Unique Writing DESIGN OF William Porter

William Sidney Porter was born Sept 11, 1862 in North Carolina, where he put in almost all of his youth. He learned to love literature when he was very young. Down the road in his teenage years he became a accredited pharmacist at his uncles pharmacy. At the age of twenty, Porter visited Texas because of health reasons. There he resided and done a sheep ranch and resided with a family group who know most of the porters in North Carolina. "As of this ranch Porter gained an understanding for ranch life that he later found in a lot of his short stories. "(Lone Celebrity Junction) "In 1884, Porter migrated to Austin. He roomed in the home of the Joseph Harrell family and placed several jobs. It was during this time that Porter first used his pen name, O. Henry, reported to be produced from his frequent calling of "Oh, 'Henry'" the family cat. "(Lone Superstar Junction) When O. Henry was 36 his life strike an all time low, he was accused of stealing money for the countrywide loan company and convicted. He was sentenced for 5 years in jail within an Ohio Jail. After these 5 years O. Henry restarted his life and just in a short time of three years he composed over twelve short experiences. From here he migrated to NY and became an internationally known copy writer. By the time of his fatality in 1910 he had shared over 300 reports. (Draper) Porter died on June 5, 1910 in NEW YORK at age forty seven. An alcoholic, he perished virtually penniless.

In O. Henrys life he did not receive many honors however the O. Henry Honor was created and named after him. This prize is honored to authors since 1919 to short stories of merit. (about. com)

O. Henry established fact for his unique writing style, and also "where lots of the elements for which O. Henry is known including poor working category characters, using a humorous build and realistic depth. Why is O. Henry go above all other creators if what his most noted that his use of his surprisingly twisted endings. One Critic said "his writing style shows that O. Henry seems to have considered his fellow human beings as insects, best for little or nothing of louts, but despise them, he never will, he's a philosopher and thoughtless from learn to finish. "(Bryfonski). The purpose of this newspaper is to go over O. Henrys style, themes or templates, and use shock endings in his publication The Product of the Magi and other short stories.

O. Henry like many other short story freelance writers pick a kind of style write their stoires. The majority of O. Henry's testimonies are set in his modern day present, the early many years of the 20th century and package with regular people: clerks, policemen, waitresses. (Portitude) The Options of O. Henrys storiesare often grouped into 5 catagories: the North american south, the west, central America, prison, and New York. (Wilson) O. Henrys style is unlike most Authors which makes his stories so excellent.

In many of O. Henrys testimonies he uses literary devices inside the Gift of the Magi that are also used in many of his other reports. The to begin these is he becomes the narrator which has a personality almost like the narrator in the play Our Town by William Faulkner. Inside the Surprise of the Magi the story is told in a way where the narrater, foretells his visitors by saying You. It is almost as though the narrator is an additional personality that is been told, but never seen, participating the reader as a pal and showing his insights into the Youngs' situation. Another copy writer who often uses this technique, sometimes called authorial intrusion, is Charles Dickens. (answers. com)

The next type of literary device that O. Henry uses is the countless allusions to the bible that he uses throughout most of his stories. A good example of one can be used in The Gift idea from the Magi.

"Had the Queen of Sheba resided in the toned across the airshaft, Delia would have let her wild hair hang out of the screen some day to dried merely to depreciate Her Majesty's jewels and gifts. Had Ruler Solomon been the janitor, with all his treasures piled up in the basement, Jim could have taken out his watch each and every time he passed, merely to see him pluck at his beard from envy. " (quotation from the Publication)

In this allusion like many of the others provides few what to the reader. To begin with it is kind of funny, second itgives backround information to the reader about how important Delia hair and Jims watch are, and last but not least opens up the storyline so the ending will land right in to place. (answers. com)

Like just how O. Henry uses his Literary devices he will a similar thing with his topics by uses the same few again and again. O. Henry uses three main designs throughout most of his works and they're Love, Sacrifice for others, and wealth. Love is the biggest theme of all in the Present of the Magi. It's the story of an unhealthy, young few whose love for the other person is the most crucial thing in their lives. Within the history O. Henry shows there love by displaying the personas sell most valuable property to find Holiday gifts for every single other. Their love seems to be so strong.

The next theme O. Henry uses in The Item of the Magi is the theme of sacrifice. " "We watch Della feel the process of deciding to help make the sacrifice and going right through with it, only to find that her spouse has made the same sacrifice. The story's narrator guarantees us that in their willingness to stop all they may have, they have got proven themselves the wisest of most gift-givers. It might remain unclear, though, exactly what their sacrifice has completed, or how it has afflicted them. "(Karr)

The third and final theme that is used in The Item of the Magi as well as the majority of his other stories is the theme of prosperity. This report shows what it really opportinity for something to be valuable. It makes the audience think about is something's value how much cash it is worth? Or are other things more valuable than money? The primary characters are extremely poor which is exhibited by the quote

One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents from it was in pennies. Pennies kept one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one's cheeks burnt with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close coping implied. (O. Henry)

Even though they are poor the products that they provide to the other person make themselves feel wealthy

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