How Management Accounting Is SUFFERING FROM Changes In The Economy And Business Environment Accounting Essay

This project shall show how management accounting is damaged by changes throughout the market and business environment. The improvements in information and communication technology upon management accounting will be commented on, explained and discussed at length. Management accounting is important nowadays because of the technology and customers are now seeking high quality products at low prices because of the globalization factor. The main reason recently is due to lowering or free trade, so companies from overseas can challenge the neighborhood firms.

Management accounting is the budgetary information, utilized by managers and employees in a organization. It provides them with useful accounting information that is forward-looking instead of looking at past trends. Gowthorpe (2008) mentioned that management accounting information in turn offers better business decision making allowing consistency in management and control functions within an organization, ensuring professionals plan, organise and control the business.

"Management accounting systems provide information, both financial and nonfinancial, to professionals and employees in a organisation. Management accounting information is customized to the specific needs of each decision maker and is also rarely distributed beyond your organisation. " [Atkinson et al (2001)]

In earlier this 10 years management accounting has seen changes which have been afflicted by changes in politics control, the globalizing forces, technological advances, like the advances of broadband, governance and ethics have all affected management accounting. On this assignment, technological innovations and globalization have been chosen as the most important factors in impacting management accounting.

One of the most significant affects on management accounting has been the technology resulting in a change for the betterment, as can be seen in the example of broadband internet technology. The business communication technologies such as e-commerce being business conducted using the internet, have supported business activities making great impact on the business enterprise world today by creating a way to ensure substantial cost benefits.

The on-line sales facilities suggest an ever before growing market for the use of ecommerce. Demonstrating a fresh way on how sales and profits can be achieved by such a streamlined business process and the machine must be used proficiently than rivals providing prospect of organizations to ensure a competitive benefit. The usage of internet is constantly on the unsettle and adjust other market segments.

There is also one further advanced IT program used called enterprise reference planning systems (ERPS). The ERPS carries a bundle of involved software program that regulates the relevant results in just a business, including bookkeeping, budgeting and product success examination for accounting purposes. The modules are there as a complete set of relevant information is this database and so users can utilize it immediately from a Computer regarding to Drury (2004).

The technological improvement has affected use of accounting information and creation. As discussed above accountants now write-up, store, manage and treat the info in computers that are then easily accessible directly by managers. The managers go on to make better decisions so they create reports and analyse in further information utilizing the spreadsheet software on the computers.

Just-in-time (JIT) theory ensures there exists minimum waste in producing the product and avoids activities that waste products cost and do not add value to the product. Enough time for the product or good to be made can be reduced by restructuring and making the creation process simpler. Garrison et al (2003) explained some benefits in using a JIT system that include funds which were tangled up can be used anywhere else; time is reduced, resulting in even more potential end result and quicker reaction to customers. JIT also ensures decrease in defect rates resulting in customers being further satisfied and so you will see less wastage in producing substitutes in the long run.

Horngren et al (2002) mentioned there are numerous graphics packages which include CAD and CAM that aid this creation process. CAD is utilized to design products that may be manufactured proficiently. Companies also use CAM (computer-aided-manufacturing), where the computer gives instructions and handles the creation equipment. Resulting in fewer delays with an increase of efficient circulation of creation, costs are preserved due never to requiring the need for hiring a workforce to do this. While using the computer-controlled machines is called computer integrated creation systems (CIM).

The two factors globalization and ICT have an association as is seen with internet, provides companies with access to a widespread market, geographically dispersed customers, and suppliers. So with internet depends upon can be seen easily by the business enterprise.

Globalization is an activity of connections among companies and audience maybe in various countries powered by international trade, investment and it is supported by using a medium because of it. This process impacts management accounting and the countries get damaged in various forms. The globalization factor has been going on rapidly in recent times due to changes in patterns of buyers, vendors and innovations in technology to open up even more marketplaces. (http://www. globalization101. org/What_is_Globalization. html)

Looking at the processing industry, in the 70's there is rapid inbound competition from abroad businesses, offering high quality products at lower prices. This is because they could reduce their costs, therefore the organizations here could only make it through had they trim their costs; improve quality and products set alongside the top notch companies worldwide.

The future though is looking excellent for manufacturing companies as they are using technology well. Robots and computer-controlled equipment have substituted individuals labour. In immediate production activities, real human labour was discovered as the highest cost in management accounting systems.

In the previous 20 years possibly even there were a decrease in tariffs, quotas and other obstacles in free trade. There were higher sales from internet utilization and advancements of global transport systems have ensured further globalization. Nowadays international competition is threatening local companies that are profitable in local market segments. Though globalisation is greatly in charge of greater competition, it can give more access to new market segments, customers and employees. Garrison et al (2007).

There has been a change in company's strategies scheduled to pressed foreign competition and growing multiplication of businesses. The changes have resulted in more exact and high requirements in management accounting such as JIT.

Nowadays companies are altering their accounting systems for better decision making so they seek appropriate and well-timed information about costs including products, services and activities within the business enterprise. To stay competitive, managers need to understand the costs and implications with their decision making with help of management accountants on use of decision trees to help decision making.

Reduction in trade barriers brings about globalization at a high level influencing companies in the house market from strong and extreme companies from overseas. There's a need to spend less and ensure the grade of products is as good as or better than its overseas rivals. Companies need to ensure the management accounting will there be to use and is up there with the highest of standards. If it's not up to scuff then even the best effort and effort of employees within the business won't make the firm competitive enough to win the fight against overseas competitors.

The globalization throughout the market has led to greater competition credited to lesser prices as companies are able to keep cheaper prices so there needs to be a well management in controlling costs and the charges of goods. The global overall economy has been ever before changing in recent times and now with instant marketing communications and competition, companies are required to consistently improve performance annually in general management accounting in terms of cost, quality and service. Morse et al (2002).

Nowadays the utilization of the well organized and thought out management accounting system that improves the businesses performance to ensure they can keep current with the existing changing craze of the market. This is a differ from when there was you don't need to keep costs down and out-of day management accounts, which is no longer possible for a top firm that is prosperous needs an up to date management accounting is necessary.

To conclude you can say globalization and IT have enjoyed an important role in impacting on management accounting practice. Globalization has obligated firms to become more effective or competitive so that it has directly affected management accounting because firms have to boost their standards. An improvement in It offers changed the way management accounting is performed. Management accountants have started out implementing various programmes such as JIT to boost standards and continue to be competitive. Therefore it can be said that these two factors have been significant in changing the role of management accounting.

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