The Narrator In Raymond Carver's 'The Cathedral'

Fiction authors use various ways in telling their story. One of such ways includes the establishment of the positioning through which the storyteller is to convey the storyline. Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" is a perfect example of a story from a first person narrator. A first person narrator lacks a whole hold and knowledge of other characters and frequently gives incomplete information and perceptions about them. Inside the story, the use of first person narrator gives the history in the perspective of "I". The private character in "Cathedral" is unveiled as having misconstrues and constraints in the storyline (Stern 50) His flaws are evident in the way where he interacts with other individuals in the story. Nevertheless, the author gives the narrator an chance to grow and confirm his stereotypes wrong. Confusion and ignorance are a great impediment for ones true focus in life. Hook moment with the truth can be a turning point in someone's life; giving an possibility to remedy past flaws and misconceptions.

The narrator is offered as having various inadequacies and imperfections which prevent him from getting a clear view of the world. Perhaps, the narrator's prejudice against blind people discloses more about his identity. The narrator clearly shows his uneasiness with the blind man traveling to, "And his being blind bothered me. My notion of blindness originated from the movies. In the movies the bind transferred slowly rather than laughed" (Carver 186). Seemingly, the narrator foolishly searches for any reason to dismiss the blind man. For instance, the narrator says, "I'd always thought dark eyeglasses were a must for the blind. . I kept in mind reading somewhere that the blind didn't smoke cigars" (Carver 190-191). The blind man is a friend of his wife and it is paying the few a visit. Evidently, the narrator is naЇve and ignorant about blind people. Throughout the reactions and actions of the narrator, we are able to infer some elements of his character flaws. For example, it is without a doubt true that the narrator is extremely insecure. As a man of the home, he is afraid that the feminine may take away his position. This is demonstrated symbolically by using the castle in the storyline (Bullock 343). The masculine castle of the narrator is exhibited by the differentiation of whatever is inside and outside. As a guy, the narrator must have the ability to not only prevent any form of exterior intrusion but also the threat of the feminine power he lives with. Surprisingly, the danger he encounters is his own female nature.

The narrator is without self-awareness. His attitude towards Robert, the blind man and his wife depict significant amounts of the narrator's insensitivity. In fact, he betrays himself through his inarticulate types of speech. A plethora of imperfections can be drawn from the mannerisms shown by the narrator (Bugeja 80). The writer applies the present situation of the narrator as well as the past experiences to color a complete picture about the life of the narrator. As an operating person, there may be nothing desired about the narrator's job. From story, we accumulate information that the narrator is struggling with bad habits. Before, the narrator's partner is said to have attempted to commit suicide. She also offers acquired a divorce and relatively, her marriage to the narrator is unquestionably an unhappy one. Yet, the narrator will not appear to be there on her behalf. The narrator isn't just a drunkard but also a drug addict. He spends most of his time after work in his living room watching TV. Worse still, he will not seem to truly have a flicker of excitement about his matrimony. In fact, he does not show indicators of intimacy with anybody in his life. All these are signs or symptoms of ignorance and insensitivity.

The change of the narrator comes somewhat unexpectedly. Right from the start of the storyline, he can see Robert as a mere blind man. He resents him and dismisses him as unproductive and weak. In fact, the narrator's stereotypical organizations of the blind man aren't different get back of an common person. However, a turning point comes in his life when he spends time with Robert. At first, the narrator seems rather awkward that his partner will not keep her visitor comfortable. Robert, alert to the narrator's weaknesses and his depressed life, endeavors to make a marriage with him. He can take benefit of the narrator's Tv set viewing habits to dispel the stereotypes and misplaced perceptions of the narrator. Mysterious to the narrator, Robert is possesses very string personality. Unlike the narrator, the blind man is self sufficient, confident, sensitive, perceptive, and self-assured as well as gregarious. Additionally, Robert is greatly knowledgeable; possessing an elevated capability and awareness. As it dawns on the narrator, disability is not lack of ability. The narrator identifies the mankind possessed by Robert in spite of his blindness. The growth of the narrator comes together with his revised understanding and stereotypes about blind people.

The use of the cathedral is significant in the story. It is used as an implied metaphor suggesting the isolation that the narrator faces as a masculine shape. The craving for the masculine narrator to keep up his ability and ego seems as an imprisonment (Lacan 1280). After obtaining re-assurance from Robert, the narrator evidently changes his direction. The blind man does not meet the stereotypes possessed by the narrator about blind men. The moment he spends with Robert actually is his turning point. IT program on cathedrals offers a chance for the narrator to come into self acceptance, allying all past fears about blindness. As the narrator attracts the cathedral while his sight are closed, he expresses the liberty he feels. He admits that "I used to be in my own house. I recognized that. But I didn't feel just like I was inside anything. " This is certainly a transformation of the earlier masculinity performed by the narrator. The symbolism in the use of cathedral is that whenever the narrator attracts it, he's designing a new masculinity not the same as that of the castle. The narrator escapes from his feeling of insecurity embracing a fresh dawn; a whole rebirth.

The dependency of masculinity on others to attain its full probable is depicted in the response given by Robert about cathedrals. Being blind, Robert identifies a cathedral as he has just heard from the TV. Based on the blind man, "generations of the same people done a cathedral. . Men who their life's work on them. never lived to start to see the conclusion of their work" (Carver 190). In this, it is noticeable that that exactly like Robert is a crucial catalyst on the development of the narrator, men act like cathedrals and "need to have these supports. To help carry them up, so to speak. These holds are called buttresses" (Carver 191). Men need support like the cathedrals for them to reach the up. Based on the narrator, men built cathedrals through the olden days for them to be closer to God. The metaphor presented by using a spiritual building shows a need for design aimed towards religious dimension. Although the dimensions is not provided through doctrines, we can decipher it from the chapel wedding for the blind man and his better half (Bullock 345).

Ignorance can present a great risk in the life a person; specifically in their daily connections with other people. Failure to adopt open mindedness and a free of charge focus towards life can provide a person into imaginary blindness. Physical blindness will not signify mental blindness; a bodily blind person can show a normal person with clear vision the way. Stereotypes will be the dwelling places for bafflement and ignorance; favoring the perpetuation of misplaced imaginations and beliefs.

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