The objectives of Vodafone and the way the stakeholders are influenced


The reason for this project is to demonstrate the aims of Vodafone and the way the stakeholders are affected by the company. It further illustrates the impact of the monetary, cultural and global environment on Vodafone and how it helps them to make decisions.

Moreover, the next half of the task shows how organizations on the whole action, role of the market structures and what exactly are the strategies employed by the organizations to deal with them.

Finally, The very last task gives a good understanding of how UK businesses have been afflicted by the European Union and whether joining the Western european Monitory Union is a remedy to overcome downturn.

Mission, Targets and tasks of an organization within its environment

Mission, aims and values:

Vodafone is relatively a new company if it is weighed against other UK's leading multinational companies such as Shell, BP and Rolls-Royce who've been in the industry for more than a century.

Vodafone has defined a consistent group of values to attain the aim of being truly a respectable and pioneering company that puts the customer at the heart of the business. The substance of who they are underpins their beliefs. They focus on in the value of;

Speed - Vodafone is targeted on speed to market, signifying they persistently prioritise and pursue the outcomes that matter with their business.

Simplicity - They make things simple for his or her customers, associates and co-workers.

Trust - They are simply reliable and clear to deal with. They deliver for others, and consider on others to do the same.

Their objective exactly like any other business is fairly high nevertheless they make no compromises in obtaining their goals by not only possessing a bigger portfolio then the rivals but also by making sure that all the stake holders are affected by the business's products and services.

Influence of Stakeholders

Vodafone is convinced in having continuous feedbacks therefore dialogue between stakeholders is an integral part of normal business practice to them. In this manner the stakeholders are maintained influenced by the company. Vodafone gets the pursuing stakeholders;


Customers will be the first main concern and Vodafone ensures they are really taken proper care of. No customer would expect to be the cash cows hence it is essential that they are not overcharged for the merchandise or services they use. They ensure this by marketing truthfully; connecting openly and making certain customers are happy.


Vodafone strongly is convinced that for customer satisfaction it is vital that the staff is well trained and have good understanding of the products and services they are offering. Vodafone does indeed that by recruiting and keeping the best people, invest in enhancing their skills and motivate employees by arranging clear goals and reward them for achievements.


They are the ones who've invested their money and time in the business and therefore expect great comes back or the share value of the company will decrease.

Supply chain associates:

The supplier's needs fairness and desire to be dealt effectively and paid promptly or it may cause a bad name for the company.

Local community:

They participate in local and nationwide charities through "The Vodafone UK Foundation", notice and aggressively reduce the impact of the business enterprise on the environment by recycling cell phones, reducing waste products and energy preservation activities. In addition they make sure the concerns of local areas, pressure teams and all the stake holders are observed and considered before arriving to a decision.


The governments handles organizations by putting laws and performing as watchdogs the actual wants fees, regenerate the area to lessen unemployment and simplicity disaffection amongst areas.

Achieving the targets of Stakeholders:


Vodafone has 10% of the world's market for mobile telephony plus they have achieved this by safeguarding the protection under the law of customers by establishing objectives and guaranteeing they are met accurately. Their reputation depends upon earning trust of their customers and for that reason they rely on the next main aspects for customer' satisfaction.

Content expectations: Due to the large selection of material available online on cell phones, Vodafone presented a supervisory body where incorrect content for everyone customers, especially young users are safeguarded.

Responsible Marketing: They make sure communications are always authentic, decent, reasonable, authentic, straightforward and delicate to the views of different categories in culture.

Pricing Plans: Clearness and affordability of rates across the marketplaces have been upgraded by producing simpler price strategies, and making tariffs more liable and adaptable. They also have reformatted expenses to help talk the new price ideas in an easier way.

Driving Safety: They support countrywide legislation to promote safe use of cell phones to drivers. For this reason they have invested in advertising and campaighing to "Drive Safe!" and also recommend hands-free sets to be used in cars for emergency.

Product Safety: Before purchasing products, they execute risk assessments to identify any health and safety issues. In the event that something or device is found to be unsafe, an immediate incident investigation is necessary and applied.


Vodafone depends on it employees. It's their eagerness, talent and commitment that brought the company where it is today. Vodafone seeks to treat all employees equally, ensuring healthy employee relations through wide open communication and consultation processes.

Equal opportunity: Employee diversity can be an advantage to them, having used people from different stages of life and of different gender and age groups it helps those to serve customers all over the world.

