Wild Rock Mapping: Consumer Perception

It is no more a matter of personal choice, but a simple social need in conditions of elegance and hygiene. Body sprays and deodorants are actually a necessity in one's personal health. The deodorant industry has grown away and beyond its basic efficiency, and is becoming related to ones personality and personal style affirmation. Deodorants are no longer yet another camouflaging smell, but is more of your representative of one's aspect which is recognized in the intensity of the smell- whether strong or gentle, the brand and its communicated brand personality- whether competitive or adventurous etc.

Earlier when the deodorants were launched in the market, they were considered the high quality products. The prices were also high because promotional expenses were also high. Businesses focused on those buyers who have been ready to buy, usually the higher income group. Informing the actual consumers and product tests was an expensive affair.

Now the deodorants have captured an enormous market. New competition are getting into the market, new features are launched in to the product and the circulation is getting broadened. Prices are also decreasing down which is becoming an financial product. To preserve the new product, that is, deodorant, new features are being put into it like the benefits of new fragrances, trendy bottle design, lasting results, anti bacterial features etc.

The deodorant market in India will probably be worth Rs 1000 crore. The success of deodorants in the urban market has motivated the leading players in the sector to unveiling more variations in this product. There remain 15 media dynamic brands with new brands getting into the market every month. Specially the Deodorant segment is growing at approx 42% in value and 37% in amount.

Thus it's a wild competition between your brands to gain the maximum market show and consumer's "mind-space. " To be able to appeal to the consumers and lead them to acquire and repurchase, it is important to understand the perceptions of the target consumer regarding the brand, the utilization, the necessity, and the product. Perhaps one of the most effective way to do this is to comprehend the consumer's personality, since his choice of brand and product is only an expansion of his own persona. This job aims to comprehend the same with regards to the WILDSTONE brand of deodorants.




What is Brand?

1"Brand is the personality that recognizes a product, service or company (name, term, indication, symbol, or design, or combo of them) and exactly how it relates to customers. "

Brand is a name or icon that is commonly known to identify a firm or its products and different them from your competition.

A well-known brand is generally regarded as one which people will recognise, often even if they have no idea about the company or its products/services. These are usually the firms name or the name of a product, although it can also include the name of a feature or style of something.

Brand Positioning

In marketing, positioning has come to imply the process by which marketers try to create a graphic or id in the intellects of their target market because of its product, brand, or corporation.

Also setting is defined as the way by which the professional creates impression in the customers mind.

The process of the marketing expert is to mould consumer perceptions to be able to occupy the desired position for his brand. Perceptions or brand positions can be improved even if the product is the same; this is known as repositioning of the brand.

Positioning has four components.

The first component is the merchandise class or the product category where the brand is to use. The second is the consumer segmentation. It is impossible to think of a posture for a brand without, at the same time, considering the segment for which offers benefits that other brands do not. The 3rd is the mapping of the brand in the consumer brain. Brand benefits and attributes constitute the fourth component of positioning. A consumer can allot a posture in her brain only to a brand whose benefits are significant to her. The seek out vacant positions on the market must be conducted with reference to the merchandise benefits and the most well-liked importance of such benefits.

The position that we seek in a consumer's head is situated upon the data of the consumer's perception of the product category. What's the imprint of the various brand in the

1 Classification from Wikipedia

The position that people seek in a consumer's head is based upon the data of the consumer's belief of the merchandise category. What is the imprint of the many brand in the

consumer's mind? Will there be a vacant position? The answers lead us to something idea and the emotional or psychological ideals which it must offer.

The position which a brandname seeks in the mark customers head is influenced by its efficient features or qualities. The attribute must be such as to make the position credible. The position of the brand is also inspired by its non- efficient features comprising useful as well as mental or psychological beliefs.

Positioning is the pursuit of differential advantage. One of the major contribution of positioning theory to online marketing strategy has been to bring out the concept of dissimilarity between the brands in the heads of concentrate on consumers and to uncover the many opportunities for such identified differentiation based upon the features of the product. Who am I? What am I? For whom am I? Why me? The answers to these would determine the brand's position in your brain of the consumers.

Except for the standard requirements, consumers buy product both for their practical benefits and their symbolic meanings. Consumers would prefer to buy those products and brands that match best with their image of themselves. Brands can be, and are likened to the people; they acquire individual characteristics. This is known as brand personality. It refers to the symbolic and mental characteristics of the brand.

