SWOT and marketing examination for PTCL in Pakistan

Ptcl is the first telecom company of Pakistan. It was developed in 1947 when Pakistan came into beingn. Ptcl is the major telecom company in Pakistan since 1947. ptcl is possessing huge telecommunication infrastructure in Pakistan and every telecom company use ptcl infrastructure as a basic infrastructure, wether that is mobil company or preset line.

Ptcl is also market leader in the CDMA technology in Pakistan with more then 0. 8 million subscriber of Vfone. Ptcl is keeping the leading position in our countary as an basic infrastructure provider toother companies and ptcl have the potential to be in one of the key facotors of financial growth of Pakistan.

Ptcl laid optical fibers in the key citieas and important areas of the country and begin enhancing the technology by moving from copper to optical fibre. Ptcl also invest in the log distance international infrastructure, the SEA-ME-WE submarine cable tv capacity is increased to meet the increasing demand of international and internet traffic.

According to the promulgation of telecommunication Function 1996, Pakistan telecommunication power (PTA) is a regulatory body of telecommunication. Then Pakistan telecommunication expert exercise his poweraccording to 1996 Act, and give exclusivity of basic telephony to PTCL for seven years(means Pakistan telecommunication expert gaive monopoly to PTCL in basic telehony) which monopoly ends 0n 31december 2002. Then in 2006-2007 every body know that in Pakistan there is a tremendous raise in the mobile phone sector. In this time around period the amount of subscriber boosts 100% ans teledencity increases from26% to 40%. Because of which the benefits associated with telecommunication spread throughtout Pakistan and customer of PTCL mobile phone subsidery Ufone grew from 7. 49 million to 14 million which is approximately 87% increase.

China telecom company also enter in iin to advertise in this season with the name of Zong. In those days, ptcl have a majour initiative, from the end customer prospectives, in the shape of Broadband Pakistan service introduction and this was the first step toward wefare of customer and providing value added services and convenience to the client.

With the lounch of broadband ptcl open up a new stream of earnings and also provide benefit of broadband internet to the customer. Then lately PTCL come u with wireless broad band called EVO and EVO nitro ehich quickness is around 9. 1MBPS which technology is first introduced in Pakistan in depends upon by ptcl.

Company background

Initially at the time of 1947 when Pakistan happened there is only a content & telegraph division which supply the telecom services to Pakistani country. Then in 1962 pakistan telephome and telegraph section was developed. Since start ptcl is the marketplace leader and greatest player in Pakistan telecommunication. Ptcl have huge network throughout Pakistan but still their guidelines and work move criticize of civial society of pakistan and small rivalas.

Under the Pakistan telecommunication corporation Function 1991, Pakistan telecommunication firm takeover the functions of telephone and telegraph office. This task match with the government policy and appeal to other companies from private sector and they are honored with licences for mobile, cards- based mostly, data communication service and pay mobile phones.

Continuing the effective coverage that authorities have in 1991, they released that authorities is likely to privatize PTCL and in 1994 federal issue 6 million vouchers that'll be convertible in 600 million shares. Each share have par value of 10 per talk about and this voucher will be converted into shares in middle of 1996.

In 1995 pakistan telecommunication ordinance develop groundwork for the monopoly of PTCL in basic telephony in the whole country for seven years which monopoly is given in October 1996 through Pakistan telecommunication Specialist Act. With the same time Pakistan telecommunication company limited is developed and shown in the stock exchange.

Then ptcl introduce his mobile and data service subsidery with the mane of Ufone in 2001 and respectively Paknet. Both brand will not show any extra audnary performance or results start but over time Ufone increase their market show and paknet continues to be struggling. After that PTCL come up with new service of DSL and ptcl immediately screen that brand by himself.

As monopoly of the company is moving toward its end then company have to face more big issues and the post monopoly time give boost to Pakistan telecommunication. Then in 2005 federal decided to sell 26% of shares of ptcl to any private company. And that was Etisalat which purchase 26% shares of ptcl. Etisalat is dubai established company.



To be the primary ICT company in the region by attaining customers' satisfaction and maximizing shareholders' value.

