Limitations in Person Centered Therapy

Group counseling

  • Baldev Singh

The person-centered counselor must always remember that the client is a guest within his or her own world of experiences. This first phrase encapsulates the essence of person centered counseling. The individual centered remedy can be utilized in individual and also in group counseling. The therapy provides durability to client or teams to understand themselves and also offers them the opportunity to solve their own problems to see changes for themselves being valuable and worthy humans. Rogers, C. R. (1959)

The purpose behind all person centered therapy is the fact under certain conditions the clients will be helped to find and to exercise more of his / her own personal power in regards to to understanding and assessing his actions before and present and to make decisions for future years. Furthermore, it is expected that gain can help client to be more assured to more onward to be exercised by the client in his future life. If these conditions for his well worth are especially oppressive, inconsistent or ambiguous the root base will be laid for difficulty in adulthood as the customers attempt valiantly but in vain to surpass the conditions. Sometimes the issue that your person experience in adulthood is only indirectly related to the conditions of worth but more regarding the way the young person adjusted his or her living to exist within the constraints of the conditions. The remedy techniques is to give attention to client advancement towards self independence and overcoming any new presenting issues. Both of these factors: the conditions of worthwhile and the ways in which the person has fine-tuned to the conditions of well worth are the main ways in which 'maladjustment' is recognized within the person-centered approach. Bohart, A. (1990)

The way a person-centered counselor works will mixed considerably in line with the extent to that your client's locus of evaluation is externalised or internalized. The purpose of person-centered working is to help the customers to internalise his / her locus of analysis. Helping someone else to internalise his or her locus of evaluation is not achieved by exercising power over them but by creating a relationship in which the clients may take responsibility for themself. Carl Rogers, the founder of the methodology, was at enunciating and analyzing the relationship conditions where that client empowerment might be optimised. For constructive personality change to occur, it's important these conditions are present and continue on the time frame in which is, the two persons are in mental health contact' (Rogers, CR 1957: 96). During the session the counselor will discovered if the clients is at circumstances of incongruence, being vulnerable or stressed. Immediately the counselor should founded concrete in congruent or integrated in the relationship building. During the guidance the therapist will experience unconditional positive regard for your client and showing empathic understanding to the client's real root cause that have been the underlaying cause experience to the client's achievements and unhappiness. The counselor's empathic understanding and unconditional positive respect is important to build trust which counselor is in fact listening and matter about their problems solving. . Currently the most accessible bill of the conditions is presented in Kirschenbaum and Henderson (1989: 221)

Benefits of the group counseling.

In the group therapy the customers are expose and learning how is identified by others members problem. When in the period the client can experience a feeling of owed and acceptance with others in the group. The customers can discovered that he is not the sole finding solution to solve his problem but others customers are also experiencing issues and are looking solution about how to resolve their issues too. Users can get some ideas from others when hearing their suggestion which can boost the client's capacity to resolve their problem and the primary cause of the life difficulties. In group therapy members can communicate their ideas and rendered assist with others people in the group therapy procedure. The group remedy session offers and built participants positive encouragement when discovering the positive successes of others. Group remedy is cost effective for those having financial concern. Bohart, A. (1990)

Benefits of the average person counseling.

Individual counseling is beneficial for clients having disorders and also for those having serious difficult amount of time in their life trip. The counseling treatment is customized and the surroundings is comfortable. The individual can give attention to their issues and feel secure to exposed their problems to the therapist. In this situation their information are maintained private by the therapist and they're governed by code of ethics. Even though in individual remedy the cost is more but it is suitable because client can take their a chance to reveal their challenges and built up rapport, gain support with counselor working along. The individual acvtively participate and brainstorming with counselor to find any blindspot to their problem. The environment is noiseless and plenty of room to concentrate and the freedom for the client to express their feeling and ideas. In specific guidance the counselor can actively hear, understand and the counselor can list out some tips ways of solve client problems. Bohart, A. (1990)

Compare, compare and reasoning

In group guidance sessions the customers will sometime cover up their actual feelings. They will feel frightened and may also feel unpleasant with the surroundings of others group participants. Some consumer do not feel secure about communicating their deep magic formula with others and rather not telling the truth about their problems. The group remedy is not appropriate some person that are very very sensitive about their personal life issues. If this is actually the problems and the counselor will have a difficult amount of time in resolving their problem. In group remedy the clients do not get someone to one attention, there is absolutely no privacy as well as your problems is known to everybody in the group to discuss unlike in individual therapy client privacy is safeguarded. Coffeng, T. (1996)

In individual guidance program you are seated in an appropriate environment with your counselor and there is no one else to hear their private life problems. The average person will feel secure about conversing their deep solution issues in their life and their information is covered by counselor and governed by code of ethics. In specific counseling lessons the counselor will have significantly more time to concentrate with a client instead of in the group treatment. In individual counselling, the counselor can have significantly more time for you to interract and working with the client. It also gives the client plenty of time to concentrate instead of in the group therapy with a lot of distortion and the amount will never be there for some individuals. In specific counseling period the concentration will be better some client who wants privacy on how to resolve their distorted big picture and also solution how the client can overcome to solve their problems. Coffeng, T. (1996)


The limitations in person centered remedy is the predicated on therapist ideals and attitues and not skills. Next is the limitated understanding on client's nonverbal indications and the remedy emphasize too much on the therapist being empathy, understanding and aiding the client reflect themselves. The person centered remedy is a historical way and not all clients actually is aware of what to achieve. The other constraints are the misunderstanding on the basic concepts and sensible applications. The other constraints are some clients aren't motivated simply by caring and tuning in for any reform to get started with. (Bozarth, J. and Temaner Brodley, B. 1986)

The group therapy.

There are constraints on group remedy. They aren't suitable if consumer is experiencing severe major depression, mental health issues and suicidal risk. Clients with these condition may well not reap the benefits of group counseling time. The group therapy members tend to be loud, talkativeness and irritability which frequently becomes too problematic for the therapist to control the situation. There some constraints on the choice for your client suitability before they can be enable group therapy time. The others restriction are the clients problem must be mainly in the same romance with other folks and if not they are to find another group remedy offering the same problem and this is really frustrating and also not ideal with clients who needs immediate counseling because of their problem solving.

Bozarth, J. (1984)

The specific therapy

There are limitation on individual therapy. The individual therapy may also struggling to help any customer who are involve in court conditions and infact they have to consult a attorney instead. The individual therapy is ideal for clients depends after certain situation and needs. The restriction is triggered by client personal fear, individual differences, problematic behaviours, anxiety or emotional disruption and the counselor may send clients to psycharist for consultation and treatment. Not absolutely all client is suited to individual therapy and the counselor needs to be alert and observance to check on clients restriction for the treatment. Bozarth, J. (1984)

To my realization the counselor play a important role model in providing the best and must be commited and the ability to remain real and truthful using what is really sensible to daily people development. Boy, A. V. (1989)

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