Positioning is something (notion) that happens in the intellects of the mark market. It is the aggregate perception the marketplace has of a specific company, service or product with regards to their perceptions of the competition in the same category. It will happen whether or not a company's management is proactive, reactive or unaggressive about the on-going procedure for evolving a posture. But a firm can positively affect the perceptions through enlightened proper actions.


McNroe Consumer Products Pvt Ltd

14, Netaji Subhas Road. Kolkata

Phone- +91 33 22102095

Website-www. mcnroe. com


To end up being the most admirable grooming and lifestyle brand in India.

The booming young adult populace with high disposable income is more aware of the latest developments than previously. Keeping tempo with changing times, the business is sharply concentrated to create and offer great products to the Indian Youngsters.


The company was originated in the year 1986 as McNROE Chemicals.

Promoted by Mr. N. K Daga. He is currently a Director in the business.

McNROE Chemicals was incorporated as McNROE Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. On 26th July 1996.

In Sept, 2009 the name of the business modified as "McNROE Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. with a view to echo the aspiration to be always a personal care Company.

The company manages on a acoustics understanding of fragrance and its relevance to customers.

The business of the business grew in proportions and stature and in first a decade of its business effectively expanded the region of distribution of its products to the expresses of Eastern & North East India and North Central India.


Presently the business is a 140 crore company.

The company's circulation network spans across Dealers, sales people, C&F agencies and Super Stockist.

Company brands are distributed in the united states by using a team of 1200 distributors covering 380000 Shops.

The Company has its developing items in the point out of Uttaranchal.

The company happens to be building capacity to enter and provide Modern Trade Stores.

The online marketing strategy of the business has been consulted by the near future Brands.


C:\Users\yogesh\Desktop\heavens-garden-logo. gif C:\Users\yogesh\Desktop\wild-stone-logo. gif deo_relationship_001_big. jpg


Products- Talcum Powder, SKINCARE (Anti septic Cream, wintry cream, moisturizing cream)


(Female Range)

Products- Talcum powder, perfumeries (perfumes & deodorants)


(Man Range)

Products- Talcum Powders, perfumeries (perfumes & deodorants), Skin care products

(Shaving cream, After shave lotion, Shaving brush, Soap)

Premium selection of cosmetics is advertised under the brand name Key TEMPTATION and WILDSTONE for female and male range respectively.

Mass family segment is sold under the brand name HEAVENS GARDEN.

The selection of products of company include talcum natural powder, frigid cream, anti septic cream, deodorant, squirt perfume, moisturizing cream, After Shave Cream, Soap.



C:\Users\yogesh\Desktop\Poster2. jpg

Living life on the border can be intensely enjoyable. Wild Stone is ideal for the person who likes unshackled pleasure

Wild Stone is a quintessentially male brand, providing personal maintenance systems for young Indian males. Rough and strong, it can away with the manipulated norms of sociable connection, taking contact between women and men with an elemental, instinctual level.

Wild Stone bases its products on the changing needs of India's youth. Wild Stone right answers the necessity for fragrance on the run, with its Deodorants and Perfumes. The strong fragrances are ideally suited for Indian climate. Soaps and shaving products complete a man's personal care ritual. With an array of fine fragrances, Crazy Stone provides an international experience to its users.

The brand was were only available in the year 2005, targeting the center class employees. Their products are targeted at the uber-masculine guy "who loves living life on the edge".

Wild Stone markets itself as the masculine and mystical brand in the Indian market. The brand is directed at male older 22-28. All its campaigns revolve for this central theme of seduction where ladies make the first move. The sensation of being seduced gives a major boost of self confidence to a guy. Along with these, the brand also means that customers are constantly involved with new fragrances and campaigns.

The company began the brand with a tagline "Wild by nature". They moved on to the "Barely Legal" tagline that was more refined and had sexual Undertones. Now the brand has again a fresh Tagline "It happens". The brand new tagline gives a message that Crazy Stone man does not have to "Try TOO MUCH". Brand anchor is "Dangerous Liaisons" and the brand vacation spot is to become "The iconic Indian Guy Illusion brand that owns the space of Indian sensuality".

