What Was Charles Dickens Ideology English Literature Essay

He helped the indegent, he changed just how one celebrates Holiday, and he conquered through thick and slimâ Charles Dickens may be the greatest author of his time. He transformed many lives along with his writings, and many poor people were transformed for the better by the message he put into his catalogs and stories. It is easily seen how Dickens' ideology was formed and how it impacts one's life today. In his time, everyone either read Dickens' catalogs and stories, or they were read to the people by the ones who could actually browse the text. Not many people could manage to cover an education in literature, but that did not stop Charles Dickens from writing a few of the greatest novels of his time. By researching the circumstances of Charles Dickens' life, topics from his catalogs and other experiences, and any results that his literary writings might have acquired on his viewers, one will discover out what formed Dickens' ideology and the sort of impact that his ideology had on his readers.

The characters from Dickens' books are a few of the most memorable in books. His personas often possessed the same life situations and that is where they gained their features. Dickens' life was filled with hard times and troubles. He gave his people similar situations. The largest tragic episode of his life was when his daddy was imprisoned for being in debt (Purdue, <http://charlesdickenspage. com/fast-facts. html>). These misfortunes weren't only isolated to Dickens' family. These were a commonplace in the Victorian Culture (Cannadine. 8). He used his experiences to work toward an alteration (Milczewsky, Vicky. Personal Interview. 11 May, 2010). By exploring the reality of Charles Dickens' lifestyle, family conditions, and tragedies, one can observe how certain circumstances formed his ideology.

What does Charles Dickens take into account the world in his time? Charles Dickens' ideology was that the globe was poverty stricken and poor. Initially, he relished his life even though it was not the best living situation for a kid. Dickens was considered an outcast most of his life. He had not been known for his catalogs until later in life. In his books he had written mainly of just how he lived. His lifestyle mainly contains poverty and hard times. But Dickens worked hard therefore he continued to write small tales and novels. Each year he had an idea to try and write a fresh Christmas reserve. He succeeded. For instance, the publication A Xmas Carol reflects on the way he resided. His life was filled with orphans, poverty, and even close loss of life. Those are some life circumstances that are shown into his works. Several conditions also originated from the affects of his family.

Scenes of family harmony and comfortable firesides in many of Dickens' stories seem in stark distinction to his own family life. His family was not perfect or even near it. One may reckon that his father enjoyed to reside big and spend all the amount of money that he and his family experienced, but could never find the money for to pay for it. His daddy was eventually put into a debtors jail until he could pay back his debt. Because of this situation, Charles was put into a shoe shining factory to repay the debt and provide for all of those other family because his daddy cannot. Charles' mother tried to put him back to work after he was kicked out of the factory for picking a attack. He never forgave her because of this (Purdue, < http://charlesdickenspage. com/family_friends. html#parents>). Charles' family caused the some of the most agonizing happenings in his life. Charles' daddy was imprisoned because he was reckless along with his money and he was in serious arrears. His mom needed Charles to just work at a shoe glowing factory to support the family. His mother also attempted to put him back to the factory after he was in a fight and was powered out. Charles cannot go to school until later in his life because his family could not find the money for it. He wished to be informed so he'd certainly be a gentleman. His parents decided to pick the most trained child to choose to go to university and Charles was not that child. In addition, his favorite brother, Alfred, perished when he was 38 from Pleurisy (Wikipedia. "Alfred Lament Dickens"). He was the only person of Charles' brothers that does anything successful along with his life. They are only some of the tragic things that happened to Charles Dickens. After exploring such things about Charles Dickens as his lifestyle, family, and tragic happenings, you can clearly see how these circumstances formed his ideology. Dickens experienced a really difficult experience with all the things that took place in his life. His family fell apart over the years. Many of the tragedies that took place in his life are shown in his work. Dickens became the most popular writer of the Victorian period because his ideology was shaped by the circumstances of his time.

