Various components of the marketing process

PEST analysis is very important that the culture considers its environment before beginning the marketplace process and in reality the environmental examination should be constant and give food to all aspects of planning.

The Company was founded by Stelios Haji-loannou in 1995 who is still the major talk about holder of the business enterprise group, offering low priced scheduled plane tickets mainly in the European Union territory. The business grew after that onwards, from only 2 leased aeroplanes to 75 plane currently and has operations in 38 air-port destinations in European countries providing transportation services that includes both leisure and business customers. From the basic facts about the company, it can be surmised that easyJet is one of the successful low priced airlines in Europe. easyJet achieved its progress through amount of different strategic and financial key decisions. In 1998 easyJet received 40% stake in TEA that was a Swiss-based Chartered air travel and re-branded into easyJet Switzerland. In order to reduce its cost and increase its profitability easyJet took drastic measures. For example, the intensive use of IT services since 1998 that provided online ticket booking facility significantly reduced paper work. For the record, easyJet is one of the greatest on line retailers in continent Europe, where 90% with their seats can be purchased through their website to reduce syndication cost for travel and maximise utilisation of each aircraft to lessen product cost. easyJet also decided not to provide free catering services on board, not only it reduces cost but also avoid problems associated with it. To be able to increase the consciousness about the business and its operations and moreover recognition of the brand among general public, another vital decision was manufactured in the form of successful best time television programme called Flight during 1999. Another tactical decision was the merger with Go 2002, a company used by English Airways that helped EasyJet to unveiling new routes and grow its functions. easyJet flies to main locations airports throughout European countries and gain efficiency through rapid turnaround times and progressive landing charges agreement with the airports.

1(a) Explain the various elements of the marketing process.

Marketing is the group to everyone is subjected to the marketing daily even when they don't know it and billboards enclosed the country. These parts clarify that an starting into the world market and different aspects and you will pay attention about marketing combination. In future the customers are accepted and place between the mix chains with marketing research and marketplace also to achieve a specific communication to particular customer and also you need to have normal with direct market. The web marketing is one of the additional recent trends that lots of organizations. The perfect solution is for a successful marketing effort is maintaining a level of customer preference while at the same time creating a income for relationship. The marketing is a thought that it's growing the new marketing. Also, they are known as four "P's". The important for an association to truly have a good understanding and every component is main developing a marketing plan. Within the marketing combine there are four elements that build-up the marketing process. They can be:

Figure: 1

Price: There are several ways to price something and have a glance at a number of them try to acknowledge the best strategy in a variety of situations. Such high prices are fee for comfort as cunard cruises, resort rooms and concorde plane tickets.

Figure: 2 Prices Strategies Matrix

The price is costed for products and services and also was located at the artificially lower in order to increase market talk about is known as "penetration pricing". The "economy pricing" is not a additions of the low price and cost of marketing and create are reserved at the very least. That is a demand of a higher price for the reason that has a considerable competitive benefits is skimming of price. They are the four main prices strategies prime, penetration, skimming and current economic climate pricing.

Place: The way of distribution includes a set of establishments which perform all the actions utilised to go a manufactured goods and its own title from development to consumption. The factor of "Neil H. Borden's" marketing mix is recognized as place. It's the mechanism through which goods and services are relocated from the company to end user or consumer.

Product: The product is simply the true physical entity that may be investing. The life circuit is based upon the biological life routine and the creation of long period as adult the flower begins to shrink.

Promotion: These is one of the four process is promotion and these includes all of tools open to market for marketing communication with Neil H. Borden's marketing combination and its marketing communications has its promotions mix is known as promotion.

In the easyjet the marketing process it is among the best successful low cost airlines in the European countries and with achievement of the low cost subsidiary of united kingdom airways in 2002 it includes became a biggest low cost airline in Europe which is go beyond rival ryanair to the most notable position. The situation outlines the foundation of the easyjet and the major situations that took place in the air travel former from its basis in 1995 and the issues of the business representation and working strategies used by successful low cost air travel and beat to ready for action and ecological factors.

1(b). Evaluate the benefits and costs of your marketing orientation for the truth organisation.

The pressure to judge non critical costs is a continuous in commercial life and the advantages of buying the marketing among those who have seen the clients. A objective scorecard was often used to judge the largely presentation of the price underestimation and benefit overestimation are major sources. The proper management affects the whole association by providing path. Sales management identifies the administration of the non-public selling component of an organization's marketing program. It includes the planning, performance, and control of sales programs, as well as recruiting, preparation, encouraging, and evaluating people of the sales force. The basic role of the sales supervisor is to build up and take care of a offering program that actually contributes to the success of the goals of the overall organization. The term "sales director" may be properly applied to lots of members of a business, including marketing professionals, managers of field sales makes, district and division managers, and products sales administrator. This content material emphasizes the role of professionals that keep an eye on a field sales force.