Wild Stone is continuing to grow rapidly during the last two years, to emerge as the number three brand in the fastest growing FMCG category today. It's the top brand in a number of states, has achieved common awareness. With a obviously differentiated position, and strong expansion across categories, Crazy Stone is set for success.

Wild Stone has become one amongst the very best three brands in the Indian deodorant market within few years of its introduction. Wild Natural stone deodorant has a national market share of 7. 4%.


http://mcnroe. com/images/wildstonedeothumb. jpg


http://mcnroe. com/images/wildstonetalc. jpg http://mcnroe. com/images/wildstoneshavingcream. jpg

Talc Shaving cream

http://mcnroe. com/images/wildstonesoap. jpg http://mcnroe. com/images/wildstoneperfume. jpg

Soap Aftershave Lotion


http://mcnroe. com/images/w-s-deo1. jpg

Night Rider

Green, aromatic, floral, woody, musky

Wild Stone

http://mcnroe. com/images/w-s-deo2. jpg

Wild Stone

Aqua Fresh

Citrus, spicy, floral, ambery, woody, musky

Aqua freshness with citrus and amber.

http://mcnroe. com/images/w-s-deo3. jpg

Wild Stone

Raw Passion

Aromatic, renewable, citrus, just a little fruity, ambery, woody, musky

Sparkling, energetic & irresistibly masculine.

http://mcnroe. com/images/w-s-deo4. jpg

Wild Stone

Ultra Sensual

Aromatic, lavender, rosemary, spicy fresh, woody, musky

The classic fragrance of the Wild Natural stone man.

http://mcnroe. com/images/w-s-deo5. jpg

Wild Stone

Hydra Energy

Citrus, fresh, lavender, spicy, aromatic, inexperienced, woody, ambery, musky

Refreshing perfume, perfect to commence your day.

http://mcnroe. com/images/w-s-deo6. jpg

Wild Stone

Forest Spice

Green citrus, lavender, aromatic, spicy, woody, powdery, musky

Adventurous to the core.


To study the deodorants industry in India

To study the company's desired consumer notion of its brand WILDSTONE

To make an in depth research and examination of the genuine brand conception of the consumers

To locate spaces, if any, between the desired and genuine brand perception

Recommend strategies, based on my project research results, to connect such gaps.


Evaluate frameworks available for conducting the study and short listing the correct.

To study the business's desired consumer notion of its brand WILDSTONE

Designing a questionnaire to comprehend current consumer understanding on stated guidelines.

To make a detailed study and examination of the genuine brand perception of the consumers

To locate spaces, if any, between the desired and real brand perception

Collate results and compare consumer understanding and find gaps

Recommend strategies, predicated on my project analysis results, to connect such gaps

Research design and methodology

Sources of data collection

The analysis is a mix sectional research. Data was gathered at a single point of energy. For the intended purpose of present analysis a related sample of human population were chosen with regard to convenience.

Primary data:

It is the data gathered afresh or for the first time


It is data which is collected by the researcher immediately from the respondents.

There are various methods of data collection. The methods I've used are:-

Observation : Data is accumulated based on observation done in the market

Interview method:. Accumulated some information by casual interviews by the prospective consumers at different places to formulate the correct questionnaire. Questions related to the survey were asked using one to one basis

c) Questionnaire: Making the questionnaire

Multiple choice questions



Method of sampling

It refers to the technique to be applied and the technique to be utilized in selecting the sample.

Random sampling

A sampling process where each factor in the target inhabitants has a similar chance or possibility of inclusion in the sample.

Judgmental Sampling

The selection of a product, from the population predicated on the common sense.

Judgment sampling will involve the choice of subjects who are most advantageously placed or in the best position to supply the information required.

They could realistically be expected to own expert knowledge by virtue of experiencing gone through the knowledge and functions themselves and may perhaps be able to provide good data or information to the researcher.

Sample size

A test is an integral part of the total society. It can be a person or several elements selected from the populace. Although it is a subset it is representative of the populace.

The Test size is 120.


The questionnaire format was made in accordance to the research objective.

