Study of recruitment process outsourcing

Is the process where an workplace outsources or transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to expert services of an authorized (generally professional consultants).

The Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association defines RPO as follows: "when a provider functions as a company's inside recruitment function for some or all of its careers. RPO providers take care of the entire recruitment/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of the new hire, including personnel, technology, method and confirming. "

RPO and other types of infrequent recruitment support, contingency and executive search services differ majorly in the "Process". The service provider assumes ownership of the process in RPO, while in other types of staffing services the company is only an integral part of the process controlled by the organization buying their services.

History of RPO

Temporary, contingency and professional search businesses have provided staffing services for most decades, however the concept of an company outsourcing the management and ownership of part or total of the recruitment process was first realized during the 1970s in the highly competitive high tech labour market of Silicon Valley. Being hard-pressed to find and employ the service of technical specialists these businesses were required to pay large fees to particular exterior recruiters for staffing their projects. To be able to reduce the growing expenses of recruitment fees these businesses began examining the various periods in the recruitment process that could be outsourced. The initial RPO programs typically contains purchasing lists of potential candidates from RPO suppliers.

Over the years, the concept of outsourcing was accepted by businesses more and more. RPO too gained favour among Individual Learning resource management. RPO reduced over head costs from other finances and also helped enhance the company's competitive edge in the labour market. With labour markets becoming more and more competitive, RPO became more of an acceptable option. In the early 2000's more companies started taking into consideration the outsourcing of recruitment for major servings with their recruiting need.

The important changes in the World labour market have strengthened the utilization of RPO. The labour market today is highly energetic: workers are changing employers more often than in the previous generations. De-regulation of labour marketplaces has created a switch towards agreement and part-time labour and shorter work tenures. These fads have increased the recruitment activity and inspired the use of RPO. Even in slower financial times or higher unemployment, RPO is known as by companies to aid within an increasing need to display screen through a more substantial pool of candidates


Recruitment is seen as a cost incurring process within an corporation. RPO has helped the HR specialists of an company to concentrate on the proper functions and processes of human learning resource management rather than wasting their efforts, time and money on the usual work.

Outsourcing of the recruitment process helps cut the recruitment costs to around 20 % and provides economies of scale to a large sized group.

Outsourcing has become beneficial for both the corporate organisations that use outsourcing services as well as the consultancies that provide the service. Aside from increasing their revenues, outsourcing Process also provides work at home opportunities to the service providers, enhances the skill set of the service providers and exposure to different corporate encounters in so doing increasing their knowledge.

Time/Velocity: Hiring of an recruitment company to do the recruitment process for a new project saves precious time. The recruitment company already gets the database of potential customers classified according to their skills, knowledge and experience. After the requirements are given by the company and the provider provides the company with a set of candidates that would be ready to be interviewed.

Money/Costs: In traditional recruitment process the HR experts have to avoid their current work and focus on the recruitment process. This is issues for the small and middle sized companies, the best companies have their own recruitment departments. By outsourcing the whole of the recruitment process these companies save costs incurred in the recruitment process. The HR experts can focus on their current work without worrying about recruitment process. These days even the big companies are outsourcing techniques their recruitment operations to lessen costs.

Quality: It is considered that the recruitment needs of the company are better realised by the dog owner or someone working for it. But while recruiting new staff for a specific job or task this is very challenging. Specialised recruitment businesses have an considerable data source of resumes and the networking to source the right type of candidate.


Though RPO has benefits, it offers its own models of restrictions/risks. RPO will be successful in the context of a well-defined corporate and staffing strategy. A corporation must maintain its RPO activities, providing initial direction and prolonged monitoring to get the required results.

Loose Classification of RPO: As RPO is a commercial idea rather than specific definition, there exists little rules to RPO providers. So, a recruitment agency can brand their services as RPO without actually structuring them in a way that provides the most advantage to their clients.

Cost: Though RPO proposal is recognized as cost saving method, the expense of participating an RPO specialist can be more than the price tag on the internal recruitment department, as an RPO provider is likely to have higher business overheads.

