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Skills and Responsibilities of a Nutritionist

  • Monica Suzanne B. Castro

Career Investigated: Diet/Diet Specialist

Part 1: Educational and Job Goals

There are many reasons why I thought we would study nourishment. A) I will have opportunities in various fields that require advising people on what things to eat, so jobs often are easier to come by than they are simply in other areas. B) I am able to work with those who are ill or desire a special diet, in which particular case a clinic, nursing home or treatment middle may be your best option for a job. C) I could turn into a private nutritionist, all types of people can come to me for advice about how to consume right.

The diet industry is a field of medical focused on strengthening everyday health and point out of well-being. I love activities often associated with diet and fitness including yoga, jogging, outdoor activities, meditation, nutritious diet, organic living, and more. My goal is to further my education, get accredited and become a diet specialist. As medical and fitness tendency is sweeping the planet, it is affecting and revolutionizing medical industry like never before. The demand for young, ambitious health and wellness graduates is constantly rising and an array of great job opportunities are opening up in different areas of nutrition technology. With the development in this industry there can be an increasing opportunity of enjoying a successful career in this thrilling field of health care. It is hard work, and then for the dedicated, the pay can be quite good to excellent. But I would get it done because I want to show my knowledge and help other folks, not for the money.

Part 2: OCCUPATIONS and Applications of Applied Learning

  1. Potential Employers
  1. Job name: Nutrition Specialist

GENERAL PURPOSE: Under close guidance, prepares hot and nutritious meals for homebound individuals and senior citizens.


Education and Experience: Two (2) years of meal preparation experience OR an equal blend of education and experience providing essential skills to efficiently perform position requirements.

Special Requirements: Must have got Food Handler's Card at time of hire. Physical Requirements / Work Environment: Works within an professional kitchen and older center facility. Should be able to lift up up to 50 pounds. without assistance, greater than 50 lbs. with assistance or use of mechanised aid.

Miscellaneous Information

Reports To: Community Middle Manager Supervision Exercised: None

  1. Job Subject: Nutrition Specialist/Outreach Worker


Graduation from senior high school or GED equal, with previous general population contact work experience preferred. Earlier supervisory experience preferred. 2 yrs of Food Service training required.

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability:

(A) Capability to learn standard Microsoft software and Food Works software.

(B) Ability to obtain annual Food Security & Sanitation Training.

(C) Ability to obtain CPR and First Aide training.

(D) Capability to drive a motor vehicle.

(E) Ability to handle demanding situations.

(F) Capability to perform tasks with a high degree of attention to detail with a higher degree of accuracy.

(G) Capability to establish and keep maintaining effective working romantic relationships with Older Americans staff and the general public.

  1. Job Name: Nutrition Specialist


Two years' experience as a make in a non-fast food restaurant or healthcare setting up.

Familiarity with basic kitchen ideas, portioning, stock management.

High School Diploma or similar,

Oregon Food Handler's card

ServSafe Official certification preferred.

Experience progress and development through our continuous training, as well as tuition and licensure reimbursement, or pursue opportunities to advance both clinically and administratively with Young ones Villages.

  1. Job Name: Nourishment Assistant

In this position you will:

  • Assemble and deliver patient, visitor, and personnel meal orders in a high-volume, fast-paced environment to patients' rooms or selected location.
  • Visit patients who didn't place a meal order and assist them as appropriate
  • Maintain cash standard bank and process cash deal orders
  • Retrieve meals trays from patients rooms

Requiredqualifications because of this position include:

-High university Diploma or GED

-Related customer service experience

  1. Job Name: Nutrition Services Substitute

Essential job functions are the following:

- Help with preparation of meals according to requirements from the Make meals Manager, Mind Satellite Make or Diet Services Specialist.

- Clean all food service equipment and planning and service areas; wash dishes, pots, pans and utensils used in preparation and service of food.

- Set up serving range and gather carts, trays, napkins and utensils; place items in proper location for customers.

- Serve food to students and personnel.

Other functions of the job include but are not limited to the next:

- Operate computerized register (Point of Sales System).

- Enroll in workshops and in-services for continued professional growth and training.

- Other responsibilities as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills And Expertise Required:

To perform this job effectively, an individual must have the ability to perform each essential obligation satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the data, skill, and/or capacity required. Acceptable accommodations may be produced to enable people with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Understand and follow dental and written directions.
  • Understanding of sanitation and safe practices routines related to handling and serving food.
  • Ability to use standard kitchen equipment, utensils and measurements.
  • Basic food preparation including washing, slicing and assembling food items and elements.
  • Regular attendance.

Physical Requirements:

Continuously stand, reach with one or both hands, lift up to 15 pounds; frequently twist, lift up up to 40 pounds, press and move up to 15 pounds; once in a while crouch, kneel, stoop, lift up up to 50 pounds.

  1. Potential Customers In My Local Area
  1. Rachel Geller - She actually is interested in getting a personal nutritionist. She is trying to eat healthier and shred some unwanted pounds.

In order to perform her goals, I have to discuss and deal with her personalized eating and fitness plan, she will have to start out off slow and eventually work her way up, to an everyday "natural" routine. She'll have to get started on a daily food diary; it will aid her in monitoring her daily calorie consumption. It will also aid her by displaying what suggestions she need and how much of them she need, doing this she can accomplish her daily healthy recommendations.