However the questionnaire was altered as the review progressed for the intended purpose of seeking more traditional information to improve post review analysis

The questionnaire format comes in the annexure

Research methodology

It is a set of systematic techniques employed by scientific research workers. During execution, the platform should always show the goal of what one is doing at that moment

The research technique used is Descriptive Evaluation study:

Descriptive research (or statistical research)

This research describes data and characteristics about the populace or happening being analyzed. Descriptive research right answers the questions who, what, when, where and how

Although the info explanation is factual, accurate and systematic, the study cannot illustrate what caused the situation.

The description is employed for frequencies, averages and other statistical calculations.

Qualitative research often gets the aim of description and experts may follow it up with examinations of why the observations can be found and what the implications of the conclusions are.

In simple, descriptive research deals with everything that may be counted and researched. However there are always constraints compared to that. Our research must have a direct effect to the lives of individuals all around us.

Similarly the results of the project will be good for both company and the consumers because the company will use these key results about the consumer's brand and consumption perception to design its marketing and other strategical principles to put the brand in the consumers brain.


As pointed out the task is relating to mapping the buyer belief about the brand WILDSTONE. Evaluating the different platform available for executing the survey. Then shorlisting the correct framework. For this job KAPFERER's BRAND Id PRISM have been considered for the study.

Brand Identity Prism

Kapferer has developed a brand identity prism where he distinguishes a sender and recipient area, plus an externalisation and internalisation side. The 6 identity facets point out the tangible and intangible characteristics of the brand and give it a distinctive power and legitimacy of values and benefits. The six facets of the identity prism can be described as-

Physique -Physique is both the brand's backbone and its own tangible added value. It is the basis of the brand. An outside tangible facet communicating physical specificities, colour, form and brand characteristics.

Personality- An interior intangible facet which forms the character, soul and brand personality which are relevant for brands.

Culture- An internal intangible facet to integrate the brand in to the organization which is vital in differentiating brands. It symbolises the organization and the value it means. Here culture means the set of values nourishing the brand's ideas.

Relationship- It's the handshake between your consumer and the business.

Reflection - It's the consumer's conception about the product.

Self image-If representation is a target's outward mirror, self image is the target's own inner reflection. Through our attitude towards certain bran, we indeed create a certain type of internal relationship with ourselves. An external intangible facet reflecting the client attitude on the brand.

These six facets explain the identity of the brand as well as the restrictions within which it is free to change or to develop. It demonstrates these facets are all interrelated and form a well set up entity.

Figure 15 - Brand id prism and three-tier pyramid

Fig. Brand individuality prism

Kapferer's brand identity prism defines the following:

The brand's particular vision and aim

What makes the brand different

What need is the brand fulfilling

What are the value or values

What is its long term nature

What will be the signs which make it recognizable



Color- silver, logo unit, nothing mark

PERSONALITY- young adult, masculine, inexplicable, loves a hint of danger


Indian sensuality, modern

RELATIONSHIP- exciting choices, dangerous liaisons

REFLECTION- wild, difficult & rugged, dynamic


Strong inner energy, self reassured, mascular attraction


The following will be the results of the review done for the brand Crazy Stone. The questionnaire was designed based on the Brand Personal information Prism. The 6 individuality facets of the prism point out the tangible and intangible characteristics of the brand and present it a distinctive expert and legitimacy of principles and benefits.

What is your Career?

percent of the mark consumers were serviced centered people. 31 percent people were business men.

Why do you utilize deodorant?

A question was asked by the people associated with the power of deodorant to them. 43 percent of people use deodorant for freshness. 23 percent of the target consumers put it to use for getting rid of body odor.

From where do you get deodorant?

How would you give importance to the factors while purchasing a deodorant?

(Ranking 1 for the best priority and 5 for the lowest)

When the target consumers were asked about the main concern they have before investing in a deodorant for themselves, 43 percent people go for the scent. They give importance to the smell of the deodorant. 27 percent give importance to the brand of the deodorant.

Which make of deodorant do you use?

(The survey was done for the 3 brands of deodorants. Axe, Park Avenue and Wild Stone. The study of the client had not been considered if he used every other make of deodorant. )

48 percent of the prospective individuals are the users of AXE, an HUL product. Axe retains the major talk about among the other brands of deodorants i. e Area Avenue and Crazy Stone which retains 24 and 28 percent respectively.


An external tangible facet conversing physical specificities, color, form and brand characteristics. Physique is the starting place of branding and therefore it forms the brands backbone.

