Short Story Trip By John Steinbeck English Literature Essay

In the brief tale "Flight" by John Steinbeck, the character Pepes ignorance and immaturity business lead to his own downfall. In his break free from Monterrey, Pepe makes many errors that ultimately lead to his loss of life. Ignorance and immaturity may also be traced to the type Lennie in Steinbecks traditional book Of Mice and Men. Lennie's mental disability leaves him with the ignorance and immaturity of a child, and he makes some mistakes that result in his own demise.

In "Flight", Pepe's ignorance and immaturity are his "fatal flaws". They cause Pepe to make blunders that bring about his death. In the beginning of the account, Pepe is described as both soft and affectionate. His only problem is laziness, and he appears to be a shiny and happy young man. Pepe's mother transmits him on an errand to the city of Monterrey to acquire medicine. However, after his come back from Monterrey, Pepe has improved. He has lost all of his innocence and he instructs his mother that he wiped out a guy in a pub fight. Pepe says his mom that he murdered the person because "The person said titles [Pepe] cannot allow" (33). The fact that Pepe murders a man for this reason shows Pepe's immaturity and impulsiveness. Immediately after, Pepe flees in to the mountains and starts a voyage to evade the group of men seeking revenge for Pepe's sufferer. Pepe makes another oversight while he trips his horse through the forest. Pepe becomes ignorant of the situation and rides his equine "One half over in his saddle, dangling one knee loosely" (37). Pepe's lax frame of mind allows one of is own pursuers to come extremely close to Pepe, and his slip up almost costs him his life. Over time, Pepe's horse is shot dead by one of the men going after him, and he has to continue on ft. . Pepe engages in a firefight with one of is own pursuers, and a piece of granite wounds his arm and hands. Eventually, Pepe exchanges photographs in your final stand against his enemies, and he dies by way of a bullet. Through the entire account, Pepe makes flaws that can have easily been averted. Pepe's ignorant and immature errors while on his voyage lead to his own fatality.

In John Steinbeck's book Of Mice and Men, Lennie's ignorance and immaturity lead to errors that cost him his life. Lennie's first oversight comes in the town of Weed. He and his friend George work on a ranch as ranch hands. One day, Lennie makes an impulsive blunder when he grabs a girl's dress. Lennie remarks that he "Jus' wished to feel that girl's dress - jus' wanted to pet it enjoy it was a mouse" (11). That is a childish and immature action and consequently Lennie and George are chased out of Weed and are still left jobless. Lennie and George soon make their way to some other ranch nearby the town of Soledad. The match work there for some time, and everything seems well. They come better and closer to their dream of buying their own land, when the storyline takes a remarkable turn. Towards the finish of the book Lennie sits within an empty barn and morosely strokes a doggie that he wiped out because he pet it too much. A flirtatious woman only known as Curley's partner strolls in and will try to speak to Lennie. George advised Lennie not to speak to Curley's partner under any circumstances recently, but Lennie forgets George's advice and foretells her anyway. Curley's wife learns that Lennie desires soft things, and allows Lennie stroke her hair. Lennie pulls her locks too much, and Curley's partner battles against Lennie's flat iron grip. The woman screams and Lennie panics; abruptly he breaks the woman's neck of the guitar. Despite George's advice, Lennie speaks to Curley's better half, and this illustrates his ignorance. The rest of the men find out that Curley's better half is useless and George realizes that his and Lennie's dreams have been smashed. It dawns after George that there is merely one way to the problem and he shoots Lennie in the back of the head, thus eradicating both Lennie and his dream of owning his own land. Lennie's immaturity and ignorance result in his own death, drawing a parallel to Pepe in "Trip".

There are extensive literary criticisms found on both "Flight" and Of Mice and Men. The storyplot of Pepe is normally found to be Steinbeck's interpretation of the changeover from youngster to man. The theme of naturalism and realism is evident when Pepe's transformation from boy to man ends up with the increased loss of his own life. The critic Michael Meyer writes "Pepe is relatively immature for his get older" (1). This immaturity ends in ignorance, both which lead to Pepe's death. As for Of Mice and Men, Lennie is often considered by many as a identity who's doomed even at the beginning of the story. One critic writes "[George and Lennie] are doomed right away because of Lennies fatal flaw" (Hickey, 1). Lennie's mental disability impairs his view, and makes him oblivious and childish. Lennie is an innocent identity, but he makes mistakes that are unforgivable. Both Pepe and Lennie are foils, two very different people that talk about the same immaturity and ignorance.

Both "Flight" and Of Mice and Men were written by John Steinbeck, who was simply a renowned American creator. Most of Steinbeck's reviews including "Flight" and Of Mice and Men happen in this area. Steinbeck done a ranch after falling away of Stanford College or university. His ranch experience influenced many of his books including Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck also had a great love for aspect, as is noticeable in "Journey". Steinbeck's writing style was characterized by naturalism and realism, and these themes or templates can be found in both Of Mice and Men and "Journey". Steinbeck includes the characteristics of ignorance and immaturity in his reports as areas of realism. Both of these aspects are being used to make Lennie and Pepe seem more real; these are imperfect personas.

In conclusion, the components of ignorance and immaturity play a major part in both "Flight" and Of Mice and Men. These elements can be followed in "Flight" to the type Pepe. Pepe. Ignorance and immaturity can also be traced in Of Mice and Men to the type Lennie. Both of these elements are categorized as realism, a middle point of John Steinbeck's literary works. Steinbeck's characterization of Lennie and Pepe and his writing style render both "Air travel" and Of Mice and Men profound and basic literary works.

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