SWOT research for a new college

This project is talking about a new university is opening up in my own city. The new college must know how to price their programs competitively and execute the SWOT research of competitors in that market. A fresh college must really know what people needs and want in education. Thought should provide what programs in new university. Build a creative slogan. Doing marketing research have how much opponents in market. Determine the different rivals SWOT and incorporate other competitors durability become your own power. SWOT evaluation is signifying the durability, weakness, opportunities and threats. In this assignment I will determine SWOT analysis. I will list out two competition SWOT and analysis what strength we should use or what weakness we ought to improve.

A new school is checking in my city. The college or university name is Phoenix School. Now they would need to know how to price their programs competitively. Before opening the new college or university they must conduct a SWOT evaluation of competitors for the reason that market. The first things I am going to define what's SWOT evaluation. SWOT evaluation is a tactical planning method used to judge the Talents, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Hazards involved with a project or in a business enterprise.

1. 0 This is of SWOT analysis

1. 0. 1 Strength: A company strength is interpretation of the organization provided basis inner condition can competitive with other firm that call power. Strength could be the new college or university specialist marketing knowledge, new innovative services, location of your business, quality functions and any aspect of your business that adds value to college services. Consideration should how generate a good durability for running this business. For instance, Good environment for students study, good facilities for students research, provide more training, good lecturer, activities, location plus more.

1. 0. 2 Weaknesses: A company weakness is indicating of the company have internal negatives but this inner drawback could be change and improve. Consider this from an interior and external basis: Do other people seem to perceive weaknesses that you do not see? Are your rivals doing any much better than you? It is advisable to be natural now, and face any distressing truths at the earliest opportunity. For example, college services, education fees, evaluation process, lecturer attitudes, educated quality etc.

1. 0. 3 Opportunities: A company opportunities is indicating of the firm have external conditions that are helpful to achieving the business enterprise. A useful methodology for considering opportunities is to check out your strengths and ask yourself whether these start any opportunities. On the other hand, take a look at your weaknesses and have yourself whether you could create opportunities by eliminating them. Useful opportunities will come from such things as: changes in technology and market segments on both a wide and narrow level, changes in federal government plan related to your field, changes in public patterns, population information and changes in lifestyle. Local occasions for promote.

1. 0. 4 Threats: A company threats is meaning of the organization have exterior conditions which could do damage to the objective or business obstacles. That will impact the business running smoothly. External conditions problem we can not control it or avoid it. We just can find the solution to handle threats. For instance, local government coverage, global economic crisis, new competitors enter into the market, a competitor acquired innovation a new product and services, competition have superior usage of channels of circulation and taxation afflicted cost of product.

1. 1 The competitors Olympia University SWOT Analysis

1. 1. 1 Durability: Traits of the person or company that was helpful to achieving the objective. Olympia College College or university located in midsection of the town. Olympia College or university was positioned in middle of the city the bus station and taxi train station are beside College or university that was convenience to go to University and around the College have a lot of restaurant convenience learner have their lunch or breakfast time. Olympia School provided a good environment for learner studies. They have got air conditioning, comfortable furniture, a big court, carpark and school room. Olympia College or university provided car park can allow for 100 car maximum. You will discover 30 rooms inside the Olympia College or university. In Olympia School facilities, they may have 4mbps WIFI around the whole College, 150 product computers in lab and large library. Education fees amount are fair. Provided regular courses and in your free time courses for college student bother making a choice. Olympia College or university enrolling eligible are standard. IT communication system was perfectly. Have a great deal of activities for learner to enjoy their college life.

1. 1. 2 Weakness: Features of the person or company that was harmful to achieving the objective. They can be many competitors in market. Sunway School, TARC University, KTAR, most of them is competitors on the market. If want challenging with them, they need to spent a great deal of cost in advertising campaign. Student apply scholarship or grant have many techniques. Olympia University was limited tutor. Teacher shortage make Olympia College cannot provide more courses. Car park fees are so expensive. Olympia College near by always traffic was jam in lunch time. Many gangster and beggar walk around the college make student believed unsafe. Submit task was very demanding. Library so small lack of literature. E-brary online services are not convenience to make use of. No provide hostel for overseas students.

