Traditional Folk Mass media For Rural Development In India Marketing Essay

In the introduction to his article titled "Traditional Folk Multimedia for Rural Development" D. K. Sujan writes "Whenever you and I believe of India, we imagine an enormous land pass on from the lofty Himalayas in the north to the inexperienced belt of Nilgiri in the south, from the Indian granary of Punjab to the paddy fields of eastern deltas, with robust mountains and plateus in between. This land of ours is based on the exotic belt where climatic conditions vary from location to place and time to time. The variety of climate and topographic situations give beginning to different ethnicities, traditions, and philosophies, impacting on every method of life and behavior of the folks"

One of the main element challenges in dispersing the subject matter of rural development in India is the variety that is observed when one trips the region of the united states. Folk varieties from different places show stunning similarities to one another but they vary depending on region. This deviation results in an inconsistency of rules under which these forms are manufactured or offered.

It would be useful to hear to clearly define the conditions that are going to be judiciously used within the range of this newspaper. The word "folk" is synonymous with people or world. Corresponding to Sujan, "the term 'folk' itself connotes the harmonious coexistence of man with aspect, his rearing of mother nature and being reared because of it" (Sujan, 172). In what of C. S. Sreekumar, folklore originated when the weary agricultural labourer is at the behavior of singing melodies to defeat the weariness of work. In his words "Folklore is a medium through which the soul of an people expresses itself colourfully" (ww. sikhspectrum. com). Now when artistically folklore is combined with dance or music or art work, resulting in imaginative fulfilment and entertainment, the outcome is called "Folk arts". Unlike its predecessor primitive skill, folk art possesses an extremely interesting and various outlook and persona. Folk art comes into being after having a culture begins to sophisticate, It is languid and very informal and does not require any formal training or certificate to apply. Another characteristic of it is the fact that folk arts are ingrained in to the cloth of the public culture of rural India. It really is perhaps the world's most original art form as they were part and parcel of the initial civilizations themselves. Sujan cases that "all fine arts have their root base in the folk get older. " Village children grab the songs and dances when they start to pick up the words itself (Sreekumar, www. sikhspectrum. com) folk artwork often performs a specific function or owns a specific goal, the needs and peculiar problems of the town people find manifestation in folk skill. Town life is routinely full of religious customs and ceremonies. Folk arts is very meticulously associated to religious beliefs and myth. A lot of the stories are based on an mythological construction and often the specific purpose of the folk form becomes to demonstrate the Common myths and legends in a manner that is interesting and convincing. Folk press is a term that seems oddly, redundant as one is prompted to ask, but isn't all press folk?

Another characteristic of computer is that it's not static. The folk medium of the village is affected by the standard of life and developments in that town. In a nutshell, folk arts reflect the changing preferences of the rural inhabitants as their encounters with urbanity become more frequent and intense. While satisfying these needs, it also supports the responsibility of attaining a certain aesthetic level, due to its position as an art form. There is no question that Folk skill forms possess their own individuality and character. Their existence is dependent on its intrinsic merit i. e. , journey of luxury of the artist, its symmetrical form, its tonal quality etc.


To define the word "custom", they are the outcome of the setting, viewpoint, ways, and behavioural structure of a culture. Tradition exists in every span of their time. Even today we've traditions. Thus, the challenge is that they are easily replaceable. For example, normative patterns in communication often become traditions.

Regarding the stereotyping that rural folk multimedia is put through, especially the public Sujan has this to say "If we talk about traditional folk advertising we aptly imagine a rural open-stage theater with performance of puppetry in its various varieties like kathas, gatha, bhajan mandlies, etc. The man of yesteryears praised gods and goddesses with hymns and bhajans, this provides you with birth to the earliest musical manifestation. Music is the essential fine arts' component in folk shows. Early man carved his gods out of stone or sculpted him out of dirt. This demonstrates another important component of fine arts was 'sculpture'. The caveman decorated pictures of his gods and his own deeds in order to communicate his meaning to future generations, In this manner, the 3rd pillar of fine arts, after music an sculpture came to be painting. ' Man performed various rituals before the gods and deities to appease them. This was abhinayam or 'performing', the fourth strong pillar of fine arts. The fifth pillar, of course, is 'poetry', which often enhances other fine arts.

This elucidates how folk arts and folk media happened. Whenever there is a folk bhajan mandali to speak pious thoughts and sing the greatness of god, it creates use of music. This music may include both naad and vaad. One can certainly see that whenever we refer to folk media such as puppets, nautanki, or gatha, we find that some combinations of the five areas of fine arts, that is, music, sculpture, painting, performing, and poetry, is present. Incidentally, puppets have the privilege of using all of these five basic elements.