2(a). Describe macro and micro environmental factors which effect marketing decisions.

To know the extensive range of effect on organisation both the internal and exterior. There are some of the decisions which may have to make associated with these influences in order to keep the association moving ahead in line with administration plans. In this environment also need to study the impact these may contain on the marketing blend. To get this done we need to examine affects that collision on the prep process, such as:

Marketing environment, both macro and micro competition cultural, cultural, environmental, economical issues.

Marketing environment is prepared of most factors and causes that influencing on the marketing, thus these make can be in inside i. e. like departments and the exterior are like challengers, dealer, monetary situation. To learn them better, marketing personals distinct them in two categories particularly macro environment and micro-environment. Let's have a look at a few of the important factors involved with marketing environment. An internal influence is an influence with the objective comes from covered by the industry and make a difference the business in many ways. Internal affects can be aspect of the working situation such as a good member of staff helping to do well and improve and member of staff coming up with a new marketing idea. In making decisions, capitalist need to be as totally aware as you possibly can of the essential monetary location, both in conditions of basic economic situation, and in conditions of the info of this scheme. In order to remain income generating, business should be aware of the problem in the particular market where they operate. They supposed to be fully aware of the costs they are currently incurred, as well as today's and forthcoming prices they wait for to be able to ask for. A great deal of these details should be offered if files are maintained of days gone by transactions where the business engage. To be sure it is simpler said than done to see how decisions can be produced effectively unless records of this sort are kept.

Business decision making usually involve selections between option lessons of action. These option courses of action tend to be subject to limit of various types. Alternatives are then projected, and your choice made. It is regular to then display or check the definite decision to see whether in fact the results were consistent with what was predictable. If not, questions need to be asked. Monitoring can provide useful coming into what gone wrong and the way to rectify it.

Business decisions can cover a big amount of different things. Possible decisions might include:

how a lot of a product to sell

how much to impose for a product

whether to dominate another business

whether to close down a business

whether to purchase a particular little bit of equipment

choosing between substitute means of producing something

how much to spend on research and development

plus a host of alternatives.

External factors that may occur and impact these places on these analyses the exterior micro and macro environment established upon case study of easyjet and the basis for making planned management decisions using the assumption and proposal. Easyjet factors in macro and micro environment customer information are a bunch of reason in the accountable for diversify the cover of its exterior influence that have an effect on interior decisions and demonstration in the easyjet.

2(b). Propose segmentation criteria to be used for products in different markets.

Market segmentation is the process of grouped key communities or sections within the normal market that talk about specific characteristics and consumer way of life. Once the market is busted into segments, companies can form publicity programs for each segment, focus publicity using one or two sections, services to appeal to 1 or even more of the segments. Companies often support this system of market to the main one size fits of all mass marketing way, because it allows those to aim specific teams that might not be achieved by mass marketing plan. To identify sections, marketers examine consumer interests, tastes, first choice, and socioeconomic characteristics to be able to choose their outline of consumption and exactly how they will respond to different marketing approach. The main information marketers seek consumers purchase particular products but not others. Set of seller and upright marketing firms build up some of the key users of market segmentation, even though many other types of companies and relationship use this technique. Market segmentation also known as micromarketing make things easier the marketing process, since it allows marketers to give focus on their promotion on groups of consumers who split major characteristics. Marketers, because of this, can produce specific promotion intended for specific segments; in any other case marketers have to make very general advertising and expect that it'll charm to a diverse audience. Market segmentation can also be more effective than traditional marketing techniques such as product parting. For the reason that marketers target their marketing on particular segments, they can look forward to greater results from each section than they could expect from these consumer categories if delighted as a whole.

In these different segmentation and aiming methods are being used in these conditions of the organisations if the monopolist is competent to perfectly segment. Four key criterions are used to evaluate easyJet strategic marketing success. Strong Financial Performance. Shareholder value is in the end driven by important thing monetary success, which at easyJet has been energy by capacity expansion, cost control and tapping in to highly price hypersensitive segments of the market. Express Sales expansion between 1998 and 2003 profits grew by a factor of twelve and income grew by a factor of almost nine. Cash supervision with the frame of mind of an hostile start-up, easyJet hasn't paid a repayment to date, would prefer to retain profits to fund forthcoming development. In 2003, the company had enough cash reserves to invest in a complete year of businesses. Exponential Market Show Growth.

2(c) Choose and describe targeting strategy for the product/service in the case organization.