By instructing the recruitment consultants to recommend a suitable female candidate for each and every vacancy at management level, making sure ability to move needs are satisfied for disabled employees and by international rotation of the employees; Vodafone aspires to focus on Gender, Cultural and Disabled diversities, respectively.

Reward and popularity: On meeting the targets they receive bonus products and benefits. They provide benefits such as medical insurance, subsidised cell phones, share plans and retirement benefits.

Training and Development: They provide training and development potential customers to support employees gain new skills, and inspire them to attain their full probable. Vodafone offers a wide range of online lessons related to specific aspects of the business enterprise or key skill packages.


Vodafone invests seriously in the community and has been dealing with various charities and welfare organizations to provide the community. Because of this they launch promotions frequently internationally and domestically where they either add directly by giving charities, medical health to desired countries managing events and asking the local people, their own employees and customers to take part in it free of charge.

Vodafone also is convinced in being an environment friendly company and for that reason it encourages recycling of mobile phones and because of this they will work on several promotions as well.

Responsibilities and Strategies utilized to meet them:

Vodafone is major telecommunications Network Company on the globe by turnover and they achieved this when you are a pioneer in providing revolutions. Coming to this stage when they have got others that look onto them, it is their responsibility to keep up their position. For this reason Vodafone is one step of progress than its competitors. Vodafone will not only focus on the investing of its products but also ensures that all the stakeholders are held pleased with their products by working on building a ecological future. They are simply carrying out this by meeting society's needs and focusing on the areas where their interventions can talk about sustainability challenges most effectively at exactly the same time as offering a stylish commercial return for his or her shareholders.

They have set clear priorities to;

Capturing the potential of mobile to bring socio-economic value in both appearing economies and developed markets, through broadening access to communications to all or any sections of culture.

Delivering improvement against stakeholder anticipations on the main element areas of weather change, a safe and responsible internet experience and ecological products and services.

Ensure their operating criteria are constant and of an appropriate level over the group.

Economic, communal and global environment in which the organisations operate

2. 1) Economic Systems:

An economical system is a set of basic rules a country implies to organize the possession and allocation of financial resources. Through the country's viewpoint, creation of goods and services are affected by the limited supply of elements as labour, land, natural resources and capital.

Types of economies

In basic different countries change different types of financial systems. They are simply as follows;

Planned Current economic climate: In this kind of economy the federal government control buttons the resources and has the command over every decision which explains why it is also called "Command Economy"

Mixed Current economic climate: In the mixed economy both the sectors, individuals and the federal government, play a vital role in economic-decision making of the country.

Market Current economic climate: In this economy market decisions are mainly dominated by source and demand and the government. Government plays a minor role and the consumers drive the economy according to their needs.

2. 1. 1) Effective use of resources:

The essential economical problem in any society is to provide a process of distributing resources and use among individuals who can't fulfill their wants, given limited resources. Every country, no matter how the administration works, who manages the federal government or how wealthy or poor the government is, three basic monetary questions must be responded to allocate effective use of resources;

What and exactly how much to produce?

From whom will it be produced?

How might it be produced?


The United Kingdom operates a combined monetary system, where almost all of the decisions should be created by the free market but at the same time the government has retained a "minimum wage", lay out certain regulations for environmental protection and medical facilities for the person in public.

2. 2) Impact of Public welfare and professional plan on organizations and wider community

In 2007-08, about 158 billion was spent on public security benefits in the uk. This portions to about 2, 580 for each and every man, girl and child in the united states and represents 25. 6 % of total authorities expenditure.

The UK thinks highly in the frequent welfare of its people and therefore a general population sector firm has been developed that ensures anyone who can't spend the money for basic essentials is given funds by the federal government through the tax payer's money in order to overcome poverty. Benefits receive from your day a child is born before day he/she is deceased, provided they are entitled to it. One can be eligible for benefits if he/she is;


Needs extra assistance with student finance

On low income

Expecting or bringing up children

Ill or injured


In retirement

Caring for someone

Although the communal services system was released for the welfare of people, it has been found out that a number of men and women have been misusing it which has caused the federal government vast amounts of pounds. Therefore in the recent budget the government has announced welfare cuts like freezing child benefits for three years, housing benefits limited to a maximum of 400 weekly, a proper medical assessment for individuals claiming impairment from work etc etc. In my own opinion lots of the benefits that are being reduced shouldn't have existed in the first place.

Vodafone and the huge benefits to employees:

Depending on the location, Vodafone offer benefits such as medical care insurance, subsidised mobile phones, share ideas and old age benefits.

Retirement benefits are provided through a number of arrangements, including identified contribution schemes. These vary with respect to the conditions and practices in the countries worried such as local market practice, taxation, legislation and the quality of the state's pension.

