Stritical analysis statement on primark

The following report provides results and key learning from the Marketing Management. The goal of the analysis was to show a Marketing research for executing competitive analysis. It really is targeted at marketers who would like to raised understand their competitive landscaping, forecast future competitive activities and properly position and promote their products. The firms examined in this report were Primark and Armani, two market leaders in the Fashion Merchant category.

Our new research tool, The Armani, profiled the organizational set ups and marketing management at the two companies as a way of understanding the organizations decision making techniques and prices. It uncovered valuable insights about how precisely both Brands go to advertise and what marketing initiatives they could pursue in the foreseeable future.

Mission Statement


We aim to make our employees, suppliers and local and wider community's part of your success by dealing with them in every way we can. Which means that:

Employees have identical opportunities based on merit

Suppliers are cared for fairly

Local communities are respectable and reinforced by Primark

The company takes its environmental responsibilities seriously


Armani's mission is to continually create clothes and accessories that desire to a kind of perfection that transcends fashion.

Armani is poised for future years with a perspective that crystallizes his method of fashion as ageless, yet always well-timed.

Giorgio Armani is committed to the long-term view, mirrored by his creation of new lines and divisions, and in his investment in new technology and infrastructures.


Company's Current Position

These are results of which we are justly pleased, even though we are well aware that the global current economic climate has came into into a deep crisis which includes affected all areas, in every countries, and whose symptoms will plainly persist regardless of the most apparent issues being tackled. Consumer likes and social tendencies appear to be modifying amidst long- term changes that may affect the communal context. The actual fact that our Group is organised to give you a complete profile of brands strategically situated to reach different degrees of consumers in several geographical regions allows us to predict and meet changes in contemporary society and provides us the best opportunity to exploit our full potential.

These are results which we could justly pleased, even though we could well aware that the global market has joined into a deep crisis which has affected all sectors, in all countries, and whose symptoms will plainly persist despite the most evident issues being tackled.

Consumer preferences and social behavior appear to be modifying amidst long- term changes which could affect the sociable context. The fact our Group is structured to give a complete collection of brands strategically placed to reach different levels of consumers in

different geographical parts we can foresee and meet changes in world and gives us the best possibility to exploit our full probable.

We will also open up Giorgio Armani boutiques in Tokyo, Dubai, Doha and Singapore, while Armani will be starting new stores in Berlin, Singapore, Perth and in a variety of other locations in the Middle East and China.

PESTEL Analysis


Political facet of Armani is strong with regulation and framework under a well manages team and users in different locations and countries.


Economic development shows the Armani brands is in reach of most consumers of most parts and income range of brands are effective of company goals targets.


Cultural variety under different regions like Asia, European countries and Middle East countries changes very rapidly.


Armani new inventions, new discoveries, research, energy under new solutions make it very great company on earth.

Source:- Annual Record of Armani 2008

Research and development activities



Due to fast changes in the world, ethnic and custom variety are big difficulties face by the Armani Brands. Asia and European countries culture differs than Midsection East. So a strong support relation will be required for the future.


A lot of brands bring in on earth fashion market, So Armani encounters brand dilution and regional show of brand is leaner year by 12 months.

brand structures:-

New brands must be introduced in the market after having a season. Armani brand advancement challenges very competitive on the planet. Therefore architectures of new brands should be in timely issued in markets.

financial challenges:-

Armani budget is very high. Due to Devotion of big brands, no shareholder pressure on the financial resources. To keep up the financial position and annual focus on is big problem of the business.

brand personality:-

The personality of the brand is also a obstacle for the marketing area of the company. Young technology, models and actress also enticed by our brands and services. So comparative among new personality is difficult for brand representation.

Corporate strategy


Armani's commercial responsibility is to get primary values of the following

Taking treatment of our people,

Managing our environmental influences,

Being good neighbours and

Fostering ethical business interactions.

Because the organizational composition of the Armani has responsibility for

Managing environmental,

Social and

Ethical issues

Armani has an accountable plank of director and a mature manager who are accountable for protection and environmental concerns.

Armani's plank of Directors assesses the class of Brand' risk management and protection civilizations, resources and plan to activities for the coming year.

Market Segmentation Research

Step # 1

Plan to lunch break a brand in a target market.

Step # 2

Select the target market by geographical area or region.

Step # 3

Next, we test the merchandise to see which can be related to success. For this purpose, we use different analytical tools including cluster research, latent course, and sites.

