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Job Redesign and Work area Rewards Assessment

The company that we be employed by is in the travel industry that is involved with providing freight alternatives for goods from one point to another. The TransMovers Company has been in the industry of providing transport services for an interval of four years now, over time that it had been in existence the company had slightly expanded and grown in size and recently opened another branch within the state of Michigan. Despite its entry on the market four years ago, TransMovers Company hasn't expanded in tandem with the development of the industry in general. This is considering that vehicles industry has been one of the most rapidly expanding industries within the united states generally.

My job title in TransMovers Company is vehicle driver, employment that I have held for the last two years i had caused the company. The work description mainly consists of transporting and delivering goods to the clients, and more importantly ensuring that goods are provided safely and promptly. Besides this, as the vehicle driver I've the responsibility to ensure that the truck is driven safely and securely and properly preserved so that it can operate efficiently. Other responsibilities because of this job include ensuring that truck certificate and insurance is up to date and valid all the time in addition I am required to drive within legal rate limits.

My job description as a driver will not provide me with the benefit for teams work or if so regular management by the head one who is responsible for managing and researching the performance of most truck drivers.

As such the company has developed templates as management tools for almost all of their staffs; in cases like this, a template is thought as an instrument that is utilized to keep an eye on and record the results of employment necessity that is filled up by the worker or the administrator that evaluates the level of output against collection standards of the business (Reeve, J. (2008).

Therefore as a vehicle drivers I am supposed to track record specific details for every task that we take on in a preset monitoring sheet such as such details like time of departure, time of introduction, goods carried, average speed and so forth. This is mainly because of two major reasons; one the company is not able to directly manage vehicle drivers in their span of duty. Two, the business and management insurance plan is intentionally made to be this way as opposed to management style that delivers employee with better leeway to make and effecting decisions independently.

The implication is that there is no self-management or if so selection of decisions because the method of discharging duties is usually evidently defined within the work template. This approach of implementing job related job has several specific advantages, for illustration it's very effective in ensuring work output uniformity, requires less management personnel and prevents company loss from employee errors (Pearce and Robinson, 2008). Nevertheless the downside of the approach is that it kills worker creativity since staff are required to adhere to arranged procedures, the result is lack of interest and ultimately lack of desire due to monotony.

The TransMovers Company operates in another of what is appearing as the most competitive and unpredictable industry, for instance slight raises in crude petrol prices has significant effect on the profit-loss proportion of the company. There is constant dependence on companies in this occupation to streamline and downsize to be able to remain competitive due to increased players in the market that are offering similar services in an industry that's not increasing as fast as the amount of freight companies that are approaching. This factor and the actual fact that the major specialists that the company needs to worker are mainly drivers who are not considered as quality value or skilled personnel means that the company doesn't need to pay high remuneration rates or provide ideal working environment to be able to attract workers.

In this company remuneration rates for the individuals are therefore on chiseled rates meaning that no over time repayment is paid to drivers even where certain tasks requires the drivers to work overtime to be able to finalize them, for case during a 12 hour move journey. The discussion that the company advancements for not paying overtime hours to drivers is the fact that motorists are also at working time not engaged in any type of work and are idle however the company gets to pay them anyhow. While this holds true, it's the company that increases mostly out of this arrangement. Aside from the basic salary that individuals are paid at the end of the month there is absolutely no other form of benefits or add-ons that are paid to individuals. It is because the company management style will not recognize or praise effort for employee generally; it therefore does not see the need to pay bonus items or rewards to be able to motivate such an initiative.

On the other palm the company has set up fines that are in form of cash deductions that are deducted from individuals for specific contraventions of what they refer as company laws. For instance the company gets the right to deduct worker speeding cost and associated costs incurred whenever a drivers is given a acceleration solution or when goods delivery are delayed for long without suitable reasons, where the company has the right to determine what constitutes affordable reasons. Which means trend is the fact motorists do not see the need of putting more than the least efforts needed to attain a certain task or heading beyond what their job description entails for two major reasons.

