The ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY Of Nokia Corporation Marketing Essay

Nokia Firm applied the marketing strategy and helps the organization achieve the utmost profit potential. Online marketing strategy is an activity that company applies to concentrate its limited resources on the best opportunities to increase sales achieve the goals of the company and gain the competitive advantages in the market segments. Marketing strategy is an important planning that involve the essential and long-term activities of company with the considered of the situation and problem of company faced and therefore help with the business's goals. Actually online marketing strategy is one of the useful strategies. The practical strategies will be the decision rules or suggestions in each functional section of company. Practical areas that company may execute a functional strategy include research and development, funding, public relation, recruiting and marketing departments. 4 P's of Marketing

Marketing is not only about delivered the product or service to the finish user, should comprising the benefits to the end user. Inside the marketing strategy of Nokia Organization support the marketing tool call Marketing Blend which introduced by Neil Borden in time 1953. Marketing Combination is one of the very most fundamental ideas in marketing area and is also a combo of component of company in promoting company's product or brand to attain marketing objectives and client satisfaction. The element mixture of marketing mixture is product, price, place and campaign and was suggested by E. Jerome McCarthy in 1960.

Product is the first component in the marketing blend and can consider as customer solution. Product should gratify the customer's need or would like, more complex is the superiority of the merchandise against the rival and what advantages the business gain from it products. According to the marketing basic principle of Philip Kolter, the product should be in three components. The three components were core product, genuine product and augmented product. Since the Nokia major products are mobile telephones and lightweight IT devices. The central component is the finish advantages of product for the customer. The particular product is the characteristics of product such as quality level, features and branding. The augmented product is the support components of product like the after-sale service, warranty and delivery. On 11 February 2011, Nokia's CEO Stephan Elop have released a new proper to alliance with Microsoft Organization. This strategy purposed is to replace the mobile operating-system Symbian and MeeGo with the Microsoft's Glass windows Phone operating system. The Windows Cellphone Lumia is the major shot of Nokia to winning back a market lost to Apple, Samsung and Google. Windows Phone Lumia had been announced by Nokia as the world's most impressive smart phone. The top features of Lumia are contain the Carl Zeiss zoom lens that can catch blur-free training video even in the non-ideal environment condition, the new technology PureMotion HD+ display make the Lumia is the world's brightest, fastest, and most sensitive touchscreen and the cellular charging that permit customers replenish without plugging in. All of these features are for the purpose of customers convenient and satisfaction when using Nokia's products. Nokia also provided after-sale service for customers. If customers facing some problem of products can contact nokia support through the phone or directly stop by at the Nokia store and can also give some feedback through the sociable network such as Facebook and Tweets. Customers also can download games, themes or templates, ringtones and wallpapers at Nokia Ovi store. For the product's characteristics, Nokia Lumia have significantly more beautiful color and people was said this is to against Nokia biggest competition; Apple Computer. Inc. It is because Apple product, IPhone only possessed black and white color.


Determination of the price tag on company product is important because this is related to profit of company. When company emits a new product, the purchase price is estimate by the cost and product's value and should be aware since it has a great impact to the demand and sales. The essential costs strategies are market skimming costs, market penetration prices and neutral prices. Market skimming charges strategy is the process setting the highest price initially based on the merchandise value to make highest revenue. Following the demand of first group customers is satisfied, company will reduces the purchase price to get another. The Natural strategy is process placed the purchase price by the general market and competitor's prices. The downside is company can't optimize profit although this is the most safety way to compete with other company. Nokia got slice the price of Lumia 900 after Microsoft released that Windows Mobile phone 7 won't be upgradeable to the Glass windows Cellphone 8. Nokia slice almost price almost half is to draw in more requirements to clear the store and also to cut the cost. Penetration strategy is approximately the deepest price cuts to ensure company product always the lowest on the marketplaces and usually apply when new product are release. Price Nokia Lumia 920 in US is $100 less than Samsung Galaxy S3 and $200 significantly less than Apple's IPhone 5 and the AT&T, second most significant telecom operator in US also sell Lumia 920 in $99. 99 is less $100 than other Glass windows Telephone 8-HTC 8X.


Promotion is about the delivery of information of product to the number of parties through the technique such as advertising, personal selling, public relations and sales promotion. Nokia has used its "Connecting People" since 1992 as an advertising slogan. This slogan so this means is Nokia mobile help people hook up with one another wherever close to and far in a variety of geographical locations. Nokia also popped up their Lumia commercial on the YouTube Route. Nokia experienced sold over 85 million devices and 4. 5 million of these are Lumia in the 1 / 4 4 of 2012. It is because Nokia announce Lumia as an improvement for Q4 sales to placing the product in front the press and people.

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