Development of any Online Crime Management System (OCMS)

Case review of the Nigerian Police force Force



The goal of this job and execution is to build up interactive online crime management system which is easy to get at to the public taking a cognizance of the Nigeria Police Force crime management way.

The convenience of the general public is to complain or even article a crime to the authorities stations is relatively low going by worries of the harassment by the authorities division as well as endemic corruption in the system. The project and implementation titled "online crime management system" taking cognizance of the Nigeria Police Force is an internet basedapplication which manages and control the information transportation with respect to a particular location.

The approach will provide avenue for escalating crimes, making complaints, account disappeared folks, show fugitive details, show lacking individuals and belongings, survey theft, manage reported crimes among other things.

The task procedures precisely checks the crime identification and avoidance.

The end user interfaces have been planned using the DOT Net technologies. The benchmarks of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper utilization. The application takes care of different modules and their associated studies, that happen to be produced according to the relevant strategies and expectations that are put forwarded by the administrative staff.

  1. Introduction

With the swift growth in telecommunication industry that provides room for multiple gain access to, there is dependence on execution of digitized crime management system to get more detailed efficiency. Real-time crime management is directly proportional to the course of security search engine optimization which reduces the crime as well as communal vices in the society

With increasing people, it's very paramount to initiate a competent crime control/management technique to maximize the security throughput as well as effective it utilization in providing necessary security cover for the general public. Online crime management system is utilized to increase effective security execution.

Serious crime grew to practically epidemic proportions, mainly in Lagos and other urbanized areas grouped by rapid development and change, by stark financial inequality and deprivation, by interpersonal disorganization, and by inadequate authorities service and police capabilities. The situation sees the metropolitan area more policed with around 25 percent of the populace lived.

The general public distrust of regulations enforcement agencies happened to be the major reason for underreporting of crimes.

Annual crime rates fluctuated around 200 per 100, 000 society in Nigeria until the early l960s and then continuously risen to more than 300 per 100, 000 by the mid-1970s. Accessible data from the 1980s specified a continuing increase. Overall conveyed crimes rose from almost 211, 000 in 1981 to between 330, 000 and 355, 000 during 1984-85. Although serious crime usually constituted the bigger category, modest crimes and offenses accounted for the majority of the increase. Crimes against property generally accounted for more than half the offenses, with thefts, burglary, and breaking and going into covering 80 to 90 percent generally in most years. Assaults set up 70 to 75 percent of most crimes against persons. The British High Commission rate in Lagos cited more than 3, 000 situations of falsifications yearly.

In the late 1980s, the crime wave was aggravated by deteriorating economical circumstances and by the ineptitude, incompetence, and dishonesty of law enforcement, military, and traditions personnel who conspired and collaborated with offenders or actually involved with criminal manner. A lot of the crimes dedicated usually occur scheduled to delay in conveying incidence report to the relevant information owner.

The design of a system predicated on web request provides fast link to the records preserved and must interpret the significant reviews about the security condition in other to reduce the crime. It really is predictable to centralize the business of information in Crime for the primary aims of fast and reliable sharing of critical information across all Law enforcement Stations in the country. Initially, the machine will be executed across Locations and Cities and later on, be interlinked so that a Law enforcement detective can gain access to information across all information in the state thus helping speedy and successful completion to cases. The System would also be utilized to generate information for pro-active and preventive procedures for struggling crime.

The task has been prepared to be getting the view of sent out design, with centralized safe-keeping of the database. The application for the storage space of the data has been prepared with the use of the constructs of SQL server.

