Systems for Occupational Health and Safety Management

Social occupational health insurance and safety practice

Develop systems for occupational health and safety management practice

Unit standard 5615

Assessment task 1

Audit of health insurance and safety system and records

Your audit must are the following steps:

  1. determine any organizational requirements for the access to and documentation of workplace health and safety systems and records. You need to follow the organizational requirements of your workplace or work placement.
  2. Document information on the records and information stored in these health insurance and safety systems. At a minimum your audit of systems and records must include:

Accident records, policies, standards, job description, procedures, training records, manuals, inventories, hazard registers, some other health insurance and safety systems found in your workplace.

  1. Establish and document your organizations standards for records and information for every of the health and safety systems. These standards may relate with industry specific or internal standards, codes of practice, legislation or regulations, conventions, new Zealand and overseas standards for areas such as health insurance and safety at work, accident compensation, management of resources, and conservation of the surroundings.
  2. Establish and document the primary legislative requirements for each and every of the systems.
  3. Compare the records and information you documented on each of the systems with the organizational and legislative requirements you identified. Document the gaps identified.
  4. Provide a conclusion of the amount to which each system included in the audit meets organizational standards and legislative requirements. (recording only if requirements were met will not meet the requirements for the audit



Organization's standards

Legislative requirements

Comparison of organizational and legislative


Accident records

Accident and near misses are recorded in the accident or incident register. Accident form hold details such as: date, time, place that the accident or incident happen, who was involved, the way the accident occurs, what injuries were sustained.

Blank forms can be found from medical and safety officer, organizational requirement is good for forms to be completed and checked by the health and safety officer,

All organization must keep a register of all accidents that occur at work.

There can be considered a variety of incidents that occur at Auckland city ministry that require we keep a record of what has occurred to guarantee the safety of most people involved

Mostly met organization require the accident and near misses will be recorded on an accident report form, but there is certainly few thins missing in the proper execution like details of the accident and the further actions for solution.


It is a file that written the requirements, specifications and guidelines for staff.

A type of standards try to make certain the safety of products and services can help employees work safe. Might describe as what staff should do in safe way. It provide a good work environment without risk of injury, illness or death for the employees:

Safe host to work

Safe system of work

Safe plant and machinery

Competent staff

Regulations 1985 & Fire safety & evacuation of building regulations 2006-the health insurance and disability services standards set requirement of employees have disabilities. -ACOP for the management of noise in the workplace


Organization standards provide a good and safe work place for staff. It including noise control, fire evacuation, smoke free and comfortable safe environment. Legislative requirement specific industry standards in the industry, for example: medical and disability services standards.

Policy and procedures

Policy: guidelines or rules that require certain behaviour or actions.

Procedure: sequence of activities or steps to be followed.

There are procedures to guide the staff how to execute services in the workplace and become safe to avoid injury or accident to staff or customers.

-fire safety and evacuation of


Regulations 2006. Health insurance and safety in employment act 1992

Health and safety in employment regulations 1995.

Human rights act 1993

Smoke-free environment act 1990

The employers must provide safety work place for employees the organizations will need to have procedures and policies to ensure the safety of employees.

Mostly met

The organization requirement is make sure there is correct policy and procedures to help staff perform in the work and offer the safe workplace. But there are few things missing in the fire legislative requirement is to possess procedures and policies in place to ensure the safety of employees.


Manuals are written guides that usually cover the precise processes related to an aspect of health and safety, a folder which has a variety of policies and procedures related to health insurance and safety

This have manual books to steer the staff how to use equipment and perform correct in the task.

Health and safety act 1992

Safe, health and welfare at work regulations 2007, identification of hazards.

Employer required to investigate and determine significant hazard, -hazardous substances and new organisms act 1992


Manuals are available for staff to check and it have different policies and procedures related to health insurance and safety guides that cover the precise processes related to an aspect of health and safety.

Hazard registers

Hazard register is a tool to record all hazard/potential hazards identified in workplace. It is normal to record whether the hazard has been eliminated, isolated, or minimized.

All homes be risk assessed to identify the hazards and risks to the staff, clients and visitors. The business will identify, assess, and manages the actual and potential hazards particularly to your workplace and over which they have authority or influence.

Hazardous substance regulation 2001

Injury prevention rehabilitation and compensation act 2001.

Not met.

Organizational standards is that the hazard register should be up to date and reviewed by the health and safety officer, but founded that the register was outdated no details or further action for hazards.

Legislative workplaces should ensure that there work methods in place for identifying hazards which may affect employees at the job. They need to also identify ways to evaluate these hazards.

Job descriptions

It includes job title and the obligations for health and safety, the precise health insurance and safety responsibilities.

All employee job description are plainly outlined and had a section on health and safety. The reequipments is designed for health insurance and safety duties to be contained in all employee job description

Health and safety act 1992

Job description that contain health insurance and safety responsibilities and expectations that are plainly described in their contract.


The organization job description include the employee's tasks in health insurance and safety system and heath and safety expectations of the employee.

Legislative require job descriptions must contain health and safety obligations and expectations in the contract.

Training records

There is legal requirements to keep records of traning.

All employees should be adequately trained to complete their work safety according to medical and safety in employment act.

The Occupational health insurance and safety awareness training offers a basic knowledge of theOccupational Health and Safety Act(OHSA), and will not replace any sector specific, hazard specific, or competency specific training.

