The RAMIFICATIONS OF Teenage Childbearing Children And TEENAGERS Essay

Sadly, pregnant teens in society today are too often called sluts. While the majority of gilrs get pregnant by accident, a little number get pregnant deliberately. These girls feel that they will be adored, or have someone to love, or a lacking void in their ife will be crammed. Worst of all some girls plan to become pregnant to recover a relationship or even to retain a boyfriend. The truth is, if two people are in a unstable, struggling relationship, having baby will just bring on more stress and turmoil. For the other young girls who become pregnant by accident this is due to carelessness, lack of knowledege, the it can t happen to me attitude, or maybe really by accident. For many women, they may be under the fake pretense thatthey cannot get pregnant the very first time they have sex. Not merely is this false, but one out of twenty young ladies become pregnant the very first time they have sex, and ninty percent of most teen pregancies take place within the first time of having love-making (Guernsey 19-20).

Pregnancy is an extremely serious situation for teenagers, because young teenage bodies aren't developed enough then the bodies of women who are over twenty. Because of this, the death count is 60 % higher among pregnant teens under age fifteen than among more aged young ladies and women (Gutman 24). Infants born to teens are doubly likely to perish before their first birthdays than will be the newborns that are delivered to ladies in thier twenties, also teenage newborns run a hihger threat of being born premature or being born with mental and physical handicaps (Gutman 25). Some teens are afraid to share with someone about their situation, so they don't get pre-natal care which harms both the mother and the baby.

When a teenager realizes that she is pregnant, she has three choices: cease for adoption, keep it, or have an abortion. A lot of these young adults choose with an abortion. Twenty five percent of most abortions are on the list of teen age populace (Bender and Leone 58). For many ladies this is a simple way to avoid it of a hard situation plus they believe that know one will know that they do not wish to know. For a few those thoughts stay true, but for others a deep sense of despair falls over them for eradicating something that they made. For other women that choose not to keep the baby but are against abortion, they give the infant up for adoption. For most women adoption is a difficult and center breaking experience, after hauling a baby for nine weeks and then handing it to strangers, I don t observe how it wouldn t be a center breaking time. You can find companies that allow moms to talk to the family, but most young girls know that they will never see there baby again. For other girls, they could make all the agreements for adoption and then after having a baby may change their thoughts completly and take on their motherly role.

For the young adults that keep the baby, they encounter an extremely challenging situation. They need to get proper health care for example. Many young ladies are forced to drop out of school and get jobs or the daddy of the infant drops out of institution to aid his family, if he stays with the mother. Less than one third of teens who've babies finish school before the age group of eighteen (www. teenpregnancy. org). Once a teenager has a baby they have to give attention to someone other than themselves, which means they cannot do what they want when they need any further. Their lives revolve around their baby and its own needs. Many unmarried teen mothers wrap up poor or on welfare. Every year the federal government spends about forty billion dollars to help teenage moms (Flinn & Hauser 15). However for some teenagers seeing their baby grow or the bond that they discuss is a reward for their hard work.

An often overlooked part of young motherhood is the role of the daddy. About 1. 1 million guys father babies every year (Ayer 27). Around 10 % of fathers marry the mother of these baby. Some fathers care for their baby and pay child support but do not stick with the mom, or regrettably some fathers refuse resposibility and do not give support in any way. A fatherly role is vital in child raising, so some areas and schools are now starting programs for teenage fathers and educating boys about teenage pregnancy. Many teen fathers may initially feel out of place, terrified, and not educated enough to become a father. They may feel that a complete financial burden is now being placed to them, or that they will not be able to give their family. This causes many fathers missing from their responsibility. Programs are now being made to give fathers psychological support so that they can handle learning to be a teenage father, and to realize that there are benefits and commitments of fatherhood. As the article states the huge benefits to children, individuals, and culture of the dedication of fathers are undisputed. Therefore, it will probably be worth enough time and effort of colleges and community organizations to put into practice programs for young fathers that will allow them to develop into responsible people, meet thier commitments, and produce a era of well-nutured and effectively informed children (www. ed. gov. html).

For the unlucky teen that has no support there a teen pregnancy residences that house both mother and child. Many clinics such as Planned Parenthood give free or low cost care to mother and child and provide services to help reduce the teens time of distress. Community-wide teen being pregnant prevention attempts are also underway (Dryfoos 214). The National Campaign to Prevent Teenager Pregancy was arranged in 1996 and is targeted on reducing the speed of teenage pregnany in the United States, to enhance the wellness of children and to make an effort to reduce child poverty.