The future is unfolding all around us. In times to come, we will be the link which allows global communication. We could trying towards mobilizing the globe for the future. By becoming companions in innovation, we are ready to shape another that offers telecom services that bring us closer.


To achieve our eye-sight by having:

An organizational environment that fosters professionalism and reliability, desire and quality

An environment that is cost effective and quality conscious

Services that are based on the most ideal technology

"Quality" and "Time" conscious customer service

Sustained expansion in profits and profitability

Core Values

Professional Integrity

Customer Satisfaction


Company Loyalty

Organization structure


In this area of my internship statement I must discuss and point out what I experienced learned and experienced in various departments of PTCL with in the 8 week time frame of internship and the idea of internship before formally joining any firm is to increase ones social skills, confidence, to put up a feeling of responsibility and also to describe oneself with the overall office environment of a business.

MarCom Department:-

MarCom is the first division where I start my internship work and learning. Employed in the MarCom Section of leading Telecom company of the united states was an opportunity in itself for me personally. As PTCL is the major telecom company in Pakistan I have huge chance to learn a whole lot of practicality which is just a little missing on our Academic side. In the first day of my internship I'll go to the MarCom department 2nd floor F stop PTCL head one fourth G-8/4 Islamabad. Then sir Abdurrahman receive me and take me to the office of Mam Lubna Jahangir G. M marketing. Then she briefly Introduce me with their employees and then my learning time frame starts. This would not be off beam if I say the MARCOM office as a unit of PTCL's commercial department which not only respects their work however they also be familiar with their customers well.

Visit and analise One Stop Shop (OSS):-

At my first day sir Aqeel Shigri (S. M) assign job to the band of interns including me to go to the given list of OSS of ptcl and analyise the service of OSS representatives, information available their in the hard form, just how many product they are promoting and tidiness of the OSS. We could restricted that the complete group must go to each OSS. We visit all the OSS given in the list in a week time. In this we evaluate the OSS on the basis of few sides/questions.

Develop survey on OSS visit?

Then I had been asked to develop the report of these OSS in which we identify problems and I managed to get in three days with the help of my acquaintances Ahsan and kamil, by compiling all the information accumulated by the group and then analyse them and lastly we develop the record and send it to sir Manan zafer who asked us to make some correction and also appreciate us that without the sample report we had made such a good statement. Article is attacked in APPENDIX.

Developing Print Advertising Cost Record:-

Then sir Manan zafer give me and ahsan Kaleem (my fellow intern) another activity in which we must enter the printing advertisement cost record in computer within an MS-EXCEL over the dates and Media paper name. We complete this quite effective and efficiently in 2 days and nights and handover it to sir manna. Copy of document is enclosed in appendix.

Developing PTCL reports record:-

I was assigned with a little and regular job to learn all the news headlines regarding PTCL, from different news paper and put them in a record with news paper name, time and webpage number. This task is assigned to us because of labor punch and we do this task for more then week time and copy of news record is attached in APPENDIX.

Develop proposal of Model for TVC throw of EVO nitro:-

This task is assigned to us to build up proposal of model for TVC blast of EVO nitro. In this task we are given with a list of models name and we must find their presentable pictures and develop a nice-looking proposal like the cost or payment of models which is provided to us by the Associate director of EVO brand sir Ismail Orakzai.

These models are,


Juggan kazmi

Meesha Shafi

Mehren Sayed

Nooray Bhatty

Sanam Saeed

Sophie Chaudhry

Umaima Abassi

Copy of this proposal is attached in Appendix.

Interact With Ad Agencies:-

Here in PTCL MarCom office I learm and experience that how to connect to advertisement agencies and how MarCom section work or coordinate with firms with whom they may be must work. I interact with the organizations on different events like metting e. t. c. mainly in this I become a bridge between company and the firm. Because my job is to converse information from one end to the other and mostly these informations are about the Advertisement campaignes, reaching arranging e. t. c

PTCL use few advertisement Companies, two most significant are following,


Ever new principles.

Learn the making of Creative Short:-

In this division of ptcl I learn an other very important thing in marketing communication department which is Creative brief. Here I learn that how to developCreative simple and also develop few creative briefs in my own internship time frame.

