The Laboratory And Salome Present Women British Literature Essay

'The lab' is a poem compiled by Robert Browning, shared first in 'Hoods Mag and Comic Miscellany' in 1844. The poem is approximately a woman who would like to kill her competitor with poison, for having an affair with her fan. We can say the poem is written in a intimate context as there are sexual undertones in the poem. 'Salome' is a poem compiled by Carol Ann Duffy. It had been written in 1999 and is about a woman who kills men. Within the poem, 'Salome' seduces men, has intimacy with them and then eliminates them. She does not have an idea; she eliminates any man even as we can easily see in the poem. The women in the two poems are incredibly similar as they are both murderers. In addition we realize they are both high-class women. In 'The lab' the ladies is part of the king's court docket. And in 'Salome' she has a maid. However there are a number of differences between your two poems. 'Salome' seduces men the kills however in 'The laboratory' the ladies poison's her victims. Both poems present women and fatality in a sexual way. I am going to try to clarify the key details about both poems.

The designs in both poems are incredibly similar, it is death. The main idea about women in 'The Lab' is they have positive attitude to death. The girl sees death in an effort to punish all and also to get what she wants. For instance a range from the poem says 'Not that we bid you free her the pain'. This lines says us she would like her rival to go through whenever you can to the magnitude that death is the only way. Where as in 'Salome' she has a quite tranquil approach to fatality, we understand this impression as she doesn't bear in mind the labels of her patients. 'Simon? Andrew? John? J understood I'd feel better'. The rate of recurrence of the punctuation slows down the tempo of the poem; this means that she is struggling to remember what has occurred due to extreme consumption of liquor. We can also expect she didn't plan the man's death but achieved it with out a reason. But if there was a reason maybe it's she a misandrist (hatred of men). We know she hates men from the lines 'Never again!/I need to completely clean up my function. ' This advises she wants to improve her lifestyle but not stop the killing of men it is almost like she has no remorse. She may hate men a whole lot she just must wipe out them. But she doesn't choose any men she picks certain types. For instance she says 'Good-looking, of course, dark scalp, alternatively matted. ' This brand says us she might not have an idea but thinks about who she kills, as she clearly a women of flavor by the way she picks men. The manner where the line is said in proposes the woman is of class and importance. 'Of course' is said with such arrogances proving she is of high class like the women from 'The Laboratory. '

Death is a theme in both poems but so is revenge. In 'The Laboratory' the woman is trying to seek revenge as she is convinced her fan is having an affair. We understand this information for the range which says 'He has been her; plus they know that I know'. That is sharing with us her enthusiast has been her rival however they think the girl doesn't know, but she does. This indicates the woman has a cunning mind as she didn't confront her lover or competitor instead she desires to destroy her competitor for the pain she has put the women through. Within this line the amount of pronouns used is a great package. This shows she's described her fan and rival on several occasion, meaning she might well have an obsession with them. In 'Salome' we don't really get a feeling of revenge. But if there was a sense of revenge it might be because she's been hurt by a 'good-looking' man before so she's turned into a misandrist to get revenge.

Both women get sadistic pleasure from loss of life or the idea of death. In 'The laboratory' the woman gets pleasure from what sort of old man makes the poison. 'I am not in haste! Better sit down thus, and watch thy odd things, than go where men hang on me and dance at the King's. ' This expresses the actual fact she wants to view the poison being made alternatively than be entertained at the king's court. She also says she actually is not in a rush but she contradicts herself just as the 6th stanza she mentions 'Pauline must have just- 30 mins to reside in. ' So she's now began to fantasy over eradicating other women. This may be so her enthusiast does not have another affair as there would be fewer women across the King's court to have one with. We're able to almost say the woman is paranoid as she actually is always thinking about ways to keep her fan to herself. In 'Salome' she gets sadistic pleasure by getting rid of the men she sleeps with. She has love-making with them as are always within her foundation, and she naturally gets pleasure out of this. How Salome operates is somewhat just like a man. She is introduced such as this 'I'd done it before (and doubtless so that it again, ultimately)'. We automatically suppose these are activities of a man as the way she behaves is stereotypically just what a man would do. The poet is trying to subvert stereotype of women proving they are better and stronger than men.

'The Lab is written as a remarkable monologue. We realize this as it is an extended utterance from the main one female and no-one else talks. The language is also formal unlike the 'Salome' which uses colloquial language. The formal dialect in 'The Laboratory' makes us take the girl significantly about her plan and just how she'll kill her competitor. Inside the poem 'The Lab' there is certainly some alliteration. One example is 'Paste, Pound at thy natural powder, ' this 'p' sound at the beginning of each term provides poem a harsh and violent tone, reminding us that a murder is about to take place.

The way the poison is described in 'The Laboratory' is with rich imagery. 'You call it a gum?. . . platinum oozing's come!. . . exquisite blue, ' just how she is describing the poison is really as if it is a marvelous potion. But this contrasts as the poison is to eliminate someone not to give them magical powers. However the word gold oozing's has a dual meaning. Yes it may have a something to do with the poison. But it also has a sexual interpretation. The oozing's actually means semen. The woman is thinking about making love again linking it to death. We would not expect this of the stereotypical girl.

