Advantages Of Mixed Overall economy To Hilton Kuching Marketing Essay

In this project we've chosen Hilton Hotel, Kuching as our research and evaluation. Hilton Kuching is situated at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, which reaches the guts of the town. From Kuching International Airport, it often takes 25 minutes to reach Hilton. Encircle the hotel; there are variety of outlets including the 24-time convenience shop - 7-11, the coffee shop, the lounge, bistro and shopping mall. It is very convenient for the guests who wish to have different kind of activities during their stay at the accommodation.

Hilton Kuching provides guests with different types of facilities and services. For the business enterprise convenience, Hilton Hotel provide the guest with business centre which is well outfitted with the access to the internet, express mail, computer printer, photocopying service and etc. They also provide the entrepreneur with the assembly room in order to allow the businessman talk with their client. After that, the hotel also provides some service to the family who come for getaway. The service is including the babysitting service, the family program offer, the cribs and the playground. For the other convenient of the guest, the hotel has provide the visitor with the other service such as the concierge desk, the barber shop, the lounge, the safe practices deposit package, the guest recreation table and the multi-lingual personnel. During the time of the guest's stay, Hilton Hotel provide the places to allow them to have their outdoor activities like the swimming pool and the tennis games court.

For the meals and beverage service, Hilton Hotel provides the restaurant where they provide different kinds of cuisine. For example, the Waterfront Restaurant that functions the guest in buffet style. They may be exposed for the breakfast, lunch and meal. For the Toh Yuen Restaurant, they provide Chinese food. The guests can have their meals their during the lunch and dinner time. Sometime, the Chinese language will held the marriage at that restaurant. After that, the hotel also provides the friends with fine-dining service at the Steakhouse. They serve the american food for the guests and the popular dish that suggested by the chef is the steak and sirloin. They are the 3 main restaurants that located in the establishment. Aside from these 3, there are other lunge and bistro such as the Senso bar where the guests can style all of the cocktails, the Caf Cino where is full with the aroma of caffeine and provide the freshly cooked bread. In addition they provide the wireless service to the guests.

Lastly, the Hilton Hotel provides the guest with 7 types of room with different room rates. The area type is such as the Ruler Deluxe Plus, Ruler Guestroom Plus, Ruler Hilton Guestroom, Twin Guestroom Plus, Twin Hilton Guestroom, Suites and the King Executive Suite. Every different kind of room will have their own room rate and the highest rate is the Ruler Executive Suite.

The Hilton Hotel is experiencing a blended overall economy in Kuching meaning the economic system that mixed the private and areas enterprise. Hilton Hotel does not have the full control on the establishment. The combined economy which is experienced by the Hilton Hotel brings them the benefit and downside. We will look into the details of what advantages and disadvantages has bring to the hotel in the arriving pages.

Executive Summary

In this task, we have chosen Hilton Hotel, Kuching as our research and debate. Hilton Kuching has experienced a merged current economic climate in Kuching. Merged economy can be an economic system that combines the private and the state of hawaii enterprises. It is the common form of nationwide economic organization, somewhere within the command overall economy and a market economy. The degree of government involvement is the foundation of most politics department in countries using this technique.

The objective of this assignment is to allow us to learn more about the current economic climate that experienced by the Hilton Kuching which is mixed economy. It also enables us to understand the advantages and drawbacks for Hilton Kuching to have mixed market. Through this assignment, we are able to understand the facts of mixed market but not the top only.

It also helps us to boost our knowledge and appearance into fine detail of the financial world. Nowadays, teenagers do not concern about the market of particular country and with this project, we have the opportunities to check out the articles and the news headlines of mixed market. It can help us to boost our knowledge on the monetary field.

As a conclusion, this task can guide our attention to a fresh environment and new field which is economical environment which can help us a lot inside our future.

Advantages of Mixed Overall economy to Hilton Kuching

Hilton Kuching is experiencing a combined economy which has taken them few advantages. We will look into detail how advantages influence the hotel's procedure.

The first good thing about the mixed economy to Hilton Hotel is the fact the business enterprise can make their decision by their own is some areas. They do not need to check out exactly what the government has stated down. They have got their own privileges in making decision. For instance, the top management of Hilton Kuching can make to truly have a foreigner as their supervisor and in charge in this department. Apart from that, the food and beverage section can also import the ingredients for his or her food from the other country. It is such as some of the sea food that the restaurant needs to transfer from Japan or Korea.

The second edge is that the government has limited control which is wonderful for the framework. Sometime, because of the regulation that is set by the federal government, the public need to accept it but with the merged economy, the operation has much more freedom in managing and working their operation. They are able to have their own idea as long as they don't have any illegitimate act. At exactly the same time, they could obtain the help from the government.