Effectiveness: If an RPO service provider will not understand or seek to comprehend the recruitment solution that they will be providing, it will lead for an improperly implemented RPO. This might reduce the performance of recruitment.

Failure to provide: When finding applicants in industry industries where there are staff shortages, RPO service providers may neglect to provide the quality or level of staff required by their clients.

Pre-Existing Issues: If the business's existing recruitment procedures are not effective or if the service provider lacks appropriate recruitment procedures/procedures to work with the client the RPO solution might not work. In that situation, it is best for the business to endure a recruitment optimisation program.

Engagement: Many RPO organisations perform their staffing functions and service offsite or offshore. This disconnects the supplier from the client company's growth and recruiting strategy. Though this impact can be mitigated by strong romance management, a few of the momentum and energy from the speedy up scaling of the labor force through recruitment may dissipate.

Social Marketing/Networking in Recruitment

Social multimedia recruitment is the next big thing on the credit cards. A lot of companies have started using Web 2 2. 0 request for recruitment purposes. Blogging platforms 2. 0 is the next technology Internet-based services which is different from the first era static Web sites with little interaction.

Popular Web 2 2. 0 applications include the social media/networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, MySpace), websites, podcasts (Podcast Alley, iTunes), video posting sites (YouTube, FlickR), mobile apps, etc. Today LinkedIn and Facebook has become a powerful tool in recruitment. LinkedIn is a sociable networking website intended specifically for network amongst working professionals.

Social media recruitment widens reach and helps segmentation, concentrating on and setting of potential jobseekers. In addition they increase the precision of profile queries. Instead of simply recruiting the person with the best-looking CV, interpersonal advertising can ensure that that person is also the best fit for the business.

Companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Mindtree, HP-Mphasis and Wipro are planning to hire workers from public networking sites such as LinkedIn. Linkedln is now a spot for Companies looking out to hire staff. Recruitment done through the social networking site Linkedln includes referrals and are affordable as they are free. Companies go through the relevant profiles, and can look into the tips provided by acquaintances of potential candidates before hiring workers. Mphasis used Facebook along with LinkedIn to recruit new workers by creating a full page on Facebook.


Recruitment through Social mass media/networking websites has its own benefits that are not available in other methods of recruitment.

Higher precision: As sociable multimedia/networking websites haven't any physical limitations job prospects can be looked geographically and found with higher exactness than before, narrowing the amount of candidates and adding to recruiting success.

Fast: As increasing numbers of people today use these websites, the available jobs can get filled up quicker, bringing down vacancy rates because of communal media's high use rate and immediate response time. This helps in a company's capability to attract talent versus competitors.

Cost: Social networking recruitment has a low cost with high ROI. In the majority of the cases it is nearly free because so many websites are absolve to enroll and use.

Attracting fresh expertise: A lot of social media users are school students, and they're fresh ability for entry level positions. Using communal media an organization can easily appeal to this skill pool.

Brand visibility: Using cultural multimedia/networking for recruitment Escalates the employer's brand visibility online and establishes a leading-edge image for the brand.


Social advertising/networking offers benefits vis-a-vis other methods of recruitment, but it also has its own share of hazards.

Effectiveness yet to be proven: While social networks are certainly here to remain, whether they turn into a more central part to the hiring process or not is yet to proved. The quantity of recruitment done through this setting is still very low as it is in first stages.

Demographics of representation: Social media as the labour pool will not fully symbolize the demographics of the general public. There could be more competition and age claims over the arriving years due to sourcing through sociable networking sites.

Discrimination: There could be discrimination in recruitment credited to someone's country of origin, religious preference, disability, age or erotic orientation etc.

Lack of clear recruitment benchmarks and process: Recruitment through interpersonal media does not involve clear expectations of recruitment. Hence any rejections based on softer criteria can result in discrimination lawsuits being registered by the rejected candidates.

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