In creative brief we have to company give some information aor background of product, then aims of that plan, after that we must clearly pinpoint the mark audience of that campaign, then creative brief include the main offering of plan for example in my own creative brief the marketing campaign offerings will be the prizes that target audience can succeed through lucky pull, Then silent feature and advantages of product or service, then communication plan and finally the deadline. Backup of creative short is enclosed in APPENDIX.

Development of TVC Concep:-

in the MarCom section of PTCL I learn that how TVC comcepts are developed and revised and finalized. I go to two mettings at PTCL MarCom section regarding TVC concepts.

This is a process mainly have 6 steps as following,

Firm (PTCL) Develop and send creative simple to organization.

Agency produces few very basic or organic concepts.

Agency talks about it with customer (PTCL or any company).

PTCL finally select any one concept from them, with or without suggesting any changes.

Agency develop account plank of the decided on concept.

Agency present this storyboard with company(PTCL).

The concept that i listen in meeting is approximately the international cell phone calls, in those days PTCL will launch package of international dialing. At that time the company representative present two theory one which is as following,

"A guy is packing is suitcases/bags and centered his vision on the family group photography with sad manifestation and in qualifications sad sluggish music is played. And then in next short guy is at tv lounge with his handbags first move toward his dad and tell him i m giving! His dad replied ok kid be mindful. Then he proceed to sister and have the same affirmation and sister replied ok bhaiya ALLAH hafiz. Then he received surprised and move toward his mom (watching daily cleaning soap) and third time say the same affirmation and she replied Belly CHALY B JAWO, Mara drama neglect kar diya and then he ask KISI KO MARI PARWAH HI NI HA, MA ABROAD JA RAHA HO G! at that time his young sibling replied FIKAR KI KYA BAT, PTCL KI INTERNATIONAL DAILING HA NA".

This principle was turned down by G. M Lubna Jahangir as a consequence to few reasons, handful of them are,

Same typical family setuation.

No use in our product.

And I also learn about story board that what's that and how storyboard is developed. Some copies of history board is fastened in APPENDIX.

Learn the making of radio script:-

In my internship I also learn that ho to develop script for radio ad and also for tv. In radio advertisements it is good to make and a script in normal dialog format. But in Tv set commercial you have to change your marketing campaign script with TVC principle and training video. I assist sir Ismail Orakzai and Mam Amber Nasir in development of radio advertisement campaign script. Copy of both radio and TVC script is fastened in APPENDIX.

Assist in Broadband Pakistan upgradeing advertising campaign:-

I assised sir ismail in broadband upgrading advertising campaign in different ways such as with the script changes, by communicating changes in print campaign to agency personals.

Assist in Broadband Pakistan Ramadan offer campaign:-

I assist sir Ismail in broadband Pakistan Ramadan offer in which I speak the changes in advertising campaign campaign to ad agency. Fundamentally in this campaign patck offers 100, 000 rupees scholarship for 50 college student through lucky get and these university student from the group of folks who purchase new interconnection of broadband Pakistan pupil package.

This is one particular tasks where I realize that how deaply and thorowly the MarCom division see every campaign. This plan is about 10 times adjust and remove some very minute problems which marketing campaign is also change lots of time. You can view it in APPENDIX where I attach the copies of marketing campaign.

Assist in vfone grand recharge campaign:-

This is another plan in which I get involved but hardly any. This advertising campaign is also Ramadan offer, fundamentally this campaign is good for those people who avoid their Vfone since 15 April 2010. they just have to recharge their Vfone and surely get extra balance upto 1000 rupees. See APPENDIX.