The third benefit is the fact Hilton can find the active administration support and direction in their operation while at exactly the same time; they can have their own idea and doing what they wish to do. They can have their own plan; own objective, own vision and also their own goal on how they want to achieve the mark that has been set. For example, when they are having financial problem like the problem in turnover, they can get the support and help from the federal government to be able to help operation to overcome the trouble.

The fourth advantages is that national resources are utilized under the blended economy. This is because both public and private sectors work hard to draw out more production and this can helps a lot in the development of overall economy of Hilton Hotel. The creation can maintain the term of promotion, that your government really helps to top up their sales of room, in the term of producing food and drink and etc.

The fifth benefits for Hilton Hotel to acquire mixed economy is the fact by the using of mixed market, the both gatherings are able to strengthen their connection and create a more stable condition of the procedure. They help the other person in growing up on the economy while the Hilton will help to grow the economy of Kuching as the government will grow the overall economy of Hilton by supporting them to earn much more profit.

So these are the features of the mixed economy bring to the Hilton Hotel, Kuching.

Disadvantages of Mixed Economy to Hilton Kuching

After looking into the benefits of mixed economy for Hilton Kuching, we will look into the disadvantage of mixed market for Hilton Kuching and how it influences the procedure of the Hilton Kuching.

The first drawback of the merged economy for Hilton Hotel, Kuching is that the government treatment in this system to protect the economy may cause the restriction of creation because administration is in charge of some of the development in this operation. The varieties of products have a tendency to be limited and operated. For example, due to Malaysia is an Islamic country, Muslim occupying the majority of the population in Malaysia, the Waterfront Restaurant of Hilton Kuching must be Halal that they serve the food with no pork. This may decrease the freedom of the business in preparing the meals because without providing pork, they could loss almost all of their friends who prefer to eat pork. Pork can be offered in variety ways and the majority of the Chinese like to eat pork. Without portion pork, the restaurant might loss almost all of their Chinese guests and this can cause them loss some profit.

The second benefits is that slight decisions from the business enterprise and consumer have to check out the government's procedures. With the intervention of administration, the procedure has a restriction in establishing their insurance policies which is including the example that has been given above. The hotel is necessary not to provide the pork in their main eating out restaurant which is Waterfront Restaurant. apart from that, almost all of the administrative policies are also predicated on the government's decision including the working hour of the staffs, the type of standard that the staffs should wear and the look of the area. The uniform of the Waterfront Restaurant is dependant on the Malay outfit while for the design of the area, there will be an arrow which shows the way for the Muslim's prayer. For this reason treatment, every room is wanted to have the arrow at the top pf the roof.

The third disadvantage is that combined economy tends to encourage more expresses monopolies, higher and higher taxes and dominant the general public finance, making the federal government the overwhelmingly large monetary player as compared to the corporate or the average person entities. Sometime the procedure are not in control of the fees that the guests need to pay and for those friends who don't realize the procedures, they may believe that the costs for the tax is unnecessary and somehow the charges is too much. As we all know that, every visitor who stays in the accommodation will need to pay the 5% of federal tax and 10% of service tax.

The fourth downside is that merged overall economy system often turns into the finished economies hindering the international trade and the globalization and depriving people from the advantages of an interdependent world economics. This might be due for some regulation of the federal government and to be able never to disobey the regulation; the operation has to stop the particular plans. For example, Hilton Hotel is a favorite hotel that they can actually have a more attractive and stylish design, but due to the intervention of government; they have a limited idea on the design of creating because they need the acceptance from the federal government. It has cause many limitation to the management of the establishment. For example, the inside design of the hotel. The look is permitted to be more trendy and attractive but due to the intervention of the federal government which they might need to save cost for the materials, they'll change the look to a far more simple design which is acceptable for the public and affordable to them. This may reduce the ambience of the complete establishment and the guest has loss their opportunities to see a much better environment which is similar to the traditional western country.

The fifth disadvantage is that mixed economy system has a natural tendency to go further and further from the reliance on the competitive market. By using the federal government, the operation does not need to stress about their earnings because they can have the support from the government. The government will usually presented their function at the hotel which gives the federal government staffs with the accommodation. The exemplory case of the activities is such as the workshop or some particular course to increase the skill of authorities staffs. It really is including the computer course which is ready for the clerk who working with the government.


As a summary, we have reviewed about the advantage and downside of the merged economy to the Hilton Hotel, Kuching and exactly how both of these elements influence the hotel. As everybody knows, Hilton Hotel should maintain their durability and improve their weaknesses which may be discovered in the research that we have done.

For the benefit, we know that the key advantages is the Hilton have the ability to cooperate with the federal government in order to boost their performance while for the downside, we know that we now have some limitation in working the operation. For example, the restriction of the production.

Hilton Kuching should find a remedy to get over the weaknesses and also the condition that cause by the merged economy to be able to ensure their establishment can maintain their present guest and appeal to more guests to have a nice stay at Hilton Hotel, Kuching.

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