Knowledge Management Is AN ESSENTIAL Field IT Essay

Nowadays, the knowledge management is a very important field to the business. This is a fresh, abstract idea, which is very hard to understand it. A business is considered a strong one only if it has a well-managed knowledge system. Because it is the precise intellectual assets that owned by each organization, it plays a genuine value key within the organization compared with many other things else.

The knowledge captures, codification, transfer and creation is the machine chain of the data management, it includes: the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge capture. In today's, many companies have faced the same problem of how to fully capture and store that knowledge successfully for using in the foreseeable future.

Besides that, the data management life cycle has been helping technique which data, information, and knowledge can use to support one another, identify details, and capture the benefit for them. Basically, there are four models: Meyer and Zack Knowledge Management Cycle (1996), Bukowitz and Williams (2000), McElroy Knowledge management Cycle (2003), Wiig Knowledge Management Cycle (1993).

Learning organization helps to create the improvement of the product quality and performance of organizations, groups, and people. This technique program's goal is to aim to the introduction of how to get a better knowledge of the challenges, techniques, and tools for planning and implementing the organizational development.

Researching the learning organization has played a vital key, since the enterprises are facing with challenges and issues that they usually got in the fast developing economic every day. For the reason that the corporate knowledge management is the machine that helps the business to consolidate in the market and also avoids the problems which are not essential.


As mention above, knowledge management has an essential role on organization nowadays. It is the understanding and the skills of an individual or an organization that help to solve the occurred problems more effectively and faster.

Many modern organizations are facing an environment of global competition, it is the increasingly fierce driven by rapid changes in science, technology and the demands from its customers, and so it is increasingly more and more challenging for the independent labor and labor management.

Learning organization - somehow much likely a learning environment, it appropriates for any employees in a organization. It really is a location where employees can learn and exchange knowledge from one another. Learning organization is a huge repository of knowledge which is started from a variety of sources. It is also a brainstorming place for everybody to open their minds, creativity and inspiration.

The reason for this assignment will speak about "learning organizations and exactly how guidelines can be shared through the business".




Organization cannot really know what data, information and knowledge mean; because they are very abstract. If organization just receive data, information and knowledge which do not process, recognize, analyze to useful source, these are so hard to do business or other things. So, they need some technique which can put data, information, and knowledge online, support one another, identify main points, and capture the benefit of them. From that point, four models are stabled. But what does each knowledge management cycle meaning?

First of most - The Zack Knowledge Management (KM) Cycle (1996) was found from the procedure of designing and developing for information products.

( ) Knowledge Management theoretically and practice" book

Seeing on picture above, the Zack KM Cycle has five steps is acquisition - notice to high quality of data or information; refine is a first place where valued is added, creating increasingly more useable data or information, or keep data or information for next using; store - like as refine, however in store, it do not need to find new data, it simply need to save it carefully, maybe physical or digital; distribute is important step because at here data and information is set to move necessary place, how it use; and present, this is a step to understand value which was added at acquisition and refine steps.

Second - Bukowitz and Williams Knowledge Management (KM) Cycle (2000). This cycle have more steps than the Zack Knowledge Management Cycle. It involves two processes, and atlanta divorce attorneys process, it has from 3 to 4 stages. For organizations manage, maintain, control and expand information to generate new values, Bukowits and Williams KM cycle divide into two parts which always interdependent - is shown as chart below:

2Knowledge Management in theory and practice" book

- The first stage is Get; it includes finding significant information that needed to make decision. In the internet era, with the massive amount information that may be searched or captured, the challenge is how to catch the right information which is essential and helpful for solving problem.

- The next step is Use; this step we use to combine all the right information that we have had into a clear way and easy to understand.

- The third step is Learn; learning is an important step, it emphasis how to generate the completive advantages for an organization. Learning from the failures in the past to consolidate and complement for the existing knowledge, to avoid the similar failures or problems in the future.

- The Contribute is the fourth step of this cycle; this stage acquires people in the business contribute what they have got. Sharing their own knowledge to the other people. This stage turns the personal knowledge in to the organization's knowledge.

- The next step is the Assess; this is a complex step which is dealt by the advanced of organization. Usually the organizational level will judge that knowledge to see if it's the right and needed knowledge for future years needs of the business. It is vital because it relates to the success of the business.

- The sixth step may be the Build and Sustain; this task can make sure the knowledge that they have gained is the right one and keep it as the intellectual capital of the organization and make use of it as the competitive advantages against their competitors.

- The final step is the Divest; this step has used to quit of using the existing knowledge that it is no more bring or create the value, benefit for the business.

Next is the McElroy Knowledge Management (KM) Cycle (2003),

3Knowledge Management theoretically and practice" book

Including to knowledge production and knowledge integration; but two processes are linked together by organizational knowledge. And rely on broadcasting, searching, teaching, and sharing, knowledge integration can find new knowledge, at exactly the same time it can abolish old.

