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Walkers Crisps Analysis | SWOT and PESTEL

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PepsiCo is a world innovator in convenient snacks, foods and beverages with revenue of more than $43 billion and over 198, 000 employees. PepsiCo needed cultural and environment responsibility and offer hygienic products with their customers. They are committed to providing sustainable growth and build trust with people. They have got unique value because they bring people of different culture and diverse brands in several culture. To understand different culture is the benefit. They are included with suppliers, consumer, retail customer and areas. PepsiCo identify needs of customers and put right part of right market.

Employing over 48, 000 people and bringing in over $11 billion of business, Frito-Lay invigorates PepsiCo's portfolio of products with plenty of good food and good fun. Frito Place producing snacks on the planet starting with simple, farm produced materials. They put their effort to minimize environmental factors and bettering their goodies. Frito Place provide best testy potato chips with less fat because they used 100 % natural ingredients, no using manufactured flavor, color, and other things that are associated with hygienic.

Walkers Crisps History

Henry walker (1880's) was a butcher as appropriately. He belonged to a town Midlands near to the Leicester. In 1945 meats was scarce than Henry commenced cooking slices of potato. In 1954 first taste crisps were released with ingredient cheese and onion. From then on Henry Walker convert into crisps brand Walkers. Now Walkers has been released different brands in crisps and incredibly famous in consumers who like treats with different taste.

Walkers Crisps are made from a classic British spuds. United kingdom land condition and temperature are suited to potatoes production. Rain and mud are exquisite for potatoes growing.

Introduction of task

In this task identify a kind of development for Walkers and requirement two marketing strategies and justify how Walkers can perform competitive advantages and long-term growth to work with these strategies.


Market identifies the band of consumers or organizations that is thinking about the merchandise, has resources to purchase the product, and is permitted for legal reasons and other laws to acquire the merchandise.


Marketing is a management process responsible for figuring out, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

Growth for Walkers

Henry Walkers took step in crisps world and unveiled different brands in market.

Walkers created natural tastes and ingredients like sunlight seed oil (naturally low in saturates) and catch potential market. Matching to study conducted for marketing journal by TNS that Walkers is biggest brand in UK. It sales was 505 million.

One of the most crucial elements of progress is how to give leverage with their customer and which kind of relationship you build with your visitors. Companies first step to generate strong connection with customers. It is a good calendar year for Walkers Crisps, which made 3rd place out of 100 food brands. Having a 5. 2% expansion in brand value now Walkers brand worthwhile 424. 5 million pounds and previous number was 403. 6 million pounds.


Walkers Crisps Marketing Combination Analysis

The 5p's


  • Walkers have presented variety of products and produced new products and can see their products on market
  • Walkers French fries
  • Walkers lite
  • Walkers sensations
  • Walkers square
  • Walkers quavers
  • Walkers max
  • Walkers monster munch
  • Walkers cheese & onion
  • Walkers grilled bacon
  • Walkers ham cheese
  • Walkers salts'n shake
  • Walkers success foundation on the products.


  • In UK the price of Walkers Crisps around 30 p to 2. 50 pound. Occasionally or stores their prices range according to advertise. We see their price differ in private hospitals, health club, and social team as compare to regular market.


  • Places where in fact the crisps are sold like stores, minuscule market, super market, shops or general population places.


  • Now over 5, 200 employees will work in 15 locations. Only good quality potatoes are picked to make crisps. Every individual are attached with machine that peels the potatoes other in charge of slicing machine, frying, seal of approval, weighting. All work are done under guidance of management and finally loaded on pick up truck. It takes approximately 20 min to full a tuck with crisps.


Promotion is the part of marketing. Walkers promote crisps through advertising like television; newspapers etc. promotion is the key element of technique to attract customers. On this era without campaign company can't be be successful because customer did not aware about brand without advertising.

Main promotion of crisps is television and internet because its marketplace is child and young people and the ones who like salty things.


Walkers Crisps SWOT Analysis


  • Own potatoes production
  • Sun seed olive oil (saturated fat)
  • Natural substances.
  • Provide selection of tastes in crisps
  • Has considered steps to lessen carbon footprint.
  • Biggest brand relating to TNS.
  • 3rd place out of 100 grocery store brand.
  • Good quality
  • Lower charged products.
  • Strong brands


  • Create new product with high expenses
  • People like healthy eating.


  • Go multinational
  • Update technology
  • Outturn every other company


  • employees could continue strike
  • high competition forcing
  • people life style
  • customer needs
  • government influence
  • potential entrance


Walkers Crisps Product Life Cycle

Now Walkers Crisps is in its maturity position since it is a biggest UK brand but when product get high position than its sales graph decline after maturity. Marketers develop services.

Walkers went to maturity after competition began its sales drop because competitors got released better quality crisps in low price in market. But it was no end of Walkers, it create new tastes and tastes and press right button at right time.

Marketing strategies for Walkers

Walkers can modify two strategies to achieve their objectives

  1. market development
  2. market penetration

Market development strategies

Every one knows the Walkers brand. Walkers has strong brand in UK and captured 100% crisps market. They have proven their sales and good campaign. Walkers have established a very strong, compatible, reliable, qualitative brand.

Walkers need to current products in new market since it is strong weakness that they don't really targets new market. Other side new market has potential like Asian market.

Market penetration

Walkers are working in UK, it has generated its brand in current market but after maturity product by natural means decline because new competitors enter in market and provide amount of resistance to the current market innovator.

At this situation R & D section innovate services t achieve competitive advantages. Walkers will try to come up with even more great flavored crisps.

