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The History Of Oxygen Therapy Nursing Essay

The nursing process, which can be an organized way of planning, providing, and assessing individualized look after clients in any talk about of health or illness was not implemented in this case. Kamila, after moving the individual from the bed to the commode should of assess the oxygen saturation of your client since the customer was on 2 L via sinus cannula. The nursing process is recurrent with each steps depend on the correctness of the prior one. Using the medical process being decisive, the goal is to provide spectacular, individualized, client-centered care and attention. I came across it vital to learn the baseline evaluation of my patient. When Melissa prepared me about the status of my patient; I evaluated the patient, essential signals were within the standard range and I didn't article it to either the nurse or my team leader.

Although during survey the ongoing nurse failed to mention the patient was on 2 L via nasal cannula, as the college student nurse assigned to that patient I will of survey the incidence and my evaluation to the nurse to avoid future escalation of the individual condition. This assessment of the individual being lacking Breath on exertion could be helpful in the development of the attention plan of the patient in response to actual or potential health issues or needs.

Excellent communication between the professional medical team is fundamentally very important in caring for a client. Constant follow up is important in contrasting the baseline assessments and the genuine findings to determine if the final results are met. In this case I didn't speak it to nurse nor the team leader who could of reported to your clinical instructor. I got in the acquiring end, and didn't take it further. This sort of poor communication is not beneficial toward the patient outcomes or a modification in the program of health care.

As patient advocate, in caring for a patient we have to critically think about the outcomes you want to achieve in planning care. Because Critically thinking can be an intelligently well-organized procedure for positively and competently conceptualizing, making use of, analyzing, synthesizing, or evaluating information accumulated from, or created by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a pilot to assurance and action. I didn't critically think in taking care of my patient by not anticipate that the nurse contact the healthcare provider, to ask for an order foe air which is at this point very important in the plan care of the patient.

Oxygen remedy is a medical involvement, which involves supervision of oxygen in both severe and chronic good care. Oxygenation of body tissue is essential for cell metabolism and succeeding physiological functioning of your body (PLoS Drugs, 2008). Corresponding to Bailley (2010), constant oxygen therapy is often prescribed for patients with severe Hypoxemia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). There are three common modes for oxygen supervision. These include; compressed gas, liquid gas and air concentrators. Physicians need to be extra vigilant to ensure that patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease obtain constant and long-term oxygen therapy. There is significant data that proves administration of long-term and ongoing oxygen therapy raises survival of patients with severe hypoxemia however, not nocturnal desaturation (Bailley, 2010).

When put through long-term oxygen therapy for 24 months, the mortality rate of patients with a PaO2 not exceeding 58 mm Hg reduced significantly as compared to nocturnal therapy. In another test, patients with a PaO2 varying between 40 and 60 mm Hg on long-term air remedy increased their survival rate by 5 years as compared to patients under placebo (NNT, five) (Bailley, 2010). Bailley (2010) also records that other nursing interventions found effective in COPD treatment include inhaled corticosteroids, anti-cholinergic real estate agents, long-acting beta2 agonists and pulmonary treatment. However, selection of any intervention depends upon the level of the condition.

Ranchord (2009) records that although most clinicians understand the dangers of oxygen remedy in chronic pulmonary disease and hypoxemia-induced respiratory drive patients, there may be little gratitude that contact with higher than normal physiological levels of oxygen (a condition called Hypoxemia) is associated with damaging effects in patients with ischemic heart condition. Corresponding to Ranchord (2009), before years, clinicians were made to assume that inhaled air increased air in the arteries during acute myocardial infarctions, however; this may reduce the cardiac output, increase blood pressure and resistance to blood flow.

This incident had lead to some potential negative outcomes like the individual being less than breath. If Melissa didn't go directly to the room to do her first examination, patient could of attended respiratory arrest. One of the probable cause of respiratory arrest is cut down respiratory system drive. If respiratory arrest is prolonged, cardiac arrest rapidly follows because continuing hypoxia problems cardiac system, dangerous impact is brain harm cause by insufficient oxygen to the brain and loss of life.

Evidence-based practice is the reliable and thoughtful use of recent best indication to enhance the quality treatment of the patients. It's important for me to provide safe and correct patient attention to avoid any negative end result that could lead to deterioration of the patient condition. (Issel, 2010) identify patient safety has freedom from accidental personal injury, '' It is becoming set up as a basis of quality look after acute care organizations and, consequently, for other healthcare settings in which direct attention is provided. As healthcare professional I need to be vigilant in providing the safest attention and anticipate that the best current evidence is use to make decisions about patient good care.

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