How can you recognize the Crazy Natural stone products?

** A lot more than 1 answer was also given by the target consumers. For eg. a consumer may say that he identify the product by the color and logo.

An open ended question was asked by the prospective customers about the identification of the Crazy Rock brand. The question was asked by the consumers to really know what makes them understand the brand Outdoors Rock. As surveyed with 120 goal consumers, 64 percent people acknowledge the Wild Natural stone brand products by the color. Around 12 percent people realize by the emblem unit of the brand. Only 17 percent people were able to understand the logo device of the brand i. e. the Nothing Symbol. Few people known the product of their overall packaging product.

Again an open ended question was asked to the prospective consumers to know very well what color comes in their brain when they take into account the Wild Rock brand. 39 percent of the prospective consumers responded the color african american. 17 percent consumer's perception matched with the company's view i. e. the color Silver. The business associated magic with the brand. As the colour silver implies self-confidence and self-assurance. However, majority find the color dark with the brand.

Logo unit really helps to understand the brand easily. Custom logo units will be the associates of the brands. Only 22 of the target consumers acknowledged the icon in the merchandise i. e. the scrape marks.


An interior intangible facet which forms the character, heart and soul and brand personality that happen to be relevant for brands.

The brand identity prism targets the personality of the brand. The intangible facets like the age, the character etc. of the brand. The company has situated the brand to echo the person owned by this group between 22-28. Around 56 percent of individuals matched with the company's conception. 31 percent of the mark consumers perceives the brand to belong to the age group of 18-22.

As the business says the brand is certainly for male. Wild Stone marketplaces itself as the masculine and mystical brand in the Indian market. All its advertising campaign revolve around the central theme of seduction where women make the first move. Had Wild Rock been a person, its appearance would have been a masculine type. Company seems the brand as the masculine and the inexplicable type. 38 percent of the prospective consumer seems that Akshay Kumar is the better choice that can endorse the brand. Akshay Kumar the action hero is known better for his masculine dynamics. So the bulk feel Akshay Kumar as your best option for endorsing this brand. They have the same conception as the business.

Company also situated the brand as inexplicable if the person. And around 32 percent of the mark consumers feel Emraan Hashmi (better known for his mystical people in Bollywoodmovies) can be a better option for endorsing the brand.

The Wild Stone brand as a person will love a hint of danger. Company placed it as a brand which enjoys the chance and adventure. The risk with that trip is savored. Bungee jumping is recognized as the most dangerous game among the options given. 20 folks of the full total 120 believe that the brand Crazy Stone if a person will enjoy Bungee Jumping. But 48 out of 120 believe that Wild Stone as a person will enjoy river rafting the most as it appeals more thrilling and daring.


An external facet with tangible and intangible areas, and defines the behaviour that identifies the brand - what sort of brand connect to its customers.


An inner intangible facet to assimilate the brand in to the organization which is vital in differentiating brands.

It symbolises the organization and the value it means.

The brand belongs to the Indian Nationality. 58 percent of the mark consumers say that the brand is the Indian brand. It is one of the Indian nationality. 17 percent of the prospective consumers say that the brand is of American nationality.


Self-image is the exterior intangible facet reflecting the customers' attitude for the brand.

These inner thoughts connect personal inner romantic relationship with the brand. So called: the target internal mirror

When the Wild Stone users were asked about how precisely they feel when they use the Crazy Rock deodorants or the way they felt professionally when they use the product, most of the responses matched up with what the business positioned its brand. The people were asked to describe the users of Outdoors Rock. 48 percent of the prospective consumers have the users of the brand as young. 47 percent feel the users of the brand have muscular fascination. Features like adventurous, crazy, self-assured and attractive were also added to describe the users.


It is the handshake between your consumer and the organization. An outdoor facet with tangible and intangible areas, and defines the behavior that recognizes the brand, what sort of brand connects to its customers.

The romance in the brand individuality prism of Outdoors Rock brand has fascinating choices. The brand Wild Stone offers its users a thrilling feeling of options. In the study done, blind particular date was considered the most thrilling possibility used with the ambitious trip. 53 percent of the mark consumer select the option Blind day. 18 percent opt for the option adventurous trip.


COBWEB is a strategy to represent the info.

