Telstra IS OFTEN A Telecommunication Company Based In Australia Marketing Essay

This report is an evaluation of marketing strategies employed by Telstra Communication Company. An overview of the organization with its business technical specs is detailed. The two models to be critically examined include; the five causes by porter that may focus on external environment and evaluation of SWOT to measure the internal aspects. Model by porter illustrates the use of electric power from both supplier and the customer, new competitors on the market and development of product and technology. The finding shows that Telstra has had the opportunity to infiltrate market segments of other economies on the globe like china. Differentiation of the merchandise is the main element in its campaign policies. SWOT analysis points out the need for training and development of personnel in order to be able to offer better good and services. The strong value system is important in building a rapport with the clients. (Bradford, 2005)

Focus is also laid on market mixture. Major areas discussed include the location advantage, prices mechanism, its promotion, distribution and innovations. It is apparent Telstra has taken over market niche and with its well-built financial qualifications it has managed to allocate various products prices with respect to ability of the buyer. It is in the firms policies to continuously develop the merchandise through research Guiltinan, 2007)The business employs clicks and bricks where the customer may place an order through the internet but picks it from any outlets. An gratitude of interactivity and individualization is known as by Telstra communication. This is where the client and owner are stored at a close range through monitoring and analysis measures.

The survey also furnishes on the lifecycle of something from its primary stages of idea technology to the final level where the product demand faces a downward craze. Because of the many variants available on the market, Telstra runs on the mechanism to identify a product from others. Important part of product differentiations is an severe use of color, visual displays, text, quantities qualities and the costs (Hill, 2006). Therefore a consumer will fit to his or her category of needs automatically.


Telstra is a telecommunication company based in Australia using its services covering various areas of communication such as internet, cell phones and its accessories and advertising agencies. The company's broadband modem is very productive such that it offers a faster access to the internet. Within the same line of business, Telstra Company offers significant amounts of services related to the use of internet such as mailing electronic mails, the utilization of servers, and standard networking. The corporation manages its services through subsidiary companies like the BigPond which offers cables and connectivity to the internet at a higher speed to the city and other businesses.

Another subsidiary is a wholesale which markets products to others. Telstra has stores for its products. They are the points where in fact the customer who needs their services gets an opportunity to quickly scrutinize the product or service before acquiring it for a fee. Telstra has a huge asset foundation and for this reason it is with the capacity of providing its products to customers locally or even internationally for resale. Essentially it supplies both merchants and consumers in the way (Brendan, 2005).

Its mobile telephony is the largest in conditions of coverage and the quantity of people who've Telstra's services. The company addresses more than 50% of Australia rendering it a major service provider. These phone mobile services are current and more so have high quality words calls within the specified consistency range. Telstra also participates in advertising for other companies across the world and also individuals. These services have been wanted to a subsidiary company to print telephone directories, and other related advertising work. Various websites have been considered where companies can place there adverts for a cost. This service is important especially to others who wish to give you a customer experience interaction in order to raise their sales levels. The service will come in conditions of search device, maps, and sites highlighting information of places and sensation (Philip, 2009). The introduction of dietary fiber to node by Telstra Company can be an addition of value to the business and the Australia current economic climate at large. That is as a result of increase in acceleration to a 100Mbps upload and download acceleration. The result was designed to increase communication between businesses and the entire world.

Since the business has a major financial base, it offers employed a huge workforce in its various departments. Data revealed implies that manpower with special talents and abilities have been applied to provide competitive services. In so doing it has been in a position to secure a major customer bottom part. Telstra is considering increasing its subsidiaries abroad. Already markets have been came to the realization in European countries, New Zealand, Asia and china. These countries benefits from quality services offered i. e. cables connection, internet services, mobile telephone subscriptions. The ventures manufactured in other countries simply earn international earnings thus increasing the bottom countries overall economy (Ulrich, 2008).

Telstra participates in community development issues like diverting funds to aid various organizations such as athletics. This was actualized when it sponsored going swimming and rugby clubs in their 2002 competition (Seglin, 2003). By so carrying it out shows a feeling of public responsibility advocated by the state.

To be able to discuss the Telstra's competitive benefits in a variety of areas we will look at a model by Porter. This model considers pushes driving competition in the market.

