D Day By Ronald Reagan: Analaysis

"Remarks on the 40th Wedding anniversary of D-Day" by Ronald Reagan supplied in Normandy is a sample of the effective and persuading talk, where the presenter uses different stylistic devices to increase the impact of his words and speech on the audience. As the matter of simple fact, the speech focuses on the historical situations related to World Warfare II but Ronald Reagan tries to intertwine the historical events of days gone by with today's moment. In addition, he shows the close website link between the history heroic deeds of People in the usa and the necessity to unite efforts of most democratic countries in the new have difficulties against their common opponent. Generally, the speech is quite successful due to the use of various stylistic devices, rational and emotional demonstration of key ideas and the appeal to the power, such God, making the speech closer to brains and souls of the audience and make people feel sympathetic and follow the business lead of Ronald Reagan.

In reality, the talk "Remarks on the 40th Wedding anniversary of D-Day" opens with the reference of the writer to days gone by also to the heroic struggle of American and European military against their common enemy - the Nazi regime in Germany, which disperse its influence around Europe and threatened to the flexibility of the united states as well:

We stand over a lonesome, windswept point on the northern shore of France. The environment is tender, but forty years ago currently, air was thick with smoke and the cries of men, and air was filled up with the crack of rifle fireplace and the roar of cannon. (Reagan).

In such a way, the writer uses the contrast between the present calmness of the area and the past heroic have difficulties and turbulent occasions that followed the D-Day in 1944. Actually, Ronal Reagan shows that the past was packed with tragic occasions and the D-Day has transformed the peaceful environment of Normandy and its silent and powerful aspect. The D-day is depicted as something unnatural, as an issue to the nature and as an attempt of People in america and their allies to revive the natural order, when democratic nations united their work in the struggle against Nazi Germany, which threatened with their freedom and fundamental values. The usage of distinction by Ronald Reagan has a deep effect on the audience since it is evident that the audience can be shocked by today's calmness of the area and days gone by turbulent events, which cost a large number of lives to People in the usa and their allies. In such a way, Ronald Reagan engages the audience with the help of the contrast.

At the same time, he attempts to strengthen the impression from his speech on the audience and increase its persuasive ability by attractive to the authority. IN this respect, Ronald Reagan abundantly refers to God as the highest authority which is according to God's will he endeavors to act also to appeal to the specialist of God, who, as Ronald Reagan makes an attempt to show, described the outcome of the battle and justified activities of People in america and their allies in the course of World Conflict II and does so in the present time. Actually, he attempts to show that all actions and situations are ruled by God: This world He created is of moral design. Grief and tragedy and hatred are only for a while. Goodness, remembrance and love haven't any end, and the Lord of life retains all who die and everything who mourn (Reagan). Such an charm to the power of God helps Ronald Reagan to get attention of the audience and to show that what he's saying is not only his own ideas and beliefs but what he says is grounded on his firm idea in God and His will and capacity to determine the life span of individuals and guide visitors to the virtuous and good life.

In such a context, Ronald Reagan derives from materials values and pulls the attention of the audience to fundamental spiritual ideals: As we have been assured, neither fatality nor life nor angels nor principalities, nor capabilities nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth can distinguish us from God's love. May He bless the souls of the departed. May He comfort our own. And could He always guide our country (Reagan). That is another manifestation of the charm to the authority, which shows that folks should not focus on their material life but there will be more important worth.

At once, combined with the appeal to expert and the utilization of comparison and other stylistic devices, Ronald Reagan builds up his conversation logically and sensibly but often he refers to thoughts and moral values of the audience. In this regard, it is possible to trace the effective and systematic use of pathos in the talk of Ronald Reagan. For instance, her identifies the veterans of World Conflict II as follows: "These are the men who required the cliffs. They are the champions who helped free a continent. And they are the heroes who helped end a conflict (Reagan). Obviously, the utilization of pathos contributes to the persuasion of the audience since it evokes basic moral prices in the audience, such as the value to the elder generation and to veterans of World Conflict II, who were true heroes and Reagan strains their heroic struggle and deeds, which cost so many lives for the united states and its own allies.

In addition, Ronald Reagan attracts emotions of the audience and emotions of veterans and also other people listening to his speech. In this respect, you'll be able to refer to the story of Bill Millin of the 51st Highlanders. In fact, this story is the manifestation of ethos in "Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day", which Ronald Reagan uses to evoke strong emotions in the audience. While evoking strong feelings in the audience, the presenter can escort listeners and persuade them in his righteousness. At any rate, when the audience is emotionally affected, people commonly accept the communication of the speaker without even considering what he is actually expressing.

In such a framework, the regular mention of the the past are particularly effective in the course of the conversation:

Yet you risked everything here. Why? Why performed you do it? What impelled you to put aside the instinct for self-preservation and risk your lives to use these cliffs? What motivated all the men of the armies that attained here? We look at you, and somehow we realize the answer. It had been faith and idea. It was loyalty and love (Reagan). Obviously, such use of ethos can hardly keep the audience, especially veterans of World Warfare II, indifferent from what Reagan is saying. In stark contrast, such mention of the past and emotions of the audience make people follow the lead of Ronald Reagan. People start pondering over questions the presenter poses plus they can barely think clearly over these questions because Ronald Reagan provides immediately the response to the questions he poses. Thus, he provides the audience with the answer giving them basically virtually no time to consider over possible choice answers to the questions.

Furthermore, Ronald Reagan uses ethos to fortify the heroism of American troops and allies in World Warfare II: They will be the names of individuals who faced loss of life and in their last occasions called home to say, be brave and I love you (Reagan). At the same time, this test of ethos shows the effective manner in which Reagan has connected directly the tragic happenings that took place in European countries and sufferings of men and women in america. Thus, he revealed the actual fact that World Warfare II was the tragedy for everyone all around the globe.

However, Ronald Regan continuously and logically brings about the audience from days gone by to the present time. In this respect, he uses logos to make his speech realistic and persuading: We're destined today with what destined us 40 years ago, the same loyalties, practices, and values. We're bound by reality. The strength of America's allies is essential to the United States, and the American security promise is vital to the ongoing independence of Europe's democracies. We were with you then; we're along with you now. Your expectations are our desires, and your destiny is our destiny (Reagan). At this time, Ronald Reagan uses logos to get attention of the general public to the current problems the united states, all Us citizens and democratic people face. In fact, he uses the occasions of the D-Day that happened forty years back as the backdrop for this dangers to the democracy and the US and its allies. He uses skillfully logos to show that risks of the past persist now People in america still face numerous problems and dangers, which can put under a hazard their liberty and fundamental values. So, he logically concludes that Us citizens and their allies should unite their attempts in the have difficulties against new threats that emerge in the modern-day world. Moreover, in the end of his conversation he pertains again to the authority of God to complete his talk and back again it up with the power of God.

Thus, "Remarks on the 40th Wedding anniversary of D-Day" is a persuasive and effective talk sent by Ronald Reagan in 1984. The talk has became quite successful because of the competent use of stylistic devices, logos, ethos and pathos. Ronald Reagan has managed to show the heroic deeds of Americans and their allies before and, furthermore, he has were able to intertwine those deeds and previous threats with the present situation showing that threats persisted and People in the usa should be aware of existing threats with their flexibility and traditional beliefs. In such a way, the talk "Remarks on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day" is the test of the rational and emotionally strong conversation that persuades the audience.

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