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This is our survey on our exploration of a created table known as Valchromat. Valchromat is a distinctive and high quality wood fibre panel that is colored throughout. There is another product comparable to it called Fibracolour but this does not match to the countless qualities of Valchromat which we will explore later. We've chosen this subject for several reasons. It really is interesting and unheard of to many people although it also pertains to two of our learning final results in that it is just a versatile material that can be used in furniture development and that it could be used as an architectural woodworking part.

A brief description of Valchromat

It will come in 8 shades and 7 different thicknesses. Valchromat is manufactured out of forest waste material, residue from timber mills and recycled pine. http://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/10. jpghttp://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/1. jpghttp://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/8. jpghttp://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/6. jpghttp://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/4. jpghttp://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/16. jpghttp://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/12. jpg

Its processing process is incredibly environmentally friendly. Its production site has zero carbon Emissions. It is manufactured using organic and natural dyes and a specially developed binding resin that ensure exceptional physical and mechanised characteristics while keeping a natural appearance. It is also approved by the United kingdom Standards relationship for safe use in the manufacture of children's gadgets. http://www. valchromatsa. com/pics/product/14. jpg

It appears like the perfect produced board but did it really be that good?

Brief History Of Valchromat

Valchromat was made in the research office of valbopan in Portugal as they wanted to improve and develop new and existing wood related products.

There was a space in the market that needed a product merging shade and the features that could already be found in manufactured planks.

It was first presented in Paris in 1998 at the Aprofal good where it earned the know-how prise and the screen prise. After that it hit the market in 1999 through syndication channels in France Switzerland and Belgium.

Over the past 30 years MDF hasn't been completely accepted by specialists as an satisfactory product for different coatings and decorative procedures. Valchromat has damaged this taboo.

Valchromat is apparently 30 %30 % more robust and more secure than MDF panel and can be completely moisture resistant with the right end. It also increases the life expectancy of tools credited to a lubricant agent in its composition. But if Valchromat consists of all these features, then surely most other manufactured planks will also?

Manufacturing of Valchromat

The timber pigments and glues are carefully preferred.

The wood is peeled from the bark and torn into small chips. Then the potato chips are run through a robust magnet to remove 99% of metals. They can be then washed to remove 80 - 90% of fine sand which according to the produces will "decrease the wear and tear on tools".

The potato chips are then sorted into similar sizes and steam prepared. This makes the potato chips soft and eaier to isolate the fibres. The organic pigments and glue are then added to the fibres. When this concoction has dried out the valchromat is pressed in a large press forming large sized linens.

It is then trim to size and evaluated in quality control.

Properties of Valchromat

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Valchromat has many advantages above standard MDF. These include strength, deterioration, machining, environmental and health aspects, variety and finish off choices.


During processing special resins are added to the hardwood fibres bonding them together causing Valchromat to be 30% better than standard MDF. Due to the strength of Valchromat it can be used in areas of construction demanding high strength materials such as, countertops, desk tops, ceilings and wall space. Standard MDF would be unsuitable sometimes of these regions of construction as bowing over a sizable span can be an issue.

  • Wear and tear:

Unlike standard MDF, Valchromat is soaked all the way through with organic colour die allowing scuff marks difficult to discover. Sanding and re-lacquering is all that's needed is to bring Valchromat panels back to their finished express.

  • Machining:

Contained in the special real wood fibre bonding resin found in Valchromat is an organic base chemical substance called melamine. This chemical has lubricated properties which allow the blades of lowering tools to glide through the hardwood clear of friction. It has been verified that cutting blades of reducing tools used for trimming only Valchromat have a life span of four times longer than cutting blades used for lowering standard MDF.