1. 1. 3 Opportunities: Exterior conditions that was helpful to achieving the target. Every year Olympia College provided RM 500, 000 in scholarship or grant. Apply study loan condition less, local learner or foreign pupil was allowed apply study loan from Olympia School in certain requirements of the situation. Olympia College or university slogan was very attractive. Olympia University slogan is "The Employer's Choice". Olympia School location was very convenience in travelling. Olympia College lecturer was received rigorous training in teaching. They are all had high education level. Many restaurant, bus train station and taxi stop around the faculty. Saturday and Weekend was no class for learner. Olympia University Diploma recognized by the Great britain, Malaysia, Singapore and so forth.

1. 1. 4 Threats: Exterior conditions which could do harm to the objective. Danger is a barrier for the business enterprise. That will have an impact on your business development. Hazard was in order by own companies. Authorities policy will have an effect on any business in the neighborhood. This past year our government acquired propose the MQA education project is about all of the college and college or university scholar must learn Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah and Moral. A whole lot of local student are unlike this MQA subject matter, because they are not interested for this 3 themes. Some student want avoid this MQA subject matter then research at oversea. A fresh college was joined the marketplace. New college was entered the marketplace will dispersed way to obtain new scholar. Phoenix College enrolling learner will decrease. Local culture will have an effect on scholar learning style and educator coaching style. Personal income low will impact people spent profit pursue progress studies. Malaysia ministry of education was not support any financial for private university. Economic crisis have an impact on the local money and people income. People income decrease students enrolling rate will decrease.


In conclusion, I was done the business enterprise environment assignment question 1. I discovered more clearly SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is effective in know your own power, weakness, opportunities and dangers. Power is your business interior best way to help you reach your business in well. Weakness is your business interior bad ways and you could improve and make that change. Opportunity is your business external easiest way that is no one can equate to you and no person can follow. Risk is external condition to have an effect on your business. Threat can't control by own companies. For example, global economic problems, local culture, local government coverage, people income rate, new college or university enter, ministry of education culture and insurance policy. So the new college want to price their program needs factor people income rate and reasonable. In local culture people had not been like people cheated them.

Using porter's 5 Causes, make clear how each factor of the theory will have an effect on the profitability and long term profitability of a power appliance store in your area.


This assignment are measure about the porter's 5 forces and clarify how each element of this theory will have an impact on the profitability and long term profitability of a power appliance store in my own town. The porter's 5 causes are indicating the opportunities and risks in the organization exterior environment. Porter's 5 causes is bargaining ability of provider, bargaining ability of buyers, dangers of new entrants, hazards of alternative and competitively rivalry. On this assignment I will identify what porter's 5 forces. Explain the way the element will impact the electrical shop success. Ipoh town got a whole lot of electrical merchants and electrical top quality.

2. 0 Porter's 5 Forces

The model of the Five Competitive Makes was made by Michael E. Porter's 5 model is dependant on the insight a corporate and business strategy should meet up with the opportunities and threats in the organizations external environment. Especially, competitive strategy should base on and knowledge of industry structures and just how they change. Porter has discovered five competitive forces that shape every company and every market. These forces determine the power of competition and hence the success and elegance of an industry. The objective of corporate strategy ought to be to alter these competitive causes in a manner that improves the position of the organization. Based on the information derived from the Five Forces Evaluation, management can decide how to influence or to exploit particular characteristics of their industry.

2. 0. 1 Bargaining electricity of Supplier

Suppliers are acquire all the resources for inputs that are needed to be able to provide good and services. This requirement causes buyer-supplier relationships between the industry and the companies offering it the recycleables used to create products. Suppliers, if powerful, can exert an affect on the producing industry, such as providing raw materials at a price to capture a few of the industry's gains.

2. 0. 2 Bargaining electric power of Buyers

Buyer power is based on people income rate and their personal buys intention. The energy of purchasers is the impact that customers have over a producing industry. In general, when buyer electricity is strong, the partnership to the producing industry is near to what an economist terms a monopsony - market in which there are extensive suppliers and one buyer. The truth is few genuine monopsonies can be found, but frequently there exists some asymmetry between a producing industry and purchasers.

2. 0. 3 Dangers of Substitute

Threats of replacement is meaning the merchandise had another brand product can substitute them. If have another product can substitute your product will make manufacturers cannot control the product price into the market. A hazard from substitutes exists if there are alternate products with lower prices of better performance guidelines for the same goal. They may potentially attract a substantial proportion of market quantity and hence decrease the potential sales size for existing players. This category also relates to complementary products.