Justification for Walkers

Intensive development:

  • Walker should modify intensive growth to increase its income.
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Encourage new customer to buy more through advertising.
  • Attract competitor' customers to possess products by new tastes and style in current products
  • Attract new users to inform them that it's for you and needed for you.
  • Market development strategy
  • Expend new market where crisps like but few competitors
  • Have additional syndication channel both including immediate or indirect
  • Sell new locations
  • Above talk about two strategies market development & market penetration must be adjust to achieve long term objectives.
  • Only few companies working in European countries, Asia, Africa and more. It means that market have potential.

Task 2

Introduction of task

In this discuss PESTEL research for Walkers. Assess the impact of scientific change and globalization for the company's market planning in the next three years.

What is a PESTEL analysis?

PESTEL is the abbreviation of:

P: Political

E: Economic

S: Sociological

T: Technological

L: Legal

E: Environmental

Many are factors that effect in macro environment of any organization. These factors effect on decision of managers of the organizations. For instance, change in Tax, new laws, geographic factors, demographic factors (income change, style change, fashion change etc. ), change in federal government policy will be the factors that influence on group.

PESTEL research help your choice maker to evaluation these factors and make sturdy decision.

Example PESTEL Analysis:


e. g. the pound, international trade, taxation policy


e. g. interest rates, exchange rates, nationwide income, inflation, unemployment, Stock Market


e. g. ageing inhabitants, attitudes to work, income distribution


e. g. technology, new product development, rate of technological obsolescence


e. g. global warming, environmental issues


e. g. competition legislation, health and safe practices, employment law

Before making decision, it's important to forecast micro and macro environment factors. Micro factors effect on the organization inside environment whereas macro factors impact on externally. Corporation can not affect on these factors, nor do these factors directly influence on profitability of an organization. But through these factors, group can minimize weakness and increase talents internally because durability and weakness have an effect on company internally while dangers & opportunity impacts externally.

PESTEL research is the useful tool to understand the broad picture of the environment in which a business is operating. That is also tells about risk that are associated with market.

Using PESTEL research:

Internal environment is nor more technical as compare to external environment because to identify competitive change in landscaping. So it is must undertake PESTEL analysis in regular base and for managers, using PESTEL analysis must anticipate to look throughout them.


Walkers Crisps PESTEL Analysis

Now using PESTEL analysis of Walkers in UK:


These refer to government policy that may be change such as amount of invention in the economy. Identify where environment you operate including tax policy, employment regulations, trade coverage, tariff, and politics balance. If we analysis UK political system which is stable and perfect. Country wide and international buyers spend money on UK. Since it is best place where numerous guests and students are came. Political decision impacts on many areas in business environment. May be tax insurance policy discourage shareholders and investors can turn off or any other political disability.

In UK include face a big problem a downturn. Walkers also face this issue.


Economic factors include interest rate, taxation, economic growth, inflation, exchange rates etc.

High interest rates affect entrepreneur decision because investors borrow from standard bank to invest in his business but he will pay high total the lender.

Inflation make a difference, labors and employees demand high rates and they will purchase raw materials in high cost.

High national income growth may raise demand for firm's products

We are speaking about the new market for Walkers to build up their market or releasing new product in market.


Change in interpersonal trends can impact on demand. Friendly factor is important. In UK society has been ageing. This factor is triggered increase in cost of company. Staff is spent long time in group that cause in increase salary and other benefits and retirement life employees get gain by means of pension.

In sociological environment culture worth and norms straight affects on corporation. Beside this others factor like health, population growth rate, career, security & safety, global warming factors effect on corporation. some countries very mindful on medical issues and Walkers focus on this matter and has implemented clean environment plan.


Technological change effects on business. New businesses create services & services and replace old technology. Creativity brings improvement in business and business take competitive advantages and get new market and customers. Before online transition, customer was paid cash but now we can purchase anything through online. Online shopping, club coding, and other improvement in technology bring satisfaction both customers & corporation.

Business can extend through new technology and make quick decision economically. It is necessary to Walkers to revise new technology but technology change should not cause health insurance and other related issues.


If we discuss environment it means we target all environment factors. Now global warming is the biggest issue. This factor get high important among business all give attention to this issue and trying to minimize this factors. Companies are creating environmental friend products.

It is essential to Walkers to present such products which provide security to the surroundings.


It relates to legal environment in which firms operate. In UK, many legal changes which have been influenced firm's habit. UK federal government has revised income plan. This change has been impacted on firm's cost. This may impact career, resources, import/export, taxation etc.

A Walker is UK Company so change in legal insurance plan may not have an impact on onto it.


Impact of Technological change:

In modern ear technological has got great important. Each day new invention is going and organization updating their solutions.

In past FORDISM change create great effect on all world and Fordism principle was is the combination of mass production to produce sustained economic progress and widespread material advancement. During this period, the machine of company of production and use has, perhaps, undergone another transformation. Which when mature promises another burst of financial growth.

Now distance shrink and communication become fast and world become smaller. Internet has got great importance in this period and business are attached with business. E business has got significant importance in developed countries and expanding countries are going to E. business. A lot of the organizations are adapting produces and models that will helpful in future. Business making approaches for developing their strength and minimize weakness.

Walkers have very good market in UK, providing their customers good crispy products having twelve brands of snacks and crisps. They may have captured forty three percent of UK market; have very good marketing strategy like having a former England football team captain as Walkers brand ambassador. However they have very potential growth opportunities which will have to be availed with improved online marketing strategy and handling the hidden markets to permeate in those areas, and also try to attract new customers into market, also the clients of their competition. Also they have to keep updating on their system and technology both for information posting, marketing and product preparation to have upgraded quality of products and achieve the organizational goals and aims.

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