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Write an estate agent cover letter with ease

Being an estate agent is an exciting choice of career. However, if you have recently started looking for positions in the industry, you may feel a little overawed if you have noticed that you need to produce an estate agent cover letter alongside your curriculum vitae. If you have never written a cover letter for a job before, you may do one of two things:

This is not a problem; in this article you will learn:

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In this section, we are referring to the main body of the letter. In the first paragraph, you need to make it clear which situation you are applying for. Don’t assume that they will know.

The rest of the body of the letter is concerned with highlighting how you are perfect for the position that you are applying for. You need to have the job description at hand. If you are applying for more than one estate agent job, don’t make the mistake of writing the same letter for every situation. Recruiters can spot this a mile off and will instantly think that you can’t be bothered to put in the effort for their application. They can be similar but they need to be tailored to fit the advertisement and the company.

Each estate agent will have slightly different job criteria and so you need to scrutinize this carefully. For instance, Greenhalgh, Stott and Asquith might want someone that has a lively personality and a good sales record whereas Johnson, Howard and Lockwood may want someone that has a fine eye for detail, a good sales record in both the rental and sales market and good computer skills.

You might write for Greenhalgh, Stott and Asquith:

Having spent the past five years in Young’s department store as a floating sales person, I feel that the variety of products that I have become familiar with has led me to be able to adapt to any sales situation with confidence.

Having worked as a volunteer in the local community library and also been a member of the amateur dramatic society, my experiences of dealing with the varied members of society has helped me when conversing with clients at work.

You might write for Johnson, Howard and Lockwood:

Having spent the past five years in Young’s department store as a floating sales person, I had to quickly be able to differentiate between products that I sold. For instance, one day I might have to speedily understand the difference between a foundation for dehydrated skin and one for combination skin. The next day, I might have to be able to advise customers on which laptop would be best for their teenage children. I feel, therefore, that although I have not had prior experience in the rental and sales market for properties that the variety of products that I have had to become familiar with has enabled me to adapt to any sales position quickly. I am computer literate and hold an EDCL certificate.

Can you see how the different companies have had varied requirements and so the applicant has had to go into more detail on the second one than the first one. The reason for this is that she has had to demonstrate an eye for detail and also she hasn’t got the sales experience in property selling that they require. Hopefully, the highlighting of her adaptability would make them interested enough to view her cv.

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