Assist in vfone eid offer campaign:-

This eidi offer is introduce for eid times. Originally this offer mane was Special Eidi but down the road they cahenge it because the term special is also used in many recent advert advertising campaign such as Special Ramadan offer e. t. c. Within this offer Vfone provided extra balance on every recharge of more then 100, such as at the recharge of 300, 500 and 1000 person get 100, 200, and 300 free balance respectively. On this aadvertisdemnet marketing campaign I give my thoughts and opinions that the free balance division is not justifiable because the individual load 2 greeting card of 500 get 400 free balance and the individual insert the same amount 1000 at once get 300 free balance, Mam Amber was agree with me but she said this the decision of Product manager and G. M. I attached copy of this plan in APPENDIX

Assist in ptcl Isalamic portal campaign:-

This is a VAS plan by ptcl. This VAS is named as Islamic portal in this you can listen full QURAN with Translation, Top 10 Naats, Namaz timing, Dua in Arabic language, Hamd e. t. c for just Rs. 2/min (excluded of duty). This advertising campaign marketing campaign is also attached in APPENDIX

Assist in ptcl 1 brand 4 super offers campaign:-

I also assist this ad advertising campaign of ptcl landline (PSTN) called 1line 4super deals. This is also add as a ramazan bundle and this marketing campaign main purpose is to boost the sales of PSTN landline connection. On this offer they give ptcl landline connection simply for 500 rupees and they also give brand new headset absolutely free and call to Saudi Arabia at low cost as well as the Islamic portal services. This advertisement campaign also has some changes and modification which we converse to Organization. And an added thing for which I am very very pleased is the fact that yshape of moon used in that advertising campaign is my suggestion and I very give thanks to full to Mam amber and sir Aqeel shigri who approve my recommendation. The campaign copy is attached in APPENDIX.

Assist in ptcl dial donate campaign:-

I just communicate the Dial donate campaign in between agency and Sir Aqeel Shigri. Essentially this campaign can be an charm to the genral public and specially ptcl customers to dial 1234 to donate Rs10/call to the overflow effected people. in this campaign I talk the massage therapy to the interflow agency that to complete the clear area with various other pictures and rest of the campaign is okay. The copy of this marketing campaign is also fastened in APPENDIX.

Assist in ptcl eid offer advertising campaign:-

This is another offer for both PTCL land line and Vfone for eid day known as PTCL's Eid offer. In this particular ptcl offer low call rate region huge, and international for 16 countries only at Rs. 2/min and also offer conference call for three people nationwide and internationally too. Duplicate of campaign is also attached in APPENDIX.

Rate comperision and cost estimation of convention call:-

In this task we've have to place the bids of most Agencies within an excel sheet and then compare it one and other and select that agency whose bid cheapest and then add the fee of agency in the total bid amount. And compute the 50% of final figure which company need to pay beforehand. See APPENDIX.

EVO nitro start ceremony:-

This is another event that Personally i think my self very very pleased to get chance of participating in such event and just a little participating in organizing of this event. This is a lounhing wedding ceremony of EVO nitro and again sir Aqeel shigri honor me and my friend by appealing in this wedding ceremony where SEVP's EVP's, Leader and many other high representatives are invited. The photograph of the event and the list of guest's are also fastened in appendix.


the second division where I work is Business intelligence department. This division is in the same area where MarCom division is. In such a department Mam Zehnab (S. M) callme and assign me some task to execute under Mam Qudsia. This department is very quit and every one is buzy in their own work but this office also give good opportunities to work and find out. In this department I performed following tasks.

Financial analysis

When Mam zehnab call me first-time and question me can u do research job? I replied that yes mam I already done few evaluation as a final project. Then she give me few quaterly financial reports and have me to do financil Research and also compare each quarter with other. And I complete the evaluation and comperision relating to best of my financial skills. But she identify the vulnerable area in this analysis report and tech me how evaluation must be. And by the end she say this evaluation is also goo but it can be better. And from then I learn tht evaluation means indeepth research of information or setuation. The duplicate of financial examination is fastened in APPENDIX.

Swort analysis

After the financial anlysis task Mam Qudsia involve us in another task which was given to her. She tell us that to develop the SWOT research of ptcl and with proper link/URL for each and every point in SWOT. Through this task we learn a lot about ptcl which job is also very interesting. The backup of SWOT is also fastened in APPENDIX.


Mam Qudsia then assign us an other job that is research basic. This is regarding Quardplay product. Within this we must search that wether any business inside or out aspect Pakistan (India, china, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia e. t. c) have product like this or not? We won't found any program like quardplay nither inside nor outside the house Pakistan.

