Social Influences In Todays Population TEENAGERS Essay

at are being chosen will be the media (news), new technology such as (television, computers, video games, and cell phones), punishments and/or the lack of, poverty, and divorces. All of these affect just how children are being affected, raised, and exactly how they deal with their daily lives and futures somewhat. Some of these have an impact on more than others plus they can affect on different levels, some on the positive note yet others on a negative.

Over the last generation a lot of things have changed in the manner parenting and households work, how technology has sky rocketed, plus they way media has been portrayed. Many of these changes have considerably changed just how our society handles numerous things, how children are being brought up, and how our kids are being inspired.

Our technology has risen to the extreme, we now have television, cell phones, and video gaming of all types. Children spend more time doing these things than using other kids or going outside to experience. Their lives derive from what they play, have, and do. Our media is more in depth; we look at certainty and make an effort to make a story out of it no matter what it is. Just how families and universities take care of punishments has transformed too. We have been more lax on kids now; we use different kinds of punishments that not always work. More parents choose to divorce or do not get married in the first place. The binds that were in the past, are really not there anymore, which can have influences on a child being raised. The last you are poverty; this is an important factor too. Believe it or not poverty reaches an all time high impacting more children than people in the United States. (Knapp, 1995)

Analysis of Social Influence

New Technology:

Technology can be quite beneficial in a modern culture. We put it to use in the us every day. It includes helped business grow, add different kinds of communication, stay in touch with others. It can help cut down on some environmental factors such as paper waste. But despite having many of these benefits it can have very unwanted effects on children and parents. These negative effects are the insufficient personal connection, personal communication, kids and people get sucked involved with it too deep, they are being used as get away from goats. It is being used increasingly more to raise kids than an actual parent.

Based on studies, personal computers prevent children from interacting with one another and with people. While these children need better social ties with supportive parents, the use of the computer technology only acts to keep children and parents apart. (Slavin, 1998) On the other side of the study this implies that children who involved in adult-mediated computer activity better the level of their cognitive performance on methods of abstract thinking, planning potential, vocabulary, and visual-motor coordination, as well as on measures of response style including reflectivity.

In Vygotskys theory of development, he declares that social connection plays a simple role in the process of cognitive development. When comparing using technology to not using technology, then your use of technology would make it to where cognitive development would not be developing properly as a result of lack of public interaction. It would alter the development because the type of interaction is exclusive rather than in person.


The insufficient self-discipline in a child's life during the early years often encourages insecurity, dependence, and uncontrolled habit. Just how children are punished today is via a non physical consequence. Timeouts are an extremely big trend. Adding a child in a spot to sit for a minute every year how old they are is. So an example of this would be an eight yr old who gets sent to time out and rests for eight minutes; this process will take the hands off the kids. Another craze is redirection; this is where you redirect a child from the negative behavior to a different job. You are essentially redirecting what they are doing at that present time.

Using periods can succeed; it underscores the relationship between patterns and consequences. Willpower is about guiding children into appropriate and desirable habit. Time outs provide them with an opportunity to make the bond between the patterns and the negative outcome (Reese, 1997). Periods also can be problematic. Among the problems with periods and redirection is the lack of fear. Most children feel periods is fun; they have a tendency to misbehave even more than the beginning. Another problem is it will take more from a parent to do periods than corporal punishment. Corporal punishment has been a long issue; many advocate it and most are against it.

With timeout and redirection you would be using Vygotskys theory of development, because you are socially interacting with the child. This assists them concentrate and grow in a positive way. Since each conversation is known as a learning experience, when timeout has been used they are really learning that if indeed they do a action that's not wanted then they will remain for so enough time (Zhang, 2010).


The advertising is a very important aspect inside our lives today. We transmit everything that can make a story. A lot of the media is transformed for ratings. There is certainly more displayed than ever before. Reality tv is very big in the world today. This can have a very negative impact on children today. They see other kids doing wrong but then obtaining a show from it. These types of multimedia can be mind-boggling for a kid. Their brains are not fully developed plus they don't realize precisely what is going on. These kinds of negative conducts can rub off on the child.

A research study that was done confirmed the more coverage six month old newborns have to media, particularly media directed toward teenagers and people, the less developed their cognitive and vocabulary skills may be at fourteen weeks, according to research released in the December issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Remedies (2010). In Vygotskys theory, children imitate their area and peers.


Unfortunately this happens everywhere you go and it is happening more and more in the United States than ever before. Children 're going without food. A long-term study of cognitive development in lower- and middle-class students found strong links between youth poverty, physiological stress and adult storage. In comparison to well-off kids, poor children have a tendency to go to ill-equipped and ill-taught classes, have fewer educational resources at home, eat low-nutrition food, and also have less access to healthcare (Knapp, 2005).

Cultural/Regional Differences

Social contact with various cultures expands a child's pool of knowledge. The greater experiences that a child has, the richer their world becomes. Developmental improvements, dependent upon the individuals and the social tools provided to the child, can help him to form his perceptions of the world.

Not all places round the world are current on all of the new technology. Some of these places really have no need for all of it either. Arranged relationships is quite typical in the centre East, India and Africa, while in a few Asian & most Western civilizations, the romantic matrimony is idealized and one has the right to choose their relationship partner and therefore an arranged relationships is perceived as an infringement upon this right and seen unfavorably.

Generational Differences

In older generations there was some technology but nothing at all in comparison to what we have now. Children would play outside from sunrise to sunset, they were rarely ever in the house. They might go to university and get back merely to play with friends. Families were more family orientated, dinners would be served and all would gather to eat. School was an essential aspect in the children lives and so was music. Children would develop more of a personal bond using their relatives and buddies. Marriage was an important factor as well; it was against moral prices to truly have a child out of wedlock. Children was raised in a two father or mother home front. The biggest difference is the way we are proceeding. A great exemplory case of this is aged generations were setting up their children to work on farms and today we are preparing our children to focus on computers.


In culture today, we are employing social relationship through various varieties. It is no longer just a parent or guardian and a kid. Lots of the technological advances replace this; which can result a hindrance on cognitive patterns. Even young televisions, games, press, and other exposures are coming into the picture. In Vygotskys theory, imitative learning is the first, where in fact the child simply copies another person. Second is instructed learning, in which a child recalls course distributed by a professor and then puts it into play, and the third is collaborative learning. Collaborative learning happens when a peer group cooperates to learn or achieve a particular goal while attempting to understand one another (Eckhoff, 2008).

If you genuinely believe in Vygotsky's theories you'll want to suggest parents to expose their children to a variety of social situations, since each interaction is known as a learning experience. It is especially important to bring in children to the people and ideas that operate above their current knowledge level, providing them with usage of new ideas and concepts. Guiding children to consider answers by imitating what they see in others, hearing training and working as part of a group all provide opportunities to allow them to broaden their current bottom part of knowledge (Zhang, 2010).

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