One's ideology is why a person thinks a certain way. Dickens' life designed his ideology. He considered poverty, fatality, and Christmas cheer. They are the reflections that one can see in Charles' Dickens' works. His way of thinking of Holiday definitely had an impact on his ideology, but one of the effects of his small works and experiences was having worldwide fame. By exploring the themes of Charles Dickens' works, such as his Christmas books, fictional books, and other works, one may determine how these are all related to his ideology.

Much of Dickens' annual Christmas stories forever connected him with the party of Holiday. In his literature, he runs on the mixture of humor and good cheer. For example, his book The Chimes has individuals that were modified from despair to hopeful (Purdue. http://charlesdickenspage. com/christmas_books. html#chimes). This e book was downgraded because A Xmas Carol became more of a favorite book (Purdue). Exactly like in A Holiday Carol, The Cricket for the Hearth story also has a Scrooge-like conversion of hardhearted person (Purdue), but, his novel The Struggle of Life also offers this kind of transformation but without excellent natural beings (Purdue). Like a lot of Dickens' Christmas literature, the fictional publication A Xmas Carol centers on a big change of center (Dickens).

Some of Charles Dickens' fiction literature include A Tale Of Two Towns that is defined against a backdrop of the France Revolution. You can guess that his works acquired a sad story to them, because in nearly every one of is own novels and reviews someone either dies or is injured. In one of his works Nicholas Nickelby, the plot takes the audience on many ups and downs but in the finish everything works out happy (Purdue). Because Dickens was interacting with financial problems at that time he was writing his book Martin Chuzzlevit, the storyline is defined on greed (Purdue. http://charlesdickenspage. com/chuzzlewit. html). Since Dickens was dealing with a whole lot of fatality in his life, especially small children dying, he said that the ones that die young are spared the pain of experiencing themselves pass away (Purdue. http://charlesdickenspage. com/curiosityshop. html). A few of Dickens' modest works defer his readers and they criticized him about it.

Many of Dickens' works were modest and judged harshly by visitors and critics. A lot of his other works like Oliver Twist are judged harshly on the appearances of poor people (Purdue. http://charlesdickenspage. com/twist. html). That publication was written to show the alleviation of the indegent, which was also part of Dickens' ideology. Charles Dickens reflects his ideology of the low classes into his works. Perhaps, because he was robbed so many times when in the us, his ideology was created from the circumstances of his life (Purdue. http://charlesdickenspage. com/america. html). His ideology evidently originated from his works and shows in his works. Dickens was a difficult working, ardent man and he cared about the things that were taking place around him and less lucky people.

By researching and understanding the writing of Charles Dickens, you can clearly observe how his ideology was shown in his Xmas books, fictional literature, experiences, and other works. He had to endure large negatives in his life but still were able to have good cheer and a positive attitude most of enough time. Even though most of his fictional works had the picture of death and poverty in them, he became the best writer of his time. His fiction provided a tone of voice for the complexities and frustrations of the poor and working classes helping to assure popularity across class restrictions. Charles Dickens used his ideology of poverty, loss of life, happy Holiday cheer, and a great many other things he thought about and reflected it into his literature and stories.

In the 19th century, there was a major division between the low, poor classes and higher, abundant classes. Although many different classes of individuals read Charles Dickens' novels, almost all of them were higher category, rich folks. They were the ones who could find the money for to learn how to read and also to afford to choose the books. Dickens was trying to get those people to take a pastime in the poor and lower course people. He was wanting to tell them about the influences that they might well have on the less lucky by aiding out. By looking at the demographics and literacy rates of the Victorian Time, Dickens' subject matter to his visitors, and the result of the communication on his readers, one can observe how the writings of Charles Dickens promote and effect change in people who read his works.

