Technology has bad effects on environment

Industrialization in conjunction with technological improvement has persisted to affect the environment in a negative way. Industrial benefits resulting from technological adaptation in major activities has indirectly added towards higher living standards though bad part on technology express more. This is evidenced by increasing international discussions and consultations through conferences and meetings. A major theme in such conferences is on environmental violations resulting from technology. Issues and issues associated with ramifications of technology are arising internationally (Ausubel & Sladovich, 1999).

Environmental degradation is an evergrowing concern as prolonged industrialization is being witnessed largely in developed countries. You can find three major negative impacts of technology on environment discussed in this essay. First, environmental pollution resulting from waste outcome is a resultant factor of technology. Contribution to global warming is the next aftereffect of the growing technology. Finally, depletion of natural resources and ecological imbalances experienced today derive from technology.

To start, environmental pollution occurs therefore of technology mismanagement and lack of control methods. Technological improvement lately has seen development of more machines, weapons and automobiles. Increased ingestion of better facilities triggers demand which influences supply of required quality of products that are major effectors of industrialization using much better technology. Importance of technology in such cases is related to satisfaction of individual wants. Though adverse pollution of environment scheduled to increased production in the manufacturing and processing market sectors, weapons tests and high utilization of cars such as vehicles. Air pollution, water and noises pollution are the key components of an environment that has been continually polluted because of this of technology. Emission of variety of gases such as CO2 in the air by large sectors causes air pollution which in turn has degraded environment immensely. Again, removal of waste in to the rivers and drinking water systems by companies and other companies can be an environmental risk through normal water pollution. Likewise, a lot of noises pollution from weapons testing and usage, companies in their daily habit production processes and automobiles is causative of environmental dilapidation (Ausubel & Sladovich, 1999).

Furthermore, technology contributes towards depletion of resources. Development and usage of technology is adding to increase industrial activity that requires raw materials from natural resources such as coal, timber and wild animals. As well, intensive agricultural activities as experienced in Bangladesh is beneficial in conditions of output but depletion of natural resources such as forest cover, drinking water and soil fertility and its own organisms structure is a likely event. Farming activities such as burning of bushes, deforestation and use of chemicals to improve soil fertility is an environmental exploitive. Aswell intensive mining of silver, precious stone and other minerals is an activity that is adding towards depletion of resources at an alarming rate. Overexploitation of fossil gasoline and other resources ceases to be beneficial and becomes an environmental hazard.

In addition, ecological systems imbalances and disruptions result from technological progress in today's world. Collapse of ecological life and extinction of organisms off their natural habitats is a primary probable consequence of technology. Animals extinction from other natural habitat to build more space for farming activities and home for increasing people is an proof how technology triggers ecological imbalances. Availability of improved technology causes visitors to device convenient means of satisfying their basic needs and increased productivity requirement. Human being embark of activities such as deforestation, comprehensive farming activities, environmental pollution which lead to changes in the natural lifecycles that maintain ecosystem. Though ecosystems can rebound from these negative effects, prolonged of environmental degradation through dangerous human activities affected by technology will eventually lead to collapse.

Lastly, current issues on global warming are unwanted effects of technology and environmental factors. Unchecked technology progress and usage specifically in areas causing air and normal water pollution contributes to atmospheric gases imbalances (Ausubel & Sladovich, 1999). Emission of harmful gases such as CO2 in huge amounts forms greenhouse effects that are the major the different parts of global warming. Green house gases derive from activities such poor farming methods, carry systems, manufacturing operations and renewable electric power generation activities especially using coal. Fossil gas extraction through using up and clearing of farming lands through using concentrates damaging gases hence impacting on climate.

In realization, higher percentage of environmental problems is a direct result of technology mismanagement by innovators and users. A small part of environmental issues relate to economic, communal and natural changes resulting from individuals activities. Environmental pollution, ecological systems disturbances, depletion of natural resources and climatic changes resulting from global warming are technical inspired. Technology is significant in development and increased efficiency to satisfy human need, but uncontrolled technology impacts environment adversely.


Ausubel, J. & Sladovich, A. (1999). Technological improvement. Washington D. C, US: National Academics publishers.

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