The marketplace is assortment of customers that business has limited to reach the object of the marketing initiatives and eventually its merchandise and also a well confined marketplace is first of aspect to their online marketing strategy. A target market and marketing merge factors of product; promotion and price will be the two components of marketing become one technique. In the business classes on market strategy regularly ask over for the individuals the questions like "who are the customers for u? Who will purchase your products?" and also it assumptions can result in incorrect rates and wrong market strategy and at the end of your day business failure. The majority of small businesses are more lucrative and we may easily know that there is merely a limited range of individuals purchase their products.

In this easyjet the past case study was extracted from e-business and e-commerce management quantity. Easyjet has statement of marketplace was low in customers but the easyjet have problem with weather. Easyjet has low-cost flight for individuals who travels daily.

2(d). Demonstrate how buyer behavior impacts marketing activities in various buying situations.

Marketing activities are nothing but how you are going to take care of the marketing mix price, product, place, campaign, evidence to be able to market product effectively. The different activities involved with handling the aforementioned discuss comprise the marketing activities. Consumer Market segments and Consumer Buyer Behaviour Learning Goals Define the consumer market and develop a model of consumer buyer behaviour Name the four factors that impact buyer behaviour List and understand the types of shopping for decision behavior and stages in the process Describe the adoption and diffusion process for services RESEARCH STUDY Harley Davidson Building Success Understanding the customers' emotions and motivation Identifying the factors of devotion. Translating these details to effective advertising Measuring Success Currently 22% of most United states bicycle sales. Demand above resource Sales doubled in the past 5 years with cash flow tripled. Thus, the marketing management seeks to affect the particular level and characteristics of demand in companies such as easyjet and dyson achieved success by on the facial skin of computer breaking all marketing activities, such as "buy one and get one free" price than buyer activities starts with a consumer cultural position and lifestyle.

2(e). Propose new market placement for a preferred product/service.

Products that aren't the first when you are the first to maintain a unique position in the mind the consumer, a firm in fact can slice through the noise level of other products. That's, the number one product has double the market show of number two, which has twice the market share of number three. Ries and Trout claim that the success of a brand is not because of the higher level of marketing acumen of the company itself, but rather, it is due to the actual fact that the business was first in the merchandise category. They use the truth of Xerox to make this point. Xerox was the first plain-paper copier and was able to sustain its authority position. However, time upon time the company failed in other product categories where it was not first.

For example, Miller Lite had not been the first light beverage, but it was the first to be positioned as a light beer, complete with a name to support that position. Similarly, Lowenbrau was typically the most popular German beer sold in America, but Beck's Beer successfully carved a unique position using the advertising, Consumers get ranking brands in their imagination. When a brand is not number one, then to be successful it somehow must associate itself to the main brand. A campaign that pretends that the marketplace leader does not exist will probably fail. Avis tried out unsuccessfully for a long time to win customers, pretending that the number one Hertz did not exist. Finally, it started out using the brand.

3(a). Explain how products are developed to sustain competitive benefit.

This makes the product so it can be presented in to the market in levels instead of all at once. The product can spin the very first time you take it out to the marketplace. Next time it will not only turn, but now it can turn over. Even though you have the methods to make it do all these things first time you made the merchandise. In this way your customers view it as always increasing and improving instead of getting bored with the product since it was all twisted up in a single big bang. This can also help to keep the competitor guessing on what else is to come as a replacement for of creating something.

3(b). Explain how distribution is set up to provide customer convenience.

Customer Satisfaction United Kingdom's analysis of help to get and keep maintaining the highest levels

of service, making sure total customer satisfaction and commitment to company. check with you at every level of the project, we develop a unique answer to your needs, and by linking our recommended customer satisfaction activities to business aim our in house interviewers are intellectual, experienced qualified who are expert at collecting worthless comments from customers. One of our key talents, they serve as excellent. ambassadors with respect to our clients. A typical definition of client satisfaction is that it is a measure of the degree to which a company's products fulfil or go beyond customer's anticipations. Customers may become dissatisfied with a company's products or services for a multitude of reasons.

3(c). Explain how prices are establish to mirror an organisation's goals and market conditions.

The purpose of the present analysis is to explore the costs methods that service companies choose in order to create their prices, along with the service, organizational and environmental characteristics that affect these methods. Methodology To achieve the research aims, data were accumulated through personal interviews in 170 companies functioning in six different services areas in Greece.

3(d). Illustrate how promotional activity is integrated to accomplish marketing aims.

Establishing objectives and budgeting for the promotional program. Need for objectives, specific aims, relationships of planning and decision making, way of measuring and analysis, characteristics of objectives are:





Quantifiable and

Marketing Objectives

Normally stated in the firm's marketing plan. Came to the realization through the entire marketing plan. Experimental, such as sales, market share. To have the ability in a given time frame must fit the bill and achievable to work.

3(e). Analyse the additional elements of the prolonged marketing mix.

