The Human Humor By William Saroyan

In the Man Comedy by William Saroyan, there are several different example of real human unity during a time of warfare throughout the e book in its entirety. Homer, a 14 yr old son, given the duty to perform his house and be the person the family needs following the tragic death of his daddy. Throughout the novel, Homer continuously shows his kindness to others in a period of depression. Secondly, Mr. Grogan's activities and words are types of individuals unity because he helps Homer expand and find out by teaching him through reviews and personal experiences. Last but not least, Big Chris is the perfect example of human unity during a time of conflict. He helps Ulysses from the trap and refuses to leave his part. Human unity prevails very highly between all the individuals. The same connection to the war makes it stronger. Throughout a time of conflict the essential goodness of people is shown through these personas actions.

Throughout the complete publication, Homer encounters many varieties of people influenced by the battle. An example of this was when homer shipped the telegraph to Mrs. Sandoval. This confirmed that Homer comprehended the pain this grieving girl was going through and didn't want to leave her part. "Mrs. Sandoval your boy is inactive. Maybe it's a mistake. Maybe it wasn't your child. Maybe was someone else. The telegram says it was Juan Domingo. But maybe the telegram is wrong"(p. 27) This estimate demonstrates Homer doesn't want Mrs. Sandoval to feel the pain of losing her kid. This quote implies that Homer is supplying the women incorrect trust about her child, merely to make her feel better. This shows individual unity because Homer uses the pain that he believed to help Mrs. Sandoval in her painful time. "Homer wished to get right up and run but he realized he'd stay. He even thought he could stay the others of his life. He just didn't really know what else to do to attempt to make the women less unhappy, and if she got asked him to replace her son, wouldn't normally have had the opportunity to refuse. . . "(p. 27) This quote shows that Homer doesn't what things to leave this women in her times of unhappiness because he himself couldn't get himself to leave. This demonstrates Homer would like to help the women because of his common situation with the war. Homer is a great example of the unity of humans in a period of war because of his love and caring for Mrs. Sandoval's sense and little by little is a foreshadow to the incidents to come towards Homer with Marcus' loss of life.

Big Chris is an outstanding example of individuals unity. He helped show that everyone is important. He revealed that each person should be treated equally and not such as a product which was all Mr. Covington thought about. "Now you just hold small there, Ulysses, and the man here are certain to get you right out and establish you free. Well, seriously now obtain the boy back again on his toes. "(p. 63) This quote revealed that Big Chris was completely established to help Ulysses even though he didn't know him or his family. "You're breaking the capture! It's the only one of its kind on earth. You must not break it!"(p. 68) This demonstrates Mr. Covington was only thinking about his business whereas Big Chris was considering helping respite Ulysses out and preparing him free. "I'll rest this whole store" This implies that Big Chris would do exactly what is possible to break Ulysses free. "Big Chris tugged at the capture with every muscle in his fingers, arms, shoulders and back, and over time the trap began to provide way to drive of his strength. " This implies that Big Chris helped Ulysses get away and help him restore his "freedom". Big Chris is the perfect example of real human unity because he never quit to save lots of the young man. Big Chris went of his way to help Ulysses in his time of need. He even payed for the capture when Mr. Covington demanded money. Big Chris is a perfect example of human being unity because he helped Ulysses escape the bear trap by doing everything physically possible.

During the storyplot Mr. Grogan shows the unity between humans because he and Homer talk about a marriage that only symbolizes unity in times of hardships. Mr. Grogan functions as a father to Homer and helps him achieve his imagine becoming the most effective telegram deliverer on the planet. Their in-depth conversations about telegraphing and life show unity between humans. "I understand I can depend on one to help me, my boy. "(p. 30) This quotation shows that both of these characters unity surpasses any other relationship in the book. Throughout the book Mr. Grogan and Homer often discussed the earth and the city. Homer declared that he did not like things as they were around Ithaca; "Seeing everyone on earth mixed up and depressed" (p. 74) Homer and Mr. Grogan sensed that that they had to say on the planet and make people happy. This demonstrates Mr. Grogan noticed Homer's pain with Marcus at war. That is especially shown at his time of loss of life where he was found dead, from a coronary attack, on the computer keyboard writing to Mrs. Macauley about Marcus' death.

During The Human Humor by William Saroyan, the theme of real human unity and the coming together in a period of battle is shown by the people activities and dialog. Homer's come across with Mrs. Sandoval implies that he wanted to stay by her side to ease the pain of her son's loss of life. Big Chris helped Ulysses from the bear capture and stayed with him the complete time he was caught. Mr. Grogan helped Homer develop and confirmed the unity of humans by wanting to hide Marcus' fatality from Homer to protect him. During a time of conflict the essential goodness of people is shown through these characters actions.

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