Why was Russia Slow to Industrialize?

Why was Russia Slow to Industrialize

"Industrialization is the procedure by which a society changes from farm-based for an industrial culture with an increase of productivity in agriculture, mining, manufacturing and transport. " Which is always considered to be one of the indicators of development of a country.

In 18th to 19th century, most countries over Europe like Britain, Germany and France were industrializing, but Russia couldn't industrialize as quickly as those european powerful countries. It had been Czar Alexander III commenced to apply the industrialization for Russia in 1885 and by the later 1890s, Sergei Witte, a highly important policy-maker in the Russian Empire made a noticeable impact on financial reforms.

Russia's industrial trend was later than almost every other countries in European countries because its geography, its agricultural based economy, poor-developed vehicles system, as well as the economical and industrial progress halted with including wars.

Russia was a big country isolated from the West rendering it hard to allow them to industrialize. Russia's land is one-eighth of total inhabited land on the globe. Russia's resources were multiply way apart which making it difficult to be collected up. People also lived miles apart from each other rendering it hard to join makes. Russia also hadn't develop a railway system, without productive travel system like nationwide large railroads, it was hard for the Russian to get resources and send out goods.

Russia was a big country with a mainly agricultural overall economy and czars didn't do anything to help the people. This led to the enduring system of serfdom. Beneath the serfdom, all land was had by landowners - nobility, Cathedral and monarchs. Under the law created by the first czar, Ivan IV, in 1547, peasants were obligated to become serfs who got to stay on the farms where they works in order to keep his land.

The continuation of serfdom means most people of Russia were peasants plus they weren't well-educated and poor. Despite the fact that Peter the Great (1682-1725) and Catherine the Great(1762-1796) made Russia a better and powerful empire, they didn't improve people's right and peasants still struggled with poverty. So serfdom made Russia uncompetitive, and led to delaying the beginning step in becoming industrialized.

Besides the czars, Russian nobles who possessed much land and wealth opposed reformation. They wished to take advantages of surfs and this would make the change more challenging.

Russia did not develop country-wide vehicles system which was essential for industrialization.

As we known, Russia is the greatest country with width about 9, 000 km from Eastern European countries to the Pacific Sea and length about 4, 000 kilometres from Arctic Sea to the Dark colored Sea. In such a vast continent, railroads would be the best way to move a whole lot of goods and people at low cost. However, the railway system hadn't been developed enough to work with before 1900 as the desk shown below.



















Railway systems not only provided Russia's domestic needs, but also functions as an efficient way to contact with the european industrialized countries. For example, air cargo hadn't developed in those days, sea jacks like Saint Petersburg and Igarka are far away from inland, so all trades and transportations depended on railways seriously.

Without a convenient vehicles system, people cannot travel ideally, factories could not transfer resources and products effectively, and therefore resulted in gradual industrialization.

Russia's engagement with the wars greatly halted industrialization.

For samples, the Seven Years War took place between 1754 and 1763. The warfare triggered by the issues between your Anglo-Prussian alliance and the Austro-French alliance. The Russian Empire was formerly aligned with Austria, but switched to Prussia following the succession of Czar Peter III in 1762. Russia received the war and became a robust role in eastern Europe.

Another warfare is French invaded Russia in 1812. Through the calendar year of 1812, Napoleon got almost complete continental Europe under his control, but he still wished to defeat Great britain by banning other countries to trade with it. Russia in those days was trading partner of England became his first goal to invade. Napoleon was finally defeated by the harsh winter weather and Russia's Scorch Globe policy which burn up the lands and all the resources so that the enemy wouldn't normally have anything useful in that area.

For the wars mentioned previously, even though Russia was the champion but Russia still lost a great deal, for example, many resources had been waste in the conflict and many people passed away. All of the wars would take in Russia's man ability and reduce employees for any further development.

Wars usually cause visitors to starve, complexes to be ruined and almost all of the resources reserved for the wars. By affecting way too many wars, not only weaken Russia's economy power but also consumed people's durability, and even led to slowing industrialization.

In finish, industrialization broaden the wealth difference between industrialized countries such as Britain and France and non-industrialized countries such as Russia. Those industrialized nations would increase their competition skills and their people would enjoy a better life while the opposite would likely are in poverty. With Russia's geography, agricultural based mostly economy, poor-developed transportation system, and relating wars, it got more time for change in both political and monetary development and for that reason resulted Russian people in hurting an unhealthy life.

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