune and modify proclamation.
  • It is the littlest unit in association for which a complete free record set can be reproduced.


The central clarification of Vegetable is as per the following:

  • Plant can be an authoritative unit inside an firm where exercises happen. A vegetable will create items and makes products accessible for the business.
  • It is device having fabricating office, stockroom conveyance concentrate or a local offers office inside calculated. It subdivides a enterprise in various viewpoints.

Capacity Location

The basic clarification of Storage Location is as per the next:

  • Capacity area can be an authoritative unit which really separates between various materials companies in a Place.
  • Capacity area is a place where stock is stored physically.
  • Plant can comprise of different stockpiling area. All information is put away at capacity area level for a particular stockpiling area.

Obtaining Organization

The crucial clarification of buying Organization is as per the next:

  • Obtaining Company is an authoritative product under group or seed which manages acquisition exercises according to prerequisites. It really is responsible for outdoor Procurement.
  • Obtaining association can be at customer level i. e. brought together buying relationship.
  • Obtaining connection can be at group or vegetable level i. e. company particular or vegetable particular

Diverse types of buying can be portrayed as calls for after:

Incorporated Purchasing

Acquiring connection is not doled out to any corporation code it obtains for all organization rules having a location with various customer.

Organization particular Purchasing

Buying connection is alloted to a business code just, Place having a place with the business code can buy through this Purchasing association.

Plant particular Purchasing

Buying association is alloted to a Seed, just this particular Plant can purchase through this Purchasing association.

Buying Group

The basic clarification of Purchasing Group is really as per the following:

  • Obtaining gathering can be an authoritative product which is in charge of normal acquisition exercises in a association.
  • It is a purchaser or gathering of purchaser in charge of obtainment exercises in an acquiring relationship.

Prerequisite Analysis

SAP MM gives usefulness to keeping up the associated expert information:

  • Materials
  • Administrations
  • Merchants
  • Acquiring Info Records
  • Source List
  • Merchant Analysis Criteria
  • Conditions (Commercial)
  • Installment Terms

Proposed Business Process:


The materials doc has data on every one of the materials an company acquires or offers, stores, and offers. It's the organization's focal hotspot for recovering material-particular information. This data is put away in individual material ace files.

The material grasp is utilized by all parts in the SAP Logistics System. The incorporation of each materials dat in a solitary database protest kills repeated information stockpiling. Inside the SAP Logistics System, the info contained in the material ace is required, for example, for the associated capacities:

In Purchasing for requesting

In Inventory Management for products development postings and physical stock

In Invoice Verification for publishing solicitations

In Sales and Syndication for deals arrange preparing

In Production Planning and Control for material prerequisites arranging, booking, and work planning

Vendor Master

Benefit ace records, in which depictions of most administrations which may should be obtained can be placed away

Vendor Master

Information in vendor ace records manages how exchange information is posted and dealt with for a vendor. Owner ace record on top of that contains every one of the information you need to work with your vendors.

The ace record is utilized in Accounting as well as in Materials Management. By putting away seller ace information midway and writing it all through your relationship, you just need to enter it once. You can avert irregularities in ace information by maintaining it midway. In the off chance that a person of your retailers changes their address, you just need to enter in this change once and you're bookkeeping and obtaining office buildings will dependably have exceptional data.

Buy information records

You utilize this part if you wish to store data over a product owner and a materials as ace information at obtaining association or flower level. You can make obtaining data data for various acquirement types (standard, subcontracting, pipeline, dispatch).

Source List

The source rundown is employed as part of the business of wellsprings of supply.

It reveals the permitted (and prohibited) wellsprings of a material for a specific plant in the predefined period. Every source is seen as a method for a source list record.

Vendor Analysis Condition

The Vendor Evaluation section underpins you in advancing your obtainment varieties on account of both materials and administrations.

Necessity Analysis

1. You may recognize material or record changes that are rolled out with regards to an improvement amount by the use of changes levels.

When you will need to take care of the BOMs for these materials or documents at a later date, you can find and call them utilizing either the change number or the adjustment level.

You can relegate a modification level to a materials either from a building change supervision work or while you are handling a material ace record or BOM for the materials.

2. Over conveyances

In the typical, over conveyances aren't permitted. In case there is an over conveyance, the construction issues a blunder communication.

On the off chance that over conveyances should be permitted, you can determine the accompanying information in the buy arrange:

Boundless pointer

On the off chance that marker is defined, over conveyances of any size are allowed. The framework does not issue any meaning.