The Occupational Health insurance and Safety Awareness and Training regulation requires health and safety awareness training for each and every worker and supervisor underOntario's Occupational Health insurance and Safety Act(OHSA). The regulation came into force July 1, 2014.


All the staff are well trained here.



Type of health and safety items kept as inventory will vary by kind of business.

There are extensive inventories here, they can be first aid kits, and fire extinguisher, emergency damn, fall risk, mobile phone tracle safety.

  • Work involving hazardous substances(example: requiring a listing of most hazardous substances used, handled, or stored at work be prepared and maintained/introducing requirements for establishing health monitoring (to be paid for by the business enterprise) and storage of tracking results);


The inventories here are met the requirement of the legislation.

Assessment task 2

Develop an idea for improvements to occupational health insurance and safety systems

In this task you need to use the results of your workplace health and safety audit to ascertain an order of priority for the improvement of systems. Once you have established the order of priority, you are to build up and document a plan covering all systems which may have not met requirements.

Your plan must include:

  1. Identification and prioritisation of systems not meeting organizational standards. Prioritisation must be completed based on:

The amount of compliance with relevant legislation and standards

Assessment of the significance of hazards

Cost-benefit analysis

  1. Proposed strategies and corrective actions for each of the non-complaint systems based on the organizational culture of your workplace. When contemplating the kind of corrective action needed you must take into account.

Size and location of the workplace

Financial viability of the organization

Existing management systems

Commitment to ISO or other quality management

Your plan, including your proposed strategies and corrective actions, must be approved by your workplace supervisor or manager.

Health and safety system

Degree of compliance/conformity

Assessment of hazard/risk

Cost-benefit analyze

Accident records

Mostly compliance with health and safety legislation. But no more actions for the hazard management to solve the problem.

High risk as the further actions have not been done, therefore the accident might happen again.

The cost of training and re-design the proper execution is low. The benefit for safety and met legislation is high.


The document for safe&proper storage&disposal of work must be followed

Risk of harm for staff and residents, no evidence to pay yourself.

The cost of making standard is low, however the benefit is high.

Policy and procedures

No procedure to infection control

High risk

Many clients suffer from diarrhea so if there is no infection control procedures for the employee to follow, it will be cause cross infection and potential hazards in the workplace.

The cost of developing policy and procedure is low. The huge benefits for met legislative requirements are high. The benefits to minimi sing the risk is high.


There are some pages missing for how to follow chlamydia control steps.

Medium risk

The cost of creating a policy and procedures is low. But it have large benefit for the residents and staff members to safeguard theirselves.

Training records

The work place require training records, haven't completed training records in last six month.

Compliant in organizational requirements, employees experienced the correct training for their roles in the organization.

The cost of training staff is low, however the benefit for your organization is high.

Hazard register

A hazard register was set up, but there have been no records showing what have been done to get rid of, isolate, or minimi se each recognized hazards.

The risk of injury is high if hazards are not being eliminated, isolated and minimi sed.

The cost of compliance will vary according to hazards. There's a significant potential cost through in potential injury, there is a legal obligation to do everything practicable to give a safe work place for employee-so hazard must be managed.

Job description

Health and safety were contained in standard employee contracts. However, organizational requirements for health insurance and safety tasks to be contained in all employee job description contracts.

Not compliance.

High fix to employer to employee contract. Not base on the health and safety, just concentrate on the job.

The cost of fix the work description is low but the benefit is high.

Strategy: to build up health insurance and safety responsibility section in staff's job description and contract.

Correct actions:

- review staff's job description and contract,

-. find template in accordance with legislative requirements,

- Confirm with legal ad visor

-Complete health and safety tasks section into staff's job description contract.

- develop a intend to address staffing numbers

-ensure all staff can manage stress well

-health and safety records on organization might be need to keep.

Health and safety act 1992

Duties relating to health insurance and safety in employment, duties of employers with regards to hazards management.

How to recognize the hazard:

a, every employer should ensure that there are in place effective methods for manage the hazard.

b, systematically identifying ex sting hazards to employee's at the job.

c, systematically identifying when possible before, and otherwise us, they arise new hazards to employees at work.

d, regularly assessing each hazards identified, and determine if it is a significant hazards.

Strategies for the problem:

develop policies and procedures, health and safety duties in the work description, how we develop things to do infection control, health and safety section in the fixed contract.

Promote health wellbeing in workplace, how we do that

Educate staff how to handle challenge behaviour

Ensure all discovered hazard in organization avoided.

Evacuation: natural disaster, training records, document, fires, educate staff fire procedures, ensure staff all trained in fire day.

The company is small size that consists regular staffs and around 20 contracts. Due to the company is facing tough financial time and the feature of these service delivery, the strategy and corrective actions are considered as necessary and economic.

Cultural difference is taken inti account, because of the majority of staff are from overseas and have english as another language. A introduction training may be hold if needed. It aims to ensure all staffs receive correct and satisfactory information about health insurance and safety responsibility. Furthermore, if the english is problematic for some overseas staff understand, a translation copy could get, furthermore, a training record is highly recommended as an evidence should the organization 's actions which follow the legislative requirements.

Reference list:

Health and safety in employment act 1992, retrieved from www. http://www. legislation. govt. nz/act/public/1992/0096/latest/whole. html

Health and safety awareness training for workers, retrieved from http://www. labour. gov. on. ca/english/hs/training/

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