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The Godfather Movie Analysis Film Studies Essay

The Godfather (1972) is a one of a kind movie; it is even considered by many an American antique. The North american Film Institute (AFI) has The Godfather outlined at number two in 2008 among the greatest movies in American culture today. This movie has everything from great action scenes to world famous actors. This movie stars Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Adam Cann among many others. The Godfather portrays one major theme throughout the whole movie which is violence. Almost every world in this movie is the shot of actual violence accruing or the audience recognizes some of the characters discussing violence. However, it is the violence in this movie that makes it the classic it is today.

The opening landscape within the Godfather is of man pleading with Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) to harmed some men out of justice for his girl. This man instructs his account of his little princess being taken good thing about by some young men and it is mentioned to the audience that man's little girl was raped. This opening world is dark with hardly any light shown which packages the disposition for the whole movie. The audience has got the sense right away the Don Corleone contains the energy to make things happen such as justice and make people pay for the wrong they have induced. After what seems to be a long time Don Corleone grants the man his desire to bring justice to his girl however in exchange Don Corleone says the person that one day in the future he will call after him for a favour. It is here in this scene that we note that Don Corleone is in control and that assault is the reoccurring theme in the whole movie.

The next scene is of a vocalist Johnny Fontane (Al Martino) which happens to be Don Corleone's godson. Johnny will there be to ask the "Godfather" for his help in landing a lead role in an future movie. Johnny thinks that if he gets this role it can help boost his career and stardom again. With this demand Corleone directs his adopted kid Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) to California to help make the director of the movie cast Johnny. After the director refuses to cast Johnny, Tom Hagen cuts the head from the director's favorite equine and puts it in the director's foundation while he is sleeping. We expect that following this violence occurs the director casts Johnny in his movie. Once the camera shoots to the director during intercourse there is a lot of bloodstream and the audience actually reaches see a severed horse head. This is scene is very gruesome and practical. After this field it is clear that if the Corleone family doesn't get or listen to what they need that they can use any action to make their needs met. This scene is utilized to show the power the Corleone family retains throughout the country. Again violence was the primary target in this field.

In the future scenes within the Godfather are a few of the most crucial occasions in the movie because these incidents are what business lead to the continuation of the movie. When Hagen dividends from California, the complete Corleone entourage goes to a very important appointment where they experience a man named Virgil Sollozzo (Al Lettieri. ) Sollozzo would like Corleone's firm in safeguarding the rival Tattaglia family because of their interest in starting out in trafficking heroin. Coreleone won't help because he believes that getting involved with narcotics will destroy his political relationships and his reputation. After this meeting Corleone becomes very concerned and sends one of his biggest men, Luca Brasi (Lenny Montana) to check in with Sollozzo to see what he's up to but while Brasi is there he's stabbed in the palm and is also beaten to fatality. Again, we see assault used in an effort to get things done. Brasi is wiped out because Sollozzo is being create. It comes as a surprise to the audience because in this arena all the characters are located calmly talking to each other when suddenly a man takes a knife and stabs Brasi hands into the countertop. The audience reaches go through the entirety of how horrific it is ideal for Brasi because the camera is focused on Brasi hand when the knife undergoes it. With this field it is clear that other households have efficient means of handling business. It appears as though there is a competition between the several people and who ever can do the most destruction is the family who contains the most electricity.

The next major, important field is where Corleone is shopping in an outdoor market, purchasing fruit. Corleone has his back again on the camera and the audience feels that something bad is about to happen. Occasions later the camera shows men jogging towards Corleone with guns directed toward him. These men start firing Corleone until he falls to the ground. These men shot Corleone because he refused Sollozzo's offer. At the same time Corleone is being shot, Sollozzo captures Hagen and tries to influence him to tell Corleone's oldest kid Sonny (Adam Cann) to take the offer. This is one of the less graphic scene's the audience reaches experience, this is most likely done discretely since it represents the esteem people maintain for Corleone. Here, the audience activities more of an psychological effect when Corleone is shot. Even though he is a mob manager the audience has learned to except for and like Corleone also to see him shot causes sadness. There is certainly expect us that he's okay and that becomes a relief.

The youngest kid from the Corleone family is Micheal (Al Pacino) who's a war hero and is assumed never to follow in the family mob business. This all changes though when Michael would go to visit his father in a healthcare facility and realizes that there surely is a create occurring so that they can try and wipe out his father for a second time. When Micheal stops the murder look at, a corrupt authorities caption name McCluskey (Sterling Hayden) breaks his jaw out of irritation. Sonny then retaliates by eradicating Tattaglia's son. This is almost another touching field because we see how psychological Corleone son's are towards their daddy. The audience really starts off to start to see the interpretation of family and how strong their relationship is. Michael is absolutely starts to be observed here because he steps up and maintains his cool unlike his brother Sonny. This family is inclined to do anything to keep one another in concert and safe.

After Michael gets his jaw busted there's a fire inside of him that is set up and he wants to seek revenge not only for himself but also for the make an effort on his father's life. With that said he satisfies Sollozzo and McCluskey at a little Italian restaurant to stay and end this dispute. Halfway through the meals Michael asks to work with the bathroom; in the toilet Michal has planted a weapon so he could get rid of Solozzo and McCuskey. As Michael comes back to the desk we listen to the audio of a subway teach which is noisy and very squeaky which audio contradicts the relaxed movement and manifestation on Michael's face. Due to the harsh sound of the subway and Michaels cool frame of mind the audience has learned something bad is going to happen. Then most of quick Micheal pulls out the firearm and shots Sollozzo and McCluskey it the top. At this point the audience starts off to notice the strength of assault in this film but it is performed in almost a tasteful way. There is certainly never a offense determined in this movie that's not done without goal and profound thought. Every murder is thought out and planned carefully. The mafia business is scary to the audience but for these heroes it is everyday business that they have to look after.

Even though there is a lot of assault in this movie and around the corner of every field there seems to be a murder or criminal offenses being committed there exists another thing the audience gets to experience and this is the strength of family unity. The Corleone family has a very strong bond and can do anything to keep carefully the family safe and along. We especially see this when Sonny gets a phone call from his sister Connie (Talia Shire. ) Connie proceeds to see Sonny that she actually is being abused by her partner Carlo (Gianni Russo. ) With this reports Sonny moves and is better than up Carlo and warns him that if he touches his sister again he will kill Carlo. Equally the audience expected Carlo beats Connie again and so now Sonny would go to wipe out him but while Sonny reaches a toll booth he's ambushed and taken to death however the other rival family members.

The last major scene that involves violence reaches the very end of the film. The arena begins with christening of Connie's baby where Michael is to suppose role of the godfather to the kid. As the christening proceeds has prepared the assassination of the murder for each the minds of the rival family members. As the audience sees images of the christening occurring there is also scene pictures of the murders of the minds of the family. Each brain is shot to death which shows the energy Michael has. Michael can be doing some very different but gets the control to handle business while doing something so genuine, such as being at a christening. There is great irony in that. It shows the worthiness of family but also the way the family business will need over Michael's life. Michael, just as much as his father had tried to steer Michael from the family business is now clearly the new leader and assumes all the responsibility that his daddy had.

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