A Record Of Karen Horney English Literature Essay

A Background of Karen Horney. The History of Karen Horney has proven through background of psychology to be an important part from it. Through this newspaper every essential part of Horney's life and several after her fatality are brought up and shown the significance from it, from her child years, matrimony and children, her education and profession. Then her relevance ever sold is earned play, mentioning her ideas like her Theory on Neurosis, Mature Theory, Theory of Personal, and Neo-Freudism. Another significant impact is her engagement as a lady in the field of mindset. Finally the legacy she left behind for the field of psychology was the Karen Horney Medical clinic and also the Karen Horney Honor both created after her loss of life and both still effective right now.

What Karen Horney Do For Psychology: A BRIEF HISTORY of Karen Horney

Karen Horney was created Karen Danielsen on 16 Sept 1885 in Blankenese, Germany. Her dad, Berndt Wackels Danielsen, was a ship's captain, authoritarian, and a spiritual figure. Her mother, Clotilde was completely different kind of person, being much more tasteful than Berndt. Horney's more aged brother was also known as Berndt, who Horney cared for deeply. She also acquired four elder half-siblings from her father's prior marriage.

Horney Knew her dad as a tough authoritative person and also noticed that he placed Berndt, the kid, on a higher pedestal than her. Her dad attempted to try to get her acceptance by purchasing her gifts or taking her from his voyages on his fishing boat. No matter what Horney felt as though she was not treated as just as her brother and had not been given the same passion as her brother which lead to her becoming mounted on her mom. Since Horney's Child years her view on life and attitude became very difficult towards other people and their positive thoughts and opinions about her. She truly endured through many years of depression which afflicted her for the others of her life. It had an effect on her university and her profession.

Through Horney's job she developed ideas and ideas that lots of professionals in neuro-scientific psychology still placed into play today. Included in these are her Theory of Neurosis which eventually becomes The Mature Theory, her belief in Neo-Freudianism, and also her Theory of Self. She was also a fairly large part having females positively in neuro-scientific psychology.

Horney's Theory of Neurosis was developed while she was a psychiatrist. It is presumed that her youth is part of the reason for this to be developed. Horney noticed neurosis in various perspective than most psychoanalysts of the time. Her in affinity for neurosis led her to " complete an in depth theory of neurosis with data from her patients". Horney realized neurosis as something that was steady in someone's life-time. Which is different from most theorist which feels that neurosis was a poor attribute for someone's brain like any negative mental disorder.

Horney comprehended that need for the influences to a person during their youth. She specifically pointed out the importance of your parents have an effect on on a kid. A child's perception of events resistant to the parents actual motives of the action is what is most significant in understanding someone's neurosis. One of these is "a child might feel too little warmth and devotion should a parent or guardian make fun of the child's thoughts. The parent could also casually neglect to fulfill promises, which could have a negative influence on the child's state of mind. "

Throughout Horney's profession her experience led her to produce ten habits of neurotic needs. These needs derive from different things that a person must succeed in life. She tool these needs and applied them from what she presumed was someone's neurosis. A neurotically damaged person may have all ten of the habits but doesn't need all ten to be looked at neurotic. These ten habits of neurosis were condensed into three broad categories: Compliance, Aggression, and Detachment. Compliance sometimes appears as an activity of "moving towards people, or self-effacement. Under Horney's theory children facing difficulties with parents often utilize this strategy". Aggression is called the "moving against people, or the "expansive" solution. Neurotic children or men and women in this category often exhibit anger or basic hostility to people around them". Detachment is the "moving-away-from or resigning solution or a detached personality". Horney acknowledged that children might simply make an effort to become self sufficient. That is eventually refined once more by Horney in her later years of her work.

The Mature Theory is a summary of her ideas via her writing "Neurosis and Human Progress: The Have difficulties Toward Self-Realization", her major work publicized in 1950. It is in this publication that she summarizes her ideas regarding neurosis, clarifying her three neurotic "solutions" to the strains of life. The expansive or extreme solution became a 3 part combination of narcissistic, perfectionistic and arrogant-vindictive methods to life. Her other two neurotic "solutions" were also a refinement of her past views: self-effacement, or submission to others, and resignation, or detachment from others.

Through Horney's job her and Alfred Adler emerged to create the Neo-Freudian discipline. Being truly a Neo-Freudian you follow and use Freud's theory's and idea but instead of using them exactly you grow to them and create your own theories from Freud's. For example,

"While Horney acknowledged and arranged with Freud on many issues, she was also critical of him on several key values. Freud's notion of "penis envy" specifically was subject to criticism by Horney. She thought Freud had merely stumbled after women's jealousy of men's general power on earth. Horney accepted that penis envy may occur once in a while in neurotic women, but mentioned that "womb envy" occurs as much in men: Horney thought that men were envious of a woman's potential to tolerate children. The amount to which men are driven to success may be merely a substitute for the actual fact that they can not carry, nurture and tolerate children. Horney also reworked the Freudian Oedipal complex of the intimate elements, boasting that the clinging to 1 mother or father and jealousy of the other was basically the result of stress and anxiety, the effect of a disruption in the parent-child romantic relationship. "

Another theory of hers, which she distributed to Abraham Maslow, was the Theory of Self. This is the idea that many people are trying for self-actualization. By the term "self" Horney described that she believed in a person's "being and potential". Her Theory on Do it yourself contains a person having "an accurate conception of our very own self", which helps a person realize their "potential" and also to work toward that probable. This "self-actualization" is believed to be is the healthy way of life somewhat opposing the neurotic needs. Horney presumed that people have two views of themselves, "the 'real' self and the' ideal' personal". As the real self is the fact potential mentioned before, the prospect of "growth, delight, will power", the ideal self is a model for the real do it yourself to help develop the to attain that degree of self-actualization.

Females in neuro-scientific mindset during Horney's time was down to a minimum. There were organization focusing on such nevertheless they were never as big as the popular organizations including the APA. Horney was one of the first to pave the way for fellow feminine psychiatrists and psychologists. Horney publicized 14 papers between the years of 1922 and 1937 all placed into a single volume level titled "Feminine Mindset". Horney's proved helpful for females in her field proving that "many civilizations and societies worldwide prompted women to be dependent on mean for his or her love, prestige, wealth, care and safeguard". She thought that society you can find an excessive amount of a will by women to "please, satiate, and overvalue men". She worked well to verify and display this and it was finally proven to the public by her works in the "Feminine Psychology".

After the death of Karen Horney, which occurred Dec 4th, 1952, a legacy was kept which we use today. Besides her ideas and her force in to the field as a female there have been also the Karen Horney Medical clinic and the Karen Horney Prize. The Karen Horney Center opened on, may 6, 1955 in New York City, in honor of Horney's successes. The establishment is open for research so that as a training service for medical professionals for the psychiatric fields; additionally it is a low-cost treatment center for patients. Then there was the Karen Horney Prize which was established by the Relationship for the Improvement of Psychoanalysis. The prize was given to anyone who had written a superb contribution toward the introduction of psychoanalysis and continue the work and ideas of Karen Horney.

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