Environmental and health aspects:

Valchromat is an environmental friendly non-toxic substance created from recycled pine timber and mill waste material. Valchromat sections are made using waste hardwood such as branches and chips from softwood forests. In using throw away wood Valchromat helps to preserve forests and minimize carbon emissions given off from felling equipment. Also the carcinogenic odorless chemical gas known as formaldehyde which is situated in the wood fibre bonding resin used in standard MDF is absent in Valchromat in which a special organic non- toxic timber fibre bonding resin can be used allowing Valchomat safe to be used in the produce of kids playthings. Valchromat also use the same coloring dye found in fabric. This dye is organic and non-toxic.


Finishing choices

All finishes such as lacquer, wax, oil, hearth retardant and polished gives an immense surface finish when put on Valchromat.

Valchromat is set to replace MDF as the standard manufactured panel panel used in furniture construction due to its superior strength, moisture amount of resistance and adaptability. Valchromat can take just about any carry out required unlike MDF and it surpasses most standard required for furniture building. http://www. iscsupply. com/id172. html


"Valchromat is labeled E1 (very low formaldehyde) and has been approved by the Uk Standards Association for the safe

use in the production of children's gadgets. " http://www. valchromatsa. com/product/index. html

Valchromat holds many certificates aswell as their own extremely high standards

SGS Certificate

Factory production Control certificate

Conformity Declaration Certificate

Uses of Valchromat

Valchromat is leading the field in created boards. It's mostly used in high end furniture construction at the moment but will work its way down to the small workshop because of its superiority to other made boards.

Valchromat can be used by the leading designers and manufacturers in the furniture industry. Its adaptability means it is used for different furniture tasks from table tops, kitchens, Bathrooms, shelving, wall cladding and other things. Valchromat has received numerous honors and has been on show in many prestige's exhibitions.

"Tent London will number a dramatic pop up cafe & pub pavilion created by award-winning London design studio, Vonsung. From 23-26 Sept 2010, people to Tent London will contain the chance to experience Vonsung's dazzling pop-up cafe & pub. Commissioned by Tent London the pavilion will provide a unique dining and bar space for the duration of the event.

A fast build, the primary composition will be made of materials loaned from Vonsung's existing project sites. The cladding material, that may encase the floor and ceiling, is Bolon, a world head in woven vinyl material. The walls will be Valchromat, a forward thinking, award-winning engineered colored wood, employed by architects, designers and decorators. The complete structure will be lighted by both skylight and dramatic indoor lighting, forming shadows and silhouettes, it'll create a compelling feature within Tent London's design event. " http://tentlondon. blogspot. com/2010_08_01_archive. html

Interlam is one of the leading manufacturers of carved real wood panels and one of its main materials is Valchromat alongside other materials.

INTERLAM was set up in 1985 as an Italian High pressure laminate distributor. Within the last 23 years we've grown to become a leading producer of sculpted wall panels and widened our type of architectural components. INTERLAM is a artist and manufacturer of high-end SCULPTED Wall structure PANELS, CARVED WALL PANELS, DECORATIVE WALL PANELS, ORNAMENTAL Wall membrane Sections and components based in the United States and exporting to all corners of the globe. The cornerstone of our own business is creating and supplying products to the A&D community that add significant value to their individual tasks.

"Water-resistant, Ecological and Strong; just some of what used to spell it out Valchromat from Interlam. Valchromat uses Special resins that are added to the timber fibre during control which bonds the fibre mutually. This causes Valchromat to be 30% more robust than standard MDF. Add to that the actual fact that Valchromat can be used as. Walls, cabinets, seating, desks, ceilings, counters, and standard millwork as well as countertops, desk tops, store fronts, and high wetness areas. " http://www. interlam-design. com/Products. cfm

The TazCorporation is a another major user of Valchromat in furniture production for both local and international markets

Valchromat was created to address the necessity to overcome the limitation of the prevailing wood fibre materials available on the market. For a couple decades, MDF has never really been accepted by specialists as an satisfactory product for different surface finishes and decorative purposes. Valchromat has busted this convention by adding a new cosmetic concept of its own while complying with the chemical and mechanical requirements of the MDF. In addition, Valchromat has been honored for its significant technical innovation ever since its introduction in the Approfal Fair, Paris in 1998. The materials has since undergone different industrial assessments before its full-fledge distribution in European countries in 1999.