Model by porter

Power from supplier

Telstra has infiltrated other countries in the world by setting up subsidiaries. China is one of the beneficiaries of the subsidiary company set up by Telstra. ~ 50% of shares placed by SouFun were considered by Telstra communications. That is an indicator that it is able to manage its businesses market far away. Products sold by Telstra are of quality criteria such that the clients have complete trust on their products. Call centers established by Telstra communications is an indicator of good connection with the clients (Dev, 2007). It really is clear that the types of procedures established to steer on transaction techniques favors the client thus that is a reason why there's a well established basic.

Relevance of new competitors

There exist restrictions from the government to steer on entry into the market. The primary competition was Optus but because of its quality services they have taken over the market. Since Telstra is long founded company, it has managed to setup many subsidiaries in Australia. It has enhanced the location advantage in that customers can easily access the products. The strategy to combat new entrants in the market is to avail its product to the customers at a genuine time. Adverts and campaign is also an integral in its strategy to fight rivals in the field (Rothman, 2007). Branding is important when marketing its products. The brand distinguishes the products from those of other companies in the market.

Product and technology development

Telstra has constant strategy of building on its product through a process of developing a product to react to market needs. The costs of resources have been tweaked to allow them to fit the capabilities of a person. Adding affordable brand is vital to the company in order to be able to make sales. The rules from the federal government direct that a company must have the ability to release a product considering its importance at such time (Hartman, 2004).

Ability of the buyer

Consumer of such something must have the ability to select from many alternatives in the market. The expense of something is kept to the market forces such that it is always at equilibrium. Communication is of essence as of this present get older, thus it is unlikely that the company misses out on sales (Give, 2005).

Competitive aggression

Due to the procedure of product differentiation and improvements fewer rivals are recorded on the market. Telstra has also been able to increase both amount and sizes of its subsidiaries on the market. Quality of services ranges from basic to complicated coverage (Guiltinan, 2007).

Analysis of the SWOT

Telstra communications is established on a strong earth of well trained staff who are able to deliver. Its financial platform is in a way that with the ability to meet long and short-term liabilities within. Strong ideals included in it the company's rules and regulation means that it survives the test of time. The business is also with the capacity of meeting a multitude of needs of the clients following its innovative nature and market managed prices of goods.

The company encounters difficult from the management in that the procedure of recruiting the managers is not adequately clear. This serves as a setback to prospects who want to invest in the shares of the business. It has also suffered political disturbance such that those in authorities hinder its procedure. There can be found opportunities for the company both within and without. These investment funds areas are essential for enlargement and differentiation purposes. Well established research departments are essential to take the merchandise to anew level of innovativeness.

Incorporated strategies

The company has an operating research division and well diversified market to ensure consistent product development and meet the needs of the customers. Employment criteria ensure that experienced and professional individuals are recruited to various departments.

Analysis of marketing

Focus on the mix in marketing

Through the internet it is possible to connect and get instant reviews thus the entire procedure for trade is increased. An examination of the product reveals that Telstra is likely to develop FTTN product which really is a national broad band. The merchandise would ensure high upload and download speed supplied at home. The product is meant to cover homes in Australia thus it means it has a broad carrying capacity. It is offered by any subsidiary company and all the assistance regarding assembly repair can be utilized easily. Telstra also exercises branding of the new product to be able to draw in attention of the customers.

The prices will be generally the same without regard to specific abilities. It is meant to change with respect to market forces that will push it to the equilibrium level. An evaluation made on the result of price change on sales levels is critical if price is to be adjusted. Distribution reveals how well the merchandise is availed in various areas. So as to realize this, quantity of subsidiaries is increased. Which means variety of stock with respect to the amount of person is at the same level (Dev, 2007).

When a new product is being introduced in the market, it is paramount advertising re positioned in the press. The web driven by ms office is relevant to Telstra in communicating with potential customers and offering customer solutions instantly. The relationships conducted are relevant in offering; cleverness, bridge distances and reduces cost to do businesses.

Marketing by interactivity and individualization

Telstra usually updates its website by covering on the demands of the target group. This has been possible by buying statistical research to deduce the needs of the users. A common observation is a faster access to sites thus investment made out of an aim of enhancing the swiftness is a step in a positive direction. Telstra corporation is on the business lead having actualized this. The business has used a good coding and script system which thus draws in internet users. Ability to chat with customer support representative means that individual needs can easily be met. (Joshi, 2005)

Innovations with respect to Web technology

Telstra is forefront in increasing the view of its services through advanced tools available for browsers.