2. 0. 4 Risks of New Entrants

Threats of new entrants are meaning barrier of access the new market or business expanding. The competition within an industry will be the higher the easier it is for other companies to enter this industry. In that situation, new entrants could change major determinants of the marketplace environment anytime. There's always a latent pressure for effect and modification for existing players in this industry.

2. 0. 5 Competitive Rivalry

Competitive rivalry is measure about the competition in the market. In the market rival will show out their own strategy and idea to survive. In the traditional economical model, competition among rival firms drives earnings to zero. But competition is not perfect and companies are not unsophisticated passive price takers. Alternatively, firms shoot for a competitive advantage over their competitors. The level of rivalry among organizations varies across market sectors, and strategic experts are considering these variances.

2. 1 Have an effect on the Success elements

2. 1. 1 Distributor: Distributor is supply good and services to retailer. That was an essential characteristic in any business. If shop possessed a bad romance with supplier, distributor will not provide any credit services, no discount allow, no delivery services plus they would not tell you any message about latest product. This all threats are damaged your business. No provide credit services, shop money will files in goods. If that goods cant sold out shop financial maybe will fall into the financial crisis. No provide discount and delivery will increase dealer cost of creation. Cost of production increase retailer income will lower.

2. 1. 2 Customers: Buyer is retailer customer. They put in their money and bought the goods and services by vendors. Consume power derive from their personal income and cutting down. Top quality product can increase consumer vitality. Branded product possessed a good will in the market and experienced a standardized quality. So, many people will spend big money in branded product. An example possessed Nike products, Adidas product, Rolex, Sony, Dell plus more. Government policy will affect consume electric power, because government insurance plan had control the amount of money inflow and outflow. These both guidelines will influence money inflow and outflow. Budget deficit function is reduced the interest and encourage people spending and investment. Budget surplus function is boost the interest encourage people conserving. Different local culture and competition are different consume ability.

2. 1. 3 Alternative Product: Federal stop substitute on this product can raise the cost of production. Recently federal was decrease substitute petrol. Retailer travel fees will increase. Electrical product had a great deal of brand in market. They may have LG, Sony, Toshiba, Pensonic, Penasonic, Samsung and much more. They products are similar maybe only a function had a bit different only. Merchant cannot control the product price because they're many alternative products in market.

2. 1. 4 New Entrants: New brand go into the marketplace. New entrant retailer will create a new idea in advertising or advertisement to market their product and shop. In local culture, people want freshness. New promotion and creative advertisements will entice a great deal of customer go go to the new shop. If the old shop want competitive with them or endure in this sociable. They need to find out another new idea to promote their products. In market researching will spend a whole lot of resources and money. So, the new entrants will have an impact on profitability.

2. 1. 5 Competitively Rivalry: All retailers acquired their own thoughts and opinions and method of operation. Some stores used promotion to sales their product. Some suppliers used creative advert to market their product. Some sellers had good romance with consumer let consumer become their faithful consumer. Some merchants possessed provided delivery services to customers. Advertisement, promotion and delivery services will have an effect on profitability. Shop location is very important. Good location is very hard to find. When the shop was found in middle of the city, that rental fees will quite high.

2. 2 Long-term Profitability element

2. 2. 1 Distributor: Retailer must have a good romance with supplier. Retailer hope supplier provide the discount, credit service and delivery services. In long term, this all special services can increase merchant profitability. When merchant want create a fresh incidents for promote their creation, provider maybe will sponsor some money or present on this events.

2. 2. 2 Buyers: Retailer acquired a good romance with customer. That faithful customer will usually patronize that dealer. In long term, retailer had a normal profitability. Government put into practice budget deficit task reduced interest rate and encourage people spending. In this particular moment many people will spend a lot of money in consuming. Store profitability increase.


In conclusion, after i finish this task question I experienced soul free. WHEN I am done this assignment I can obviously learned all about the porter's 5 pushes. Michael Porter provided a construction that models an industry as being inspired by five forces. The proper business manager seeking to develop an edge over rival firms may use this model to better understand the industry context in which the firm operates. Having a clear understanding of where power is situated, you can take fair benefit of a predicament of durability, improve a predicament of weakness, and prevent taking wrong steps. Conventionally, the tool is utilized to recognize whether new products, services or businesses have the potential to be profitable. Nonetheless it can be very illuminating when used to understand the total amount of vitality in other situations too.

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