In the Victorian Period, depending on their social status and their parents' financial situation, some people may have been able to get an education. Dickens' works helped expose the atrocities of the workhouse where child labor was getting higher (Swisher, 2001). The indegent were being cared for like drones and Dickens helped show this to the public (Cannadine, 1999). The people who got an education could actually read and write so they would buy books. The folks who could actually manage literature were the prosperous ones. Some individuals may have never read Dickens' literature at all. Although many others took involvement in his catalogs and the note he was striving to mention. Charles Dickens acquired an amazing gift where he had the capability to capture the thoughts of his audience and the present of observation. He had a very wise brain and his remarkable heroes helped his situation (Purdue, <http://charlesdickenspage. com/works. html>). Dickens made sure to put a note into his works so that the more fortunate people would take the choice to make a connection with the indegent. Literacy rates in the Victorian Era were counted by the quantity of grooms and bridegrooms that could sign their names on a relationship register. It is not surprising to discover that back then, more people could read more than they could write since it was more of a cost to understand how to write along with learning how to learn.

(Illustration from: Walter Besant Her Majesty's glorious jubilee, 1897. (London: Illustrated London Information, 1897) Cup. 1264. j. 9)

Dickens' novels turned out to have a note for the rich readers. Dickens' books became such an interest to people that he needed and good thing about it and kept them desiring more novels. He had always been fascinated by the result of money on the figure (Swisher, 2001). And the effect that shows what the people with money become into the less fortunate. He raised the health of the poor so that the full could sympathize for the coffee lover. He published about them and how they were cured. He raised knowing of the poverty existing in the poor classes. He sought everybody to worry up to he do for the poor. He uncovered their situation. Charles realized that his communications would get across the right people if he had written them with great intention and place them in the right route for the people to understand. He used a blended mix of sympathy and laughter to get his message across (Swisher, 2001).

Charles Dickens' audience afflicted the change of his concept. His message experienced a powerful have an effect on on his visitors. Individuals who read his literature changed the lives of many poor, less fortunate people. Due to overpopulation, the indegent didn't have anywhere to remain, so the wealthy people would get in touch with them and help them. Dickens made a decision to show the world the living situations of the indegent through his books that the abundant people would read (Purdue. The Books. 2) He really wanted to bring the indegent into the public eye. He succeeded in displaying the rich people what the indegent were working with and exhibiting them how to help the less fortunate (Dickens).

By researching the demographics and literacy rates of the Victorian Time, Dickens' note to his readers, and the result of the communication on the individuals, one can now note that if resources receive to the poor, they can climb to the most notable by themselves with some help. As the only people who could actually buy Charles Dickens' books and also have the ability to read them were the higher classes, Dickens got benefit of that and put a note into his works. His subject matter showed the individuals what the poor handled and their situation. Some people took his subject matter to heart and soul and helped the poor and even became more thankful for what they had. Charles Dickens improved the lives of several poor families and also the lives of several rich people. He had the ability to influence people around him so he used that to speak to the public and change the way people look at the less fortunate.

By exploring the demographics and literacy rates of the Victorian Age, Dickens' subject matter to his visitors, and the result of the meaning on people, you can now note that if resources receive to the indegent, they can climb to the most notable by themselves. Because the only people who could actually buy Charles Dickens' literature and also have the ability to read them were the bigger classes, Dickens got benefit of that and put a message into his works. His subject matter showed folks what the poor handled and their situation. Some people took his concept to heart and soul and helped the indegent and even became more thankful for what they had. Charles Dickens altered the lives of several poor families and also the lives of many rich people. He had a big tone that he used to speak to the public and change just how people go through the less lucky.

By considering the circumstances of Charles Dickens' life, designs from Dickens' books and experiences, and the fantastic effects that his writing possessed on his visitors, you can now notice that Dickens' ideology was designed by things such as family troubles, other circumstances which may have occurred, and tragic occurrences in his life. Charles Dickens' characters derive from the folks in his life that he handled. A lot of the people that Dickens wrote about were used to show a big change of heart and soul or a good deed done. Dickens really believed that the indegent needed help and this by aiding them out, they could popularity. He shows this in his writings about the indegent and how the message surely got to the readers and what was done about any of it. The viewers who could afford to produce a difference helped many kids and their own families with poverty and labor. The offered a location for them to stay in and gave them food. Charles Dickens helped fortunate people to have a large change of center by putting an extremely important message into his works about the less fortunate and the poor and about how exactly they needed the assistance that they received.

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