Finally is the Wiig Knowledge Management (KM) Cycle (1993). I believe Wiig KM Cycle is popularized as yet because it can address how knowledge is made and used as individual, team or organization through four steps: Build knowledge, Hold knowledge, Pool knowledge and Use/ Apply knowledge. Although four steps happen independent but it helps business successfully.

Pool knowledge

Hold knowledge

Build knowledge

Use/ Apply knowledge

Wiig Knowledge Management Cycle (1993)

- Build knowledge learn from all kind of sources (personal experience, book, media, peers, education and training) to acquire knowledge (means do ways to create new knowledge as research plan, innovation by individual, hire new people, etc. ), analyze knowledge (collect what appears to be knowledge from obtain knowledge), synthesize knowledge (combine different ideas and facts into single idea and impression), codify and model knowledge (represent knowledge in mind, document knowledge through book and manuals) and organize knowledge (by specifies uses - faqs (FAQs), or framework). For example, if someone wants to open Noodle restaurant, following Wiig's KM Cycle, the first step, they need to have restaurant plan, where they begin, hire employees (for cooking, servicing), how to decorate for place, how to promotion which people can know their store, services' standards which employers train their employees.

- Hold knowledge mean knowledge is within tangible form which held at heart, book or document, databases, etc. It consists remember knowledge, cumulate knowledge, embed knowledge and archive knowledge. We must save and arrange it logically. It'll be no problem finding and understand when we need to have a merger with other knowledge. Remaining above example, with hold steps, employers' Noodle restaurant should learn about flavor, taste, decoration's food, etc. after that, they need to make recommendation to chef to be able to cook right food. It really is so necessary, because if chefs do not make satisfy customers' taste, customers will not come back again, because they'll think food is bad so they do not need to waste their money.

- Pool knowledge, it is shared or come up with such that it can be utilized for a specific purpose. Individual or organization may pool knowledge in several ways, as if they can coordinate knowledge of collaborative teams, identify who know knowledge or seek advice from about difficult problems or opinions with scholars. Restaurant will have two parts which need to deploy that, one for employees and one for customers. With employees, managers need to arrange team work, every team do their own work. Sometimes, they should have competition between teams that create excitement and interesting at workplace. About customers, managers should ash them about taste, decorated form, services of employees, satisfaction or not, etc. Customers will feel that they receive attention kindly; they'll like and come back. That is ideal for restaurant; they will know strength points to keep developing and weakness points which are changed.

- Use knowledge to perform work, projects, gather information, provide standard services, products, describe or analyze situation and scope problems. Other points, this task identify knowledge sources, options, determine risks and benefits. After, it decides what should do, compare with others and create decision making process.

So, in a nutshell, both of four knowledge management cycles are so important. Every cycle has it own special particularity. Because they're help organization identifying, and locating knowledge or knowledge source; but depending every cycle, it has their way to accumulate knowledge. For example, the Zack Knowledge Management Cycle can be applying information to learning organization. Moreover, different business has unique information which pays to for the kids, so thanks to the Zack, people can discriminate many types of information. Or as people know, organizational memories are created from guidelines and bad practices. Information is the primary point to link all memories. From Bukowitz and Williams knowledge management cycle, people can make decision, combine information, practice all information what they learn to real situations, or reject or repair failures. Yet another points, that cycles can address how knowledge id built and used as organization. They are also depicting all respect of information, right from the start as data to knowledge; it generates opportunities to control knowledge so the expected value added to organization.

In the other hand, knowledge management can be influenced at several levels, such as people, product, process, and performance which will make knowledge to boost performance of organization. Like knowledge management cycles, four levels inter-depend each other. Both of them are want to increase profit and earnings for organization. Thus, the link between leaning organization and knowledge management is unquestionable, because learning as exactly like knowledge management cycle, in there idea, knowledge can change, apply new knowledge, and refine old knowledge.


The knowledge capture, codification, transfers and creation is the machine chain of the data management, capturing knowledge is the essential step of all. The overall problems of several companies which want to create a highly effective knowledge management system are how to fully capture and store that knowledge nowadays. Usually, there are two types of knowledge capture those are the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge capture [ ].

The explicit knowledge is the general knowledge that popularize for almost people in the organizations, companies. They are really codified as the documents, reports, text, recording clips, images, videos which may contain subtitle and sound or not, etc Sometimes they are expressed as the books, magazines and outspread to the people.

Thus, explicit knowledge is captured, codified and transfer easily among people, since that knowledge has shown themselves as a tangible (books, reports, documents, etc), everyone can approach and acquire from them. Somehow explicit knowledge has a big amount about quantity aspect, but doesn't have a really quality value about the quality aspect. Because that knowledge has been mastered or absorbed by many people.

