The Purpose Of The Promotional Combine Marketing Essay

Advertising is a payed for communication. It is employed to develop behaviour, create awareness, and transmit information to be able to gain a response from the mark market. There are numerous advertising marketing such as newspaper publishers (local, nationwide, free, trade), magazines and journals, tv (local, national, terrestrial, satellite) cinema, outdoor advertising (such as posters, bus sides). Both basic areas of advertising will be the message (what you want your communication to state) and the medium (the way you get your message across).

Personal Selling

Oral communication with potential buyers of something with the intention of making a sale. The non-public selling may target initially on creating a relationship with the buyer, but will always ultimately end with an effort to "close the sale". But sales people are incredibly expensive and should only be utilized where there's a genuine profits on return.

Sales Promotion

Providing bonuses to customers or to the distribution route to energize demand for a product. They include couponing, money-off offers, contests, free accessories (such as free cutting blades with a new razor), introductory offers (such as buy digital Television and get free installation), and so on. Each sales campaign should be carefully costed and compared with the next best solution.


The communication of something, brand or business by placing information about it in the multimedia without spending money on the time or press space directly. in any other case known as "pr" or PR. PR can be relatively cheap, but that is definitely not free. Successful strategies tend to be long-term.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is any marketing performed with out a distributor or intermediary. In conditions of promotion this means that the marketing company has immediate communication with the client. With advertising techniques such as mobile messaging, email, interactive consumer websites, online screen advertising, flyers, catalog circulation, promotional words, and outdoor advertising

Advantages and Negatives of each element of the Promotional Mix

Mix Element




Good for building awareness.

Effective at getting a wide audience.

Repetition of main brand and product placement helps build customer trust.

Impersonal - cannot answer all customer's questions.

Not good at getting customers to produce a final purchasing decision.

Personal Selling

Highly interactive - plenty of communication between the buyer and owner.

Excellent for conversing complex / complete product information and features.

Relationships can be built up - important if shutting the sale make take a very long time.

Costly - having a sales team has many hidden costs in addition to wages.

Not appropriate if there are a large number of important buyers.

Sales Promotion

Can stimulate quick increases in sales by targeting promotional incentives on particular products.

Good short term tactical tool.

If used on the long-term, customers may get used to the result.

Too much campaign may harm the brand image.

Public Relations

Direct Marketing

Often seen as more "credible" - because the message seems to be coming from a alternative party (e. g. journal, papers).

Cheap way of getting many customers - if the publicity is achieved through the right mass media.

Direct marketing is both swift and flexible in achieving results.

Enables one to talk straight identify, isolate and communicate with well-defined target marketplaces.

Risk of dropping control - cannot always control how many other people write or say about your product.

Limited geographic reach to immediate marketing relating fliers and avenue advertizing.


http://bier. blog. nl/documents/2012/01/starbucks. gif http://students. ou. edu/A/Jesus. I. Avila-1/white. jpg

Background information

Starbucks Corporation is a leading international espresso and coffeehouse, that was founded in 1971 with 16, 120 stores in 49 countries. In america alone, it has about 11, 000 stores (Starbucks Company: Starbucks Company Information). Starbucks began as a local coffee shop in Seattle, Washington by British teacher Jerry Baldwin, record educator Zev Siegel, and copy writer Gordon Bowker. They primarily purchased their caffeine from Alfred Peet, the founder of Peet's Espresso and Tea, and later create their own roasting procedures. Their love for quality espresso as well as exotic tea and their good business sense helped them operate a profitable business and available three more Starbucks stores by the first 1980's.

Starbucks aims to remain the best brand of caffeine in the world and as of today, Starbucks Company still remains an excellent caffeine industry and an extremely profitable organization using its strong performance. Starbucks seeks for continued supply and their target is to increase mass-market reach.

Starbucks has focused on advertising strategy that relates to consumers at a personal level, for that reason it has remained away from mass marketing and media stores, and has centered on a romantic communication strategy in order to keep a marriage with customers on a personal level. Starbucks avoids tv set commercials, magazine advertising and radio advertisements, the one form of public relations/mass press will be news release presented online directly through its website and mostly issued three months before product is launched. Starbucks utilizes direct marketing such as podcast, advertising on Facebook, Twitter, in-store posters/chalkboards and sending out emails. Also sales campaigns such as coupons are delivered using online mailing list, as well as provided to in-store consumers and informational pamphlets and cards are also included. Personal offering strategy is also provided by in-store employees by offering samples.

Starbucks currently has an set up email list, where it updates customers regarding new products, promotions, and occasions happening at shops. A web link to Starbucks website included in the email in addition to a note asking for that customers on email list add Starbucks on Facebook. com and employs it on twitter. com.

