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Terms of Reference

I am repeating this record because its part of my course on might work placement that I've chosen.

Method of Procedure

A variety of sources of information was used to construct this report. I got the information on my records; manger Jenny in my work placement offers me lot home elevators the company and the web.

Findings Section

It was founded in 1971 and today known as Arcadia Group who own Burton and Dorothy Perkins. They can be situated in Ireland and the uk.

It offers stocks to the general public prohibited by regulations and is appropriate to a family- controlled business. It's a private limited responsibility company.

Evans shop is plus size clothing for girl wear. Evans sales a wide range of clothing of tops, knitwear, dresses & tunics, trousers & skirts, leggings, jackets & jackets, jeans, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & boots, leisurewear, accessories, jewellery and swimwear.

There are 330 Evans stores around the united kingdom and Ireland. They have professional advice from the best sales advisors. There have online website which is www. evans. co. uk which gives wide range online exclusives available that you won't find in-store. It really is located is 42 Henry Block, Dublin, Dublin1. Evans clothes are suitable for curvy woman for the latest fashions.

These are the departments include my obligations in department.

Ground Floor

Party wear.

New stock

Shoes and Boots.


Colour tights.

First Floor


Work wear


Tan tights







My tasks in the team are to:

* Check right sizes on hangers

* Shoes unpack them, put plastic totes in bin, take sterling price off and adhere black stickers on tags to hold the shoes for clinging.

* Help customers

* Check cube was exactly like government

* Basic tidying in store.

* Get shoes for customers looking at the code of again of the shoes and then go directly to the stock room to find the shoe if in size, then go back to the customer with the shoes if in stock. If so than take out the paper in the shoes and give the shoes to the client.

* Assisting customers in appropriate room

* I required clothes from fitted room and put again onto floor in accurate place.

* Pick out shoes off the floor and tided them

* I put all the clothes to be able of size 14-32.

The branches are in republic of Ireland they include:

Liffey Valley, Blanchardstown, Carlow Shaws, Castlebar Shaws, Cork, Galway, Drogheda, Killarney, Limerick, Wexford, Waterford and Traiee Debs.

Internal affect on company.

The Internal marketing is ensuring the best possible treatment of customers it has objective too all employee to be committed to the goals. The business has to change when you are natural, demographic, Scio-culture, financial, political and technology.

Evans stores have telephones so that if the customer wants little bit of clothing the staff would help. At Evans we make sure we sell the product the best we can and when the product is out we make sure that we fill up the products. In Evans do special times as 20% off days or for weekend.

The monetary environment it as income, spreading, global market, internet rates (ESB) inflation rates, deflation, borrowing and administration, property and autos have been down due to inflation actions cost of living.

Technological environment, it creates new market, product from solutions consists of forces some examples are cultural networking, face book, bebo, tintler, MySpace, YouTube.

A Competitive advantage can be created. It could create dependence on change and create opportunities e. g. search, pop ups, banner advertisings, Ireland. com, eircom. net and website.

What is Recourse Founded View?

The firm possesses if the desired outcome for just about any company is that of lasting and in product marketplaces deploys certain key resources.

In growing resources that create value for customers organizations gain completive advantages by one company over another/ group of organizations is given industry or market.

Tangible sustainable source is exceptional and can't move easily.

If the recourse is non-substitutable, inimitable and immobile they can be difficult to duplicate. They are really advantages withstand erosion. There are possessions to the source of information they are functions (capacity to take action well), intangible property (brand, or brand loyalty), good will and tangible assets (building, it systems, stock).

Value string analysis

For customers value there are inputs and outputs by transforming chain of activities for a company. For these inputs and outputs there's a quantity of activities they add a random collection of organisation of people, money and machines. They

also include a competitive benefits for major tool in analysing how activities interact. In organised systems that deliver value the source are that have no value unless deployed are activities.

External effect on organisation



The cost of high Tax's and people going to the north for cheaper prices than heading south.


* Inflation rates

* Interest rates

* Exchange rates

Social Factors

* Because of the resection most people aren't spending lots of money so Evans fined it hard to sell the products.


* Technology incentives

* R&D activity.

· Porters

In the Porters Five Forces the competitive rivalry customers want the perfect time to replace products for example coke to water than again rivalry will be high. Competitive rivalry will likely be high if the entrance to a business is easy.

Power of Suppliers

* It's very important the suppliers supply the company the merchandise. A lot more the suppliers you possess the more customers you can make.

Power of buyers

* The clients have very good customer service in Evans and without customers the company wouldn't have business so Evans makes sure to service each customer with the right customer support.

Threat of substitutes

Evans has sales so they get more income and they stay competitive to other businesses in this area location.

Competitive rivalry

Evans find important to be price friendly, stay ahead of other businesses.

Threat of new entrant

Evans through the occupied times like Xmas Evans wide open their hours longer for his or her customers to stay with competitors

In the micro - environment there are publics (shell, lenders and traders), company, customers, suppliers and marketing intermediaries (Dell).

In macro environment there exists natural, politics & regulations, economic, socio-cultural and technology.

The marketing Environment is the progress of technology on online. Its offers both dangers and opportunities and adapt to changing environment to view constantly.

The micro environment has assortment of forces such as publics, challengers, company itself, and materials.

The micro environment in the company as R&D (recourse), purchasing, top management which as establish objectives/strategies/mission, manufacturing, fund and accounting which as measuring revenue and costs.

In the micro environment you can find marketing intermediaries "Organizations that help the business to market sell and send out its goods to the ultimate buyer. They include marriage marketing intermediaries and with suppliers, syndication companies, marketing service businesses and resellers.

Micro environment is customers are the ultimate source of revenue for a company such as Internet markets, consumer marketplaces, reseller markets, Authorities marketplaces and business marketplaces.

SWOT stands for strengths which can be brand, location/geographic, technologies used, quality, proportion of market show and financial functions weaknesses, opportunities, and dangers.

The weaknesses of your company is insufficient usage of key distribution programs (complete sales) insufficient patent safety, high cost framework, weak brand name etc.

Opportunities to growth and profit a few examples are price wars with tournaments, increased trade obstacles (Tax's). In SWOT you need to be careful never to rely on it too much as two people rarely come up with the ultimate version of SWOT.


1. Size range plus size of clothing.

2. Brand name Evans is well known by many people

3. Customer service.

4. Location it is near all the main shops like M&S and near transport the luas and buses nearby the city centre Dublin 1.


1. It doesn't have smaller sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12.


* Online website.

* 3rd party suppliers

* Superstar endorsement ie Beth Ditlo


* Increasing quantity of plus size retailers

* Global economy

Pricing stance.


In Evans I came across, that they find much good power rather than really any weaknesses that are good for the customer. When the customers give their email address than Evans sends them information for example for another sale is on which the clients friendly service or the customer wishes to buy on online they have got Evans website.

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