Industrial Insurance plan:

The problem of climate change is affecting depends upon and steps are to be taken to decelerate this process. THE UNITED KINGDOM Authorities is committed to exhibiting international leadership in this field by firmly taking possible steps to overcome this global issue. However, UK only cannot defeat this because it is only accountable for about 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Vodafone and the environment:

Vodafone takes weather change very really and has therefore set themselves a goal of being named a "green" brand by 2010. Because of this they have already started working on securing the future by focusing on the following initiatives;

Handset recycling

Fewer upgrades

Universal and Solar chargers

Reduced packaging


Behaviour of corporation and the market environment

3. 1) How does market buildings deviate from style of perfect competition

Usually, while starting a new business firms start in a perfect competition market, signifying they may have many rivals and potential buyers. This basically gives them an opportunity to dissolve on the market. However, an aim for each successful organization is to be able to arranged a price they need and produce products that no person else is making. For this reason their approach right from the start is to become a monopoly firm. However, Monopoly between organizations used to are present few years back again however now it is impossible to obtain Monopoly since there is a whole lot of competition and the regulatory physiques ensure that no-one has the right to take over the marketplace all to themselves.

Since becoming a Monopoly company is not possible, the next best option is to modify an oligopoly framework. This implies there are not many competitors compared to what you see in perfect competition but it's the maximum a business can go to. In oligopoly they have a demand over their prices because not many buyers are available it to allow them to set up a cost appropriately and then tackle the consumers.

3. 2) Porter's five causes:

To take up a business one needs to discover what problems they might face while stepping into a new market, for this reason Porter's five causes are taken into consideration. Porter's five makes go along with the market constructions and it can help to find out how each market structure may be affected by porter's makes.

Competitive rivalry

With o2, orange, virgin, 3 and t-mobile operating on the market, there is a high rate of competition and for that reason Vodafone ensures they are simply always offering services that give them a competitive benefit over it rivals.

Bargaining power of customers

The customers of Vodafone carry a very strong bargaining power because they can purchase similar products and services from other rivals as well. For this reason Vodafone must ensure that their pricing are very competitive and customer satisfaction is always taken into account before coming to a conclusion.

Bargaining vitality of suppliers

Due to the geographical living and being one of the world's leading mobile services providers, Vodafone has a good control over the suppliers. Vodafone has approximately 1550 suppliers worldwide which enables them to have a command on the bargaining vitality of its suppliers.

Threat of substitutes

Vodafone encounters a low risk of product substitutes. It is very difficult for the opponents to launch a similar substitute at a lesser rate because Vodafone has recently penetrated the marketplaces and keeps itself up to date with the purchase price changes and scientific advancements.

Threat of entry

Threat of entrants is only possible when your products are either not in line with the needs of customers or are relatively higher in price. Because of this Vodafone continuously will keep an attention on the market behaviour and reduces the expenses set alongside the competition. Vodafone being the major company of mobile products and services can change the tendency set and make it harder for the opponents to make a potential admittance.

3. 3) Role of Competition Commission and regulatory systems:

Competition Fee and regulatory bodies act as a watchdog within the unfair competitions within the countries. They do that by restricting uncompetitive practices between your firms, allowing mergers and protecting against monopolies from overtaking the market. Regular inspections are carried out by the committees on the organizations to ensure they are working on a fair trade.

On 7 January 2002, Competition Commission made a ruling on Vodafone, along with o2, orange and T-Mobile over the decision terminating charges. The committee have an investigation on this issue and declared that mobile termination charges were significantly high and therefore commanded the mobile sites to reduce it within a period of 4 years.

Regulatory systems such as competition fee play a essential role in maintaining a wholesome competition within the markets. It is because of these that the rising organizations can sign up for the marketplace and compete with the other retained organizations. Thus giving the consumers an chance to choose from a variety of companies and get an improved value of money.

Significance of international trade and European aspect for the UK

4. 1) Need for international trade, economic integration and global market segments to UK business organizations

Resources are scattered surrounding the world and there isn't a single country that has everything it needs for continues development. Therefore international trade, financial integration and allowed entrance of global marketplaces in several countries are very important.

The UK market has one of the very most available economies and is dependant on the services sector. It therefore induces free trade with the rest of the world. Through this they are not only fulfilling the basic and essential needs of the people but also providing job opportunities of their country and throughout the world.