It analyzes and shows the difference between the consumer's data and the company's data.

This was created with all those attributes which are required in the brand personality prism.

This is the Coweb representation of the info. Fundamentally it analyzes and shows the difference between your consumer's data and the company's data. That is designed with those attributes which are required in the brand identification prism. Company provides its own priorities to the next traits i. e which feature is more important for their brand with related to others.

There are 6 individuality facets in the brand id prism. Thesefacets point out the tangible and intangible characteristics of the brand and give it a unique power and legitimacy of principles and benefits. Pursuing will be the six facets of the prism:







PHYSIQUE-This symbolizes an external surfaces tangible facet conversing physical specificities, coloring, and form and brand features. Physique is the starting place of branding and for that reason it sorts the brands backbone. Silver i. e. the color of the merchandise, logo product, scratch make are following features which belong to this entity. Questions were asked to the respondents about the physique of the brand. The next table shows the consequence of the study conducted on the buyer preferences:

PERSONALITY-This represents an internal intangible facet which sorts the character, heart and soul and brand personality that are relevant for brands. Company focuses on people having an generation of 22-28 (Young adult). The Brand is Masculine, Mysterious and it also enjoys a hint of risk. Respondents were asked about the hint of risk and adventure a wild natural stone man enjoys. Two options were based on the company's perspective. Bungee jumping (considered as one of the most dangerous game) and River rafting (considered as one of the dangerous as well as adventurous game). 17 percent agreed with bungee jumping and 40 percent agreed with River rafting. Pursuing scorings are developed following the survey conducted on consumer personal preferences and recognition:

RELATIONSHIP-This represents an external surfaces facet with tangible and intangible areas, and defines the behaviour that identifies the brand - the way the brand connects to its customers.

Relationship is truly a handshake between the company and the consumer. The way a brandname attaches to its customer. Exciting possibilities ratings 2. 6 in the range of 1 1 to 5.

CULTURE-Culture can be an interior intangible facet to incorporate the brand into the organization which is vital in differentiating brands. The business suggests its brand as modern as well as Indian. The following table shows the result of the survey conducted on the consumer preferences:

REFLECTION - External surfaces facet with tangible and intangible areas, and defines the behavior that identifies the brand - what sort of brand connect to its customers. The business assigns the brand outrageous stone with traits like Wild, Bad and Solid and Dynamic. Pursuing scorings are developed after the review conducted on consumer personal preferences and recognition:

SELF-IMAGE -This shows an external intangible facet reflecting the customer attitude for the brand. These internal thoughts hook up personal inner relationship with the brand. So called the target's interior mirror. Strong interior energy and Muscular appeal belong to this entity. Muscular fascination ratings 2. 4 in the range. After surveying the marketplace following results were found:

Few strategies will be employed later to knockout the distance which is found in few attributes. Focus should be produced to make people or the consumers more aware about the brand.




Wild stone deodorants were launched in a metallic color bottle. The gold color of the container symbolizes self assurance.

After three years, company launched three different variants of fragrance but in a different product packaging colors.

The product packaging color shouldn't be altered so frequently. People realize the product by its physical appearance too. In addition they recall the merchandise by its color, custom logo etc. The color of the Wild stone product has been positioned in the consumer's brain slowly.

Axe was launched in India in the entire year 1999. Since that time the product gets the same product packaging color i. e black and is the number 1 brand among the deodorant sector.

So the company should not change the color of the packaging so frequently. This makes consumers confuse about the actual brand.



Survey results show that only a few percentage of the mark consumers were able to realize the brand company logo unit and the symbol.

The company should increase marketing of its brand by developing campaigns centered on the brand, showcasing only the custom logo.

This will help the brand gain more prominence of personal information in the consumers head.

Repetitive advertising, with added focus on the logo product, should be carried out to increase brand familiarity

People affiliate the logo and color with the brand. A solid association makes certain that the products has a high top-of-the-mind recall



Consumers have a tendency to perceive the origin of the product by its name rather than reading the label to find out where it is actually made.

Wild stone can be an Indian brand. Every advertisement of wild rock has an essence of Indian tradition. The backdrop music, the ladies in saree and the company don't take overseas models for the ad.

STRATEGY-New variations with suffixes put into the brand name, which pertains to the Indian tradition. For instance they can try the name as "Wild Stone SUTRAZZ". This may be an ground breaking way to charm to the Indian masses.