Future Possibilities

At the moment the continuing future of Valchromat looks very healthy. With new designs available with every advancement in technology. It is already found in Kitchens, Bath rooms, and many other household rooms and offices and is also making serious inroads in the children's toys industry.

Whatever path furniture construction takes in the next couple of years Valchromat is bound to be a part of it for a long time

When it comes to choosing the best kind of fibreboard there are many options from LMF, MDF, HDF and today valchromat. http://t2. gstatic. com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSQ_K-zGBck77HtTSqEp_vF27qWscAnGc_PWYB80vx1wTD0RWrhRQ

The most frequently used fibreboard from knowledge would be MDF (medium denseness fibre).

It's method of manufacture is simple, softwood hardwood fibres glued under heat and pressure.

It has a lot of advantages over solid wood as very little shrinkage and development occurs. It really is available in large mattress sheets 8x4 and 9x5, its Dense, level, stiff, free of knots, grain not recognized and very easily machined such as reducing, drilling, registered etc.

It can be completed with a number of alternatives such as water based paints, oils, varnishes, lacquers or it can even be laminated.

Paint Petrol Varnish Lacquer Laminate

Along with the benefits of MDF there are also cons, because MDF is made up of a big amount of glue, this cause blunting to tooling rapidly. Probably the key disadvantage would be the health risks brought on by the dirt created from MDF, it is because the fibres are bonded as well as formaldehyde resins.

Formaldehyde is a poisonous chemical and is also continuously being released from MDF unless covered, which can cause discomfort to the eyes, nose, throat and mucous membrane. It can also cause irritation to the skin and is also cancerous.

A new product on the market now could be valchromat. It really is based on the same key points as MDF but in many ways it is way better. Valchromat unlike MDF is moisture resistant and is preferred to be utilized in areas with high moisture content and humidity, while MDF will tend to swell and develop when in touch with moisture.

The lumber fibres result from forest waste products and there is no formaldehyde added to the product which makes this product non-toxic and much more environmentally friendly unlike its rival MDF.

Valchromat comes in a number of colours anticipated to organic dyes being infused in to the lumber fibres, these dyes permeate the wood fibres so the colours are homogeneous throughout the plank. The dye is also repellent to fading when exposed to Ultra violet rays from manufactured light. These dyes are non poisonous, and they're much like dyes used in fabrics.

Special resins are used to bond the fibres jointly which combined with the organic dyes, make valchromat 30% better than standard MDF.

Because valchromat will come in coloured sections it is ready for development without the need to be painted, finishes maybe put into deepen the color of the panel such as lacquer, varnish etc.

HDF (high denseness fibreboard) is another form of fibreboard and in lots of ways it is way better than MDF. It is made using similar key points as MDF, solid wood fibres glued together under temperature and pressure except, HDF is made from exploded real wood fibres and it is put under much more pressure than MDF produce a higher quality mother board.

Is HDF a better solution than valchromat?

In conditions of power and density. . . . . . . . . . . . Yes, as HDF is 75% denser than MDF (depending on company), where as valchromat is merely 30% denser than MDF.

In conditions of resistance to dampness and environmental impact. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No, HDF incorporates the same dampness problems and hazards as MDF, water causes the -panel to swell and develop, and risk through formaldehyde which can cause health problem such as tumor.


From carrying this out report we've definitely met both learning outcomes explained in the introduction. Valchromat is without a doubt a adaptable woodworking materials and can be used for many architectural components. We also feel that valchromat, though it is so adaptable, it still would not be our choice for certain careers like making jigs and other useful items. We've already made a decision to use it ourselves in some project at some stage in our woodworking employment opportunities.

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