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I am a support employee/project employee in a backed housing unit in Nottingham for thirteen female young people between your age range of 16 -25 years who are usually referred from Housing Help. The service users are homeless, some with a background of domestic break down and some have recently come out of the care system. The essential needs of the service users were addressed in an interview.

After recommendation from Housing Help an initial assessment of need is performed, which covers several needs: physical and wellbeing, such as any medication or health issues? The young person may smoke or have even medication or alcohol issues and these will be on the referral form. The young person's mental health will be evaluated and occasionally there could be additional studies from social employees or schools. Risky service users such as ex-offenders can be known and these situations may entail probation individuals.

Mary is 18 years of age with Portuguese parents who are separated. Mary's daddy lives in the Western Midlands and her mom lives in Nottingham. Mary resided with her mom and dad for a while and then made a decision to live with her father. On school vacations Mary stayed with her mom. Mary was assaulted by her father at the first age of a decade old; he struck her with a belt and with a metal bar, which led to Mary being put in care and attention after police and cultural services participation. Her friend who lives in Wales is her closest contact but does not see her regularly. She does have other friends; however she avoids them because of their criminal behavior (Appendix 1).

The needs of young women coming to the project are further evaluated through another informal interview and young women are welcomed. The care package offered to young women who arrive at the hostel entails putting your signature on a tenancy contract providing them with their accommodation in the job. Each young female has a self-contained level within the job with a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Most accommodation costs are fulfilled through real estate benefits. In case the young person is working they pay area of the service after diagnosis. Mary came to the united kingdom with her family when she was young. They applied for British isles citizenship but did not pass it to Mary. As she is an EU resident, be able to be eligible for housing (Appendix1)

The educational needs of the young person are evaluated. Basic needs in numeracy and literacy are evaluated. Personal, communal development and health are also taken into account and the young person's capacity to budget their money. Estimate. Without project treatment, many young people would be homeless and at great risk of exploitation and/or bad health.

An important skill for this type of treatment is tuning in or active being attentive Verbal and non-verbal skills are needed in order to establish a rapport and good romance between employee and service individual. A person centred strategy using listening skills and asking questions helps the service users clarify own thoughts, keeping away from authoritarian words, and dealing with people as identical encourages them to think and respond for themselves. The need for engaging teenagers is to generate romantic relationships of trust and developing strategies to work towards change. It is also important to be empathic when interesting with the young person to encourage talk. All personal feelings are left outside the workplace to become professional and maintain boundaries.

QUOTE Rogers here

Values are used in everyday terms to refer to religion, moral, politics or ideological key points, beliefs or attitudes (Banking institutions, 2001). Harrison et al (2010) expresses children work is educated by a set of beliefs and helps young people to develop their own group of values.


The NAOMIE platform is used to recognize the needs of the young people Ingram et al, 2001). This tool is employed to recognize the young people's need and works well. This has discovered a few of the obstacles in anti -discriminatory practice on working alongside one another on issues of inequality, discrimination and oppression (Thompson, 1994).

Mary attended weekly support periods, however, during the first key session, Mary had missed four visits with Access School which raised concern about her behavior. I learned Mary had uncertainties about having the ability to apply herself to her educational needs, which damaged her Job seekers allowance (JSA). Her service charges were paid by immediate deductions from her benefits. Mary will require support in budgeting and has decided to set up a budgeting plan with her next repayment. I decided to talk with her for a someone to one session. In order to probe further in to the reasons for not joining I discovered motivational interviewing as the best method for Mary (Appendix 2).

As a support worker I determined links within the task to refer to external companies, such as cultural services and welfare organizations. I was educated from personnel that her Keyworker experienced contact the section of working pensions (DWP) about her JSA payment s has ceased. This was due to poor attendances in university she has skipped several appointments. In terms of theory I used communication skills with empathy by getting to know Mary's situation at using tuning in skills in what is say I involved in the chat "How is your day?" which I offer refreshments which is an informal way to build a rapport relationship(Egan, 2002).

I used listening skills

I do to build up the partnership with Mary?

Why do I choose a particular involvement wit Mary? Cooking activity

What is the effect of the on practice?

The intervention's software in practice is confidentiality

Equal opportunity

The theoretical underpinning of the treatment I used the PCS Model by Thompson (0000) demonstrates on how oppression talks about society through institutions are supported by ethnic norms and personal beliefs. Being a support worker promoting her with learning tools that challenge oppression. By interesting using wider insurance policy objectives it is a person centred bottom; will openly discuss in a safe environment amidst their peers and concentrate on building one's self-assurance; reassurance within an organization, as well as keeping the learner's awareness.

In terms of Personal: Young person 18years old was placed in good care after law enforcement and interpersonal services involvement. Mary emerged to the united kingdom with her family when she was young. There was no communication between her families and she's left college with low attainment s and poor attendances. In conditions of Cultural: Being homeless within the city she is writing her thoughts and feelings with different teams. Mary has friends whom she avoids now because they are getting into legal behaviour and friends who are not into trouble. In relationships of Structural: a network of divisions such as Connexions, Friendly Services, Health, and Local Power. Barriers pertains to ethical practice to recognize form to anti-discriminatory practice to work together on issues of inequality, discrimination and oppression (Thompson, 1994). Mary is referred to floating support has continuing support from communal services. Mary has a departing care employee, called Susie who goes to her every once in awhile (Appendix1).

In terms of social insurance policy, the housing project, as an involvement, is in some ways effective Current communal policy is underpinned by legislation to safeguard and uphold rights and responsibilities about the prone service users at the task. Acts like Welfare Reform Action DATE, Casing/Homelessness Act Particular date, Equal Opps legislation, Race Relations Act Particular date, Disability Discrimination Act Time. This legislation which sorts social plan is outworked through the project's procedures and methods.

In conditions of Mary's experience at the job she's been mainly offered well. She was homeless and experienced experienced erotic assault by way of a close male comparative. This triggered her to be brought under the attention of the local power and. . . list how

ANY OTHER THEORISTS THAT NEED MENTIONING HERE? In conditions of anti-oppressive practise Mary has already established a confident experience by going right through the project. I've determined List how

In reflecting on the experiences Mary possessed at the task, I believe her experience have been mainly positive and effective on her behalf on her ethnical history Explain how

Be Critical clarifies the limitations to the involvement and the strengths to the treatment.

What worked?

What didn't?

What should be transformed?

In conditions of practice in relation to risk, resilience, Community and ethnic aspects and government policy

The environment comes with an impact

Young people participating with their areas are important aspect of resilience and keeping teenagers safe.

Future action

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