Cyclic Dynamics Of Language English Language Essay

This task comes under the recommended Part 1 - Terminology and Cultural framework. The topic I have chosen is - Cyclic nature of terms. This topic is related to the Part 1 of British as it deals with change of the English Language which influences all the ethnicities across the world since the beginning of time. Language in itself has been growing over the decades. I have vanished about this task so so it shows the difference in the way of communication (through dialect) since the beginning of the time to the terms that has become in the present day. It shows the progression of communication from gestures to emergence of language to improve in words itself and then back to gestures and visual representations. This change is shown through good examples like - (change in form of requesting you to definitely keep calm) - shhh   hist  could you please remain silent?   Keep calm   shut up  shhh   :-X.

The goal of this is to draw out the possibility of the declare that terms is cyclic in mother nature. This is also a personal opinion hence I have chosen a blog form to express myself freely while using an informal way. Also this allows me to put across my judgment among a assorted range of audience who might be able to gain access to this when in the form of blog. Your blog helps my text to be conveyed in a general form and audience as planned.

Language came into existence in order for humans to talk. This is said for just about any form of language. It began from grunts, sign words and gestures in the 6000BC and advanced into the described widespread form of dialect which we speak in today's day. We still speak in gestures, only along with terms too. After all "actions speak louder than words. " When upset we still wave our hands about or make offensive gestures, when happy a look is intact on our face, when we feel compassionate we hug, kiss or accept, when despising someone we either glare or make a face. To speak or send a note across we usually finish up gesturing rather than only use words. Corresponding to me gestures are a means better method of expression or communication than words of your terminology as it is more common, innate and natural. Not all gestures have changed through the years like language has. Some gestures come effortlessly to everyone. If uneasy or profound in thought one involuntarily frowns.

However nowadays it sometimes appears terms is deteriorating quite in the literal sense. Here's an example to show the deterioration of terminology over the past few centuries-

Dost thou feel melancholic? (18th century)

Is it sad that you feel? (19th century)

Are you unsatisfied? (20th century)

R u? (21st century)

Above is a simple example of the way the language has progressed within the last centuries with the meaning still intact. Yes, a chap from the 19th century will only have the ability to guess at the most, the particular emoticon conveys. If anything, he will be astonished at the lack of words used when enquiring after someone's health. Whereas, a 21st century dude will only ever before use words like "thou" and "melancholic" as a tale. It really is quite obvious how incorrect using either kind of dialect in either century would be. Linguists and books lovers cringe on the terminology used today. Creators from the earlier centuries might move in their graves at the new meanings of same words used previously. However advancement of terminology is inevitable and necessary too. Whether for the good or the bad, it is different from individual to individual depending on their perception. On one hand a literature lover might revel in the pretty and articulate terms used previously and despise the quick and hasty way the words has converted into in the present day. On the other hand, a 21st century, text savvy teen might appreciate the usage of language in the last centuries and contemplate it a part of the lush record of literature but will be more comfortable using the abbreviated form of terminology these days.

Also it is vital to notice that the changes observed by means of communication are in the form of words in the olden times and texts now a days. Earlier, communication was slow and less consistent. Yet it was important and more efficient for the letters to be long and expressive. Whereas in today's day not only communication is extremely quick and productive, achieving someone is also super easy. Hence in the period where texting and training video calling can be done and it is almost like communicating with the person face to face, one doesn't wish to be excessively expressive and long. Being short does the duty. Earlier it could be considered rude to be curt and short but now being long in your phrases in informal communication (where being short is properly fine) might cause you to look like a literary snob. In ways it is quite efficient as, even although sentences are brief it gets the point through.

Either way it is seen how sentences have become shorter, words abbreviated, certain words for feelings all together turned into emoticons, gestures conveyed through words converted into visual gestures, shade conveyed by exclamations. Example -

Thou  you  u

Sad -

I love you - I Ґ U

What? - ?!!!!

It is clear from the above to the amount to which language is literally deteriorating. One could claim how vocabulary is cyclic in characteristics. It started out from grunts and gestures and went through the stage of development of language to emergence of different dialects and then evolution of words in words to abbreviation to transformation of words into visible gestures entirely. Are we going back in time? Are we becoming barbaric and unrefined? Will it matter?

Does it matter that the English terminology is deteriorating? Because is not the primal use of the language to talk? If the other person knows what you are trying to tell the same magnitude that you mean it, then can it actually matter how terminology changes? Moreover, I believe when you individualize it, it defines you more, offers what you say more indicating if anything.

My view is my own which is not my intent to offend anybody whose view differs from mine. Yes I still recognize the fact that it's important to speak right if not, change of vocabulary would not signify development but just mere slothfulness and ignorance of 1 to learn a dialect properly. If which were to be interested, not a solitary person would understand another with out a manual independently kind of language. Yet an efficient and important change should not be dismissed simply but recognized and embraced as enough time changes too.

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