The objective of the project and implementation was to develop a site in which any citizen can report crimes. The Crime Management and Reporting System make the crime reporting easier providing effective paperwork as well controlling the crime record. This task and execution will be ideal for the Nigeria Authorities Office and other law enforcement firms and parastatals. The house page provides the login functionality for both new users and administrators. Only the Administrators in-charge of different Police force Stations can login to their home pages. The citizen could only record crimes and absent person. The public response to formal misconduct was to take issues into its own hands persons and property while enjoying the facilities being provided to the unregistered citizen. Generally, most law enforcement officials departments in the developed countries have recorded considerable improvement in using ICT in general management and service delivery whereas their counter-top parts in the less developed nations have not. It has enabled the police stations in developed countries to provide much better service delivery to its people as well as increased interaction with its citizens. The causing benefits have been increased transparency, cost lowering among other benefits. However, ICT has not yet been totally utilized by the police departments in growing countries including our country thus resulting to poor service delivery to the general public.

Crime is part of individuals activities and must be handled. No human population has ever been no cost of deviants which is unlikely that contemporary society will ever before be. The greater populated and sophisticated a society becomes the wider the range of antisocial conducts that must be controlled by the federal government through the armed forces and other businesses the Police Force. The incident-based system studies on a much broader range of crimes and includes data on the circumstances of the crime, the victim, and the defendant. The current crime reporting system is faced with several issues as there is no instant means of reporting crime apart from telephone calls, messaging or simply face-to-face which is usually cumbersome especially where in fact the reporter wishes to keep anonymity. The proposed crime reporting system seeks to assist the Nigerian Authorities in their bet to solve crimes with timely and useful information about criminals and/or their method of operations in order to nip in the bud criminal activities in confirmed locality. Finally, a prototype crime reporting system was designed that depends on four reporting forms: a grievance or dispatch reporting form, a crime event report form, follow-up research report form, and an arrest record form. The machine involves three functional modules: a data catch module, a report management and control module, and a data usage module. Future work on crime reporting system can be tailored towards accessibility (mobile version), recognition and improvement on the usage.

The rate of which information is transmitted from one end to another through a given system has significantly increased. The success of a business depends typically on the pace at which information is exchanged within the business and also about how safe the information/data transmitting process is. The frame of mind of personnel to work also impacts the success and growth of any business.

0Different components in this job and procedure included visitor's module, signed up user's module, and administrator module. The visitor's module will inundate visitors to view latest broadcast (latest information update) that contain been provided by the administrator.

The media is filtered with respect to the visitors' location. The documented consumer module provides theclientwith the service for reporting crimes, lacking folks, view most required persons, making grievances etc. The administrator's module provides facility for full administration of the website by giving an answer to clientrequests, it also permits adding new admin, managing most wanted persons and missing folks, managing hot media and crimes and many other efficiency.

PROBLEM JUSTIFICATION With the high increase in population in the united states with several locations being properly designed for good gain access to street and other public amenities, the overall economy has negatively been affected. This has seen its people indulging in a large amount businesses in order to make a living. This makes them so much busy to a spot that they don't really get time for you to do a few of their tasks such as reporting crime. Shape 1. 1 Lagos city exhibiting unplanned roads with reduced social amenity

In most situations the officials result to harassing the citizens reporting the crimes and if there is ways to report crimes without having to go to police stations then this problem could be prevented. At other occasions when one reports about a lacking person or property, this gets only to the police stop where you have reported but don't get to other police stations all around the County or to a larger degree and this narrows down the area of investigation. Regardless of the development of Information Technology, little analysis has been done to analyze the issues affectingthe performanceof the Police.


Figure 1. 2Reports of Police force inefficiency and harassment

Crime is part of individual activities and needs to be supervised. No human contemporary society has ever been totally free of deviants which is unlikely that society will ever before be. The greater populated and complex a contemporary society becomes the wider the range of anti-social do that must be controlled by government using police vitality. The incident-based system reviews on the much broader range of crimes and includes data on the circumstances of the crime, the victim, and the defendant. The current crime reporting system is confronted with several issues as there is no instant method of reporting crime rather than calls, messaging or perhaps face-to-face which is definitely cumbersome in an instance the reporter should keep anonymity. To strengthen crime reporting system, a web system is improved to totally take the responsibility of reporting crime in a fashion that will be useful to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). For example, in cases relating property crime the incident-based system will survey on the:

  • type and description of the article;
  • its value;
  • type of damage (e. g. , taken, vandalized);
  • type of victim (e. g. , individual, business);
  • And location of crime (e. g. , convenience store, house).