Step # 4

At this level we assess possible alternatives in conditions of managerial, statistical, and financial standards about problems occur in level three.

Step # 5

Sort out market sections in terms with their profits on return and focus your marketing work on to increase your business.

Source:- Fashion Magazine


Primark is a Discount market supplying a huge stock of goods quality for those at affordable prices. Primark with over 50 retailers in different elements of UK is present in both metro metropolitan areas as well as in the tiny towns. Primark has a large name in the retail industry in UK,

Therefore, shopping here's further made a memorable experience with the assorted rates of discount rates on products as well as discount vouchers available in a variety of amounts.

The significant top features of Primark:

Shopping in the Primark is a superb experience as you can find almost anything under the same roof structure.

It has cool features which caters all the needs of the purchasers.

The Food Section or the grocery store with the office offering fruits and vegetables

There is a area specially designed for the leisure of the youngsters.

A large section coping with furniture.

Electronics section concerned with electronic goods and cellular phones.

One can shop many products of Primark at the same price from your home Well regulated customer care telemarketing services.

Primark's focus on ethical trading standards:-

Ethical trade means different things to different people or the labour procedures in a company's resource chain.

Primark is also an associate of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) as part of its structured and transparent approach to making sure its suppliers adhere to a Code of Conduct.

From its basis in Ireland in 1969, Primark established rule based on highly competitive prices and fast-changing fashion-conscious products.

Although competition and change in consumption patterns of consumer are potential competitive dangers, Primark has constantly shown superior development to the clothing discount category overall.

Primark is an ever-growing military of satisfied, fashion-conscious customers; Primark has indeed become a part of everyday living.

advantages of SUPERMARKET:-

Company Brand can be purchased only in the particular supermarket, such private brands will ensure that customers will shop for the reason that store. That supermarket is a so-called customer franchise.

b. The supermarket chain can buy products at relatively low prices and secure upgraded gross margins even though its retail price is below that of a equivalent nationwide brand.

Primark is providing clothes at low excellent market. The company success is based on sourcing of supply string, making their products with simple designs and textiles, only making them in the most popular sizes, buying stock in huge bulks and kinds and not advertising.

The prices of Primark is low as compare to all or any supermarkets in the regions based on the report time 2005.

Corporate Sociable Responsibility

A band of Primark operates its corporate cultural responsibility guidelines under the united states or regional rules authority.

Core values

Our central business is buying and selling and providing customers with up-to-date fashion at affordable prices but our culture and ethos are the keys to your success. Primark is active, fast paced, commercial and customer- centered. The business enterprise is driven by people who have an absolute interest for retail, are enthusiastic, dedicated and committed to providing results and excellence in every their activities.

These are our core values:

To offer the best value for money

To improve constantly our selection of products

To treat customers as you want to be treated ourselves

To strive consistently for effectiveness

To esteem each other

Ethical approaches to career and trading

Environment, health and safety

Distribution channels are the pathways that companies use to market their products to end-users. Business to Business companies can sell through an individual route or through multiple stations that may include

MARKETING Combination:-

Primark have to utilize traditional marketing such as print, radio, TV, yellowish pages and even outdoor advertisements to reach consumer markets.

Traditional advertising can also are likely involved in the marketing mix for most B2B companies. These marketing often reach a wide audience and thus can be relatively expensive. Yet in your industry or region, they might be very effective in assisting you reach your market.

Set your gross annual goals

Build your complete marketing intend to achieve the goals that you identify:

Quantitative goals:- Such as for example total revenue, earnings, number of customers, systems sold, and breakdowns by product or route as needed.

Strategic goals:- You may want to expand into a new market with a new distribution route, or you may want to reposition your brand to indicate a change in your business.


To provide good quality products for open public, to sell goods at affordable prices, to be friendly and helpful towards customers and staff.


Primark is a pursuing a classic give attention to cost leadership strategy. A low cost strategy is not a cheap strategy for a firm to pursue.


Market segment is fashion mindful under thirty-fives by look good pay less. Customer portion based on generation with on the market.


Young, fashion mindful and under 35 season old customer are marketplace of Primark and is also buying clothes because Young are not being affected all the unemployment.


Customers think about the visibility and acceptance of just what a product reveals for buyer of product or business.





Clothes, boots, Accessories,



Discount, Cheap Rates & Price

Philip Kotler, Concepts of Marketing, 10th Edition.

Annual record 2008 from Armani Press

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