Shaping of Online and Offline Social Relationships


Technically speaking internet is a worldwide network of interconnected systems. All most all of these networks holds data such as web pages, that may be accessed by all the networked computer systems. Every computer or any device like cellphone etc which is connected to internet have the ability to send and receive files in the form of messages or another record extensions online. And thus the people across the world are linked always. If we place internet in the historical framework and then critically examines the result of internet use on the cultural relationships then we could see that the consequences of internet use are mainly depended on particular goals such as self-expression or competition. In 1998, Kraut and his co-workers cited a correlation between the internet use and declines in sociable interactions. After years the same group of people did a study on the original test group and founded out that the unwanted effects of using internet experienced dissipated and and yes it suggested that the internet got an extremely positive influence on social and internal wellbeing of the present day people. Here my aim or goal is to critically analyse the work done by Bo Xie on the topic The mutual shaping of online and offline interpersonal relationships. The author of this subject is Dr. Bo Xie, (PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic ) Helper Professor in college or university of information studies under the University or college of Maryland. She's published a number of books on information management. Her Research Interests are in Health informatics; aged individuals' learning and use of computer systems and the web; computer literacy; lifelong learning; civic engagement; volunteering; social associations; social support; social network; health and well-being (http: //terpconnect. umd. Edu/~ boxie/). As being a conclusion of my critical analysis I came to know that internet has both negative and positive results on the public relationships in today's world. A number of the results are like online chatting, which will create new friendships and romantic relationships which also helps in behind in touch with old friends. The exact same chatting may be the demerit when it creates wasteful relationships between people while chatting in the web for extended hours. The results of the internet on the public interactions may be vital however the demerits of using internet might be destructive


In the method of evaluation of the research author got interviewed thirty three participants from OldKids organisation whom comes under later years group and various educational backgrounds. Here the writer tries to point out two culture specific teams. First -informed by anthropologists on the observation that the ageing experience difference over cultures and these participants were not decided on by years but by self identification. It covered Chinese citizens. Second-retired Chinese participants. In the research the author speaks about the social human relationships in the internet time and the cultural romantic relationships in the later life. She says that the utilization of internet in this age reduces social marriage and increases the social isolation. The studies show you that this theory was accepted before years but now the online connections tend to be more reliable, realistic, low priced and easy reachable than in aged days. She represents that the digital world or the internet era is completely impartial on on the offline or the physical world. That is a true simple fact and both worlds are completely different from each other using their own benefits and drawbacks. The exclusive world helps each person to beat from the embodied constraints such as intimacy, age, race and nationality and gives a quite environment from the outreach of the physical world. But gleam chance of getting drawn more towards naughty relationships as the online users could go away their communication shamelessly because they are not seeing one another face to face. The use of online relationships also creates level frightness in children. The virtual world creates the same situations prevailing in the physical world. This hypothesis is right from my perspective as well. Now we could do any part of the electronic world that is going on in the physical world expect from the point of physical contacts. More recently the computer people possessed created even online bingos were a user could make a profile with a a identity and that figure could interact with the other people whom are created by other users. In the evidences and the sources the writer argues that the cultural romantic relationships created or shaped and managed through email are identified by folks are less valuable than the relationship created by the one to one in person and telephonic relationships. This hypothesis is not completely satisfactory as there are many proof of people getting more and more involved in associations which is created through internet. However the hypothesis is satisfactory from the idea of view that individuals even can't keep in mind even the labels of these online friends. The encouraging nature of the a friendly relationship is very less or hardly ever noticeable in online relationship. Evidences shows that a friendly relationship is more fastened in the later life of older adults. The online online friends tries to meet and mingle in the physical world of relationships. Thus online friends tends to meet their friends literally face to face