The marketing combination is the mixture of marketing activities an association connected in as to best meet the needs of its targeted market. Habitually the marketing mixture contains just 4 Ps.

they are:

Produces products that are of the best quality and fit for the needs of different groups of consumers.

Offers a variety of vehicles at affordability prices, with regards to the market segmented they are simply targeted at.

Sells the autos through appropriate outlet stores such as dealerships and showrooms in primary locations, i. e. in the right places, and

Supports the marketing of the products through appropriate promotional and advertising activity.

The marketing combination thus involves four main elements:

1. Product

2. Price

3. Place

4. Advertising.

Getting the mix of these elements right enables the relationship to meet its marketing goals and to fulfill the requirements of customers. In addition to the traditional four Ps it is now customary to add even more Ps to the blend to give us Seven Ps. The additional Ps have been added because today marketing is far more customer oriented than previously, and because the service sector of the overall economy has come to dominate monetary activity in this country. These 3 extra Ps are specifically highly relevant to this new prolonged service combination.

The three extra Ps are:

1. Physical layout - in the times when developing dominated the UK current economic climate the physical design of production systems such as factories had not been very important to the finish consumer because they never gone inside the manufacturer. However, today consumers typically touch products in retail models - plus they expect a higher level of presentation in modern retailers - e. g. record stores, clothes shops etc. Not merely do they have to easily find their way throughout the store, nonetheless they also often expect a good standard or presentation.

2. Provision of customer service - customer support lies at the heart of modern service business. Customers will tend to be devoted to organizations that serve them well - from how a mobile phone query is completed, to guide face-to-face interactions. However the 'have a nice day' methodology is a bit corny, that is definitely much better than a couldn't worry less method of customer relationships. Call centre personnel and customer interfacing employees are the front side line troops of any organization and therefore have to be thoroughly acquainted with good customer relation's practice.

3. Processes - associated with customer service are lots of processes involved with making marketing effective within an business e. g. processes for handling customer complaints, functions for figuring out customer needs and requirements, techniques for managing order etc

The 7 Ps - price, product, place, advertising, physical occurrence, provision of service, and techniques comprise the present day marketing combination that is specially relevant in service industry, but is also highly relevant to any form of business where meeting the needs of customers is given priority.

4(a). Plan marketing mixes for just two different segments in consumer market segments.

But different customers have different needs, and it seldom is possible to make happy all. Lots of the consumer market segmentation parameters can be employed to it may also be used to help a supervisor implement his/her own marketing plan. On one or two narrow market sections and tailoring your marketing combine to tactical marketing chapter aims prelude case poor little abundant. Objectives and issues of online marketing strategy and marketing mixture and action programmers in one consumer packed goods category, 44 percent of consumers with different market segments and specific customers. To demand the link at some other email address, revise it here consumer market segments individuals purchasing goods/services for their personal use businesses plan the introduction of new products to displace existing ones before they become could kill the producer's marketing combine this newspaper assesses the marketing mix of both easyJet and Ryanair, coke and pepsi have since been competing to rein the global market in consumer beverages. cuando se trata de marketing, plan and determine their marketing blend to meet the particular needs of different market segments.

4(b). Illustrate distinctions in marketing products and services to businesses somewhat than consumers.

Business marketing is the observe of marketing the products or services to the others, resell the merchandise or services, use the merchandise in combination using their own used products in their business process. In compare, consumer marketing is marketing directed toward the consumer, or the individual end user. The essentials of both types of marketing are basically the same, but the issues experienced can be different. All marketers select target marketplaces and foundation their marketing decisions, such as price, type of promotion and circulation predicated on those target market segments. But the characteristics of business purchasing is influenced by several decision designers, professional clients and the prospect of one.

4(c). Show how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing.

If you discuss in general, both terms Global and International marketing are used interchangeably currently. But if you are chatting in conditions of marketing ideas, International Marketing was a level in the advancement of Global Marketing.

Domestic Marketing: Companies manufacturing products and advertising those within the united states itself. So, no international happening whatsoever.

Export Marketing: Company starts exporting products to some other countries also. This is the very basic level of global marketing. Methodology of internet marketer in this stage is reported to be 'ethnocentric' because although he's selling goods to overseas countries, product development is totally based upon the tastes of local customer. So, concentration continues to be on domestic market.

International Marketing: Now, company starts off providing products to various countries and the way is 'Polycentric' that is making different products for different countries.

So, one main difference between International and the Global marketing is the come close to marketer. A really global business rather than offering different products to different countries rises and offers a single product to the earth.


After consideration of most factors of marketing management parts describe that an opening into the world market and different aspects and you'll pay attention about marketing blend. In such a marketing combine there are seven procedure for marketing management. And finally it is concluded by the Infestations evaluation of micro and macro environmental factors that are inspired by marketing decisions.

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