Arauco: Forward Integration or Horizontal Extension?

The two growth options that Arauco face have an added advantage of the marketplace show and the economies of level. However, taking into consideration the market trend in conditions of prices of pulp that are moving down, the most practical and most competitive move could be the horizontal extension of its development of pulp. Inside the horizontal expansion, Arauco will have more production stores for pulp and its own related hardwood products.

There are various tips and competencies that Arauco presently has that can make it most appropriate and reliable to move forward with the horizontal growth. Firstly, Arauco has enough main resources for the development of its central product which is pulp. That is supported by the fact that by the year 2003 it had an intensive tree plantation of up to 1. 2 million hectares of forestry (Ramon et al. 2). This gives the company with the required raw material for pulp manufacturing. Because of this, Arauco sometimes appears to really have the ability to support its creation through the enough raw material. Secondly, the company is the only one in the market with the lowest production cost in the market. That is also supported by the theory that it can little outsourcing because of its inventory, it also offers a self-sustaining heavy steam energy development that runs the business's developing process. This sets the company at a high-end cost competitive advantages (Vikram n. p). Therefore, the declining pulp prices are with their advantage since it'll allow Arauco to get control of the market through the purchase price lowering.

Nevertheless, the business already comes with an established market talk about in the pulp creation industry. Despite competition such as Weyerheaser and Aracruz, the business already has developed a brandname position in its pulp production (Ramon et al. 4). Therefore, its horizontal extension is the recommended strategy. While currently, it may seem attractive for the company to enter a fresh products of paper development since pulp prices fluctuate and their rival companies are already firmly established. The business should still endeavor into horizontal enlargement by trading US$1 billion to create a fresh state-of-the-art chemical substance pulp plant. The seed would increase Aracuco's capacity by roughly 800, 000 tons to 3. 2 million lots, inserting company as the most significant designer of market pulp. (Ramon et al. 4). This can ultimately lead to help expand lowering the costs to their advantages, because it allows Arauco to get the cost and award competitive advantages over the likes of Weyerheaser and Aracruz (Vikram n. p). It'll then allow them to become the marketplace leader. The advantages of being a market leader are that by managing the largest talk about of the market, the business will contain the powers to lower the prices for their benefit and even increase them to their gain. Arauco will achieve this through managing the supply of pulp that may also control the demand (Vikram n. p); these are both price determinants in the market.

If Arauco determines to forward combine into newspaper making, it'll achieve the model of resource writing since its current operation provides all the necessary resources for paper manufacturing. This is only going to have one benefit which is the cost of creation. However, their drawback is that they don't have any foundation on the market share for paper making (Vikram n. p). Furthermore, its current brand position on pulp may possibly lead to a questionable critique in its growth to a new line of creation. The expense of participating in this venture, the original cost, may be higher and produce little long-term earnings with risk. Therefore, the suggested strategy is good for Arauco to project into is horizontal enlargement considering that it already has a solidly established market talk about.

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