  1. The Skills I'VE Obtained Nowadays, the requirement for academic success play less important role as compared to the very soft skills. Competitive world has led the organizations set up their recruitment predicated on other non-academic factors. Knowledge has been gained through experience, not from the formulae from the recommended syllabus. The knowledge gained from syllabus three years ago is definitely not applicable in today's situation. Therefore, students like me have to upgrade ourselves with standard knowledge and current issues taking place in the world.

I assume that in applying most of my lifelong studies, the lifelong review definitely increase my basic knowledge and skills. I am more hypersensitive about the dynamic environment, have higher flexibility to make my future profession as a nutritionist better.

Part 3: Carrying on Education and Career Development

I want to help expand my education in nutrition sciences by researching and taking online programs. I believe in long life learning and self-paced studies. It will give me many opportunities to intensify my skills while seeking my occupation. Access World Wide Web all over the world, with the info I need within my fingertips will propel me to an increased degree of intellectual aptness. The immense number of diet programs available over the internet permits me to equip myself with the knowledge needed to help me on any task or endeavor that I may attempt. Ashworth School is one of those ideal online establishment that helped me pursue my dreams and ambitions to become a nutritionist. It runs far beyond the decision of obligation to ensure that its students become useful associates of society. As I commence my journey into real life challenges, Ashworth School will be my guide ensuring I follow the right record into the future.

  1. Two Colleges I plan to apply after Ashworth College:
  1. Kaplan University - Bachelor of Knowledge in Nutrition Science

Total Main Credits: 33

Total Program Credits: 180

In this program you will explore various issues, concepts, worth, research methods, and applications in nutrition science.

Your coursework will focus on:

Exploring the concepts and pharmacology of diet and how dietary choices can contribute to a wholesome lifestyle

Acquiring a knowledge of digestion, absorption, and metabolism of foods and nutritional needs at various periods of the life span cycle

Developing the administrative, moral, and professional skills essential for control positions throughout the health care field

Completing a genuine comprehensive capstone job that demonstrates your capacity to use your nutrition science knowledge and skills to real-world scenarios

  1. University of South Dakota - Bachelor in Health Sciences

This online Health Knowledge level program provides the opportunity for students with an intention in the health professions to explore the many opportunities in the field and to develop the data, values and social skills needed to be successful in the current health and human being service settings.

  1. Certifications Related to My Field of Study
  1. The Certification Table for Diet Specialists (CBNS) - The Clinical Diet Certification Table (CNCB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

Tax-exempt certification organization which provides professional training, evaluation and documentation for healthcare organizations, area of expertise credentialing programs and condition permit/certification examinations.

The Purpose of Certification

The Authorized Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) Examination

Establishes reputable expectations of excellence

* Creation of a quality examination, based on a validated range of practice which appropriately signifies the field of medical nutrition

* Candidate usage of the broad range of clinical nourishment training and

* A system for re-certification every five years, realizing continued

competency in the field.

The CCN Exam Candidate must:

1. Satisfy the CORE Requirements

2. Submit Credential Review Program and College or university Transcripts

3. Obtain Credential Review Approval

4. Complete the Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition

Program (PGSCN)

5. Achieve a moving score on the written CCN Examination

The CCN Exam procedures and the exam data lender are examined and revised each year, relative to the technical specs of the Role Delineation Analysis.

The CNCB utilizes a criterion referenced transferring point for every single section of the certification evaluation.

To get yourself a Certificate of Completion in neuro-scientific Clinical Nourishment ONLY:

Candidate does not meet the minimum standard in key coursework or degree(s).

1. Submit your Candidate Profile Web page to the CNCB.

2. Complete the 56 hour PGSCN course to secure a Qualification of Completion

in the field of Clinical Diet through the Clinical Diet Certification Panel.


The CCN Credential requires on-going maintenance to confirm that the practitioner is

continuing to update knowledge and skills:

Forty approved CE Time every 24 months, fulfilled by the next;

1. Attendance at "three out of four" IAACN Annual Scientific Symposiums (60 CEs gained).

2. Payment of Total annual CNCB Maintenance Charge. (No refunds partly or completely)

3. Recertification in the spring of your fifth time via annual research books with contracted Open up E book Exam. Recertification Content material books total 24 CE time.

The CCN Continuing Education Maintenance Requirement of attendance at

3-out-of-every-4 IAACN Scientific Symposiums will satisfy the above stated

CE requirements.

Part 4: RESUME Details

Applicant's Name (previous) Castro First

Middle Preliminary B. Monica Suzanne

Social Security #:



Mailing Address (Quantity) Street

1632 N Normandie Avenue, Apt 315

Work Phone #

(323) 345 5839


City LA Zip code 90027

State California




Name of School

FT Job College

Ashworth College

Location of School

Los Angeles, CA

6625 The Sides Parkway,

Suite 500

Norcross, Georgia 30092

Degree or Course of Study

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nutrition, Diet and Health Science

Date Completed

May 2013

March 2014


Employment Background - Begin with your latest job. List Job Separately


Job Title: Nursing Associate Dates performed from 2012 to Present


Name of Company: Mark Auria

Name of Supervisor: Estelle Francia


Duties Performed:

Experienced ambulatory and non- ambulatory older patients. Administered medication, noted food and fluid intake, assessed and charted vital signs, prepared meals, provided personal attention including feeding, grooming and dressing.


PERSONAL Sources: List the labels of references that employers may contact.

1 Name

Noelia Black

Telephone #

(323) 345 8709



Address: City State

123 Easton Blvd. , Los Angeles CA

Zip code 90078

2 Name

April Sky

Telephone #

(434) 346 7563



Address: City State

564 Walnut Drive LA CA

Zip code 90045

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