Another type of poetic device used in the 'The lab' are onomatopoeias. One example is 'Grind away, moisten and mash up thy paste'. The seems these words make supply the poem a punitive tone. Also these verbs are quite violent and sexual. These verbs have second meanings of a sexual characteristics.

The finally poetic device I am going to identify about in 'The Laboratory' is innuendo. This is when the woman discusses the 'pestle and mortar'. But other interpretation is usually that the pestle is a male organ and the mortar is a vagina. The poet is obviously linking death with love-making to subvert the stereotypes of women.

The poem 'Salome' is written in colloquial terminology, signifying it is informal and uses slang. One of these of the slang used in the poem is 'Booze and the fags'. The reason why there exists slang in the poem is because this poem is newer than 'The laboratory' as they are both written in different times. But it also creates a peaceful and casual firmness compared to seriousness of the situation. Also in 'Salome' one poetic device is assonance, this is when a phrase consists of two of the same rhyming vowel tones. One example of the is 'Colder than pewter'. The assonance in the poem makes it flow easier and focus on this issue of loss of life. Another poetic strategy used in 'Salome' is alliteration just like in 'The Laboratory'. An example of this is 'blighter, the beater or biter. ' This alliteration gives the poem a harsh build reminding us of the loss of life that occurred. Also here attitude to men is quite different from the standard women. The nouns used reveal she has a hatred of men as the nouns sound very bitter and vicious. A different poetic device in 'Salome' is positive terminology. An example of that is 'I'd imagine, may be laughter, ' this terminology is happy and positive as the poet has used the term laughter which generally associated with joy and joyfulness. This creates a light-hearted shade as the girl doesn't' worry what she has done or can do. But in distinction 'from painmaybe laughter' she's confused the two emotions. She has positive associations with death and this discloses her unsettled psychotic attitude. This could be from a troubled years as a child or experience she's had.

The vocabulary in both poems is very different. 'Salome' uses colloquial terminology for example 'booze and the fags. ' Whereas 'The Lab' uses formal and old dialect for example 'NOW which i, tying thy wine glass mask securely. ' However the firmness of both poems is very interesting. The tone in 'The laboratory' is very optimistic, extreme and the exciting tone of the narrator makes you ask questions about the narrator. Evidence of this is when the woman in the poem asks 'is that poison too?' This suggests that she actually is frantic about killing her competitor.

In 'Salome' the build is quite light-hearted as she doesn't know what's happened as she only woke up. And also she doesn't caution that she's wiped out someone and the subjects head is on her behalf bed. An example of this is 'I'd suppose, maybe laughter. ' This advises the woman does not have any mental ties with her victims and laughs it off. The poem has a feeling of dark-colored humour around it.

Although some may say the build is important, so is the structure and form. The rhyme design in 'The Laboratory' is a lot organised. It has an AABB rhyme system. An example is 'grim and dim and mix and prefer. ' This can suggest that the woman has a much organised mind and can be said to be sane. This contrasts with the content of the poem. The rhyme structure lightens in the feelings of the poem; you sometimes feel it isn't about death. The metre of the poem is anapestic two unstressed syllables, followed by a stressed one. An example of this is "May gaze thro', " this creates a sprightly effect which seems contradictory to the poem's dark subject material, if we take it too seriously. Browning doesn't want the reader to use this too really; he desires us to find this amusing and laughable. There are elements of the poem which have traits of an horror film. In addition to this, the stanza form is very orderly.

Each stanza consists of four lines and there are 12 stanzas in total. This tells us the presenter of the poem is much methodical unlike the loudspeaker in 'Salome'. Also the rhythm of the poem is very upbeat and faster tempo which contrasts between sprightly rhythms and dark subject matters.

However in the poem, 'Salome' the structure of the poem isn't quite so structured like the 'The laboratory'. In 'Salome' the rhyme structure is abnormal. The 'er' rhymes represent the dripping of the bloodstream. As the Salome wakes up the rhyming becomes more regular. This suggests she is needs to piece together what happened last night and is steadily recovering from her hangover. A clever device the presenter uses is foreshadowing. She asks rhetorical question to foreshadow future occasions. Like, 'What was his name? Peter?' This is showing us she can't remember brands because she's wiped out so a lot of men and she is going to continue killing and seducing men. And lastly the stanza form is in free verse. There is no specific stanza form. You will discover four stanzas with the first stanza containing the most amounts of lines and the last stanza containing the least amount of lines.

Both poems have their own ways in which they compare women and loss of life. I believe the most effective is 'The Lab'. I consider 'The laboratory' to be the most effective as the meter of the poem is anapestic which creates a chirpy impact as opposed to the fantastic plan the presenter is hatching up. Other reason I really believe 'The Laboratory' to be effect is due to structure. It has been bought methodical and is not hard on the attention. Both poems are written in remarkable monologue, gives a feeling of excitement to poem as if a story is being told. That is effective as it links with the readers and you don't feel uninterested after the first few lines like a stereotypical poem. The poetic devices found in both poems are very similar for example onomatopoeias and powerful verbs. These devices engage the audience but I really believe the devices are being used more effectively in 'The Lab'.

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