For one, excellent performance of job will not lead to increased revenue or catch the attention of any form of reward; given that financial rewards is one of the solitary leading tools that is recognized as very effective in employee drive lack of add-ons greatly reduces drive for individuals (Reeve, 2008). The company is also unable to compensate employees through other types of motivation that will not necessarily require use of money such as acceptance and advertising. Monetary inspiration in form of bonuses in this case is central to ensuring that job performance moves beyond required company criteria that would eventually increase the company income levels and to attract new customers.

Motivation refers to the required positive mental frame of mind in an worker that hails from activities done by the company or that originates from within the staff that serves to market job satisfaction and over achievement (Reeves, 2008). Therefore determination is at two parts, whatever an organization undertakes through such activities as motivational talks, salary increase and upgraded work environment, or through personal inspiration that comes from within the worker.

An employee can achieve personal desire if the work description fits with the skill and for that reason makes the job easy to do and enjoyable, other reasons are personal pleasure, financial security and when they believe that they are respected (Marlock, 2000). In this particular job as a driver I dont feet enthusiastic as a result of low pay wage and work overload.

Employee motivation in a workplace has numerous advantages to the organization. Foremost motivation permits workers to provide more for the business through increased job performance and high quality work output. It also will save organizational cost in worker motivational programs which have a thought of behavior change that requires repeated learning. The organization is also able to hold on to for long employees that are content with their job and do not incur recruitment and workers training costs that are associated with high turnover of organizational employees. The huge benefits to the employee include suited job environment, health and job satisfaction all of which plays a part in the success of a business and advertent why it is the business interest to ensure employees are always motivated at work place (Marlock, 2000). All of this benefits both to the company and myself as a drivers have been missed since the TransMovers understanding of desire is that it is a costly affair that the company doesn't need to invest in.

The goals that are established for TransMovers Company employees and for individuals specifically are developed from the work descriptions of the particular job. In this way job task outline the objectives that should be attained by the employee along the way of discharging recognized duties.

Once aims of the work have been identified the goal of the position is developed which is the overall role that the worker should play within the business or what an employee is essentially trying to attain through execution of confirmed group of activities usually referred as job tasks.

There are two types of goals bad goals and good goals, bad goals are organised terribly, are unclear and also have no direct relationship with the work explanation (Erez, Earley and Hulin, 1985). Bad goals convert to poor strategic planning and management for the business generally speaking since overall company performance is something of goals framework. Good goals on the other palm enables employee to be efficient and effective for the company being that they are focused on getting together with specific relevant targets. In the corporation the goals that the company has developed for drivers aren't effective in that they aren't entirely highly relevant to the job explanation and therefore they don't donate to the efficiency of the business.

This is because just how that the goals have been developed will not indicate relationship with the job description, for case one of the indicated goals I've as a driver is to work at delivering substantial goods to the client which is not specifically defined to be at what level. Besides the job description for a driver does not include outsourcing tenders for transfer of goods. The importance of preparing goals for companies isn't just relevant to employees together but to the business as well since it is one of great importance that organizational management cannot afford to neglect.

It refers to strategies, decisions and activities that an company must implement in the course of business operations in order to chart the organization towards most suitable level that the management wishes as envisioned in the mission statement (Pearce and Robinson, 2008).

The single most significant aspect of goal setting techniques in the going of a business is its capacity to supply the management with a sense of path and ability to measure fulfillment at every level of business procedure (Pearce and Robinson, 2008). Moreover it permits the way of the business enterprise to be educated by use of guidelines as opposed to decisions that aren't based on any strategic management models. But also for TransMovers Company this isn't the truth and the procedure of developing goals is uncoordinated at every level while the existing goals aren't consistency with the entire mission of the business.

In addition the value of goal development for company has other advantages besides making certain job targets are routinely met. Perhaps one of the most desirable features of application of goals placing concept running a business operations is just how so it allows management to determine both the short term and long-term plans for the business at the same time and therefore structure job requirements accordingly. It has the advantage of providing the business with the best strategies of actions at any moment that best favour it success. Finally it allows management to use the same principle to monitor as well as measure the performance of the business at any point and take corrective methods (Pearce and Robinson, 2008). In the corporation the management hasn't effectively implemented the advantaged that is included with setting up of organizational goals; this is because the goals aren't well developed in the first place because the business system of goal development is inadequate and poor.

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