The other kind of knowledge capture is the tacit knowledge (or experience) capture. This subject is much harder to master then your explicit knowledge. Because tacit knowledge is not codified or written as the documents, reports; its repository is usually in people's brain or mind and cannot be easily accessed or transferred among people.

It is very difficult to reason or demonstrate the tacit knowledge since it is the personal experience, belief, feelings or the sensitiveness on their work. Thus, the tacit knowledge is very hard to encode or document as text, videos, recording clips, etc then transferring among people [ ]

For this reason, the transferring for tacit knowledge is pretty difficult. Beside the encouragement individuals to share their own knowledge to others, it is important to make a sharing environment such as building intranet webpage, internal blogs, holding some interview events among senior and staffs, etc These activities can help transfer tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge for individuals to learn, codify and store them as the worthiness knowledge used for organization's purposes.

Brainstorming is also the best way to transfer knowledge among people in organization, this practice isn't only help figure out the best answer for every problem, and it is also help to share individual experience. Hence, enriching the knowledge for both people and the organization, and also motivate the staffs continually learns from one another.


Modern organizations are facing a world of global competition is increasingly fierce driven by rapid changes in science, technology and the demands from our customers a lot more difficult, the independent labor and management more difficult. To survive and thrive available environment of the dynamic, organizations must constantly change to meet the demands of customers, employees, and market competition. So learning organization created to improve the quality and performance of organizations, groups, and people. This program aims to develop a better knowledge of the challenges, techniques, tools for planning and implementing change and organizational development to make a vibrant organization with good adaptation environmental change and global competition is increasingly fierce.


(http://www. nestle. com. my/NR/rdonlyres/7F86211E-69FD-4855-8A75-5D8D1D1E3626/82581/people_focused. jpg)

What is the learning organization? Learning organization is like a learning environment befitting all employees within an organization. It was a place where employees can learn and exchange knowledge from other members of the business. It had been because as a huge repository of knowledge starts from different sources. Is a place for everyone's minds to open, creative and inspired paintings reflecting the power of every person.

What the training organization do is to make people feel free because the employee is no longer passive players in the equation (just follow the assigned work that is limited ability to share and communicate), they'll figure out how to express ideas and challenge themselves to contribute ideas and energy into a work place by participating in a shift from a normal working model to arbitrary a working model more open where hierarchy is plainly divided, and human potential is anticipated. Organizing training making a host in which people can "create the results they want", and where they can learn to learn together for the advancement of the entire

How is it work? Main activities of academic institutions are the following basic operations: create a system to resolve the challenge, but to test out new approaches-to ensure the steady flow of new ideas, study from their own experience and history through multi-learning and gain experience from the incident has occurred and recognized the worthiness of production failure instead of success is not effective, learn from experiences and best practices of others, transferring knowledge quickly and effectively in the organization-through reports, the training program.

The transfer of knowledge requires it accessible to everyone when and where they want it. It is also important that knowledge is presented in a way that users can understand. It must match the user must accept and absorb.

Acquiring knowledge related to the collection and use of relevant knowledge from many sources, to resolve a one or many problems. Using knowledge can be reused through the solutions have worked before. A learning organization also learns from the mistakes or recognize when old solutions no longer apply. Beside that can synthesis of old knowledge to create a broader meaning or a deeper degree of understanding. Clearly, more knowledge can quickly be mobilized and used to help organizations more competitive.

Why do we have to use this program? To compete in this environment saturated information that people currently live, the program is necessary to attempt to maintain all the activities, competition and continue steadily to find ways to increase the organization. Learning organization accepts changing and continuous creation of favorable conditions for creating a sustainable competitive because of their company.

The probability that organizational learning can bring to companies such as:

Increase the ability to think and improve the quality of team work of every employee - through programs that employees can share information to one another more easily. Furthermore this program also helps employees identify the necessary changes and offer workplace learning opportunities to meet these needs.

Changing trends management - helping leaders have a vision and also help leaders obtain the admiration of the staff.

Raise the grade of the task : the results of the data are shared quickly and widely.

Building a clearer vision: the staff never stops learning from "guidelines" of the competition or inside our local and national.