Importance of Globalisation to UK

Overseas Ventures:

There has been an increase of overseas investment funds both inwards and outwards in the united kingdom economy. When companies from different parts of the world start a small business in UK, they certainly bring a whole lot of investment funds, job opportunities and competitive products to the country and this helps in building the united kingdom economy.

Rising degree of import penetration

Particularly in those sectors where Britain's previous comparative advantage has been eroded such as textiles and clothing and the manufacture of lower-valued added electronic digital products.

Developing a competitive advantage

Through international trade there is absolutely no such thing as a monopolistic company in the united kingdom. There are always a range of similar services offered by different companies. These help the consumers in choosing from different suppliers and get a value because of their money.

Structural changes in industries

For example the long-term lack of output and employment in industries such as textiles and other production sectors. This creates problems where factor resources are occupationally and geographically immobile

In my view, Globalisation has definitely increased competitive stresses on British businesses in tradable goods sectors. Cheaper charges for many international goods and finished made goods have certainly helped to regulate inflation in recent years and for that reason reduce inflationary anticipations.

However, on the comparison anticipated to Globalisation lots of the well-known UK companies are now freelancing their services which has resulted in insufficient job opportunities within the country. This is weakening our economy and not departing a good effect on our very own people.

4. 2) Impact of two plans of the European Union on UK business organizations

The EU is an monetary and political union of 27 member says, primarily in European countries. Together these claims merged to create the union so that they may have a mutual individuality. Various regulations have been enforced by the European union which benefits all the associates in some way or another. The main out of them are,

Working rights:

EU has given people from all the member says a great possibility to find occupation and study in other member countries. Based on the EU payment, more than 15 million EU citizens have moved to other European union countries to work. It has given the growing countries like Poland a chance to utilize their skills in countries like UK and earn a significant livelihood.

On the other palm, a big no. of men and women within the united kingdom thinks that the Europeans are stealing their careers and they shouldn't be allowed work in the UK but in actual they are just applied on the unskilled sector.

In my estimation, you may still find unskilled jobs in the united kingdom market but the United kingdom either can't or don't want to just work at the rates it is viable to hire them. So if you were to take all the Europeans from the country, there it's still no jobs for the British in the unskilled sector.

Free Trade:

Easier cross-border trade within the EU means that small and mid-sized organizations will have access to new export marketplaces, which previously weren't an option because of the cost and hassle that was involved with border bureaucracy.

Single market has taken major benefits to the businesses in the UK. The free trade of goods have enabled the physical activity of goods within the UK and people across European union easily. Which means that there are no trade obstacles between the countries and people can freely extend their businesses.

4. 3) Implication for the UK of entry into EMU

In the past decades currency unions have failed so that it is doubtful if the EMU is a success either.

As for the UK subscribing to the EMU, I doubt this will be of worthwhile. It is thought that UK might get over tough economy if it joins the EMU but it is quite evident that UK didn't get into downturn because of its money. The Euro overall economy is also coming into a tough economy and how do we be prepared to be saved by just becoming a member of the EMU is doubtful.

Moreover, in times like this it is more important that the UK should be unbiased of any economic policy so that it could cut rates of interest if possible. Example, if the Euro overall economy recovers before the UK economy, rates of interest may increase prematurely and damage the UK's restoration.

The UK market for housing is quite delicate to rates of interest and many folks have high mortgages. So, if the interest was to be increased or decreased it will have a great effect on buyer spending which can result in either an inflationary boom or a deeper downturn.

I agree to the actual fact that the UK couldn't reap the benefits of regular membership of the Euro currency which could have helped the holidaymakers in using the same money throughout the European countries and not be affected by the currency exchange rates, but it would be a very small ratio and wouldn't normally have a great effect on UK economy because companies who are prepared to increase and exchange business always get a far greater deal than the travelers.


This task in a nut shell has helped me in investigating what Vodafone's financial environment is similar to, how it is different from other well-known organizations and what impacts is there due to the social, monetary and global factors.

Vodafone is a global corporation and their primary goal is to meet all its stake holders, may it be the contemporary society, customers, employees and even government. It ensures this insurance firms a clear vision and an approachable purpose. For this reason, Vodafone always use effective use of their resources and take initiatives to triumph over any kind of social and professional problems while the regulatory body like competition percentage act as a wrist watch dog and ensures that there's always a healthy competition between organizations.

Globalisation has damaged everyone, in a good or an undesirable way. For UK, where emphasize has been on the services sector it's been of your great use and is also consistently building the overall economy because of the investments made by the global markets. However, the entry of UK into Western european Monitory Union is still debatable since it may affect public and the modern culture.

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