The Outsiders Susan Eloise Hinton English Literature Essay

Young adult books provides students different perspectives in what they might be going right through in their lives. Students often neglect how easily reading can be, especially if they hook up with the individuals and situations. Professors, in addition, may ignore how integrating literature in their students' lives can be very ideal for them.

As I was able to read the traditional famous novel, The Outsiders, it was not difficult to observe how such a great novel should be included in the English classroom. This book is commonly very realistic as to how contemporary society can be, and adults need to have the possibility to see different perspectives of the contemporary society they reside in. Books like these sometimes get too controversial due to violence or negative traits they have; however, people are often misguided as to how much more students can study from them. Not only do the creators introduce practical and strong matters, they also bring a great deal of so this means to love, family, friendship and other designs that students can relate with.

Teachers should not ignore to find books that young adult can instantly hook up to and combine their own problems to the class room. The students' response can be improved easily with the teacher's sensibility and determination in the school room.

Brief Biography

S. E Hinton

Susan Eloise Hinton was born on July 22, 1948 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is an American novelist and screenwriter in young adult fiction and children's books. She first started writing in quality institution and her major ideas was reading. Her first writings were about cowboys and horses; which led her to want a horse ever since. While still in her teens, Hinton became a household name as the author from the Outsiders, her first & most popular novel, occur the 1960's. The entire year she started out writing it was at 1965, when she was sixteen yrs. old. The e book was motivated by two rival gangs at her school. She desired to show sympathy toward the Greasers by writing using their company viewpoint. "The Outsiders" was published in 1967 and became the second-bestselling young adult book in publishing background. She transformed her name to her initials so her novel wouldn't be dismissed by male reviewers. She continued with them to keep her private and general population lives independent. S. E. Hinton was, and still is, one of the very most popular and best known writers of young adult fiction. Her books have been educated in some schools, and banned from others. Her novels changed the way people look at young adult books.

Her literary literature are:

The Outsiders (1967, novel)

That Was Then, THAT IS Now (1971, book)

Rumble Fish (1975, novel)

Tex (1979, novel)

Taming the Legend Runner (1988, book)

Big David, Little David (1995, picture publication)

The Puppy Sister (1995, chapter book)

Hawkes Harbor (2004, book)

She was the first recipient of the Margaret Alexander Edwards Awards, which honors an publisher for significant and lasting contribution to Young Adult Literature. Most of her works have received variety of awards and honors, especially The Outsiders, her most famous novel.

The Outsiders awards and honors:

New York Herald Tribune Best Teenage Literature List, 1967

Chicago Tribune Booklet World Spring Publication Festival Honor Publication, 1967

Media and Methods Maxi Award, 1975

ALA Best Young Adult Literature, 1975

Massachusetts Children's Publication Award, 1979

Summary with the Outsiders

Ponyboy is a kid from the wrong area of the tracks whose parents were wiped out in a car accident. He lives with his brothers, Darry, who works on a regular basis which is very overprotective of him, and Sodapop, who fallen out of school but is the closest to him. He, together with his friends, Johnny, Dally, Two-Bit, and his brothers are part of a group of poor teenage guys called the greasers. These are always beaten up by the Socs, which are the wealthy and privileged young boys. One evening, he gets home later after spending a while and talking with two Socs girls, and gets into a fight along with his older brother, Darry, who strikes him. Ponyboy is damage and mad by this and operates to find Johnny to get away from his house. Later that night time, both of them get attacked by a group of Socs, and Ponyboy is nearly drowned to death. Johnny, scared and trying to guard Ponyboy, stabs Bob, one of the Socs, and kills him. They set you back find Dally, their intense and troubled good friend, and he provides him money, a gun and tells them to cover in an deserted church. Johnny and Ponyboy stay there for a few days. They change their mane and they read to one another. When Dally involves find them, he explains to them that there surely is a ramble scheduled for the next day which Cherry, one of girls they fulfilled and Bob's lover, was going to testify that Bob was drunk and that the murder was self defense.

