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Evaluating the Organizational Framework of the Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is one of the firms that happen to be successful and popular on earth. It was stating from 1923 at California which is still so popular in movie, Tv set program, theme parks, resorts and destination, entertainment, and game titles. The Walt Disney Company is a diversifies worldwide entertainment company with businesses in four major business parts which are Studio room Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Mass media Systems and Consumer Products. They may have 11 theme parks about the world, cable television network like Disney channel and ESPN. There is also international website in 37 countries.

I choose this company because of huge information. Before, I needed chosen other company but I found some difficulty on finding information. I send the e-mail to have some information that i need to work with in my task. However, they replied me a sorry note and told me they cannot help me reason behind their policy. So I need to choose a big advertising huge company that includes a great deal of information and most of all I need to find a company that i can give attention to with my interest so I cannot give up and finish it. Therefore, I find the welt Disney is suited to me.

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Business demographics

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As this task described about the Welt Disney Company has four major business segments which are Studio Entertainment, Parks and Resorts, Multimedia Sites and Consumer Products and it numbered 11 theme parks round the world, cable television network and etc. In each of them has chairman or co-chairman on the every theme playground, resort and press and under them they have communication team each. These communication clubs take care of the communication in and beyond your place they take demand.

Upper these small communication team, they may have middle communication groups for major sections. For example, on area and vacation resort, a person whose name is Leslie Goodman. Her position in the Welt Disney Company is Professional Vice Leader, Worldwide General public Affairs, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. The Welt Disney Company said "She manages global issues and supervises a team of mass media relations, internal marketing communications, government relationships and community relations specialists to develop upon Disney's reputation as one of the worldwide leaders in the family vacation business" (the Welt Disney Company, n. g. ).

Middle communication teams which can be in 4 major sections are under the communication team which is owned by The Welt Disney Company. Therefore, under this technique organizations can talk one another even they can be found in different place and countries.

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Organizational goals

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The Walt Disney Company's goal is usually to be one of the world's leading manufacturers and providers of entertainment and information which consists of profile of brands to differentiate its content, services and consumer products. The business's key financial goals are to increase earnings and cash flow, also to allocate capital toward growth initiatives that will drive long-term shareholder value.

The Welt Disney Company needs to make the place, which every people can relaxes and also have fun, with customers. They try tuning in customers' tone of voice and solve the problem they complained or tips. Therefore, they can reach the target they need.

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Organizational culture and ethics

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In the Welt Disney company spotlight on the respect other people and reasonable work. And if it's uncomfortable, they offer respective RECRUITING representative, or the organization Legal Department. These are handling under regulations on every this however the basis on respect other culture and ethics. "ON THE Walt Disney Company, our employees and cast members make the powerful happen. We strive to create an ideal staff experience while meeting our business needs. Our culture and values reinforce our determination and responsibility to the people inside our organization. Company communications frequently highlight business initiatives and strategy, staff reputation, work-life assistance, volunteerism opportunities, business conduct and ethics procedures and communal responsibility practices" (the Welt Disney Company, n. g. ). Even, on internship training, individuals may take the speech of the Ensemble Members, become business partner to accomplish company goals, and constantly promote diversity and addition in company's culture. Also, they comment especially on communication, Company marketing communications often highlight business initiatives and strategy, employee acknowledgement, work-life assistance, volunteerism opportunities, business conduct and ethics tactics and sociable responsibility techniques experience from some educators to become a member of the company. Educators are coach students professionally using their experience and knowledge.

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Management of knowledge resources

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In Welt Disney have university and university or college to learn about knowledge and show the knowledge. In the institution, they have lots of experience and accumulate the information which they need on their work. The Welt Disney professional internship said "Disney Theme Parks and Resorts Professional Interns hold the opportunity to learn from experienced Disney experts. They can also take advantage of valuable resources at the centers, which can be self-directed career source centers located throughout the Walt Disney World Vacation resort and Disneyland Vacation resort" (n. g. ). As it said teachers are likewise have their own knowledge and experience, so scholar can do pre-experience trough the information givers' history and lessen.

Also, they provide the internship before start the work in their place. So, the pupil or people take internship are can reveal their information or knowledge and experience during working time or learning time. Therefore, people develop their skill with expert advice from educators or supervisors.

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Group Dynamics

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On the handing of discord, the company put some information about their business idea and bank account things. It is every times update on their home page so it is give some answers to the people who do the issue to them. Also, they face some another new issue which is people provoke a quarrel with the Welt Disney company, all the directors and chairman and co-chairman are make a meeting to solve those problems. They take responsibility to answer some question, people asked.

Also, he communication groups, which this article motioned on business demographics, are controlling those issues. They are all qualified and teach to handling that kind of problem.

Meeting management

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First, relationship convention is a world-class vacation spot with indisputable pulling electric power; the Walt Disney World Holiday resort redefines value for association conferences. It's not only about affordable rates and spectacular convention hotels, although you'll certainly find those here - it's about Disney's proven potential to drive record-breaking attendance and maximize returns to participants, sponsors and planners alike.

Second, it is Commercial/Incentive Meetings. Everyone says they're enthusiastic about fostering creativity in business, but very few organizations actually know how to inspire their employees to do so. At Disney, we provide not only the world's leading creative environment where to work, but an abundance of tools to help you get the most out of your meetings and motivation programs. After all, that's where imagination means business.

Lastly, Tradeshow & exposition is a world-class vacation spot with indisputable pulling electricity, the Walt Disney World Holiday resort redefines value for Tradeshows and Expositions. It's not simply about affordable rates and amazing convention hotels, although you will for sure find those here - it's about Disney's proven capability to operate a vehicle record-breaking attendance and take full advantage of returns to guests, sponsors and exhibitors as well.

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The Welt Disney Company has a mobile system for give information to all or any individuals and groupings who have a pastime in the organization. They send the latest or new information to individuals who are fascination with the welt Disney Company. Also the corporation gets the on-line homepage. They have information which is offering idea about new event and the company manages those people by membership by the homepage. In their homepage, people can enroll the member of the homepage. Though the system of member, the business can take some information from members like which section people like most or which section have to improve.


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They have an organization of people which is called Cast member. Ensemble Associates who work in communications roles put together key messages for print, video tutorial, and online marketing seen by large numbers of people daily.

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Participants in a Disney Marketing communications Professional Internship work with leaders to develop strategy, produce creative designs, write engaging copy, and support information stream for one of the most popular brands on the planet.

Also, they have a blog and responses site to listen and appropriate some proposal and dissatisfaction. Customers are put their ideas on blog and responses site. Therefore, they develop the origination with though solve some dissatisfaction and consider proposal.


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The assignment was mentioned about the communication in the Welt Disney Company. They have communication team in every place like theme parks and resorts. They can be control or communicate by middle communication groups and the middle communication teams are undertaking by a main communication team. The Welt Disney has clear goal to deal with and they comment it they will reach that goal with voices of customers which is basis on understanding culture difference and value others. They have got school and some course to exchange and show their knowledge and experience and students can have educators' ideas and guidelines under their experience and knowledge. Also, they have a clear form of communication system with those individuals and categories who have a pastime in the business. The Welt Disney Company are make an effort to talk to own system and hoping to develop the business through communication.

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