An audio Podcast is established for each promotion. The podcast supplies the same information in pamphlets in spoken words while providing a video tutorial of new product, its substances and the procedure by which it will be produced. Starbucks has done well using its promotional mixture. As a solid global brand, Starbucks was built upon a reputation for fine products and services. It definitely satisfied its long range goal to become the best brand of caffeine on earth. Starbucks closest competitor Second Cup is way smaller and learns from Starbucks, they make an effort to make use of the same components of the promotional mixture in the same way as Starbucks will.

Starbucks desires to open coffee shops on University or college campuses. Starbucks must expend its existing market segmentation throughout generation Teenagers by offering free internet in every Starbucks coffee outlets, and new custom-made refreshments, such as blenders with fruits and variety of things that teenagers would have fun and enjoy consuming. Since nowadays going green is a primary concern inside our lives, Starbucks can meet growing styles by offering green products, such as motivating customers to remain and drink their espresso in house in a ceramic glass vs. plastic glass. And offering free internet would help attract customers to stay and revel in their food or drink in the coffee shop.

http://www. culy. nl/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/starbucks-half-price-frappuccinos. jpg

Shannon and weaver communication model;

Customers will go into Anderson and Wall structure and purchase an item. This may also allow Anderson and Wall structure to interest them in another product while waiting for you like a cookies. A poster is put up waiting for you advertising a buy one get one free offer on cookies. The communication is received by the general public and customers are now alert to the promotion and will now consider making a purchase. The concept is channeled to the customers that could i. e. like to have something using their coffee.

The note is transmitted to the public.

http://pubpages. unh. edu/~mss/gss/Shannon_Weaver_model. gif

This process creates noises as people are discussing the merchandise and causing an interest.

Burger King

http://www. levensmiddelenkrant. nl/uploads/foto/burger-king. jpg

Background information

The first Burger Ruler, called "Insta Burger King" opened up in 1954 in a Miami, Florida suburb. About 90% of Burger King restaurants are self-employed franchises. The company went general public with a short People Offering in 2006. In '09 2009 Burger King unveiled the Whopper Club which really is a division of the restaurant that is similar to a pub that serves beverages and offers Whoppers. Burger Ruler has acquired several awards including being known as one of the very best 100 Global Brands by Interbrand.

One of its major objectives is to increase recognition to its new market. The goals for Burger Ruler like any other business that hopes to remain profitable. They would like to maintain brand reputation, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and generate new customers. Through quality of service, product development and development these goals are partially accessible. Additional distribution route (franchise) marketing and owner satisfaction can help progress the company toward these goals. Burger King aims to start more stores to extend there existence in Indonesia.

Burger King uses multiple types of advertisement for their promotional strategy. They use the television set to market their services, this is just about the most effective way of advertising a product as the tv set reaches massive target audience. However this form of advertising can be very costly meaning smaller businesses are unable to utilize this particular campaign.

You often notice Burger King Offers on the radio advertising their services. This is again a good way of advertising a product as it grows to out to a sizable market. However this is not as successful as you are unable to see the product interpretation customers make their own interpretations. Radio is also expensive a pricey way of advertizing.

Burger ruler will also use billboards and posters to promote their products. That is generally a good form of advertising as you can show images of your product. Billboards are also relatively cheap compared to tv set or radio.

http://plantation3. staticflickr. com/2770/4516079586_7d41c62e90_z. jpg

Burger King will most likely promote their company in the publication by either offering vouchers or special deals to the reader. This is again a good form of campaign as it reaches out to a large target audience. This technique could also be a below the series promotion depending how they can be advertising the company or product.

They also do in-store advertizing, always advertise their above lines deals in store in a below the series methodology such as reminding the customers of handles posters. This process is very successful as it can potentially make the customers spend more money and can remind customers of available products.

Burger King have recently sponsored Getafe football club so that they can help promote their name further in Europe. This style sponsorship is very expensive but sometimes appears by a huge target audience. Sports shirts are incredibly clever as enthusiasts wearing the t-shirts are also providing campaign. Burger King has been very successful using its promotional blend. As also as Starbucks, Burger King turned out to be a global known brand. The largest competition of Burger King; McDonalds uses the same elements of the promotional mixture, except sponsoring sport clubs.

Burger King has segmented their products regarding to bases of demographic, psychographic and behavioral factors. They've segmented their products and situated their products regarding to kids, students and family members. However they haven't segmented their products to the Adult aim for group (yet) plus they haven't segmented to breakfasts atlanta divorce attorneys outlet, so they have got started.

Shannon and Weaver communication model;

Customers will get into Burger King and purchase the Whopper making the business profit. This pattern will duplicate itself once a month to promote a new product. The meaning is received by the general public and customers are now aware of the merchandise and will now consider making a purchase. The message is channeled and the meaning of campaign is picked up by interested customers. The meaning is transmitted to the public.

An advert is shown on the tv set promoting the Whopper Burger.

http://pubpages. unh. edu/~mss/gss/Shannon_Weaver_model. gif

This process creates noises as people are discussing the product and triggering product expectation.

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