How to write a personal trainer cover letter

When you are applying for a job as a personal trainer, you may, or may not have much experience. However, whether you are experienced or not, the trick is to be confident in your abilities, and to highlight your particular areas of expertise.

First of all, let’s consider the layout of the personal trainer cover letter: -

You need to print your name as some, if not all, signatures are difficult to interpret. The recipient of your personal trainer cover letter will need to know to whom to address the reply.

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Your cover letter is written for the purpose of explaining in more detail the relevant experience you have had which is in your CV/resumé. The CV simply gives an outline of your qualifications and experience When you write a personal trainer cover letter, you can expand on the points covered in your CV/ resumé.

If you haven’t had much or any experience as a personal trainer, but have a degree in sports, you may be hired even though you lack experience. Perhaps you had some experience and training in sports coaching as part of your degree programme. This would be a useful skill to mention and highlight in your personal trainer cover letter.

If you don’t have any formal qualifications, say what experience you have gained over the years and mention the area of fitness in which you have had the most success and enjoyed.

Points to highlight in your personal trainer cover letter

  • Describe your area of expertise and explain how this could benefit the gym were they to employ you.
  • Explain that you are flexible and can work with classes as well as individuals. A personal trainer is an educator and as such should be able to take on a variety of roles. Say that you are willing to help promote the good name of the gym in any way that benefits clients.
  • Next you should write about your personal goals as a fitness trainer. You can also say how you have helped past clients achieve their personal fitness goals in the past.
  • Explain how you could help the gym or the company achieve their goals if they were to employ you.

You really need to do some research into the company and find out the names of employees, or at least the ones that you are likely to need to write to. If you know the name of the owner of the gym or the Human Resources officer, you will impress your reader. It shows initiative on your part and indicates that you are serious about wanting the job.

It is not a good idea to start your letter with the phrase ‘To whom it may concern.’ Having a name is so much better. How many letters have you had that begin with that phrase? Even sales letters these days have your name and address you by it.

Find the job advertisement and tailor your letter carefully, ensuring that you have mentioned all the points you needed to address. Have the advertisement beside you while you write your cover letter.

You don’t have to write your name by way of an introductory sentence, it should already be at the top of your letter. You could say any of these, for example: -

  • I’m writing to apply for the position of personal trainer at your gym/company.
  • I’m excited about the new role you are advertising for a personal trainer.
  • I’m very happy/glad to have this opportunity to apply for this position.

Next explain why you are particularly enthusiastic about this job. You might, for example, have liked the gym/company for a long time. Say that you are passionate about training and really enjoy helping people attain their potential as far as fitness is concerned. However, don’t go over the top. Say that you have the ideal set of skills to do the job.

If you feel that you would like the assistance of our writing professionals, then feel free to contact us and ask about our services. We can proofread and edit your documents or write them for you. We understand that writing is tricky for some people, especially if English is not their mother tongue.

When you are applying for a job, it’s important to make a good impression with an error free, perfectly grammatical letter and CV. So why not contact us and allow us to help you with your writing?

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