When they go back to the chapel, they see it's burning and there are kids captured inside. Without thinking, Ponyboy operates to save them, Johnny and Dally pursuing him. Ponyboy gets out alright, Dally burns his arm, but a burning piece of real wood falls on Johnny breaking his back again and using up him badly. The three of them are declared heroes, but a juvenile trial is planned for Johnny and Ponyboy. Together with the struggle near, Ponyboy appointments Dally and a dying Johnny at a healthcare facility and Dally says that they need to overcome the Socs for Johnny. The Greasers and the Socs deal with one another and the Greasers succeed. When Dally and Ponyboy go see Johnny to simply tell him the news headlines, he says Ponyboy never to "stay gold", and dies. Dally gets overwhelmed and runs away, robbing a store. When he message or calls the boys to pick him up, the authorities are already running after him. Once the greasers are arriving, Dally takes out his unloaded gun and the police shoot him. Following this, Ponyboy gets very sick and is in denial of Johnny and Dally's deaths. He pretends to himself and also to everyone that he was the the one that wiped out Bob. However, at the trial, he's found innocent. Down the road, Ponyboy confirms a letter that Johnny published to him before he died in the e book they read mutually, Ended up with the Wind flow. In it, Johnny clarifies about why he wishes Ponyboy to "stay rare metal" and exactly how he thinks there are a great number of good things on the planet. He wanted to ensure Ponyboy informed Dally about it. Ponyboy, then, decides to write about life as a greaser for a school assignment for folks to know what life as a greaser was about.

Evaluation Criteria


Students might be thinking about this novel because it can give them an understanding on how others feel, no matter what their backdrop is. They are able to feel discovered with it, because teens tend to take the position through which they don't really know who they are, or who individuals around them are. Also, from the novel that talks about modern culture as well, plus they could get to know what happens due to situation nowadays.


The book has a simple vocabulary for young adults. The people often use words incorrectly because that's the way they are used to discuss. However, even when they aren't correctly spoken, it can make students understand and relate with the characters more. The framework of the book should be familiar to what students know of, rendering it easier for them to understand the book. It is sorted out in a manner that students can comprehend and keep being considering reading more.


The novel has a known subject matter, especially to young adults, who may have been in the problem, or might know someone who is at it. The issues about social variations, criminal tendencies, a friendly relationship and family can be identified by the students. Even if indeed they never have experienced the particular characters have in person, they can sympathize and realize it.

Political Appropriateness

The novel doesn't invariably mentions any politics situations, but it can mention a whole lot about society and the way the social classes is definitely an effect in a lot of situations in a nearby. We can read about how precisely people see wealthy and poor young boys, and the prejudice they tend to have without really knowing someone.

Cultural Suitability

Not much ethnical situations are brought up in the novel, rendering it better to present this book in a adult school. The situations are very common in a great deal of countries, where the poor and the abundant are segregated or the criminal situations fluctuate between young kids.


The novel doesn't have any pictures throughout the pages. Its letter size is not too large, but it is not hard to read. The sort of font is readable to adults and since it is well organized, the students won't find it hard to continue with the reading.

Critical Theories

Moral/Intellectual - In the novel, Ponyboy undergoes a lot only and along with his brothers, one of these having to do with their parents' loss of life. Students might sympathize the individuals in situations like this, even if indeed they don't necessarily relate with them in a personal way. Throughout the novel, we see a lot of changes in Ponyboy, prejudice and love in which students could probably improve their knowledge of the planet and of themselves.

New Critical/Formalist - With this approach, students could probably discuss and understand better the goal of the idea of view of the novel and how it is developed throughout the storyline.

Economic determinist/Marxist - A whole lot of economic variations between groups of folks are present in the novel. Money is a big influence which is the factor that separates everyone.

Psychological/psychoanalytic - The tendencies of the people can be known if you look closely at their reactions and make an effort to comprehend their feelings towards each situation. Students might be able to tell the reasons behind the characters' actions and decisions.