The techniques used for the collection of datas to support my observations were absolutely secondary that is by reading the literature, journels and and also surfing in the internet as the type of the assignment is to critically analyse. Even as analyse the datas available we could say that the study done by Dr. Bo Xie got some few limitations. The first one is the fact they have concidered only the people from china as the examples. The use of internet for making romantic relationships in china may be different from other parts of the world. As China is technologically forward than a great many other countries the web relations could become more in China than far away. Second the first is that the research picked only thirty three participants which is not sufficient for a good research to be conducted. But the approach used was arbitrary sampling that could provide with greater results. The data collection would be better if it might do a web based sampling which includes the folks from other parts of the world have there been use of internet is not so common. Third the first is that the examples included only old people and it completely prevented the new technology which definitely would make a break in the action through in the research. The data analysis for this analysis was manipulated by grounded theory where the data collection and examination occurs simultaneously to ensure the coevolution of the data and the idea. After interview with each individual the author writes a short information about the supply back like the time and location of the interview. Its a long procedure for making a research which takes enough time but helps to include every single minute information on the observation. Then the analysis exhibited that the need to meet offline is in relation with the need to know more about computers and also to mingle with the friends in the same generation in the physical world. In addition, it led to formations of some golf clubs as well. Internet helped the visitors to hook up with the peers who were physically a long way away who were not in reach to the old people. This is also an acceptable fact but we should concider one point that internet is not available in rural elements of most of the entire world.


"Greater use of the web was also associated with small, but statistically significant declines in cultural involvement as assessed by communication with the family and how big is people's local internet sites, and with boosts in loneliness, a emotional condition associated with interpersonal engagement". ( Kraut et al, 1998) "A second analysis was then done on new buyers of computer and tvs, and it also confirmed that the internet acquired a positive influence on social and psychological well-being. Unsurprisingly, this is more pronounced for extroverts plus more socially linked people". (Kraut et al) "Results of a fresh three year research will be the first to show you the social repercussions of surviving in a highly-wired, broadband neighborhood. This research addresses recent desire for the consequences of Internet use on connections with friends, family and neighbors. The key finding is the fact residing in a wired neighborhood with access to a high-speed local network induces greater community involvement, expands and strengthens local associations with neighbors and family, and helps maintain ties with friends and family living farther away". (Prof. Keith Hampton and Prof. Barry Wellman )


Main argument provides power and weakness of the research.


The research has well described how the online relationships helped the elderly to find their old peers and making new friends who are physically too far away from them. The theory used for the research this is the ground theory has firmly supported the studies and observations of the author. The interviews were conducted in depth and they have removed all the points without any pass up at the time of the interview. The research is so clear that each you can understand it without much difficulty. The research clearly mentions how the internet helped the old people in making a fresh online world of their own. The resarch gives references to many great catalogs and authors to make it more reliable. It talks about the topic with a story which the make the readers more amused.


The research talks about only the positive aspects of old people using internet. The study done was not a random review which decreases the precision of the study. The number of persons preferred for the study were very less like thirty three as well as the members were decided on from China only. The research didn't give any individual information on the interviewees and it just give only an outline of an broader topic. The web is mostly utilized by students teens etc who were not involved in this research. So there's a potential for getting inaccurate or even wrong dimensions to the research. In addition, it not mentions about what happens in the other areas of the world where there is merely a limited usage of internet.


This research theme is more relevent to the modern world while evaluating deeply and is crucial discussed topic. Firstly the utilization of internet to make peers for the old people is a subject which accurate to the modern world of stress and tension. Because of the increase in amount of internet users the earth becomes familiar to each individual. The topic is important because in near future nobody might be there who doesn't know how to use internet. The evidences put forward by the researcher are all valid and the theory and the situation used are incredibly supportive. The conclusion or the outcome of the study is sufficient in giving the thought of the topic. The research is transparent that the techniques used are quite appropriate and is been justified. Though the examination was good the info collection had not been upto the make but also led to better results. The technique is greatly accepted type and appears to be proper to the prevailing situation. Critically analyzing is the best way to interpret a research and and yes it helps in producing better outcomes and a improved future to the stakeholders


This critical review comes into the conclusion that the research has a positive attitude towards the online relationship at the same time it allows the physical relationship as well. The purpose of the study was to distinguish between online and offline relationship and it did its job with efficiency. The research is reliable, acceptable and offers value to the near future world. The results are based mostly and built on theories so they are simply accurate. the idea shows that the number of people captivated towards online relationship is increased due to its positive aspects. Though online connection creates a online distance between the people it generates an awareness that we are one. Probably the most polished quality of the topic falls in the relevant character of the hosen matter. The results obtained can be utilized in almost all of the countries though it can't be used in some of the rural parts of the entire world. The restrictions of the research are overcome by the relevance and importance of the topic. The research offers great contribution to today's world of computer. So the validity of the topic is high.


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