A Release To Dish Television

Satellite television set first the buyer market in the early 1990s. Dishes designed for the average household were expensive and used a whole lot of space in the garden. I n the first few years of satellite television only the wealthiest, or more 'die-hard' admirers of tv, would go directly to the trouble of shopping for and establishing a satellite tv dish. Satellite tv set was also a whole lot harder to get than cable tv or broadcast Television.

In the present day you see dish food on the rooftops of most homeowners in the UK and indeed all of those other lady. The major satellite television companies are getting increasing numbers of people to buy their product with promises of films, sports and especially information from around the world. The growth into high-definition tvs and having the ability to get a high definition satellite sign has made it even more visible.

Satellite Television provides us many solutions to the problems that come with broadcast TV and, but not perfect itself, is currently the key way to see television.

In its basic form dish television is like broadcast television. They are both a radio system for delivering television coding to a viewers house. And they both use dish stations to transfer programming via a radio transmission.

Using powerful antennas broadcast stations transmit radio waves to the region surrounding them. The viewers, however, pick up the indication with a much smaller antenna. Broadcast tv set works fine it just has one large disadvantage, which is range. When a broadcast antenna shoots out a radio sign it is shot away in a direct line. To get these signals you have to be in the direct line of perception of the antenna. If you are not the signal may become distorted. Small road blocks such as trees or small complexes shouldn't be a problem but bigger road blocks, such as the world, would pose an issue. If you transmitted a broadcast transmission over a perfectly flat surface you'd be able to grab a signal a large number of miles away from the source. However in the real world the curvature of the earth distorts and blocks the indication sent out from the dish, to get a perfect signal you'll need to be near to the antenna without obstacles among.

The Satellite TV Solution

Satellite Television set solves this issue by transmitting signal from satellites orbiting the Earth. Because these satellites are so saturated in the sky this means there are a lot more customers in range and line of sight. Satellite TV systems transmit and receive radio signs using specialised antennas called satellite television dishes.

Diagram of how SATELLITE TELEVISION works


When the satellites that broadcast these radio signals are delivered up in to space all of them are directed up in geosynchronous orbit. Which means that they all stay static in one put in place the sky relative to the planet earth.

Some facts:

Every satellite television is launched into space at 7000mph

Each one grows to about 22, 200 miles above the planet earth.

When the dish is this high and moving at such a rate it will revolve around the Earth once every 24 hours, keeping it in the same position above the planet earth giving constant transmission to the audience with uninterrupted alerts.

The Components of Satellite TV

In a DTH (direct to home) or DBS (immediate broadcasting) satellite television system there are five major components. They are the programming source, the broadcast middle, the dish, the satellite dish and the recipient.

Programming source - that's where the channels that provide the programs are based. That's where the satellite TV providers go to pay other companies (for example MTV or Nickelodeon) for the right to broadcast there programmes through their satellites.

Broadcast Centre - The broadcast middle is central part of the system. Inside the broadcast centre the folks who are providing the TV to the viwers at home receive indicators from different programming options and then beam a broadcast signal to satellites to geosynchronous orbit.

Satellites - The satellites in space receive the signal directed from the broadcast middle and beam them back down to Globe.

Dish - The viewer then picks up this rebroadcasted sign and the satellite dish passes it onto the recipient in the house.

Receiver - All of the receiver then has to is process the sign and cross it to a standard Television.

This is a good system to providing a good quality indication to a huge area. It includes very picture screen and sound quality with a huge selection of programs and the service is ready to used in rural and urban areas and a great deal of usage of digital and high definition programming. However satellite television is not without its drawbacks. It could be very costly to buy all the equipment first (satellite dish and device etc) and if you want to access satellite tv set in multiple rooms at home be prepared for the extra cost. Aswell as this satellite tv tv can be at the mercy of extreme climate.

Satellite TV signals

Satellites signals have a very long way to travel before they show up on your Television screen. Because of this and because they contain very high-quality digital data it might be near impossible to transmit them without compression. Compression is identified, in this case, as taking away all unneeded or repeated information. After the signal is sent it is reconstructed.

Satellite TV has to use an extremely unique kind of video document compression standardized by the 'Moving Pictures Experts Group' or MPEG for brief. This enables the company to successfully transfer significantly more stations than without using this method of compression.

MPEG standards are present to market interoperability among your personal computer, televisionand handheld video and audio tracks devices. These MPEG criteria are:

MPEG-1: this is actually the original standard. It is utilized for encoding and decoding streaming video and music files.

MPEG-2: this standard compresses files which are being used and transmitted for a superior quality of video and it is the standard for digital television set.

MPEG-4: the function of the standard is to compress high definition video onto a smaller scale and that means you can stream it to computer systems, cell phones and PDAs.

MPEG-21: This standard fundamentally interprets digital content so the media plays perfectly whatever machine it is, what vocabulary it is in or an individual conditions. It is also known as the 'Media Platform'.

Most satellite television providers used to utilize the MPEG-2 standard to compress their impulses but transformed to the MPEG-4 standard of compression. It is because MPEG-4 is more efficient at encoding can provide a much better bandwidth than MPEG-2. However MPEG-2 still remains the official standard for digital tv. This is because it is more in a position to analyse static images, like those you would see in such programs like chat shows or newscasts whereas MPEG-4 is better at analysing moving, dynamic images. MPEG-4 can do that through specific things like spatial and temporal compression. This is how satellite TV manages to provide such a high quality picture of fast-moving objects on the display, that are always moving, like in a football game.

Satellite Dish

When the indication reaches the viewers house it is captured by the satellite television dish. The satellite dish comprises of an aparabolic (bowl-shaped) surface and a central give food to horn. The signal passes through the horn and then the dish concentrates the transmission into a thin beam.

This getting dish works in the precise opposing way to the transmitter as it can't transfer information, it can only just receive it. The dish serves as being a concave mirror in that the condition of the dish demonstrates the signal inward onto a particular point as being a concave mirror centers light onto a particular point.

The dishes nourish horn feeds the signal to the receiving equipment, of course, if there hasn't been any obstacles between the dish and the dish there should be a perfect sign getting into the viewers recipient (unless the elements is bad). Prior to the dish directs the indication to the viewers receiver it amplifies and filter systems the indication using LNB, or low sound blockdown converter. Following this the LNB passes the amplified, filtered transmission to inside.

Sometimes, in some systems, the dish needs to pick up a signal from two different satellites. Sometimes this can be possible however when it isn't it may compromise the grade of the sign because the dish cannot be targeted at both of the satellites at the same time so each one or both of the impulses would be distorted.

Satellite Receiver

At the finish of the satellite TV system is the receiver. They have four important jobs:

It needs the encrypted transmission and de-scrambles it

It requires the digital MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 sign and changes them into an analog signal so the standard tv can recognize

It also offers to straighten out the individual

As well as this it maintains the providers headquarters up to date with the payments the viewer owes the company of the satellite television on pc.


After closely learning satellite television set and how it works it is clear if you ask me that is much better and more functional then the aged normal broadcast television set. This is because of the greater range and 'range of eyesight' that satellites have got as opposed to the regular antennas that are impeded by the curvature of the planet earth and even small hurdles. Although satellite tv set does have some drawbacks I would say it is obviously the way frontward in television set broadcasting and has already nearly bought out the marketplace.

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