Reader-Response - Students might discuss what they understand of the novel and exactly how they can relate with them, whether it is privately or not. They are able to share ideas in the heroes' actions or thoughts.

Name: ________________________ Day: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lesson: Characterization

Focus: Students can describe character's feelings and activities and make clear their own personal criteria for giving an answer to what they read.

Objectives: After reading the novel The Outsiders and describing what characterization is, the university student will:

recognize the components of characterization, and apply those elements to the individuals in the book.

evaluate themselves and relate to characters

Definition - The literary term characterization is the introduction of the characters in the story into real people. Most character types can be identified in two ways: 1) physically, which includes the outside description (appearance) and 2) psychologically, which include the inside description and personality (thoughts, emotions).


"I've light light-brown, almost-red mane and greenish-gray sight. " (p. 1) - Physical trait

"I love Soda pop more than I've ever before cherished anyone, even Mom and Dad. He's always happy-go-lucky and grinning, while Darry's hard and solid and rarely grins whatsoever. " (p. 2) - Mental health trait


Choose a identity of the book The Outsiders and present at least 3 physical and psychological traits.

Physical Psychological

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.

Describe a meeting or moment you will ever have in which you face the same issues as that identity. It could relate with you immediately or indirectly, but ensure that you tie it to your own life.






Name: ________________________ Night out: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lesson: Identity

Focus: Students should be able to identify and explain contacts between factors and the actions or decisions the heroes make.

Objectives: Following the discussing this is of personality, the pupil will:

recognize the factors that affect a person's individuality,

apply and relate the factors to the people in the novel.

compare the factors that influence a character using their own.

Definition - Id is what makes someone definable and recognizable, in terms of possessing a set of qualities or characteristics that inform them aside from others.

Characters in the book are inspired by many factors in their lives, some that they can control, plus some that they cannot. Some factors which effect the characters' identities are:


Social status





Explain how these factors effect the heroes in the book. Be specific to the way they influence the characters.







Create a "Wanted Advertisement" for either Johnny or Ponyboy. Represent two different identities for each of these: the identity the Greasers see and the personal information the public sees. You can stereotypes and judgments.

Name: ________________________ Particular date: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lessons: Journal Entry

Focus: Students should be able to use critical thinking skills to get beneath the surface of mass media in the novel and in contemporary society.

Objective: The student will be able to:

compose a newspapers article describing an event of the novel.

Definition - A journal is a regular record of events either for business, for a publication, for private use or for educational purposes. Sometimes a journal is utilized a synonym for a mag, but when it us for an informed audience it is usually called a specialist magazine.


In groups of 3 or 4 4 students, write a short papers article from the idea of view of any Greaser or a Soc. Create a nice-looking title about one of the two events:

Johnny's stabbing Bob

Johnny and Ponyboy's recue of the kids in the church















In your categories, express whether you are a Greaser or a Soc and present your article to all of those other class.

Name: ________________________ Time frame: _____________________

Title: _________________________ Section: ___________________

Mini Lessons: Theme in a Poem

Focus: Students should be able to interpret and explain the message of an poem and how it relates to the novel.

Objectives: The student can:

deduce the theme of the poem launched in the novel.

relate the theme of the poem with the novel and exactly how it's shown.

compare their interpretation of the poem with Johnny's interpretation.

Definition - A style is the subject matter or moral an writer portrays in his / her work. The subject matter may be about life, society or human dynamics. Themes or templates often explore timeless and widespread ideas and may be implied somewhat than explained explicitly.


Read the next poem, introduced recently in the novel The Outsiders.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

By: Robert Frost

Nature's first green is rare metal,

Her hardest hue to carry.

Her early on leaf's a bloom;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn falls to day.

Nothing silver can stay.

What do you consider the theme of the poem is? How exactly does it relate to the storyline?




Johnny instructs Ponyboy in the letter: "he recommended you're gold when you're a youngster". What do you consider this means? What is Johnny's interpretation of the poem? Have you got the same opinion of the poem?





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