Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd

DiGi Telecommunication Sdn. Bhd. is a company which add mobile communication. DiGi accomodate a total selection of effortful, versatile and simple to operate wireless services to assist in and enhance the lives of its customers. DiGi made value because of their customer by choosing the most relevant cutting edge hi-tech so that customers gain the advantage from the merchandise and services offering them alternatives, advancement and expert.

DiGi have a creation companionship as a lead in voice and data prepaid services that contain identified industry benchmarks for ideas and advancement. DiGi Postpaid bring out top quality call as well as value-added mobile and data service to all or any customers.

There are some competitors that DiGi confronted with. One of the primary competition is Maxis Berhad. Maxis Berhad is the leading mobile marketing communications service contributer in Malaysia over 11. 4 million mobile users. Maxis Berhad offered some services. Such as, prepaid, postpaid, 3G service and Maxis Broadband.

While another competition is Celcom Axiata Berhad, also known as Celcom, is the oldest telecommunication company in Malaysia. Celcom is now generally a world amount for mobile communication. That they had extended the initial frequency music group for GSM from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz. Celcom provide Virtual Mobile Operator services(VMO) and rural marketing communications services by using CDMA Technology and Satelite Telephone.

IT and is also employed by DiGi Telecommunications

3G coverage

3G is the current cellular technology. DiGi Telecommunications has used 3G network that known as as Turbo 3G which launched on December 2009. Besides, it also marketed 4G DiGis Turbo 3G with a rate roughly 14. 4Mbps HSPA. Several areas in Malaysia experienced coverage with Turbo 3G. Turbo 3G is available for the users of DiGi for the broadband, postpaid and prepaid use. It provide users to get the data and information by the cordless access from anytime and many place. Users can suft the internet with the bigger speed and they are in a position to make the training video call, listen to music or viewing movies with top quality than before.


E-payment is a e-commerce purchase which the clients and retailers will offer by electronic repayment for buying and selling purposes via internet. Digi Telecommunications has integrated with iPay88 and PayPal for e-payment options. MySimplified, DiGi labeled portal were compelled with iPay88 so that the online payment services are available for the mySimplifieds users to do the transfer through the internet. Debit and credit musical instruments were provided to the them via the local bank. In the mean time, the Storefront launched to allow sellers to accept the payments from payers via online channel.


CRM data is the most crucial information in any company. In order to control the performance of the business, DiGi Telecommunications made a decision to associate with iZeno and SugarCRM to conduct Sugar Professional On-Site. SugarCRM is a specialist of commercial open up source customer romance management, so-called CRM software. It increase capability in obtaining deeper analysis of CRM data and combine it with other companies data. SugarCRM applications have been choose by more than 5000 customers under lock-in founded and proprietary alternatives. This software help DiGi Telecommunications Company in leads id and traffic monitoring, proposal generation, account validation, agreement matrix, contract generation, order fulfillment traffic monitoring, billing system integration and reporting.


Digi Telecommunication Malaysia provides a variety of mobile communication services, but we claim that the company can kick off 4G WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) in the foreseeable future. WiMAX is developed to give a common framework for wireless connection in fixed, lightweight, and mobile surroundings. Additionally it is become a scalable cordless access technology made to provide high throughput over long distances.

As we know, there are many types of internet connectivity today like broadband wireline, WiFi, and even dial-up. But all these kinds of connectivity involve some negatives, for broadband the service can be expensive which is depended on the supplier, which is sometimes unavailable in many rural areas. For WiFi, it has limited range against coverage, as well as for dial-up, it is merely slow. WiMAX is designed to overcome all these problems. It offers the high-speed connection of broadband even with higher data transfer rates. Besides that, it also offers wireless access which includes the range considerably exceeds WiFi. It is because WiMAX consist of two hardware components that is clearly a WiMAX tower and WiMAX receiver. This WiMAX tower provides coverage to the estimation 30 mile radius by linking to internet utilizing a high-bandwidth wire collection connection.

In addition, we also advise that the Digi Company to create Digi-m-Trak mobile asset. This asset will provide reliable, cost- effective monitoring and management. The Digi-m-Trak system ensures frequent to gain access to information at any time and from anyplace. Digi-m-Trak transceiver will gather data such as location, speed, fuel levels, temps and vehicle security system position for vehicle GPS. The info will kept in the secure databases delivered from the transceiver on the GSM and GPRS cordless network. From here, we know that Digi-m-Trak gives a great deal of awareness to security and safety of divers, vehicles, and goods. From here, we realize about the benefit of Digi-m-Trak mobile advantage, so it is strongly suggested that Digi Company can start this new mobile asset in order to gain competitive advantages in this global environment.

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