In conclusion, teen pregnancy can be an issue that should be taken seriously. Using the growing rate of teenagers getting pregnant yearly more steps should be taken to try to eliminate teen being pregnant. Perhaps these steps should be educating children while their youthful or a much better sense of birth control for young adults or showning pictures of abortions, like they did in my high school graduation. This may be cruel, but how many people who start to see the pictures will want to understand this done after they see what it can. Teenagers are employing abortions as a means of contraceptive, they feel that if they become pregnant there is always an abortion. Abortions can't be like that. If more teenagers are serioulsy informed then possibly less young adults will be careless and the rate of pregnany will lower. It might sound ridiculous, but maybe parents should certainly give the birds and the bees talk, because if children listen to it off their parents they may take love-making more really. Some children have sexual intercourse to feel cool or just to fit in. It cannot be like this and children have to be taught that. Teenager pregnancy is a serious risk for both the mother and the kid. Many teenagers have no idea about these hazards and they need to find out before it is to past due and they're caught in a situtaion they can not get out of. The programs for young fathers are wonderful because they really notify the children how it is. Many children have no idea the chance of being pregnant and exactly what it includes, these prograns will use them and possibly scare them or at least provide them with a little more knowledge. Having a baby will change a teens very existence and the steps that are being used will hopefully work to help young mothers and fathers and help to lower the delivery rate in teens. There is certainly many literature out that show cases of teen being pregnant, they must be read to access know the effects that a baby is wearing a teens life. Using the figures and facts givin, I must say i learned very much on teenager pregancy and maybe others will to.

The amount of college completed for a women influences her life. In addition, it affects her opportunities for matrimony, her circle of friends and her income from work, which can also lead to poverty. Young ladies who give beginning during their adolescent years have a tendency to function less effectively in numerous ways than their peers who hold off childbearing (Hofferth et al. , 2001). However, recent research shows that lots of of the negative results of adolescent motherhood, such as low educational achievement and consequent poverty, precede rather than stem from early parenthood (Hofferth et al. , 2001). Essentially, teenage childbearing increases the limited leads of already disadvantaged adolescent females. These benefits include poorer mental health functioning, lower rates of school completion, lower degrees of marital stableness, less stable job, higher welfare use, higher rates of poverty, and slightly better rates of health problems for both mom and child as compared to peers who postpone childbearing (Hofferth et al. , 2001). Other implications of teenage being pregnant and motherhood are low-achievement, low-motivation, the teens immaturity and lack of success in school that are also from the reality teenage mothers drop out of school (Hofferth et al. , 2001). Therefore Hofferth et al. (2001) would expect early on child bearers to be less likely than their childless peers to complete senior high school or at least school. Moore, Manlove, Glei, & Morrison (1998) analyzed adolescent mothers and figured early parenthood experienced a strong negative effect on the educational attainment of ladies, in a way that young moms were unlikely to continue their education beyond giving birth and thus obtained lower total degrees of education than their peers who delayed childbirth. In large part because of low educational attainment, teenage mothers have lower incomes as people and will be on welfare than their peers who delay childbirth (Moore et al. , 1998). Overall, young moms with a high school level and work experience, might provide the needed motivation to obtain and maintain stable employment. Moms with low education skills and poor working, or with other family problems, may have great difficulty keeping stable employment, and so may suffer a substantial loss in income (Moore et al. , 1998).

However, parental engagement in their daughters college such as participating in school meetings, participating in school activities, going to their daughters honor wedding ceremony are not related to whether their daughters can be pregnant. Furthermore, children who are involved in spiritual organizations are less inclined to bear a kid. Teenage ladies who participate in a club or attend cathedral are those who probably will not carry a kid in senior high school (Moore et al. , 1998).

Several techniques have been developed to attempt to separate out the consequences of record factors which influence both the possibility of a teenage labor and birth and the future performing of the young mom from the effects of early on childbearing. For instance, lots of studies have likened pieces of sisters, one of whom possessed a kid as an adolescent and one of whom postponed childbearing until adulthood, to be able to regulate for differences in family record factors commonly found between teens who do and do not become young parents (Hoffman, 1998).

Such studies found that the consequences of teenage childbearing on high school conclusion and total educational attainment are much smaller than prior studies had suggested. For example, Hoffman, (1998) discovered that postponing a teenage delivery to following the era of 20 would improve the total educational attainment. This analysis discovered that having a child before the age of 18 reduces the likelihood of graduation from senior high school but attaining a GED ( Basic Equivalency Degree).

However, a GED may bring a lower return in future income than a high school diploma (Hoffman, 1998). This seems to be possible because of some teenage mothers that have a kid and atten school at the same time. This is because of the fact that there all several programs that is accessible for this subject. A couple of day cares in the school which watch the child for the teenager while she actually is in institution.

There are multiple negative repercussions associated with teen motherhood (Moore et al. , 1998). Young adults who have babies at an early age are less inclined to complete senior high school, and much more likely to be on welfare or to work at employment with a minimal income and experience poverty than women who delay childbearing until a mature time (Moore et al. , 1998). The disadvantages for teenage ladies who bear a child at such a young age group reduce their education or employment opportunities.

For women who delay being pregnant and childbirth, there are some advantages (Hofferth et al. , 2001). The mom is more experienced with life itself, has a much better education background and frequently has a steady job and steady marriage. As life advances, such factors integrate themselves with life and having a child.

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