Criminologist and ICT Engineers are always at loggerhead above the technological progression in Crime management which it is widely consider to be wasteful with little if any emphasis on the efficiency.

They both imagine the present system of crime management is faulty and needs redefinition. While Criminologist claim on security signal basis, the engineers define crime management on what is obtainable.

  1. Research Objectives and Significance

The sudden development in the telecommunication professional providing wireless gain access to has made the internet more accessible. With an increase of demand for smart crime management system

The aim of CRIS is to assist the Nigerian POLICE (NPF) in their bet to resolve crimes with timely and useful information about criminals and/or their setting of operations so as to nip in the bud criminal activities in a given locality. The aims of the study work are as stated below:

  1. To give a deterministic crime reporting model
  2. To develop a sent out data warehouse for crime reporting predicated on the model.

The enhanced data quality of the incident-based reporting system will be of significant gain to state and local regulating bodies, legal justice businesses, and the general public. Data from the incident-based system will improve both tactical and tactical decision making in legal justice. Because incident-based data provides a more correct picture of any community's crime habits, decisions regarding law enforcement, judicial, and correctional resources can be made based on empirical data. In the same way, the amount of depth provided by incident-based data can assist law enforcement companies and the community to recognize crime problems in their community such as:

  • crime hotspots populations who are at risk and
  • Drug and alcohol problems.

Crime prevention strategies may then be developed and evaluated predicated on empirical information.

This analysis will also assist plan analyst to comprehend both factors that impedes the efficiency and success of the police and the ways where the situation could be improved upon upon so as to bring crime and disorders in the culture to its barest least. Finally, this study will go quite a distance in contributing to the knowledge of police work. Besides, other analysts and students in higher corporations especially those in sociology division can derive various supplementary data from this study.

  1. Crime Sensing

The root causes of crime [are] poverty, unemployment, underemployment, racism, poor health care, bad real estate, weak institutions, mental disorder, alcoholism, single-parent young families, teenage pregnancy, and a culture of selfishness and greed.

Online Crime Management system is a web based application that provides avenue as well as gateway for reporting online crimes, lodge issues, announce missing folks, inform everyone the fugitive details mailing with platform to chart online and send emails.

There is no restriction on the number of concurrent associations to the web server. Every consumer must subscribe to the net server by registering on the server.

  1. Existing System

In the prevailing system only we can see the facts of particular information about the police stations inside our state, the prevailing system has more workload for the approved person, however in the truth of Proposed System, an individual can registered inside our site and send the crime survey and complaint in regards to a particular city or person.

  1. Drawbacks of Existing System
  • More man vitality.
  • Time consuming.
  • Consumes large level of pare work.
  • Needs manual computations.
  • No immediate role for the bigger officials.
  • Damage of machines anticipated to lack of attention.

To avoid each one of these restrictions and make the working more effectively the system must be computerized.

  1. Proposed System

The goal of proposed system is to develop something of upgraded facilities. The proposed system can triumph over all the constraints of the existing system. The machine provides proper security and reduces the manual work. The existing system has several down sides and many more difficulties to work effectively. The proposed system tries to get rid of or reduce these challenges up to some extent. The suggested system can help the user to reduce the workload and mental conflict. The proposed system helps an individual to work user friendly and he can easily do his jobs without time lagging.

  1. Expected Benefits of Proposed System

The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system requires suprisingly low system resources and the system will continue to work in almost all configurations. It's got following features

  • Ensure data accuracy's.
  • Proper control of the higher officials.
  • Reduce the injuries of the machines.
  • Minimize manual data accessibility.
  • Minimum time necessary for the various control.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Better service.
  • User friendliness and interactive.
  • Minimum time required.
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