Complaint Management System (CFMS)

CFMS is online complaint management system of PTCL and Mam Zehnab assign me process to regularly keep an eye on the complaints position and when the number increases very rapidly then notify me. She give me her own login and security password to consciously keep an eye on the issues.

SWOT Evaluation of Organization:-


PTCL have major infrastructure through out the countary or we can say that PTCL own the essential infrastructure of telecom in country.

PTCL is the least expensive broadband supplier through the globe.

As the past offering and current Significant Market Player (SMP), PTCL, no doubt, has got the largest functional network and infrastructure within ICT (Information & Communication Systems) section.

PTCL don't lack in volumes and potential, if we talk about human resources or in other term ptcl have good HR.

Data middle is another power of PTCL

Ptcl financial and tactical possition become more more robust when Etisalat has signed up with them as investment arm as compare to other competing businesses.

PTCL is enjoying monopoly in permanent line mobile phone or landline.

PTCL (Ufone) is market challenger in GSM section. Overall they have the main one of the major consumer power on average in the complete Pakistan telecom or cellular companies.

PTCL having over 2 million lines, PTCL is the largest WLL service provider and 1134 bottom part channels cover 720 metropolitan areas still increasing the capability.

ptcl market share more than 94% show in fixed brand or land range segment.


PTCL customer support is still bad which is one of their main weaknesses and due to this there is certainly very less range of brandloyal customer.

The monopolistic culture of PTCL won't let then to boost their service.

PTCL have over work and low output as well.

PTCL HR team is not up to set specifications on the bases of appraisal system of their employees.

PTCL waste huge amount of resources.

Their staff won't get any benefit because of their higher certification and since 12 time their promotions are stopped.

Under utilization of resources e. g they have got complaint management system but still customer complaints aren't rectified promptly.

Ptcl corporate culture is comparable to the government offices.

PTCL is not properly marketing their new services and product


PtCl have huge opertunity to increase their income ability by bettering customer services.

They can enhance the broadband market share by traing their specialized staff and swapping copper wire with Opticalfibers.

Ptcl can save a whole lot of resources if indeed they bring so betterment in their planning process.

PTCL may easily rase their market talk about by increasing their marketing tactice.

Ptcl must pick up excellent opportunities like WI-MAX.

PTCL will need to have to come up with vedio call.

PTCL must have to grab the chance of 3G technology.


PTCL is facing huge risk of migration from landline to cellular phone.

Increasing participation of competitors in interpersonal activites can terribly results PTCL Image and market show.

Brilliant customer support of competitors is a huge hazard for PTCL.

Increasing rate of cyber crime is also threat for ptcl broadband ibternet devices like EVO, EVO nitro.

Continuously improving quality of Naya share is also threat for PTCL.


PTCL must have to focus on their employee

Till now PTCL is merely a procedure-oriented company but It should be shifted from that to an employee oriented company to gratify and inspire their HR. PTCL have to value their employees.

PTCL will need to have to encourage their employees

PTCL HR management is continually saying that it motivates and appritiate their employees but in line with the employees there is no motivational aspect present, which put positive impact on their performance.

PTCL have to unfreez the campaign.

PTCL have to unfreez the campaign program which is finished since 12 years. For this reason determination and positivity decreases in staff.

PTCL lacks in Professionalism

PTCL is not following a very professional frame of mind. A whole lot of biasness and personal favoritisms can be found their and employees are evaluated on the Bases of personal relationships with their respected higher management, without taking performance much into consideration.

PTCL have to purchase training their employees

Till now Ptcl doesn't give his employees required training opportunities however now they need to spend money on this area if they want to improve their market standing up and service quality And at exactly the same time ptcl have to make deal with their workers that cant leave PTCL for a particular time period after training.

PTCL have to purchase Customer service

Poor customer service is the key issue of PTCL and competitors are hitting Ptcl through this area and today PTCL have to invest in that area to convert this weakness into strength.

Proper appraisal system

Ptcl must have proper appraisal system or proper pay back system which raise the motivation level between employees and also improve production,

Improve marketing strategy

PTCL managemet have to improve the marketing stretagy because nowadays they mainly advertise their sevices on Smart tv. They need to advertise on other channels too.


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