It is the immediate dependence on development of the united states which compels us to find methods for better, faster, and clearer communication. You can find merits and demerits of folk press in development contexts. It had been utilized during the conception and inception of the First Five 12 months Plan, having been considered even before by economists, social researchers, and communication experts. Both market leaders and studies in communal and communications sciences are making ceaseless efforts to find far better communication advertising for faster development. Incorporating folk press is an essential requirement of these work.

Mass Media and Traditonal Folk Media

Let us consider the existing and fast-developing media as well as the traditional folk advertising, looking at the advantages and drawbacks of both. This actually means that we should scrutinize the antecedents of both traditional folk mass media and mass media before merging them along. However, the matrimony and amalgamation of the two traditions-modern and historical is crucial.

Whenever we say Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, we simply check out the ethnical and religious background of the people. While uttering these names we evidently visualise various social patters related to these religious orientations. On the other hand, when we say 'Indian' we again visualize a cultural design which is Indian. At this juncture the cultural pattern which is related to Hindus, Muslims, etc. , disappears.

In the same way, when we discuss of puppetry, lila, harikatha, folk tunes, nautankis, we plainly visualizw the social and traditional backdrop of each of the traditona folk mass media independently. One the other palm, if we say 'modern mass media' we obviously visualize radio, Television, etc. Finally, rather than saying traditional folk advertising or modern mass media, we say mass media or mass communication. We naturally imagine all the press together.

There are separate cultures and backgrounds for Hindus, Muslims, tribals and city dwellers, but alongside one another they may be termed Indian. Puppetry, kawwali, nautanki, television, and radio are separate entities, but all of them when used together constitute media. All have a certain capacity to communicate development announcements. Instead of affecting ourselves in research to determine the efficiency and impact of folk mass media separately, would it not better to integrate traditonal folk advertising and modern marketing.

The writer shows that the modern advertising of South India should adopt regional folklore and communicate to the public through an amalgamated technique including both traditional and modern entities. People like their practices and their means of communication. We ought to not disturb them in this admiration and should choose the traditional ways into electronic waves. For instance, a nautanki of Uttar Pradesh can be telecast through regional television centres. Just as, a string puppet tamasha may be telecast on Television in Rajasthan. Experimenting with this integration of modern and traditional multimedia will require much research and planning. Putting together such marketing presentations may be achieved separately for various traditional folk media with the aid of indigenous know-how.

Both traditional folk multimedia and modern media are needed for developmental programs, specifically for rural development. In this way, the audience for these advertising include both beneficiaries and the functionaries. The functionaries help design the developmental programs and the beneficiaries admit and adopt the results of developmental programs. Each advertising should include most of the basic pillars of fine arts combined with the intended meaning.

Let us look at the comparative power and performance of traditional folk media and modern marketing.

Traditional Media Forms

Modern Multimedia Forms

Cannot be universalised

Can be universalised

Express deep ethnical roots

Not culturally specific in virtually any expression

Variety of interest patterns

Universal interest

Cultural barriers

Cultural freedom

Mechanization is possible

Mechanization is a must

Training intensive

Training extensive

Limited area covered

Wider area covered

May be converted to electronics

Totally electronic

Direct rapport with the audience

Rapport through field studies only

By analyzing these comparisons you can discover that both have their merits. No doubt the type of the development problem, if analyzed, can provide insights concerning which varieties may best accomplish a specific communication objective. Mass media choices require careful consideration of specific information needs and of the limits of available message-delivery and message-development resources.

To summarize, traditional folk marketing and modern mass media should be included for use in development contexts. This might help interfusing interest habits of various regional entities. It may also be areas and places, boosting the sensation of oneness in the country. Maybe it's a force to generate respect between various ethnical teams. Finally, this press combination could accomplish fulfilment of specific development aims.


It is suggested that instead of being much involved with analysis and counter-analysis of traditional folk mass media, we ought to encourage further development of traditional marketing in itself and then use these press in mixture with modern multimedia. We may call it interadaptation of advertising.

Interadaptation of mass media, inturn, can help depolarize the interest patterns of the land. By fusing some aspects of subcultures, different categories will come to discover each other, understand one another, and come nearer to each other. For instance, if we telecast a Rajasthani account (traditional form of communication) on tv set network, it will not only help to create a pastime in the puppets of Rajasthan but also in the people who create them. Folk advertising, when broadcast or telecast, could increase a knowledge of the life span of tribal people as well. It could be used to inculcate a sense that these far-off tribals are also individuals of India, paving just how for a national feeling and national integration of the groups. Apart from fulfilling the precise aims of communication, the interfused methodology using traditional folk marketing and modern press can help in creating reciprocal value for every other. All these potential customers make folk media, in combo with electronic mass media, a feasible communication form to utilize in making effective announcements for development.

Traditonal Folk Press for Rural Development, D. K. Sujan, Perspectives on Development Communication, Editors K Sadanandan Nair, Shirley A White

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