Over conveyance resilience

You can enter in an interest rate over conveyance resilience in the buy arrange. In the off chance that an amount of items is gotten that is bigger than the get amount as well as the over conveyance amount of resistance, it is not acknowledged by the construction.

3. Scrap calculate is for the most part considered the Expenses of Materials of generation arranging module

4. By utilizing the important domains in world wide web prerequisites planning and booking of MRP2 view in material ace this is tended to.

5. Framework Distinguishes between your accompanying items of strategy.

Base Product of measure

This is the machine of measure in which the plenty of a materials are overseen.

This is the machine of measure in which the supplies of a materials are overseen. The framework changes total amounts entered in various units to the base unit of strategy.

Elective models of measure

Singular office buildings may have their own particular units of measure. For example, Purchasing may utilize an alternate unit than Sales or Warehouse Management (WM). All devices of measure other than the base product of strategy are alluded to as option devices of solution. The MM System underpins the accompanying option devices of measure:

Arrange unit

Permits a material to be wanted in a unit varying from the base unit of strategy. The request device is proposed subsequently in buying capacities, where it can be changed.

Deals unit

Permits a materials to be sold in a unit varying from the bottom unit of strategy. The business unit is proposed as a result in the business arrange, where it can be changed.

Unit of issue

Unit of solution where the material is released from the Stores. It permits utilization, stock exchanges, exchange postings, and physical inventories to be saved in a device varying from the base unit of solution and from the stock keeping unit.

8. FIFO valuations are a technique that empowers you to definitely valuate the products of a materials as virtually as could be likely under the circumstances. FIFO (first in, first out) stands for the presumption that the principal supplies of a materials to be obtained will be the first to be devoured. The estimation of the stock is in this way figured because of the last stocks got.

FIFO valuation has various employments:

Posting the FIFO estimations of specific materials.

When you run FIFO valuation, the construction results the FIFO estimations of the materials concerned. The final results are shown as a rundown which has the associated data:

- The finish stock amount and shutting stock esteem for every material for the period being referred to and the FIFO esteem and the distinction amidst that and the stock esteem

- The web esteem in view of all reduced esteem assurance (on the off chance that you do FIFO valuation with least esteem evaluation)

- The sums for each and every valuation region or firm code by material stock record

- The sums by valuation region or corporation code

9. Day Freezing - There are Various components available in SAP System highlights like Scheduling for actuation of lately made materials, changes Screen and so on. , Also you can make utilization of setting cancellation marker for a materials at different levels in the relationship structure.

10. Look control is an ActiveX segment. It had been produced to bolster the SAP look help process.

Rather than days gone by pursuit help system, which applied MM discourse boxes, look control utilizes an exchange strategy that is session-autonomous. Therefore your client can just start hunt help home windows each one subsequently.

Seek help windows may, in any case, stay open inside a solitary exchange. This permits you to allude to the final results showed in a particular pursuit help windowpane on resulting monitors of an identical exchange.

With match rules, you may use the menu to surf the various distinctive pursuit potential outcomes showed

Tapping on the right mouse catch shows the majority of the hunt control capacities accessible in the present setting.

11. A materials may have different data, for example, drawings and photos relegated to it. The construction separates between these archives by method for the report variety. When your company uses SAP's archive supervision construction, you can oversee information and dole out existing records to a material in the materials ace record. Archive information is overseen at customer level.

12. There will vary potential outcomes for keeping up material code. It is proposed to get a solitary code instead of keeping up two distinct rules for a materials.

13. Materials might be made in line with the task to the relationship structure. Agreement to characterize different capacity areas in line with the Organization

Merchandise Receipt When Quality Management (QM) is Active

The SAP System separates between two specific types of value supervision:

  1. Quality Management in Material Procurement
  2. Quality Management in Material Inspection

Quality Management in Material Procurement

Quality supervision should be active for acquisition, Organizations can characterize in the materials get good at record (Quality Management display) a declaration is necessary for the material.

In the event that an authentication is required, the platform shows a pot amid items receipt for a buy where you can affirm the receipt of your declaration.

Quality Management in Material Inspection

In the event that an examination at the season of products receipt has been characterized for the material, the framework as a result makes an investigation part when the merchandise receipt is posted. Quality Management utilizes this exploration part to do the analysis.

Might be looked at as, . QM component in light of the example attracting method.


The doc above supply the various efficiency of SAP MM and exactly how it can impact any organization and the business enterprise Requirement Document shows how it can be integrated and what can be various showstoppers in the implementation and configuration of SAP MM.

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