Help employees feel free and independent: staff find joy working. Personal development is encouraged and rewarded. Staff saw a passion for personal development and organization


Buckman Laboratories International is the chemicals manufacturer in US. It opened in 1945 by Mr. Buckman which is a $270 million company with 1, 200 people working over 80 countries. Beside that, somebody doesn't know that Buckman Labs also sell knowledge. This company gets the huge network of communication within the company. Buckman does not merely give attention to the manufacture of chemicals that he wished to make a perfect working environment and easily connect with people. In a disease he previously accidentally invented a totally new operating-system with these conditions they can help managers and executive staff easier, and collect customer information found quickly. He calls it a learning organization environment. It really is an internal website, where every employee has another account and can access the website to determine and chat, discuss issues that people are interested. In addition, customers who wish to learn and interested companies can access the site with as guest and asking questions on forums, the issues that the staff can be exchanged quickly and commentary rapidly. It is a means easier than the traditional style of communication (letters, papers, bulletin board, news. . . . ) Now the info concerning the company can be updated quickly and websites can work twenty-four-seven24 / 7 no matter time. Help employees and management will catch information and current trends change. Buckman's program has made and has been applied to others and are very happy to cooperate with Buckman Labs to application programs that in their company.

What is best practice and relationship between Best Practice and Learning Organization?

With the high failure rate of the existing project, the company may think the only path to perform the goals established as the objectives can be met through the use of effective program management and engineering projects. Therefore the "best practice" programs are being mentioned at companies. A best practice is a technique or method through experience and research, has proven a reliable guide to a desired result. Best practice also means finding and using ways work best to achieve business goals. Running a business, it relates to how businesses operate successfully in the marketplace and compare what sort of business with other business leaders.

The level of progress will move much more slowly if a business started employment where they have never done before, they have to use one or more test methods to determine the effectiveness and problem of tasks before putting it to proceed. Through many course of figuring out how to many effectively perform their tasks. But to achieve that will make them lose lots of time and effort, difficulty competing with others (when that time is an important factor in your competition). However, by counting on the experience of others or other organizations through the trials and errors to build up a method has shown to be most reliable, they can get started work by utilizing a proven method. Such method is known as a "best practice".

(http://c3consulting. com. au/uploads/pics/Best_Practice_Imp. png)


»c ng»‡ m


T» ˜i»n - Xem t» ˜i»n chi tit

Benefits of best practice are to communicate goals and strategies of the greatest companies. A better communication of the policy will ensure that everyone in your business knows the direction where the business is heading, and understand their part in its development. An application that best practice is when it applies to all technology and modern techniques in the application. Information that gives the best practice for staff was helpful, the staff there to help useful information to apply straight to the work and goals.


In the present day life, having a solid development will depend on the management knowledge in each organization. Most of enterprises are facing with challenges and problems that they usually got in the fast developing economical every day. Today, the employee are improved their knowledge by studying from other's activities so the organization can save time and money for the training courses. Corporate knowledge management is the system that not only helps the business enterprise to consolidate in the market but also avoids the unwanted problems. Moreover, using the machine can aid the organizations as well as people who could touch to the target without mistakes easily because they knew how to pass up the mistake from the last lessons of the other companies. In addition, surviving in a modern life liked today, the individuals are a lot more depending on high technologies such as computers, internet etc daily. They can not even work effectively without high-tech. however, everything has two aspects which can be benefits and drawbacks. It brings about switch over from the offensive to the defensive. That is the reason why human are lazier than in the past. Their brains aren't usually used for developing thinking ever again as well as they are losing the concentration skills for producing the new knowledge. As the results, corporate knowledge management was created to collect the data before and add the info in the present together for complement each other.

Explicit knowledge could be considered as a useful technique which creates the efficient effect for the company. Furthermore, the enterprises also need some software to contain all the data and classify documents according to parts. The managers and staff should collect as well as sharing the data together. That is not only the best way to update the new knowledge but also called an instrument to help them manage the knowledge in professional and reduce the lost for organizations.


As we can easily see, knowledge management holds an important role in nowadays business. They are very hard to control which is new to the system. A strong or weak organization can only be defined with the knowledge system, they execute a shabby job in managing the knowledge system they failed, plus they exceed others in managing the knowledge system they gain control of the situation. The knowledge system is the specific intellectual assets of every organization, and they play the primary role within the business compared to other things. The system chain of the data management is knowledge captures codification, transfer and creation. In addition they include the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge. Capturing and storing that knowledge efficiently for using in the future are the problems that many companies still find it hard to solve nowadays. The four models: Meyer ad Zack KM Cycle (1996), Bukowitz and Williams (2000), McElroy KM Cycle (2003) and Wiig KM Cycle (1993). They are the helping hands by providing techniques which data, information, and knowledge can use to support one another, identify main points, and capture the benefit for them. Learning organization really helps to create the improvement of the product quality and performance of organizations, groups, and individuals. This technique program's goal is to try to the development of the way to get a better knowledge of the challenges, techniques, and tools for planning and implementing the organizational development. The research of learning organization has play a vital key, since the enterprises are facing with challenges and problems those they usually got in the fast developing monetary everyday. The corporate knowledge management is the reason; it can help businesses to consolidate on the market and avoids making mistakes that are not essential.

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