The life Routine of any Product

This is due to technology of ideas about a product, its release to the market, how it expands and finally the reduction. Therefore the time that a product takes to attain the ultimate consumer while considering the related costs and time is of much importance. At the original stage, the businesses target is on promoting the product on the market through advertisements and use of distinctive features on the site. The pricing device is so that it appeals to many customers since this is an preliminary level. The syndication mechanism is such that only the identified place comes with the merchandise.

At the progress and development stage, the company main target is on increasing the distinguishing features. The price is performed at a fixed rate since demand is on the increase. At this time, it is pertinent to boost the number distribution real estate agents like subsidiary companies. To market the product at this level, Telstra considers a broad society.

To type in maturity stage, the merchandise is modified such that it can be recognized from other product in the market. It is the advisable to lessen the costs of the merchandise to be able to check on the competition. Market coverage is enhanced so that it is easy to get the product from anywhere. Telstra seeks to ensure product discrimination since it is obvious that there are many products in the market. That is a solution to ensure distinction

At the ultimate level, it is apparent that result to the marketplace declines. The management must consider bringing out another competitive product or adding professional features to the merchandise. The concentration market is the local market section.

Strategy of Clicks and bricks

Telstra incorporates this plan when undertaking its marketing. This calls for conducting sales online while the customer can take an initiative of picking it from any syndication branches. The business makes use of software to track transaction and locates it to the customer. This strategy is effective since time is saved for other business activities (Brendan, 2006).

Variant Product

Since Telstra participates in offering of several products, a catalogue used assist to speed up business activity. The catalogue is within form of software that involves conclusion of a wizard to give a particular product. JD Edwards offers a remedy to difficulty of distinguishing products. Telstra has contained the use of color, style graphics volumes and prices. This involves classification of products in to the similar attribute so that the target customers can identify precisely what they require in the market. An organization can have the ability to make higher level of sales if their customers easily identify something they want from an organization. Thus Telstra Company considers good stores exhibits effective in increasing sales.


Telstra has applied a strategy which includes responded to market needs. It is evident that scientific and scientific change is a continuous process. The use of product mix ad a online marketing strategy goes good way in improving sales. The costing, promotion, distribution aspects are essential when determining the market to focus on. Costs to be incurred should never exceed expected returns from the purchases.

Personalized interaction between the consumer and owner has improved sales levels. It is simpler to source information immediately from the sales representative through chats and use of customer service experience phone calls. Sufficient information channeled to the client ensures they can be kept at a rate of market awareness. This is possible through mails delivered to customers who frequent Telstra's website. The site also is must be improved by stepping up its uploading and downloading quickness.

The company should maintain the forefront in discovering new and best practices such that the ultimate consumer is satisfied with the product supplied from Telstra. It isn't necessary to exercise an entire overhaul of the system but it should be a continuous changeover procedure for change which does not affect the mark niche.


For a company to accomplish its objectives it is essential that effective marketing tools are used. E marketing bridges the gab between the old age and the present times where orders are done at a high speed. Immediate response and interchange of ideas across the networks has ensured that new businesses are created and brand is developed while keeping other business discounts. Returns on opportunities exceed the traditional ideas of marketing.

E marketing is essential since the majority of the finance institutions have utilized trades done in the internet throughout the world. For this reason there is no need to physically go to the bank in order to complete a purchase. The usage of e marketing combines various industries of the economy such that the result mutual trade. E marketing demands that businesses be conducted with high expectations of integrity, trust and integrity. Research implies that internet is full of scum, theft and fraud, tempering of copyrights and enrollment issues. For this reason government must control and put in place surveillance to counter the trouble.


Telstra must look into the possibility of establishing e-store where the sole goal is to sell a variety of products to customers from around the world. E-stores appreciate need for speed in conducting businesses. The usage of search engine at an perfect level is essential in order to take over a particular market niche. It has been necessitated by technical progress where in fact the use of internet for business bargains is essential.

Telstra must look into the probability of using trade publication to infiltrate various market sections. That is important because some inhabitants description favors the use of magazine to make decisions. Psychological orientation of the mark group contributes to the choice of advertising. Also individual selections must be considered when designing media to make use of for advertisements. A continuous process of bettering the website is essential to attract the clients. That is possible if the technological team is constituted to research on integrating the needs of customers in their web development criteria. The level of privacy of the client must be protected all the time. The clients are stakeholders in any business entity thus for it to continue into near future, good ethics must be exercised by the business world mutually.


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