A type of variations with such words portraying seduction can be launched



Wild Stone products are not available in salons.

Brands like AXE and Playground Avenue are the major rivals of Wild Rock. Their products are available in saloons.

Firstly, It will make customers aware about the Wild Rock products available in the market and also make them aware of its new launches.

Secondly, it can help the business to increase sales.

So the business can launch a fresh package with their products well suited for salon.



As we see that every soda companies provide a small refrigerator to the outlets where they sell their products. These refrigerators are used to store and screen their products.

Wild rock should provide dummy refrigerators to the retailers who buy large amount of wild natural stone deodorants from the company to sell. These small refrigerators should be designed such a way that this can screen the deodorant bottles.

Adding to the progressive idea is to include a fresh tagline which resembles with the brand and says why the brand is stored in the refrigerator. Eg. "Too hot to resist".




Digital marketing spends in the Indian ad industry is estimated to be a meagre Rs. 900 crore, only 4% of total marketing expenditures. Yet its reach techniques in a geometric progression and is considered the best approach to touch the internet savvy Technology X. Obtaining a online web space on cultural networking sites and sites has become a bare minimum requirement.

STRATEGY-Interactive rooms (that is monitored 24*7) provide consumers to express must be founded. The amount of interactivity will establish the idea of difference.

Additionally chart buster music and genres that correlate with the brands setting, can be produced available for free downloads.


Wild Stone as per the study has a broad acceptability in the market. The core notion is the brand to be the iconic Indian Guy Illusion Brand that possesses the area of the Indian sensuality. Wild Stone bases its products on the changing needs of India's youngsters. The brand provides products like deodorants and perfumes. The soap and shaving products complete a man's personal health care ritual.

The project provides a deep information about the brand and exactly how it is positioned on the market. The project gave a concept of the brand's desired belief i. e what features the company want consumers to associate it with its brand and what is the actual understanding of the consumers on the brand. Finding the gap and fulfilling them by new strategies and progressive ideas. Wild Natural stone has a good opportunity to increase their market share by making introducing variations in their products and using ways of knock out the gap which prevails between the consumer conception and the company's perception.


I many thanks very much in advance for watching this questionnaire. Overall, there are a few questions for answering which can only help me for the conclusion of my task and can take approximately 2 minutes.


AGE- ( if years between 22-28 continue or else terminate)


What is your profession?




(If service or business then continue if not terminate)

Do you utilize Deodorant? (if yes continue if not terminate)



Why do you utilize Deodorant?

For taking away body odor

For freshness

For sophistication

For all

From Where do you purchase deodorant?

Retail shops


Local shops



How would you give importance to the factors while investing in a deodorant?

(Ranking 1 to 5, where 1 for highest priority and 5 for the lowest)






Any other

Which make of deodorant do you use?


Wild Stone

Parke Avenue


(if you select others, then terminate if not continue)

How would you recognize the Crazy Rock products?\





Other than the brand name, what symbol in the merchandise helps you to recognize the product?

Which color comes to your mind when you think of the Wild Natural stone product?

What do you consider makes an appealing look in the open Natural stone product?


Logo unit

Shape of the container


If Wild Stone a man, which age group should he belong to?

Below 18

Age 18-22

Age 22-26

Age 26-30

30 and above

Which celebrity can you suggest who endorse Crazy Stone?

Akshay Kumar

Ranbir Kapoor

Emraan Hashmi

Aamir Khan

None of the above

What type of games would Wild Natural stone play. If a man?

Bungee jumping

River Rafting




If Wild Natural stone were a person, rate the next attributes.

(Rate 1-5, where 1 for Firmly agree and 5 for Firmly Disagree)

Rough & Rugged




Describe people who'll be the users of Outdoors Rock brand.





If Wild Stone a person, please get ranking its modernity.

Very Modern


Less Modern

Slightly Conservative


Very conservative

If Wild Natural stone a person which nationality would he belong to?

Which of the actions will the Crazy Rock man enjoy?

(Rank 1 for the experience he looks forward to the most and 6 for minimal)

Going for a family function

Going for a cricket match

Going for a blind date

Going for a walk

Going for hang out with friends

Going for an adventurous trip

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